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[Drama 2018] Where Stars Land / Fox Bride Star ★ 여우각시별


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On 12/7/2018 at 11:21 PM, lingkims said:

Just wanna share, it is indeed Lee Soo Yeon in the end

:) omo thks for posting the bts pics. I juz managed to binged watched the last few episodes:sweatingbullets:. Pardon me i am actually ok with the ending :grimace: since itz 100% happy ending for uri 2 couples:love:

* his dream comes true  *:wub:




:tounge_wink: uri security couple soo cute:


the way she stops hahaaa:lol:

:glasses: back to uri main OTP they really did a great job in this drama *clap clap~*

I could feel the emotions and the ... erhm... pain in that last kisseu scene :confounded: :





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I only watched half of this drama and like it so far. But wtf that flashback scene with the car flying out of nowhere :crazy: when he saved her it sort of reminded me of Twilight.

I could tell right away that baby wasn't even Filipino when it came out :joy: I was laughing when they showed a close up shot of the baby and didn't look like the parents at all LMAO

the gangster situation was ridiculous, they could've just called security earlier to kick them out. Why does In Woo hate Soo Yeon?

I was wondering if all airports would've had those dogs that sniff for drugs/food etc. for ep 15-16, I was waiting for one to show up. I like the subtle romance between the main leads :) 

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Started watching this drama because of Chae Soo Bin. I liked her very much in I am not a Robot and it is quite nice to see her character in a more professional role. I'm a sucker for girls in blouse and skirt. 
Hmmm interesting first episode. I think the lead guy has titanium plates on his right forearm. Compass and paperclip stick to it and soft metal bends after hitting it. He can also stop the weight of a falling car. I wonder how he got it. 

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Up to episode 8 now and so far I  like the overall story and the fact that Chae Soo Bin is starring. But I do not like the lead pairing at all. I can’t feel any chemistry between them. Even the 3rd wheel is not much better. 

Finished the drama and that's a weird ending. Why did the lead male not show his face in the final scene? 

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