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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] From Survivor to Healer 爱上你治愈我


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Cr avirtualvoyage


Chinese title: 爱上你治愈我
English title: From Survivor to Healer

Genre: Medical, Romance

Episodes: 42

Director:  Cao Dun (Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州·海上牧云记, The Longest Day in Chang’ an 长安十二时辰  )

Broadcast Period: 4/17/2019



Shawn Dou as Yan Shuren

Peng Guan Ying as Chen Yifan

Miao Miao as Sun Shu

Jin Shi Jie as Chen Yuangeng

Pan Hong as Lin Zhifan

Wang Si Si as Lisa / Yuanyuan

Zhang Jun Ning


Medical school sweethearts, Yan Shu Ren (Shawn Dou) and Sun Shu (Vivi Miao) had everything going for them. One a PhD candidate and the other an underclassman, they were both on a path to success, both in work and in love, until family difficulties and major crises drove them apart. Forced to drop out of school, Yan Shu Ren left Sun Shu without so much as a word goodbye. Heartbroken, Sun Shu decides to finish her studies abroad to escape the memories she’s haunted by at every turn.

Five years later, Shu Ren and Sun Shu are brought together once more. Doctors working at the same hospital, Shu Ren hopes to rekindle the flame he and Sun Shu once shared but she’s not so eager. Hurt by Shu Ren in the past, Sun Shu isn’t willing to give her heart to a man who once broke it but when her mother falls ill, things begin to change.

With Shu Ren by her side, Sun Shu begins to realize her feelings for him have never really changed. Happy once more, life is good but when Shu Ren uncovers a secret about his mother’s death, eight years ago, everything is thrown into turmoil. Dealt another cruel hand, can Shu Ren and Sun Shu overcome what lies before them or was their love doomed from the start?

Cr Viki

From Survivor to Healer 爱上你治愈我 Viki Episodes

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So happy seeing more and more projects added as main,even if they are from the sounds hevy melo type yet the wait!!!!Can't believe i'm anticipating 2018 just because of Shawn's dramas...

He does look in style quite close to his Tears inHeaven character

Per C-drama standards we gonna find out the whole plot of the story based on that summary:expressionless:

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