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Welcome to a new event chingus!


Have you played bingo (or housie as we call it in some parts of the world) before? It is usually played at different community events like at festivals, large family reunions, engagement parties, birthdays and can be lots of fun. How does it work?


Each player gets a ticket filled with numbers like the one below (we are using US style bingo card, so there will be 24 numbers on each ticket). To get your ticket, let us know you are joining the game here in this thread before end of 4 March (Korea time). We will issue a ticket and then the game begins on Monday 5 March. (The numbers have been randomly generated by computer and so each card should be unique; however, if you find the card has duplicate numbers, please do let us know and we will get you a new ticket).




Each day (starting at March 5), at 11PM KST/Korea Time (you know when your kdramas air, it is around the same time), we will announce 5 numbers (which have been randomly generated by computer) but with a difference. In a previous event, we compiled a list of 100 tropes. Each day 5 tropes from that list will be randomly picked and posted in this thread. They will not be in number form though! So the numbers will be told to you in form of story.


For example: this is the drama story given to you.

Like most dramas, we begin at childhood because everyone's story starts there? So there are these two super cute children. The boy is rich and has his teeth. The girl is poor and has given her tooth to tooth fairy. Years later, these two childhood friends run into each other again and find their hearts start beating super loud when they see each other. Is love in the air? But there are problems, the poor girl is still poor that and so lives in a rooftop room that may not have a bathroom. Even if you can't have everything, there is the amazing second lead but writer does not like the second lead syndrome. So there is all sorts of shipping wars among viewers who are annoyed with the love triangle. However no viewer cares about the clinging ex of the rich boy. Why not?


if you look up the tropes -

2 - The childhood friends turn into lovers
15 Love triangle FTW... NOT
8 the rooftop room
5 Rich boy poor girl
13 Clinging ex


BINGO! we have the first column!! see that was easy and fun right?


It will be your job to figure out which trope is listed and find the corresponding number from this thread:

When you find the number, check your card! If the number appears on your card, you can cross it off, color it in, mark an X through it, whatever works for you.

When you get five in a row across, down or diagonally, you will call out “Bingo” in this thread and PM your winning card to
@triplem @Jillia @phikyl and @Lmangla where it will be double checked for accuracy. There will be five rounds. If you get all the 24 numbers in the ticket, then you get  a Free Viki Pass Standard for 1 month. Those that get rows (across, down or diagonally) will get a small prize pack. 


Shall we play?

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Wow!! @Lmangla interesting game. Ive never played this before so this is so diff to the usual game of bingo that I played. The way how you got the other numbers in that drama story - esp 15, 8, 5 and 13 just totally lost me. Did I miss something or am I that dense :lol:? I only saw  the number 2. :huh: 


Wait, after re-reading your post I think I get it now. So we have to relate those particular scenes of the story eg rich boy falls in love with poor girl to the number that is listed in the drama trope thread? Which was number 5 hence how you got 5 right? 

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yea exactly @Kasmic; the list of 100 tropes are in the drama trope thread. so the numbers relate to those. will be creating a story based on 5 numbers the computer gives. so it is like a bit of clue mixed with bingo kdrama style! hahahahah....


kekekeke... @kokodus ~ smart move. you are all going to be prepped. hahahah... but knew you would like it since we play it so much here. what I really enjoy is the banter that happens when the numbers are announced.


for example, the announcer might say "two old men with walking sticks! no 11", then someone will respond "X, thats you!, where's Y?" and X might respond "am not old yet. maybe it is you the lady is referring to?" :lol: so chingus, you are free to talk to other contestants and make funny comments as the numbers are announced. thats part of the fun.

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1 minute ago, stargazer187 said:

@Lmangla I just don't know how to mark my card here, lol. So should I cross it and posted the card back here or what? 


Ah.. I love finding the number behind the story. And it looks more fun since all those 100 tropes has been read per sentences before. Nice game!

good Q. basically it works like how you would play bingo in real life. so at your end, you keep crossing it in some form. am not super tech savvy but one way you can do is copy those numbers onto excel and then cross it or colour in the squares at your end. or you can copy it onto a notebook and cross it off every day....


if you get bingo, then you show us judges the modified card to verify that you got a row. or copy paste that ticket image issued to you and mention the numbers that you have got at your end in the PM you send us. till then, you don't need to share with others, though you do need to call out BINGO here in the thread. 

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here you go @lclarakl - ticket #3




and chingus, just a tip -- read through the drama trope thread. it will bring you a few laughs and the final list (with all 100 tropes) found on page 6 will be more easily understood once you have read the descriptions that people put up along with the titles... :) 


EDIT: @Kasmic ~ forgot to ask, can I issue you a ticket? will you be joining the game?

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Unfortunately not @Lmangla Im going to be busy with work so it will be difficult for me to join. Kudos to your creativity, Im sure everyone playing will have a blast. When I can I'll def pop in to read the story/s and try to figure out the numbers.  


Goodluck all! :D


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15 minutes ago, Kasmic said:

Unfortunately not @Lmangla Im going to be busy with work so it will be difficult for me to join. Kudos to your creativity, Im sure everyone playing will have a blast. When I can I'll def pop in to read the story/s and try to figure out the numbers.  


Goodluck all! :D


thanks @Kasmic; we are trying out different things. do pop in when you can. :)


and chingus, if you have ideas for different community events, do give us a shout-out in the thread here. and if you would like help to organize kiss bets/polls in your drama threads, or just an event to help celebrate your oppa's birthday or your ship's milestone, do tag me and I will pop over and see if we can cook up something fun. :D



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