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  1. The guy wei guang try to save ning zhi from being rape by lang kuan. He pretend that he want her because there is a spy spying on the girl.... in the end wei guang did fall in love with her. I have watch till ep 10 with sub. Not bad. Like it.
  2. Nguyen: oh.. I thought general also turn to white hair cos stress when realized that actually the girl he love was the one mate with wu yao lol.. hahaha
  3. Male lead is alan yu meng long. Yes act as bai zhen. Female lead is ju jingyi also played at legend of yun xi. Previously both played at huan yuan sword as couple. Love their pairing.
  4. Ha ep 4 is the ending? Gee... I am hoping another 10 more ep.. Btw... I found this in d youtube.. https://youtu.be/dBjNZfAsnhw
  5. https://mydramalist.com/31754-ashes-of-love-season-2 Got season 2 ah? Wow...
  6. The green snake xiao qing aka xiao yan .. she also play as qi yan on the legends.. No wonder face look familiar..
  7. Hahahha someone already share this.. yes.. so funny about the home violence and population.. lol..
  8. Rosierosie: i think emperor scare that ming yue father help LCY to overthrown him. I think empror see ming yue father as a threaten or master mind behind LCY. Same as he( emperor) Eliminate Gu (his favorite concubine family aka LCY mother) cos he see GU family that time hold power.
  9. Rosierosie: emperor kill ming yue father. Ming yue kill herself using emperor sword. Emperor shock then comma. Tragic right?
  10. Andze: yang kang is villaib but his son yang guo is a hero.. Hahahaha i watch trilogy heroes when barbara yung is huang rong, felix wong is guo jing. Return condor heroes is played by andy lau as yang gua (yang kang and mu nian ci son) and idy lau as xiao lung ni.. Heaven sabre played by tony leung... Wakakaka.. Olden time.. This is my 2nd time watch condor heroes.. Lol..
  11. Actually yest i just started watch condor heroes 2017 cos of cxx. Lol... I din realized that mu nianci will jump.. hahahahaha.. I havent reach the part mu nianci jump yet.. I watch till ep 13. Hahahaha.. lol... why since ten miles all gals like to jump... look like trend.. Anyway.. after watch condor heroes.. I realise the guo jing is the one who play bi yao (noble aspiration) brother.. I din realized guo jing is 199x generation.. Cxx is the youngest actor in condor heroes. I prefer him at goodbye my princess.. in goodbye my princess he look more handsome.. hahaha.. I also ahjumma with 2boys who also adore cxx after watching good bye my princess.. hahahaha
  12. CXX Upcoming series https://wiki.d-addicts.com/Love_in_a_Fallen_City_(2019) I think small role..but I dun mind to see it.. cos I also like his acting..
  13. Yul12n2: I thought that kiss scene at ep 45 when XF come back to palace and LCY hold the red robe and flash back the kiss when he tie XF hand.
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