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  1. Another look for Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters.
  2. Hi @tofuetoffee welcome! Agree with u on their superb acting and as for Youku, i believe Youku has sold the rights to a Korean Company so i don't think they'll be showing it anymore. There rn't any news about his other films yet except for The Best Of Times which they have just recently wrapped up filming so a next yr airing is a possibility, looking forward to that. Cr: JUZ Fashions
  3. I'm finding myself actually shipping Ling Xi with Li zhong.. Sorry Mowgli, you're just too complex (altho with reasons) for Ling Xi but she just loves him too much that she would let him break her heart over and over again, she seems to be on a rebound and Li zhong is leading her on knowing she still loves Mowgli.. Well with just 4 epis to go, let's see how they're gonna patch things up.
  4. Oh wow we do seem to have the same taste. I actually finished watch Moment at 18 just a couple of days ago and i swear, the story is really deep, I'm still emotionally drained (both from happiness and so so sad). I'm not sure which is worse, this one or Goodbye My Princess..i got so 'bombed' at the end i became a bit 'numb and speechless', oh how i cried in these 2 dramas, my eyes were literally swollen the following day..After the way MA18 ended i was like 'No way, i wanted to see more, i wanted to know if their long distance relationship will work out and how about HY, such a well educated guy, is he just gonna be working at a gas station and what about his parents, shouldn't his dad be locked up and thrown away the key?' I can't believe that OSW is 24 he still looks like a teenager, CXX is a yr younger and he looks very mature i mean even being paired up with PXR and she being older than him by 5 yrs, it's not even obvious at all. Would u believe that's the same site that i used to watch MA18 but on my laptop instead haha.. thanks for the recommendation.
  5. Cr: YOHO! That 'creature' behind him is so creepy.
  6. I used Viki app sometimes but it kept freezing on me so i stopped and now i just used any drama sites to watch raw and on youtube if available and since i can't speak or understand korean without eng. subs i just decided to watch Cdrama instead..i'm trying to learn mandarin becos my little 3 y.o niece can now speaks mandarin fluently along with english and cantonese, eventho i speak some cantonese too it's weird having my 3 yo niece teaches me mandarin . There doesn't seem to be anything interesting to watch at the moment so i'm gonna take a little break altho i got tonnes of dramas on my to-watchlist(some as far back as 2016 haha) i'm just not in the mood. Our boy CXX, not sure how recent is this pic.
  7. It's ok that CXX wants to lay low and need some personal time, we understand.. I myself have just finished watching The Untamed, @J13 it's bromance upon bromance all the way and oh, a bit of mystery solving too haha, it's pretty good. @Erafera1 I'm at epi 8 with Moments at 18 and i must say i'm loving it, those kids r very good actors ! Now i remember y i stopped watching kdramas, i have issues watching on my fone but with cdramas, no problemo..so i gotta resort to watching on my laptop which i'll have to wait til after work and dinner and some chores done and the next thing i know it's almost bedtime already, can only grab like 1 epi each night, such a drag .
  8. I like the pics where ZLY is being piggyback riding on WYB. WYB's smile here looked genuine, it's like ZLY had jokingly told him to be careful not to drop her or else her hubby will come for him .
  9. I honestly do feel both LiYing and WYB can pull this off, the more i watched The Untamed the more i believe WYB will do, i agree with u that he does seem more mature for his age in that drama and yes too to Xiao Zan being skinny..so if WYB can pull it off with a guy (those eye contact, the little subtle skinship here and there..) i'm sure he can do just as well with a girl and we all know LY is a pro at this, she got great chemistry with everyone she has been paired up with whether it's a commercial (Yang Yang) or a variety show (KW), in films and in dramas, even with the second leads (Boss and Me and also in The Wife's Secret). So i will do my best to overlook the big age difference and hope the story will not be a disappointment.
  10. i've seen the novel on many sites but none with eng. translation, i wish someone who've read the novel can spoil us abit .. I've read somewhere someone wrote that there aren't really any romance but then again that person hadn't finished reading the novel either..I wanted to read it but seriously can't manage the google translation (very confusing) especially when there r so many chapters with so many parts.
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