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  1. I will say that this was a good /light drama. However, I will admit that the female lead got on my nerves a time or two. They were a 'romantic' couple (I still say the couple in 100% of Anything were more like a true modern day couple), however, the biggest flaw they had was a lack of communication.
  2. Good drama, but the writer always does something to make the characters stupid and, in a lot of ways, guilty by their silence. They usually make the women the stupid character. I wish some of these writers will either do romance or do suspense/action, but don't do both. You have to be a strong writer to make action and romance work (The Story of Ming Lan), otherwise the plot will be weaken. This drama has a lot of great actors and they act their roles perfectly, I just hate watching a drama where my reasoning is more detailed that the people who are supposed to be the experts.
  3. Having a hard time getting into this drama. Sadly, he look better with the long hair--short hair just made him look like a little puffy cheek boy. Also, not sure how I feel about a guy falling in love with a girl that, to him, looks exactly like his older brother....something about that is off-putting.
  4. I liked this drama, but feel disappointed. A young teenager died. All this forgiveness and repentance at the end wasn't enough in my opinion. The class president kid was evil, with zero conscience. He's a sociopath and a psychopath. He, unfortunately, is probably worse than his father. Having him have a moment of conscience at the end of this drama is unrealistic....but a 'feel good' moment for the drama... I guess. That's one thing I hate about Korean dramas. Sometimes, they feel they have to give a happy ending when the world of reality is completely different.
  5. I found this comment and it summoned up my feelings exactly. I don't like skipping episodes, but I cannot take the dumbness or stupidity of the lead female another moment. Actually, all of them have stupid, blind tunnel vision logic. I'm trying to get to the perfume portion, but I don't know if I can take another moment of this drama--it's just too frustrating to watch. The writing is over the top.
  6. The writer should have stuck with making a romantic drama only--making this a crime drama too just doesn't work...the writing isn't strong enough because some of the scenes are just lacking to the point of eyes rolling. The drama begins with him helping his friend by listening to a recording--he can pin point sounds from all the background noise and can determine a location. Yet, he
  7. In this particular case, he was not oblivious as to how she took things. The other girl called him out on it and told him to his face that he just bought her the key chain to make the lead female jealous--he was used her and she wanted him to know what it felt like. The other "kiss" guys would have never just brought a gift for a girl. Yeah, they hung out with another girl, but the girl could never think that he liked her. The other girl had already asked him about a birthday gift prior to him giving her one. I didn't get the impression that the key chain was a freebie--I don't recall hearing that--I missed it. I found it disappointing that he had to "attempt" to kiss the other girl to see if it was possible that he could have kissed her....really? I didn't like that little test at all, I won't go into why I didn't like it. I'll rewatch the episodes, I think it was 11-13, to see if I can see it from the way you described. My first watch in a marathon setting was he did things to make her jealous. He knew how she felt about him, but continued to have the other girl always present in some way until the other guy started filling the void he was leaving.
  8. @skibbies, thanks for your response. Yes, I quickly found out that it is all about gaming. Actually, I'm on episode 26 and it is interesting. To be honest, I really don't have any characters in this drama that I'm shipping to be a couple. Although there is a "hint" of a relationship between Ye and the girl from his old team, but for me--zero romantic chemistry. I'm loving how this hodgepodge team is coming together and he encourages them on their strengths.
  9. Not sure what the complaint is about, the subs seem okay to me--I'm only on ep 7 so it could change.
  10. I only started watching this drama because I liked the gaming aspect of it--hoping for a little of Love O2O and Go Go Squid. However, I'm on episode 7 and I feel like I'm still waiting for "something". I know he's trying to build a team. I don't know what to make of the internet cafe owner and her friend--are they just friends or lesbians (that's the vibe the internet cafe owner is giving off despite being a fan of Ye). Not sure what the main theme of the drama is at this moment.
  11. @Latte_Anyday, I agree that the male lead had more "heart", but at the same time if you think about it, he was a little more "cruel" than the male leads in the other dramas. In those drama, they didn't intentionally try to hurt the female lead or make her jealous of another woman--they just had a hard time showing how they really felt about the female lead. In Attention Love, the male lead knows she really likes him; she's told him this on a number of different occasions. However, he kept putting her in the "friend zone". The reason I say he was cruel is because he intentionally did things to make her jealous of the other girl--even brought the girl a gift all because he wants to make the girl who likes him jealous and he's the one that was keeping them apart. It was cruel to torture her and there was nothing else she could do or tell him. The writer really should have made her make him jealous...that would have been better. The other girl realized she had been used by him and purposely did things to hurt the OTP.
  12. This drama sucked me in from the first episode. What a nice, refreshing take on a male lead--smart, cold, but loving to the female led. I love the fact that she's so darn tough, but sweet. A cute drama....not the normal overdone Taiwanese drama.
  13. For me, the only thing that I truly hate in this drama is the ending as it relates to their championship win. I wanted to see some of the completion and the strategy they worked on. I wanted to see the guy who thought he wouldn't be able to plan in the tournament, play in replace of Grunt. I wanted to see those details. It's a shame those scenes were left out. One other thing I hated--all those freaking flashbacks that I think took up half the episodes and so unnecessary. It was due to flashbacks that we missed the championship...something we've looking forward to the entire drama and they didn't show it. Other than that--such a cute drama; definitely a repeat watch again--several repeats.
  14. I have to say that what I love about Gun (Li Xian) is his swagger. As a matter of fact, one thing I love about Chinese dramas is a lot of male leads have "swagger". In my absolute favorite drama of all time, The Story of Ming Lan, Gu Tingye definitely had swagger so goes for the male leads in Love O2O the movie and Love Me If You Dare .....I could go on and on. They need to have Li Xian play in more lead roles. Looking forward to his next drama. Okay I'll stop drooling for now. I guess that's why I'm so disappointed in the kiss scenes.....she's wasting a wonderful opportunity. I will hate to see this drama ends. Will say that i find myself going back to episode 7...love the way his cousin exposes their "relationship" to the family.
  15. I've really enjoyed this drama--I will hate to see it end. If I have one little complaint--I wish the kissing scenes were a little more realistic. Tired of seeing her wide-eyed and shocked and stiff as a board each time they kiss. I'm also a little tired of SP winning the head to head all the time.
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