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  1. Have you seen on the dramanice have 41 eps (no sub) ...i see all drama on dramanice is all 41 eps uploaded
  2. i watch the first 16 eps..i like soo much the story..my heart still hope for a happy ending...but with my experience with hystorical drama i dont know yet
  3. Hope for a happy ending..but sory dont seems to be with a a happy ending...i wait for next eps...
  4. Color of Night人生若如初相见 Release Date: 2nd March 2018 Episodes: 50 The story is about the warlord’s Republic of China. The predators in the north, the Yi Family are seemingly calm. The father is kind and the sons are filial. Further inland, it is actually full of lumps of rage. The third son, Yi Lian Kai (Elvis Han Dong Jun) is extremely ambitious, even keeping a low profile, the second son, Yi Lian Shen takes decisive steps as he assesses the complete situation. The third son of the Yi Family, Yi Lian Kai has feelings for the newest student, Qin Sang. To marry Qin Sang, Yi Lian Kai goes through painstaking efforts, and in the end, Qin Sang is forced to marry into the Yi Family. After the marriage, the third son of the Yi Family doesn’t change his playboy style. He is arrogant and despotic. When a superior is killed, this triggers their pains and sorrows.The couple are courteous to each other, and Yi Lian Kai seems like he is cold and unfeeling to Qin Sang. In reality, this all has a reason behind it. Seeing the Yi Family that appears calm on the outside, but is actually full of conflict in the inside, as the three brothers fight a battle to win the most of the inheritance and property. Endlesssly.The secret identity of the Japanese officer, Pan Jian Chi, accidentally becomes Yi Lian Kai’s lieutanent. But in Qin Sang’s memories, Pan Jian Chi is an honest, advanced fighter for the revolution. The meeting of the enemies, great changes in identity, a new love, old friends, a country’s grief. This is the siege of fog. Cast Elvis Han Dong Jun as Yi Lian Kai : The third and youngest son of the Yi Family, Yi Lian Kai is arrogant and despotic, loving pleasure, with great ambitions while also keeping a low profile. The third son of the Yi Family hides, and tricks his own father. His only weakness is Qin Sang….War disputes and strategizing his next steps are very imminent Sun Yi as Qin Sang: The great lady of the Qin House, a high school student, a soulmate to the Yi Family’s third son. With her new birthright as the wife to the third Yi son, she and Yi Lian Kai are actually courteous bedfellows. Qin Sang has an underlying sense of sadness, and an indifferent attitude. But this can’t beat the time that she has spent with him, causing her heart to be a little penetrated. For some people, the moment they meet, they are destined to embrace. After all, love cannot always be in the air. After many years, their “reunion” ties them tighter together. Xu Zheng Xi as Pan Jian Chi/ Liu Wang Ping Qin Sang’s crush, from childhood; he studied in Japan and later accidentally became Lian Kai’s lieutenant. He used to be someone full of integrity and progress, but later became cold and bloodthirsty, he is very cunning and has multiple identities. Zheng Luo Qian as Yan Yun Yi Lian Shen’s wife, generous. When Qin Sang married into the Yi Family, they became good sisters and good friends. Zou Ting Wei as Yi Lian Shen The second son of the Yi Family. Every step he takes gives him insight into the overall situation. He is bent on winning his two brothers’ pocketed possessions, and holds the Yi Family’s power. Ma Jing Han as Yi Lian Yi The firstborn of the Yi Family. He may seem warm and gentle on the surface, but his inner heart is very dark. To obtain the possessions of the household, he is not mindful of brotherhood and when he strikes, he is deadly. Kelsey Lv Jia Rong as Min Hong Yu A famous actor, she is at the lowest rank of all of them. She seeks only to survive. For an actor, feelings and love are all luxuries. If there is still one person that can deeply move her heart, than this person must be Yi Lian Kai. But to him, she is neither a confidante of a friend. She is even more not his lover. She is only one of his tools, nothing more. Fang Zhong Xin as Yi Ji Pei Yi Lian Kai, Yi Lian Shen, and Yi Lian Yi’s father. He is in the Yi Family, and relied on hard work to create the whole Yi Family. He does not know that the three sons are fighting over their inheritance. Yu Bo as Li Zhong Nian Military head, he shelled a faraway city before. His fall lay in the hands of the Murong Qin Hou Sheng Qin Sang’s father. He is knowledgeable, and a little simple, but he has some feudal traditions passed down to him from his father. He was careful towards Qin Sang, through meticulous care, he is the interpretation of a traditional father. TRAILERS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zVD0ZBWxW8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0WQoR1Cx2k&list=RDm0WQoR1Cx2k#t=6
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