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[Drama 2018] Bad Papa, 배드파파 - 2018 Grimae Awards for Best Actor & Best Drama


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10 hours ago, qynn said:

Finished Episodes 21 and 22. It was so hard to watch JC decide to fight without the pills but unknowingly be used by his CEO and pipsqueak drug CEO and the horrible outcome that followed. JH did a great job with JC's reaction. JC's scene with the fighter from the previous episode made me sad because he was totally talking about himself. I'm sad this drama isn't doing well because I find it quite compelling. 


Just finished ep 21-22 too. Ahhh I hate that CEO, he made JC do something he does not want to! Looks like now he can no longer control his own actions after taking the drug. I hope they don't make him eat that any more!

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I just watched episode 10 with subs. 


That boxer, Kang, deserves to be beaten up. He is known to be cruel, cocky and violent and he just kept attacking JC injured arm! But maybe not in a coma but he certainly deserves to be beaten. 


That ceo only has his own interest, that is to win money. He won’t care what that pill will do to Jc body etc. And the effect of that pill is scary! Not only he has great strength, he can’t control his emotions as well, too scary.


Btw that match was so intense.

And why is the doping result negative? Is it Becos of the ingredients used? 


And really how is JC going to redeem himself??? 



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Finished Episodes 23 and 24. Still hurts to watch but I think it's too soon to conclude that there won't be some sort of redemption for JC. When he was speaking to the other fighter he was really speaking to himself. He doesn't want his daughter to know what kind of man he is and the choices he's made. But there's a difference between being a bad person and a person who has made some bad choices, and I have faith that in the end, JC will do what is right. 


I hate the CEO. 

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"Bad Papa" Jang Hyuk Discovers That Jung In-gi and Kim Jae-kyung Are Father and Daughter


On the latest episodes of the MBC drama "Bad Papa", Yoo Ji-cheol (Jang Hyuk) suffered from guilt from having used the new medication and won the game.


He didn't go home and stayed at the gym until his daughter Yoo Yeong-seon (Shin Eun-soo) convinced him to come home. Choi Seon-joo (Son Yeo-eun) was worried sick about him.


When doping was suspected due to Kang Sang-moon's blood test, the media became more lenient about Yoo Ji-cheol. However, he still felt guilty.


Jeong Chan-joong (Park Ji-bin) suggested to Cha Seung-ho (Jung In-gi) that they used Cha Ji-woo (Kim Jae-kyung) to bring Yoo Ji-cheol to the lab. Jung Chan-joong knew Cha Ji-woo and Yoo Ji-cheol used to be partners and wanted to use that.


Cha Seung-ho did everything he could to convince Yoo Ji-cheol. He said he would pay the price of those who died in the process of making the medication when it was completed, but Yoo Ji-cheol didn't believe him.


Cha Seung-ho revealed that Cha Ji-woo was his daughter and said he would surrender to her. Yoo Ji-cheol couldn't believe what he'd heard.


Jeong Chan-joong found out what they talked about and ordered Kim Dae-seong (Shin Woo-gyeom) to take care of Cha Seung-ho.




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Translation of today's news credit Jane17827 on instagram :


<Five Heart-racing and thrilling moments by Jang Hyuk in Bad Papa>
1. A bus in flames, the first moment he used the pill on purpose
2. Frustrated with the benefit which had been earned by using the pill. 
3. 10 billion, the contract money. Real fight begins. 
4. A sudden doping test caused the cold sweat. 
5. The kid was about to be rescued, the power of pill ran out!




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5 Times Jang Hyuk Made Our Hearts Pound In “Bad Papa”

“Bad Papa” is a thrilling half-sports, half-family drama about one man overcoming the odds. As a result, there are many heart-pounding moments surrounding its leading man, Jang Hyuk.


“Bad Papa” tells the story of Yoo Ji Chul, a former boxer who lost everything and became the test subject for a new drug in order to support his family. A Korean media outlet recently picked 5 best scenes from Yoo Ji Chul’s tense and action-packed story:


That First Buzz



In Episode 2, Yoo Ji Chul accidentally came across the “blue drug” and was able to use it to save a mother and daughter from a dangerous situation. He climbed into a burning bus that was on the point of explosion, ignoring the burns and scratches to his body, and lifted the frame with his bare hands to save their lives. This was the first time that viewers saw the true power of the drug, with more than just Jang Hyuk’s life on the line.


The First Paycheck



In Episode 4, Yoo Ji Chul entered the mixed martial arts ring against criminals that he himself had rounded up and used the blue drug to win his first victory and first paycheck. However, after discovering that the money wasn’t enough to cover what he needed and that he had thrown away his long-cherished sportsmanship in favor of drugs, made Jang Hyuk’s character collapse in despair.


The Real Fight Begins



In Episode 6, Yoo Ji Chul receives 1 billion won from Joo Guk Sung (Jung Man Shik) in exchange for a contract to fight in seven matches. This is his chance to return to the sports world after leaving it in disgrace 11 years ago from a false charge of match-fixing. Even in the midst of boos and jeers, Yoo Ji Chul prepares stoically for his fight and impresses the viewers with his mental as well as physical strength.


Sudden Doping Test




In Episode 17, Yoo Ji Chul fought a fierce match in which his shoulder was dislocated and ended up using the power of the drug to win the match. Even as he took home the trophy, he was accosted by a sudden drug test as soon as he returned backstage. This scene made viewers’ hearts race with the possibility that the truth behind Yoo Ji Chul’s mysterious drug would be discovered.


Critical Failure




In Episode 19, Yoo Ji Chul uses his dwindling supply of the drug to rescue a child hanging on for dear life to a balcony railing. But in the middle of his rescue operation, the time of the drug’s operation (3 minutes) ran out and he almost ended up dropping the child. Once again, the drug put him in a position where he was risking more than just his own life.



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14 minutes ago, azureblue7 said:

Number 3 and 4 are out for me..no more sad endings please.... 


Anyway I have a feeling it will be none of the above..-_-


Yeah I guess coz they wont have published such a spoiler news if it was one of the above.

So how do you predict it will end ??

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4 hours ago, Prettysup said:


Yeah I guess coz they wont have published such a spoiler news if it was one of the above.

So how do you predict it will end ??

I think or I hope the ending will be like this or even better...


1) JC will not take the pills when he fights with MW. Maybe he will promise to go to the pharmaceutical company voluntarily after the match ends. But not sure if his sneaky CEO would allow him to do so though. 


Whether JC wins the match against MW or not is secondary but he will manage to put up such a strong fight that he will win back his respect from MW and admiration from the public. Like what he has learnt from Young Seon, the result is not important , as long as he has put in his best, and he will have  no regrets and it will be the first time that he finally feels a sense of pride and true joy after a match. 


2)JC will cooperate to develop the new drugs to help people with neuromuscular diseases. So he will still become a hero.


3)The bad guys will still go behind bars for testing the drugs on the innocent.


4) Young Seon will win the competition and fulfil her dream.


:lol: I want an ending with a positive message and everyone is happy!


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