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  1. same i oso watch till ep 8. 1-4 in sub and 5-8 in raw with my limited chinese.. hahahaha :D but overall the story quite entertaining... but also confusing...
  2. On the amusement park, it is the other personality of meng hui appear. That personality think that she and Shen Yi are couple. Yea Meng Hui already make a foundation that can cover up the scars while Shen Yi R&D yet to develop. This is one need to rewatch whether the real Meng Hui told or the other personality.... I just realize the ML is the one who played in the Fake Princess.
  3. https://mydramalist.com/38907-the-third-princess-from-the-rumors/cast Han Min Xing is the actor han name in the series.
  4. ohh.. youtube.. and weTV only up to ep 14. Viki cant accessible. I use dramacool. thought have different channel that i would like see... thx
  5. Han Shuo is tiger in huan xu.. but is tame tiger in huan yuan trained by CQQ hahahahaha if LCY.. PH definitely will die in ep 3... hahaha
  6. you should watch the in law war.. between the QQ Mother vs HS Parent... that scene is hilarious..
  7. This one the original is xu kai.. from movie autumn fairy tale adapt from korean series autumn in my heart... hahahaha...
  8. oooo i thought he like that.. cos i see the BTS for intense love also same ... hahaha or maybe i cant tell the different... lol
  9. you mean "Intense Love" ? I just start watch 2 days ago... reach ep 13.. pause for a while.. hahaha
  10. I just start watch "Princess at Large"... sigh... the FL not so interested.. Yea pity his role over there... Maybe he can collaborate with ZLS.. make his character more fun like HS.... I would like to see Pei Heng in jealously type... hahahaha