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[Drama 2018] Bad Papa, 배드파파 - 2018 Grimae Awards for Best Actor & Best Drama


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YS developing ALS at such a young age is so tragic. I rarely like teenagers in dramas, but I love her. I still need to finish Ep. 30 and 31 but I won't get a chance to comment before the finale airs. I choose to believe YC will face consequences but the family will be intact in the end. I do have another possible scenario in mind that would make me cry ugly tears, but I probably shouldn’t put it out there lol. 

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1 hour ago, dramaninja said:

Mannnn what is with these drama endings.  :(


This wasn't healing at all.

Production said it would it would cover several genres but they never promised a healing drama. That occurred to me too late ha ha.

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Omg the last episode was soooo sad. I couldn’t stop crying. I cried throughout!


The ending was something I’ve expected, is a JH drama after all - the chances of him dying is always high hahah but I can’t fathom the fact that the baby ceo got away like that?!?!?! and YD was ever so faithful and loyal to JC :) 


I would prefer the other ceo to eat the blue pills which was dissolved in the coffee he had drank and get arrested by the police. But still at least he got what he deserved. 


Good job to the Actors and Actresses. I think they all did an awesome job!  I love that finale match! I liked that they both gave their best. I was crying buckets. And did anyone realise the bleeding on YJC right eye was the same spot his Wife first saw him and got motivated by him?


And of course if I’m the judge JC would have won simply Becos of his age and he can still hold out for so bloody Long.  And that look JC gave in the ring before he steps out, he knows that’s his last match and he had to look at the ring and the people one last time.


Those flashback of their happier times together :bawling:


And as a JH fan, im happy for him

that he waited and got a role that he had always wanted and now he can finally rest till his next work :D I hope I don’t have to wait too Long.


And for others who are not familiar with JH - that last scene where the Wife said u shouldn’t leave someone when things are tough. 


Now that was what his real Wife said to him when he was in army!! 


The little girl is too sweet!



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'Bad Papa' ending speeches by the cast:


Jang Hyuk : "Bad Papa has finally ended, now I need to go home and be a good papa (laughs). For me personally, this drama allows me to reflect my attitude as a parent towards my children. It is not an easy subject matter to film, thus I cherish the time with the crew and cast even more, everyone has worked hard. It feels that I ended the year with 'Bad Papa', and I hope that everyone who loves 'Bad Papa' will have a smooth remaining 2018. I will meet you with a new image in future, thank you."




Son Yeo-eun : "It feels that Bad Papa just started filming, but now it is going to end soon. It is a blessing to recall about what Son-joo went through, and I feel sad that it is ending. I look forward to seeing you again through other excellent works."




Shin Eun-soo : "I started shooting Bad Papa since mid summer, and now it is already early winter. Because I got close to the actors and staff, the filming was done happily. Playing the role of Young-sun allows me to experience different things and feel new emotions. I will work hard to see viewers again through other works."




Ha Joon: "My heart is going to feel empty for the next period of time. Whether it is the first day to become Min-woo or the last day, this is a special role. When I filmed the last fighting scene with senior Jang Hyuk, I felt that after living for so long, I finally get a chance to concentrate on sports and shoot a fighting scene . I am very grateful to Min-woo for allowing me meet a different world and grow up. I really love him. Thanks to the audience of "Bad Papa".










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