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  1. I just started this drama and I'm on episode 2. I don't get parents that turn over the parenting of their children to schools. They act as if having an expensive education is the most important thing in this world for a young child. These kids need to have a positive, loving, nurturing environment and parents teaching them from right and wrong. The fact that Ji-Su's son can't tell her he was/is being bullied is awful...suffering alone. It's hard enough when kids live with their parents, but even harder when they don't.
  2. I come her to discuss the dramas. I want to know what others are thinking or their opinion on what happened in a particular episode. Also, Stills can also be spoilers.
  3. I don't think they still exist in the people who fell in the water because they escaped out. However, there must be a reason they didn't attack the baby. It will be interesting to see how the baby and the worms "merge"/co-exist as one. Will the king become a flesh eater? So many unknowns.
  4. I have to say that season 2 of Kingdom is even more intense that season 1. I was on pins and needles the whole time I was watching it. This drama is just....Wow!
  5. Just started this drama, but if I'm honest, it has me rolling my eyes at a few scenes. It's enjoyable, but extremely frustrating at the same time.
  6. @hush puppy, I made a quick edit to my post you referenced--yes, I meant "younger". I love your post and agree with every word, except one thing--on a scale of 1 to 10, I gave it a 5. It started really good, but then as her shady behavior continued towards her boyfriend, the more disappointed I became. Like you, I really couldn't stand even looking at the Manipulator towards the end and had lost all desire to see the leads together if I'm honest. It just irritated me how 'well' she treated the Manipulator compared to our male lead. This is the first drama that I've seen Song Wei Long and look forward to looking his other dramas up. I also want to see more dramas with the female led. I like the actress, just not her character.
  7. @angelangie, I think that's why I'm a little disappointed, because I've seen these types of relationships too. One with a family member that was doomed from the beginning. I won't go into details, but the 9 year age difference wasn't even a factor--it was the other baggage she carried. Another with close friends of the family, they have been married over 60+ years; she's in her 96 or 97 and he's 10 years younger. I've also seen it with a few other relationships. All where the woman is older. As a society we don't bat an eye when a man marries a woman 30 or 40 years younger (thanks @hush puppy) than him, but treats it as outrageous when women marry a younger man. Honestly, and sadly, I'm on ep 35 now--only because I started skipping. I was disappointed to see how easily she let the person who manipulated her all along slide into the position of boyfriend. The man that help plant doubts. I loved when the stepmother pointed out how it was our lead female's attitude and the fact that she didn't trust him was also a factor that doomed the relationship--she cared too much about what others thought. This woman had a 22 year old man who she was willing to sleep with but not acknowledge him publicly and put a lot of pressure on him to keep it a secret was the biggest disappointment of all. It was like she used him in secret to gain experience--considering she had never kissed a man before. To be honest, she's fallen out of my grace. At this point, I just wish they would introduce him to some hot, new chic to rub the fact in her face of what she gave up and how she treated him.....very badly. I can only dream. However, we have the male lead being true to his heart. However, I wish he was man enough to just walk away and come back in 5 years; mature him up to know that he deserved better treatment. I think age is more a factor in some countries than others.
  8. I like this drama, just started...only on ep 11. I can see why it's named, Find Yourself. She may not realize this, but she's treating her 'boyfriend' horribly. She also is cheating on him emotionally with her "friend". The guy who is trying to become her future husband. She runs whenever he calls, he buys her gifts, while her boyfriend has to 'hide'. I like how her boyfriend is quick to put the other girl in her place, to bad his girlfriend doesn't do the same. Update: to prevent spam and I'm still the last comment on here, i'll just update and add my additional thoughts as I watch this drama. So I'm on ep 21 and I have to say that I'm really disappointed in the lead female and how she treats her boyfriend. She hides him away as if he's something shameful and doesn't treasure his love for her. The whole necklace deal, regardless of her reasons, was very disappointing and distasteful. I keep wondering why is he sticking with her. She's happy to present her 'male' friend to her family, pretend that he's her boyfriend but leaves her real boyfriend in the cold. I hope they breakup for a while and she comes back begging to him. I hate that he's always underestimating him.
  9. Hello @yoo1, this thread isn't just for "fans", this thread is for others to share their thoughts on the drama. You either become a fan of the drama as it progresses or your don't as you continue to watch it. The thing that makes historical dramas so wonderful is when they stay within that historical environment/culture of that time, in my opinion. I had this drama on my list to watch because of the fact it was written by Kim Yi Young. However, what I didn't expect was a modern drama with elements of historical. The Story of Ming Lan, a Chinese drama, is my all time favorite period drama, however, some people don't like it because of how factually accurate it is when depicting concubines and treatment of slaves. However, it's that real depiction that helps the viewers understand the environment in how decisions were being made. That's why I wish Haechi had stayed true to it's time period. Both this drama, Dong Yi, and Yi San have elements of factual historical events and are all heavy political more than anything else. However, this drama depicts Yeoning as someone who is always on the verge of crying; almost weak when he was not. The fact that he survived and lived to rule as long as he did speaks to his strength. I finished this drama, but it's not on my rewatch list as the other dramas are by this writer.
  10. Well, the wonderful drama has ended. I had stopped watching dramas as they aired week to week, instead choosing to wait until all the episodes had aired to I could marathon (watching all the episodes back to back) the drama. However, with this drama I was sucked in immediately and found myself impatiently waiting each week for the next episode. I will admit that the last two episodes had some filler that could have been excluded. I love the women and guys from the N. Korea village. Whenever they would show scenes of them, I felt like I was being reunited with old friends. I'm glad our OTP was able to reunite in Switzerland (makes me want to take a trip back there). To be honest, this drama was also educational for me. I didn't realize that N Koreans could travel outside the country at will without it being for some type of special activity for the country/government. If it wasn't for family, I wonder how many of these guys after experiencing life in S.Korea would have chosen to go back to N. Korea. I got my happy ending, not I must find something else to fill the void. It was great hanging out with the group here--thanks for sharing your thoughts on this drama.
  11. I hope his father will be able to protect the other guy's wife and son. I also love that the father and mother truly understand the depths that the oldest son went to in order to take over the company.
  12. This is actually a cute drama, I just wish the female lead character was written a little better. The lead is a cutie pie. As I race towards the end:
  13. Okay, I have to update a comment I made after ep 11 after seeing how the mother responded when finding out that her son had know SeRi was in North Korea and wanted to keep her there. Ep 12 really broke my heart for Se Ri; especially when her "mother" abandoned at the beach--not caring if she lived or died. I need to rewatch because I think this is her stepmother (product of an affair)--at least that's what I've convinced myself to believe. It was at that moment that I couldn't help but wonder, why would she stay in South Korea without him. Then again, I think his family should leave North Korea and move to South Korea....better opportunity to enjoy life and freedom.
  14. In ep 12, I was happy to see them reunited...heartwarming. However, what really got me teary eyed was the true demonstration of friendship by the women in the North Korean village....their acts of kindness and support was very touching.
  15. I will say that ep 11 dragged a little, but then again it could be because I'm anxious for the reunion of the comrades and the ladies from the village. I miss seeming them together. I have a feeling that the village people may end up moving to South Korea. Sadly, one thing that really stood out to me--more than anything else, well two things stood out: 1. The mother is probably sad that they raised a family of vipers that would rather see their sister die so they could control a company than help her. 2. At the very end when we have a flashback of all their paths crossing 7 years earlier in Switzerland (?), when she torn the candy wrapped and threw the tiny sliver of paper to the ground. I hate litter and I didn't like seeing it being tossed to the ground--even if it was a small piece of paper.