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  1. Thanks ....i was watching without subs. they are being slow with the subs.
  2. I thik this is more important than some Knetz or Chineses viewers commenting stupid things about JSM....People realy apreciate her in this show. Taking in account is the firts time for her being in a show like this. I am so happy for her and i hope her new agency can give her a Drama soon.
  3. She has never fallowed Lee Min Ki and him hasn't fallowed her nor either
  4. Could you please keep posting here no matter if we don't know when is Joon to be discharge? Please.
  5. I don't Think They resemble each other...her face are very diferent and JSM is so beautiful even she is not as tall as the other girl.
  6. Dear...There are al lot of stupid people out there. I am suffering anxiety too since two years and i am a normal person. It has been hard but when you acept that you are like that you can overcome everything..thats all. There are many ignorant people.
  7. PLEASE...Let's stop being like this. Don't be hard on her please. Remember that she used to be like that. Her private life is her's. Even Joon is like that too. Some years ago she dated a celebrity and anybody already know who he is. So be calm please. If they are meant to be toguether they will be. Let's praid for them. let's be possitive. I'am sure she is not going to say anthing till Joon be discharged. Remenber..no news are good news. Actualy i want them to be calm and taking care about their private life. Joon an JSM fans know they are happy toguether, don¡t worry about lMK o SIG fans that's is normal in Dramaland. d.
  8. Please...como on. Don't be negative. All of us know they are toguether. We have no reson to think that way.
  9. Jung So Min has a nephew...he is, her brother's son. I wish it were true cause it would mean that Joon and her would have a child.
  10. OMG ..i was waiting for him to be discharged on july. Till Sept, i can't . I was so happy that we will see him soon, but not.
  11. Totally Agree, too many cliches for ep. 12. This is the perfect recipe to harm a good Drama
  12. Firts at all...i hate her manager....and i hate his boss. Whyyyyy Her Manager spoke to Mr. Know as if the only importan thing for her is to recover her career, but what about her feelings for Mr Kwon. Her Manager even knows nothing about their feeling and how he has supported her and took care of her. My poor Mr Kwon. Celebrities are human too..they have the right to love, what a stupidity. Whay they have to brake up instead to keep it a secret. I am so sad rigth now @shineem5I hope you are right and ep 14 will be THE EPISODE cause the most i hate is writters fixing everythin at the las 5 min in the las episode. Ok..I have to say that i love Ms. Dan and Mr. Choi, they are amazing they have similar personalitties.
  13. Hi everibody..joining to this. It took me wo days to watch the 8 episodes and this would be getting more intense and interesting for the next two episodes. Waiting...
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