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  1. Yeah, i rewatched and it was literally 5 secs somewhere between 8 and 9 mins into the show..and u're right, if u blink, u'll miss that scene but i think his voice when he was announcing the attendants (if that was his true voice) lasted more than 5 secs tho .
  2. Really?, I need to rewatch, hmm..5 secs only, wonder how much he got paid for that ?
  3. Haha, IKR..did u see the crowd? ZLY must've been tired going up and down them stairs even HXM tried helping her by pulling her bag while she held on to it as they climbed up those stairs..
  4. So happy to see that ZLY is finally on a variety show, at first i wasn't so sure if she was actually on her way to recording it when i saw those pics and clips of her and her assistant lifting the heavy box down those long flight of stairs( i'm like, where r all the strong men?), luckily our Yingbao has been keeping herself fit and strong..and then i again saw some pics of her and Huang Xiao Ming, i breathe a sigh of relief..finally, she is filming it!! Can't wait til it's aired...
  5. Haha..i enjoyed it too, the wedding scene was a bit scary only becos of those demon servants, i remember as a kid and was watching those hong kong scary shows in those era with those type of demon servants, haunted me back then and even now i still get scared watching them on my screen .
  6. There have been rumors that our Yingbao was to participate as a guest on the variety show Chinese Restaurant since season 3 but that did not happen and now again her name came up for season 4 but this time it could be for real..well at least i hope so,..I need something updating with her in it, anything...
  7. She WOWz me everytime i see events pics of hers ..too beautiful.
  8. This show is pretty interesting so far, hope it doesn't disappoint later on. Calendar schedule, Fri., Sat. and Sun. 2 epis. each.
  9. Agreed..alot of them started out well and then gotten so disappointed midway or towards the end. I guess the moral to this show is, it's ok to lie or to deceive the ones u love becos u can easily be forgiven hence the title "And The Winner Is Love".. The wicked prince is like a spoiled brat and i think the actor overacted his role too, sorry if i offended anyone.
  10. Agreed with @Lov4drama, I could feel their chemistry since their first encounter with each other and I'm still feeling it at it's current epi., as a matter of fact, I've been enjoying this drama becos of their CP .
  11. I gotta binge this once it is over...wow, didn't realize i got so much will-power to go 5 days out of each week WAITING for 4 epis only...FIVE DAYS!! . This drama has taught me some patience which i don't normally have..umm, maybe becos i'm just dying to see the ending now becos i wanted to know how she'd get back to her 'real-life' and what becomes of them... My all time fave gif.
  12. I for one don't think they 'did the deed' ..my guess is they just stood at their doors wondering what to do next then decided to return to their rooms..maybe that's y there is nothing for him to smile about the following morning.
  13. Call me weird but i'm so excited for this one not only becos it has WYB and CX but also becos of these 2 actors (maybe both r villains or just either one, still good)..loving the male casts already!! Wang Jinsong Liu Yijun
  14. I like this drama, it may be a bit silly but so far really fun to watch..i also like the way Chen Qian Qian likes both guys but has more fun with Han Shuo, both guys may 'bicker' over her but Han Shuo has the upperhand bcos technically speaking, he's her husband altho they haven't had a wedding nite nor slept in the same bed but only 'stole' a few kisses with each other (so cute how they went about it). And oh, am i the only one who enjoyed watching Qian Qian's servant?, he's so funny.
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