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[Drama 2018] Bad Papa, 배드파파 - 2018 Grimae Awards for Best Actor & Best Drama


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MBC Presents

 Bad Papa 






Jin Chang-gyu



Kim Sung-min





A story about the struggles of a middle-aged dad that chooses to become a bad person in order to be a good dad.

Ji-cheol is a detective on the serious crime squad. He has absolutely no drive and always looks for ways to slack off. He gets enthusiastic for a change during the illegal gambling regulation period and goes out with is partner to arrest gamblers. However he attacks a civilian who was taking a shower and is in danger of getting fired for sexual assault.


Broadcast Period

October 1st ~ November 27th, 2018

 every Monday and Tuesday 10pm KST



Jang Hyuk as Yoo Ji-cheol

Son Yeo-eun as Choi Sun-joo

Shin Eun-soo as Yoo Young-sun

Ha Joon as Lee Min-woo

Kim Jae-kyung as Cha Ji-woo

Jung Man-sik as Joo Kook-sung

Lee David as Kim Yong-dae

Park Ji-bin as Jung Chan-joong

Jung In-gil as Cha Seung-ho

Lee Joon-hyuk as Kim Pil-doo

Kim Byung-choon as Park Min-sik







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Episodes recaps








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Teasers :






OST Part 1 "Don't Remember" : Ha Dong-kyun




OST Part 2 "Golden Goat" : Oh Hyuk




OST Part 3 'Please wait for me' : Shin Jae




OST Part 4 'Merry Go Round' : Kim Sin-Ui




OST Part 5 'You Are' : Kim Bo-kyung




OST Part 6 "Forever with you'




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I've been waiting for this to be unlock! For realz? Wooo! now this got me excited especially with the story plot! omg! I know who I want to be the daughter too!  that brilliant child actress HJE.

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@triplem Thanks for unlocking the thread!  

Ok so now to update news about this drama, shall post in chronological order.


Jang Hyuk Considers Offer To Star As Main Lead In MBC’s Upcoming Drama

May 10, 2018


His newest drama just started, but Jang Hyuk is already receiving new offers for his next production!


On May 10, a source from his agency clarified earlier reports about his casting as the lead in MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Bad Papa” (literal translation). They explained, “He has received an offer to star in ‘Bad Papa.’ However, the discussion is not at the stage where his appearance can be confirmed.”


Directed by Jin Chang Kyu of “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People,” “Bad Papa” is about the struggle of a middle-aged man who makes the decision to become “a bad person” in order to be a good father. It is currently set to air after “Partners for Justice” and “Life-and-Death Romance” (literal title).


Jang Hyuk has been offered the role of Yoo Ji Chul, a former, undefeated boxing champion who is also a husband and father. When his life suddenly becomes hell, Yoo Ji Chul despairs everyday until he comes across a new drug that is amazingly effective. By taking the mysterious drug, he manages to successfully return to mixed martial arts.


Jang Hyuk is currently starring in SBS’s “Wok of Love” with Jung Ryeo Won and 2PM’s Junho. 







Shin Eun-soo in talks to act as Jang Hyuk's daughter in MBC's 'Bad Papa'

May 29, 2018


According to a news report on Tuesday, Shin Eun-soo has been offered a role in the MBC new Mon/Tue drama " Bad Papa, " which is scheduled to be broadcast in September. 


" Bad Papa " is a drama about the story of a middle-aged man Yoo Ji-chul who fights hard to protect his family from the harsh world. Actor Jang Hyuk is currently reviewing the role, who is one who chooses to be a bad man in order to be a good father.


Yoo Young-sun is the daughter of boxing champion Yoo Ji-chul.  She dreamed of becoming a ballerina when she was young, but when Yoo Ji-cheol‘s career failed due to a match-fixing scandal, she quited ballet and became a 17-year-old high school student with no enthusiasm. Since then, as Yoo Ji-chul returned to martial arts again, the conflict between the two continued to deepen.


Shin Eun-soo made her debut in the movie "Vanishing Time : A Boy who returned," acting opposite actor Gang Dong-won. Since then, she has appeared in movie 'The Shower' and the TVN drama 'Drama Stage - Anthology' and has been receiving attention for her stable acting ability. She also played the role of  teenage Jun Ji-hyun in the SBS drama 'The Legend of Blue Sea' , as well as upcoming movie "In-rang",  building up a solid filmography for herself. It is expected that her chemistry with Jang Hyuk through their father-daughter relationship in 'Bad Papa' will be worth looking forward to.


On the other hand, " Bad Papa " will air in September, following the current drama, " Investigation Couple' and 'Risky Romance' .








Lee David in talks to appear in MBC ‘ Bad Papa’ with Jang Hyuk

June 7, 2018


Lee is reportedly considering playing Kim Yong-dae, an avid fan of Yoo Ji-cheol (Jang Hyuk) as a child. Kim Yong-dae is a person who shares his pure fan spirit and willingness to use his mind, drawing the fallen star back to the mixed martial arts arena. As Kim Yong-dae is seen to have a close relationship with Yoo Ji-cheol and his daughter Yoo Young-sun (Shin Eun-Soo), attention is focusing on how Lee will show his relationship with Jang Hyuk and Shin Eun-soo in 'Bad Papa'. 





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Son Yeo Eun confirms to be wife of Bad Papa


Son Yeo-eun has been cast in the MBC new Mon/Tue drama " Bad Papa " accordingly to news report on 7th June.


Son Yeo-eun plays an ulzzang in high school, Choi Sun-joo, who couldn’t resist Yoo Ji Cheol (Jang Hyuk)’s persistent courting and married him at the age of 20, giving birth to a daughter. 

According to previous reports, Jang Hyuk will play Yoo Ji-chul, a former undefeated boxing champion who becomes a hopeless man. Although Son blames her husband, she is determined to be a good parent to her daughter.


 Son Yeo-eun has previously appeared in several dramas, including 'Innocent Defendant' and 'Sister is alive'.  She is also appearing in current KBS drama, " Suits' playing the role of a prosecutor. Son, who has showed stable acting skills, makes one look forward to her role in 'Bad Papa'.






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9 hours ago, jongski said:

I've been waiting for this to be unlock! For realz? Wooo! now this got me excited especially with the story plot! omg! I know who I want to be the daughter too!  that brilliant child actress HJE.

In this drama his character got married at young age so his daughter is a teenager.


Did Hyukie confirmed his appearance.

Finally my can get rid of 'wok' 'ladle'  'wok'  'ladle' 'wok' 'ladle'.....:wacko:

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 I love Jang Hyuk...one of the best actors in the industry.unfortunately and sadly I'm not watching his current drama. Money flower is/was still the last brilliant kdrama. Need  drama that thugs into the heart something is powerful and has good  excellent writing.


Looking at the plot it's like rocky x the champ...


On 5/10/2018 at 10:46 AM, Prettysup said:

Jang Hyuk plays the role of undefeated boxing champion Yoo Ji-Chul , the husband of a woman and the father of a daughter. Yoo Ji-Chul falls into a low point of his career and lives his days in despair. Then he experimented with a new questionable drug and returned to the boxing ring. His rosy life seems to be unfolding again, but it remains to be seen what is going to happen next.


The one I high lighted,  I can definitely see Jang Hyuks brilliant acting! So I'm waiting for this.




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Not that this is any surprise, but finally we get a confirmation haha


Jang Hyuk confirms appearance in  MBC 'Bad Papa' 


On the 15th June , Sidus HQ said that Jang Hyuk has confirmed his appearance in MBC new Mon/Tue drama 'Bad Papa' (written by Kim Sung Min / directed by Jin Chang Gyu).


'Bad Papa' is a story of the struggle of a man who chooses to become a bad man in order to become a good father.

Jang Hyuk acts as a Yoo Ji-chul, a former champion boxer who lost all his money and honor suddenly . In order to recover his life, he returns to the boxing ring. It is anticipated Jang Hyuk will showcase his acting skills once again through this touching family story and create another 'life character' for himself.


On the other hand, Jang Hyuk has recently received great reviews through the character 'Kang Pil-joo', a detailed and cool person who has lived only for the revenge, in the MBC weekend drama 'Money Flower'. He is also currently acting as 'Doo Chil-sung' in SBS drama "Wok of Love" and shows a new side by him by skillfully portraying sincerity through a comedy.


'Bad Papa' is scheduled to be broadcast following 'Risky Romance'.





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Well, I'm glad that we can have Jang Hyuk again in our screen, and specially with a plot like that.

I'm not watching his current work in Greasy Melo/Wok of love, I liked his character in the ep 1&2, but, he's not the lead and the story didn't engaged me.

I hope this writter gives us a good character(s) & story.

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Jang Hyuk Confirmed To Lead Action Drama After “Wok Of Love”


Jang Hyuk will be returning to action dramas in his next project!


The actor has been confirmed for MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Bad Papa” (literal translation).


The drama is the tale of a man who chooses to become a bad person in order to be a good father. Jang Hyuk will be playing Yoo Ji Chul, a former boxing champion who falls into despair after losing all of his fame, money, and family at once. As he begins to stand on his feet again as a mixed martial arts fighter with the help of a mysterious drug, he sets out to find the family that he lost.


“Bad Papa” will be directed by Jin Chang Kyu of “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People” and written by Kim Sung Min. Son Yeo Eun, Shin Eun Soo, and David Lee are also currently in talks for the drama.


It is set to air after “Partners for Justice” and “Life-and-Death Romance” (literal title).





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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Bad Papa 배드파파 - Jang Hyuk, Son Yeo-eun - MBC Mon/Tue - Premier in latter half of 2018

Jang Hyuk to turn into an MMA fighter for new drama 'Bad Papa'

Jang Hyuk is confirmed for 'Bad Papa'.


On June 15, Sidus HQ revealed, "Jang Hyuk is confirmed to appear on new MBC Mon-Tuesday drama 'Bad Papa'. He will be playing an MMA fighter who tries to recover his ruined life."


Jang Hyuk will be playing the character Yoo Ji Chul, a once top boxer who lost all his money and honor. A touching story of his life recovery through MMA fighting will be depicted. 


'Bad Papa' is scheduled to air after the end of 'Risky Romance'.





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Kim Jae-kyung, 'Bad Papa' casting ... Transformed into investigation detective


Kim Jae-kyung has been casted in MBC's new Mon/Tue drama 'Bad Papa' according to the broadcasting company on the 17th June.


Kim Jae-kyung acts as Cha Ji-woo, a junior of Yoo Ji-chul (Jang Hyuk) in the drama,  who is also the youngest female detective. She realizes that the case she is investigating is linked to a questionable new drug trial that Yoo Ji-chul is involved with.

Kim Jae-kyung used to be a member of K-pop group Rainbow. She has since appeared in various works such as 'Monster', 'Noble, my love', 'Madam Antoine', 'Inspiring Generation', and 'God's Quiz Season 4'. Recently, she also showed great presence in KBS 'Miracle that we met' as the role of Mao. In the currently airing OCN's 'Life on Mars', she played the role of Han Mal-sook, a cosmetics salesperson who lived in 1988.


'Bad Papa' is a drama about a struggling middle-aged man who chooses to become a bad man in order to a good father. It depicts a story of a bad human being who can not but cheer, and a story of our fathers who can not help but support.


Previously, it was reported that Jang Hyuk and Son Yeo-eun  will appear in the drama. Jang Hyuk  plays a former undefeated boxing champion, Yoo Ji-chul, who becomes an incurable man. Son Yeo-eun blames her husband, but tries her best to be a good parent to her daughter. In addition to this, Shin Eun-seo and Lee David will also appear in the drama.


'Bad Papa' will be directed by Jin Chang-gyu, who is the co-director in 'Rebel' and written by Kim Sung-min. It will follow after the  dramas 'Investigation Couple' and 'Risky Romance' ends.





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Jang Hyuk Becomes a "Bad Papa" Looking for Redemption


I know that the disturbing daddy jokes write themselves by now, but let's get serious for a moment and look at this upcoming drama about a broken man reclaiming his life. Jang Hyuk apparently never sleeps, so he has confirmed his leading role as the titular character of MBC's upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama "Bad Papa".


"Bad Papa" depicts the struggles of a man who chooses to be a bad person in order to be a good father. I'm not sure what this means, but I'm getting strong "I Am a Dad" vibes from this. Do we get a properly flawed man here? I definitely hope so. Jang Hyuk plays Yoo Ji-cheol, an unfortunate character who used to be a top boxer, before suddenly losing his money and fame in one go.


Ji-cheol sets out to piece his broken life back together and regain his family through the means of mixed martial arts. Jang Hyuk tackling a tough character who is defined both by action and humanity is reportedly a point of anticipation. I can definitely share said anticipation, as Jang Hyuk is a solid actor who really shines in approachable characters.


"Bad Papa" is written by Kim Seong-min, directed by Jin Chang-gyoo ("Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People") and it will follow "Investigation Partners" and "Risky Romance" in the second half of the year. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.


Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'





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16 hours ago, Prettysup said:

Jang Hyuk Becomes a "Bad Papa" Looking for Redemption

Yayydancing-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gifI really loved him in MF, love him Wok of Love but just haven't been able to get into it but I'm happy he's going to be in another drama.  I hope we get some MMA fight scenes too. evil-smile-onion-head-emoticon.gif


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Glad to read that JH has confirmed . This is the sort of role that he’ll be perfect in. Will join you guys for this . 

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Jang Hyuk up to play ex-boxer in MBC’s Bad Papa

by tipsymocha

What a busy, busy bee. Jang Hyuk (Greasy Melo) has already lined up his next show, titled Bad Papa, which makes the upcoming MBC drama his third television project this year. I’m always down for more Jang Hyuk, though, so you won’t hear me complaining anytime soon. The role calls for a great mix of action and drama that sounds like right up Jang Hyuk’s alley, too.


Jang Hyuk is up to play a former top boxer who lost all of his fame and wealth in a single moment, and now seeks to reclaim his life by starting anew in mixed martial arts. His character decides to become a bad person in order to be a good father, and will struggle to live up to his role as the head of his family. The ex-boxer will start to repair ties with his wife, played by Sohn Yeo-eun (Suits), and their daughter, portrayed by the young Shin Eun-soo (Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned).


Jang Hyuk’s and Sohn Yeo-eun’s characters are high school sweethearts who married young and had their daughter at 20 years old, and while she resents her husband’s abrupt fall from grace, she tries her best to be a good parent in front of her child. Bad Papa sounds like a heartwarming tearjerker of a family drama, with two parents struggling to be a decent mom and dad to their daughter, despite their flaws and what life throws their way.


Hopefully, the writing and directing will be able to do this story justice, and I’m cautiously optimistic to hear that PD Jin Chang-kyu, who co-directed Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, will be sitting in the director’s chair. Bad Papa is slated to follow Life or Death Romance, starring Lee Shi-young and Ji Hyun-woo, which puts its premiere sometime this fall on MBC.







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Former Rainbow Member Kim Jae Kyung To Star Opposite Jang Hyuk In New Action Drama


Idol-turned-actress Kim Jae Kyung will be appearing in a new MBC drama!


On June 18, Kim Jae Kyung’s agency Namoo Actors confirmed that she would be starring in “Bad Papa” (literal title), an upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama about a man who becomes a bad person in order to be a good father to his children.


Jang Hyuk will be playing the titular “bad papa,” while Kim Jae Kyung will be taking on the role of Cha Ji Woo, an ace detective who is the youngest in her unit. In the drama, Cha Ji Woo will find herself unexpectedly struggling to solve a mysterious case.


Kim Jae Kyung most recently appeared in the KBS drama “The Miracle We Met” and is currently starring in OCN’s remake of “Life on Mars.”


“Bad Papa” is currently scheduled to begin airing in September.





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Excited for Bad Papa. I'm anticipating this drama. I check and the young actress  Shin Eun Soo, playing Jang Hyuk's daughter is only 15 yrs old. I'm checking Vanishing Time movie so wanted to share.  Hyuki's up coming drama The Swords man.. feature his as blind swordsman  with teen daughter  too (played by  Kim Hyun Soo).


Gosh, he's getting these characters with teen daughters. But still at his age... he looks sexy as hell! it's the icing on the cake. The brilliant acting tops!  It's definitely Jang Hyuk's year.  He  better win a Daesang or an Intl emmy again.


Jang Hyuk!  Like a fine wine. The professionalism. Love for craft.His acting skills.  ❤️️

cr: as tag.



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