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  1. I really agree with you, I'm the same as you, really like the xufeng character in this drama, even I think Xufeng is the best character in this drama, he is a immortal who looks arrogant in front of and in many people's hearts but actually he is a immortal the most noble, kind, loyal friends, brotherhood, devoted to parents, loving, fair and wise ... xufeng is also a strong character, even when he was betrayed and fell into the demon realm, he still rose again, and never turned bad, he still has a gentle and loving heart ... I really like the xufeng character in this drama ...
  2. auw...i like this drama so far until ep.06...i watched this drama because denglun...his acting never disappointed for me... he is really best actor with good acting skill
  3. when this drama will be air???omg...i'm so impatient waiting it...lol
  4. i think the 6 realms are heaven world, mortal world, demon, floral, bird and water world...if i'm not wrong...
  5. oh..tq for your reply...I've been a little impatient to watch the continue...hahaha...
  6. Hello, I have finished this drama until episode 30, I really like this drama, I watched goodbye my princess for the first and dropped it because the story is not interesting to me again and I review this drama because of Yukee Chen, and I am addicted to this drama ... I feel Yukee Chen is very suitable for the role of Zhaomin can anyone tell me, how many episodes has this series been aired? and how many episodes aired in one day?thank you
  7. maybe the reason zanilia didn't take that role anymore was because she was married and had just given birth, I had read that she wanted to prioritize her family rather than filming and maybe it would be rare to play drama, so I could understand she was not responsible for completing the drama for the season two, but she wants to be responsible for her family in real life ... and I'm totally agree with her view of the importance of a family, rather than abandoning the family which leads to a divorce that has been experienced by artists who are too focused on careers and abandon their families who has been nurtured.
  8. well, it's been a long time since we started our meeting in the thread legend of Fuyao, and now we see again..lol well, CXX is a handsome actor too, i am still watching this drama because i feel thecast are beautiful and handsome..but looks like it will end tragically and sadly
  9. well, but there is one word from Chuqiao that I am not so sure whether she loves yuwenyue. sHe said she did not blame Yanxun for killing YWY but YWY should not die at Yanbei. meaning the point is she just doesn't want YWY to die at yanbei but YX may kill YWY? I am a little confused by that statement ... I have finished this series, but I can only give this series 8/10 points, because of zanilia and shawn dou acting that is so good in this series.
  10. wauw.. sa ding ding. i'm very like her voice, her voice is so amazing and high. i know her from AOL,the ending ost from AOL is by sa ding ding, her voice is great. i want to hear her voice again .
  11. I did not know about the dynasties in China and whether the qin dynasty or tang dynasty was first in ancient times, but I found many Japanese writings that resembled mandarin writing with different readings of course. yes, I was also very frustrated when I saw the makeup of the queen, I really couldn't think of how they made her face with short eyebrows almost nothing like that and not only that the lips were also very bad with a lipstick polish just in middle, really Looks like a Japanese model ... lol
  12. Thank you for your answer, I don't know whether Japan's era influenced China, but I have heard a story in childhood when Japanese people were actually originally from China, they were a group of people sent by the king of the Qin dynasty to look for drugs that could live forever (cangshenbulao yao) and the group of people who went and did not come back again and stood up to be Japanese, this is a childhood story I have heard before, don't know if you have heard before?
  13. I'm agree with u. I can't accept the HE for this drama too after all LCY do to XF family. Even LCY really love XF or not, because he shouln't killed and betrayed her family if he really love her. Like last i said i prefer he gentle war than must pretended closer with her family and then betrayed them and the bad wrong who killed his brother is not danchi....
  14. does anyone aware or thinking like me that the female costumes of this series are more like Japanese or Korean costumes than traditional Chinese costumes? especially the queen of the Li dynasty, not only costumes , even makeup on her face like ancient Japanese people. I wonder this is an ancient Chinese drama why should the female casts must wear the costumes like Japanese or Korean for this drama?
  15. hi...i'm missing you too, and so happy can see you on here...this story is okay but i must say maybe this is for the first time on chinese drama i'm really can't agree with the male lead acts...
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