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Just now, supergal99 said:

:blink:Aw man.. me hope the clues are not too complicated ..heee

Good Luck to all!

@Lmangla is the game closed for registration?

dont' worry. am afraid the clues are actually going to be pretty easy because my brain is not one of those complicated clues people. hahahahah.... and keeping it open to see if more folks will join. pali, get your friends to join too!

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2 minutes ago, Yongzura said:


Me too... after a while I surrender  for that one ..ha ha.. :D


me too! but if you look through the list, you will be able to identify the tropes. and today's list was a hilarious mix. so the clue is very nonsensical. LOL....

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@kokodus ~ actually that story I didn't. maybe you were in my subconscious. hahahahah... but this clue definitely thought of you. hahahahha.... lets see if you pick that up! :lol: and the clues are easy, so if folks are scared, they can see whats going on and then jump in. it will be like a party where folks join in after the snacks are served.hahahaha...

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Round 1 begins!


@kokodus @stargazer187 @lclarakl @camichi @Yongzura @supergal99 @OMihO @Zelda @2handsintertwined ~ thank you for joining the game. lets have fun shall we? there are 5 tropes here in this story. and remember, you can talk to each other and even discuss. the numbers in your ticket are all random picked by computer and so even if you don't have the trope, you can still have fun trying to figure out the number and chatting with each other.


P.S ~ would you watch this drama? :lol:


Today's clues:
yay chingus, the new drama preview for "door opens" is out. wondering whether to check it out. so, we have male lead1 min ho and male lead2 is bin ho while female lead is yu ri. my bias is bin ho and oppa looks super hot! noooooo, will there be a triangle? so, the drama seems to be set at a nice university and they are all music students. so while studying together, they fall in love?


from the preview, it looks like yu ri will choose min ho over bin ho but this writer is twisted and may give us hope till the last episode like in her previous drama. aaah! but as long as bin ho doesn't get killed, get some disease, I can survive. why does it seem like if there isn't a happy ending, the writer has to kill off a lead? ugh.


anyway, and it looks like min ho is super rich and is a chaebol as he is driving a sports car while my oppa is taking the bus. next scene, we see yu ri and min ho's sister in a restaurant and min ho's sister just gave yu ri a water slap! omo, then, yu ri got mad and picked up her project and gave the lady a document slap! what is happening? is this a makjang??


now, in next scene, yu ri is sad from all that slapping and is singing badly in karaoke. aren't they supposed to be music students? guess, she got drunk and ate too much after all that karoake and now is having some bowel issue in the toilet. and the boys are also at the same karaoke because min ho got a scolding from his sister and also sang badly and passed out. meanwhile bin ho also had some tummy problem and runs to girl's bathroom by mistake. yu ri thinks he is a pervert and starts flicking water from the tap and trying to water slap. then, she takes tissues and tries to slap with that. guess it is supposed to be funny because OST is funny here. poor thing oppa! hahahaha... 


then, preview ends. I don't know chingus. am not sure if drama is good. what did you think of the preview for "door opens"?


and lurking chingus, if you think this is fun, get a ticket and join us for round 2 tomorrow okay? :)


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@kokodus ~ you saw it! hahahaha.. lee min ho was what I thought of when first trying to come up with a story. LOL. so oppa is inspirational?  there's only 5 tropes there but since I had to cook up a story with hilariously different tropes, there may be other ones in the mix. hahahaha... . so let me tell you rich boy, poor girl is NOT one of the tropes in round 1.

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d6323e45ff3166226fe70d3afe1fa2e4.gif   Wish I had the time to play what an amazing idea thank you @Lmangla:heart:

good_luck_everyone_by_yashamaru13.jpgimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcThI9fuN74biAUVH9cOusA   All And No Matter Who Wins...


You're all Winners already!!!!  Have fun and I will be cheering you all on!! Fighting!!!!


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11 minutes ago, kokodus said:

Wait I can only identify 4 troupes. There is no separate troupe for chaebol male lead. LOL. And revealing the end game only in the last ep. Hmmmm let's see....

next time, we do the trope list, you can put in the chaebol male lead. hahahah... but yea, since the name of the game is bingo and not clue, you will get the round 1 numbers at the start of round 2. this way, everyone can keep playing even if they are clueless! :D


so what were the 4 tropes you think? and more importantly, would you watch "door opens" based on that preview? :D

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