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  1. I had a feeling that would be how they ended it, Soo Yeon mainly was a trainee due to her mother's failed actress dreams & she found new happiness elsewhere. I can't wait to watch it, but I'm glad it had a nice ending.
  2. I can see that or her attempting to debut, but realizing she's not the same person she was pre-scandal & just decides she'd rather do makeup. Either plot I'm fine with as long as they come back together and we don't get a 5 minute smile at the end.
  3. A tidy and sweet ending is all I ever ask for in a rom com so my wish will be granted lol I do think this drama aims to basically tell us "Love is wanting the other person's happiness over your own" and "Sometimes our greatest dreams are realized when we go through hardships". Jeong Hyeok seems far happier doing what he's doing now than when he had all the money only catering to VIP clients, it's satisfying helping out your average person with what can seem like mundane things rather than rich clients.
  4. Mr. BeBe comeback showcase Hui says they still talk to Yan An & says he's doing well and they can do better because he's cheering them on. I honestly hope he's still in the group & comes back, it's not the same without him.
  5. Position wise, right below Chief Kim if I'm not mistaken? She's above the assistants, but not higher than Jeong Hyeok or Chief Kim.
  6. Maybe she'll come later? Chief Kim told her to stay because she could gain more experience in order to move up.
  7. Ok finally watched episode 12 and we're really getting somewhere. I am glad the Do Jin chapter is finally closing (it should have happened sooner, but I digress) and I do like how they chose to close it. Technically it wasn't Do Jin's fault even though he 100% blames himself so I'm glad Soo Yeon was ready to fight the CEO because of that. It must have been hard to watch your only friend go through something & you can't help them, he wanted to out his relationships sooner so I'm happy he's come clean. As much as this will obviously hurt his career, he'll feel much better & can finally look Soo Yeon in the eyes like a man. I hope Do Jin finds someone who truly loves him the way he deserves because he's just a soft baby who has been way too trustworthy. Also fun fact, did you know Lee Tae Hwan is also a singer? His group is basically defunct, but they had some good songs. The romance seems to be amping up in the next episodes which excites me although we've seen feelings building up for the past few episodes mostly from Soo Yeon's side, but Jeong Hyeok has been obviously restraining himself. I'd like to see him really show her how he feels, perhaps when he realizes this from Do Jin & Young Ah's pushing. One aspect I do like is the family theme & how no matter where one goes, you follow those you care about. Hong Seok & Hyeong Joon could have stayed at Oh!Secret, but knew in their hearts they'd rather work for Jeong Hyeok, no matter how little they'd make at the new shop. They care about how he views them & their progress, he's always been there for each of them & now it's their turn to be there for him. Chief Kim is a hot wreck sometimes, but even he decided to follow Jeong Hyeok & he really could have gone anywhere with his skills.
  8. Yeah it's going to be way worse once Psycho Husband finds out Ji Yoon is still going after Jeong Hyeok, he's already attempting block offers for her to restart her acting career. He's selfish & feels that if he can't have her, no one else can not even fans. I don't like how Ji Yoon has been towards Jeong Hyeok, but I do hope she can escape this hell of a marriage & confidently stand on her own two feet.
  9. Yes. I agree, I think he's responding differently because Soo Yeon wants to help him grow alongside him verses just trying to throw money at him & hope he is thankful. She sees his dream and knows he wants to make that comeback on his own two feet rather than going somewhere & not being able to stand proudly by his own work. Ji Yoon, although she means well, doesn't truly get Jeong Hyeok & honestly never has, it was about her.
  10. UNIVERSE: THE BLACK HALL audio snippet I took a step back for a few days due to the situation with Yan An, I just wasn't sure how to feel.
  11. I think they made him too preoccupied with his financial issue that we can't see his personal interest in Soo Yeon like he seemed earlier. However I will say that he still responds to her differently than Ji Yoon, whom he's ready to kick out verses Soo Yeon whom he sometimes cowers when she gives him instructions lol
  12. Ok I love how everything seems to be coming together & how easily Soo Yeon just trusts Jeong Hyeok will make it through this. Now that Chief Kim has quit, it'll be no time before everyone else follows suit. CEO Oh is a desperate woman who is jealous her student surpassed her not only in skill, but business as well. I feel like she lost her passion & reasons for falling in love with makeup artistry, she only cares about success whereas Jeong Hyeok truly loves what he does. I do wonder why she's like this, why she can't seem to be happy for another artist in her field, she's going to slowly lose it since Cha Beauty regulars will no longer come to Oh!Secret. Do Jin poor kid really doesn't love Soo Yeon, he just attached himself because she was always that one who cared for him, seems like she was more of a mom than anything. I'd hate for him to lose her as a friend because he can't take no for an answer & that CEO really is ruthless, I hope Do Jin came come out of his without much harm.
  13. Both episodes are now 99% subbed! Off to watch, can't wait to talk about this when I'm done. Soo Yeon really is a delight to watch, Kim Bo Ra is doing well in this role.
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