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  1. @Yuui Haha..oh no, now u've done it, I can't get the image out of my head (LiYing's face on Rambo). I was thinking more in line of a female version of The Lost Tomb's Zhang Qiling aka Xiaoge. I do hope her next project is an action film, I'm ok too if there's no romance in it either but please, no more urban story.
  2. I am of the same view as @Yuui, I too would like to see more projects from her but I also want her to be healthy and spend as much time with her son too, I know she's no superwoman but she is a strong woman who knows to set a standard and prioritizing her life. I'm sure once she's ready again, she will give us her best becos she appreciates her fans very much, she'd said we can't be too greedy so let's wait...jia yao Liying!
  3. Liying went to a shooting range, wow..she's pretty good, reminds me of Rookie Agent Rouge when she disguised as a nurse and 'bullseye' haha. @frenchfan I've read a RUMOR that she got so many scripts that she had her ppl choose the best ones (maybe she'd told them she would like to do an action film this time) for her to do a final pick and it was said that she's looking at doing a police story ..could this ^ be the reason (practices her range?)
  4. @Yuui Technically speaking they haven't actually collaborated in the short film Sina's Beautiful Performance 2017 with HX's "许愿" (Wish) and ZLY's “再见” (Goodbye), they both filmed separately( he did part A and she did part B ) and with the power of editing, it became a full story as if they were both filming it together. BTS shooting.. (this guy's face got photoshopped with Huang Xuan's face ) But I wouldn't mind if they were both to actually collaborate together, with these two, a great production team and with a powerful story, it will be epic.
  5. Agreed, half an hr of LiYing is just too short, it has only 'whet the appetite' but it was a pretty good story. LiYing's acting was so good that the character she portrayed actually brought tears to my eyes for all that she was trying to accomplish, for the betterment of her little village. Her story has trended #1 in the Weibo's hot search!
  6. Well, there goes my bubbles popping all the way to Q4..so, I guess we will just have to be content with an epi of her in Faith Makes Great tmr and also in Go Fridge perhaps this summer? I suppose I will continue with those dramas I got putting on hold to kill time, somehow I get the feeling all those dramas I've been anticipated on will also be showing in Q4 .
  7. Great, thanks!!.. haha, at first when I saw ur comment with a date and time, I thought u were responding to the Who's The Murderer post, I got so excited almost screamed out with joy but then I reread on what u were quoted me on, sorta burst my bubble abit just becos I was hoping for a few more wks of LiYing screen time instead of just a half hr or that I've been had again by fake news .
  8. Maybe in about 2 or 3 more wks? It's already been 2 wks since this drama aired with today's epi being epi #10 then there're 30 more epis to go and I'm guessing Liying's epi will be in the latter part? 10 epis gone and only 2 of them have caught my interest so far, there's the one with 'The buttons' and the other is with 'The snow mountain monkeys'. As for the rests, I was like sorta glanced at it once in awhile on the laptop while multi-tasking on my tablet and playing games with my fone haha.
  9. More magazines pics.. She looks so beautiful, young and vibrant. Crd as tagged So unbelievable how Who's The Murderer is gonna be aired in the Q4 of this yr, and here I was hoping it'll show in a month or 2 . I think I will go on a break with these current dramas that I'm watching, not feeling like continuing with some of them or in the mood to start a new one but will just wait for LiYing's Faith Makes Great episode.
  10. If she gets any smaller than a size00 then she'll have to start customizing her wardrobe instead of using a safety pin or maybe she's starting a trend with that .
  11. ZLY airport fashion on her way to Beijing, it's either she's into the baggy jeans-pants look or she is losing more weight ..
  12. @whiteybao Same, that was my first thought too when I saw that melon pic. haha @Liza Mohd These cnetz got really vile minds, they can quickly find faults with these entertainers but they themselves r not even better, would they have liked it if some ppl suggest they leave their lover/spouse just to let in a third person?, for them to suggest that is just plain stupid. I suggest they look in their mirror first b4 they go around ruining other ppl's lives.
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