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  1. Yea.. I love the way LF handle WY.. he is the coolest person in the series.. calm and smart.. I thought happy ending..
  2. hahaha... hopefully... this week is the confession week for the ML and heartbreaking for FL... did you see this week trailer?
  3. I love your straightforward..... You got my like... Better watch when u are ready.. anyway there are a lot great series releases... It is the remake, dear...
  4. Wah dunno here also hot.. hahaha.. hmm... if you asked me.. just watch the Aug event when they promote this series... they were happy... Then avoid watch 920 closing event.. if you watch.. it will haunt u..it was a big mess, a night mare and disasters.... avoid better... I am so stupid to watch the 2hour stupid unnecessary show of 920 closing event. Please don’t follow me.. don’t don’t watch the 920 event.. not 911 event ah.. 920 event "Liu Li closing". Avoid it at any reason !!! If you want a nightmare that haunt you then you can watch 920 event with your own r
  5. Even TS cant recognize XJ as god of war. Ep 32, TS said because they are mortal so their body dont have god aura that why they cant recognize.. Yes.. LL share mind with Flower Demon.. so her mind got abuse... not the body.. hahaha
  6. Luo Hou Ji Du is a Demon God Of War the most powerful one.. even heavenly cant defeat him. He was HC best friend. When war between heaven and demon break, HC trick Luo Hou Ji Du by poison him. HC split into 2. He made God Of war and then seal the heart (I believe is the MSX) into the lamp that hidden in Shao Yang Lake guarded by Torch Dragon (ep 1, you briefly will see there pink light by end of the series). That is why HC can control the God Of War cos she has no heart to feel. or maybe HC also practice the unFeeling mantra in heavenly.. So the XJ = Go
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