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  1. Karma for BHR's in laws. They were backstabing her forever. I dont like her as wife but as woman i like her. I hope for happiness for all three divorced ladies becoz they deserve it.
  2. i want to comment that Kim So Hyun's acting is superb since she was young. It is just she has amazing chemistry with some actors and hasnt with some actors.
  3. aww. Such endearing first 2 episodes and they have amazing chemistry together. It is gonna be happiness to watch them together. Finally a good drama for Kim So Hyun & Ji Soo.
  4. Just finished. Very solid last episode. I was happy during True Beauty's run and nice quality drama.
  5. ouch milking seo jun's love story so much... i want jukyung- suho to have lovely moments and jukyung- soojin to reconcile. anyway reason why suho broke up with Jukyung is reasonable and poor boy's father has been bedridden for whole 2 years...
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