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  1. Not much news, only seen some fan-pics and fan-videoclips while filming scenes in public for both dramas. I came upon this video (hope the link works, may expires soon) but I can't seemed to decide which of her pairings I like the best.. https://edge.ivideo.sina.com.cn/37076810401.mp4?KID=sina,viask&Expires=1610726400&ssig=TBhEzefWmr&reqid=&r=video.sina.com.cn%2Fview%2F370768104.html but for sure my least favorite was Kai Zheng from Best Get Going, i don't see that much chemistry in that drama. I think they deliberately left out Chen Xiao from the
  2. Yeah, I would imagine WYB would love to collab with LiYing again, they got great chemistry even in the bts!! Surprising to read so many c-netz would love to see them collab again after reading the ratings dropped so low was also due to their CP and not many viewers r 'feeling' it. But imo i doubt LiYing will want to collab with him anytime soon again, it's like 'been there, done that, let's see how everyone reacts'. The one with Bai Yu, not sure what's the story's about but if it's about another strong female lead then maybe she might take up that one and I've seen a clip where Zhu
  3. Which one is that?, I've seen so many and I believe it's more likely wishful thinking by some fans.. there's The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress which they said that WYB had asked Ying bao to re-cooperate and then there's The Song of the Big Dipper with Bai Yu and then again there's The Legend of Yunxiang with Zhu Yilong. At this time I'm just so happy to see Yingbao again in a drama so if any of these rumours coming true, bring it on..
  4. I too liked that lanterns-release part and i also liked the 'Chase to the moon' part in epi 39 In fact I like all of AFei and XY scenes..i'm gonna rewatch just their scenes as soon as this drama is ended (which will be next week) .
  5. I've read somewhere someone wrote that XY is the grandson of Xiao Ce ( Deng Lun's character in the Princess Agent) haha, no wonder he flirts alot and likes beautiful women but maybe this time, this Liang descendants will finally gets the girl he's in love with??
  6. I've watched up to epi.34 but i especially enjoyed epi. 28 and 29
  7. Now this is more appropriate ..his 'kiss' to her, that smack is pretty loud .. coming soon...
  8. Tbh i've read the novel a long time ago courtesy of google translation, which means half of the time i'm scratching my head wondering WTH is this trying to say?? and then i'm so confused at the fighting description that i mostly skipped those parts and so many characters too that i got lost as to who is who, so let's just say i've read half of the story but still i got the general idea of the main characters part of the story.. Sorry couldn't be of much help, from what i've read, it has a happy ending so hopefully the drama will also give us their happy ending too. I've read wh
  9. These fanwars r so stupid, just becos these 2 actresses didn't interact with each other in public doesn't mean they hate each other, they both just have different personalities..one is more socialize while the other is more quiet (as if that's a crime) sheesh . I agree with @Yuui that the Tencent award show seemed pretty boring too and it is so weird having to see all these megastars stooping at the same time, priceless..it will be so nice if they were all in a variety show together.
  10. I'm really enjoying this drama and haven't been anticipating for the next epis of a drama in awhile, sometimes i wish they had done it like The Wolf (all episodes out in one day that i can binge) but in some ways, i'm glad that's not the case becos i don't think i will get anything done or even sleep for that matter haha. LOL at all the bts...so funny. Ah Fei at this time treats XY as a great friend, trusts him like a brother and admires his knowledge and his intelligence while XY is like a playful kid around her, he is like a teenaged-boy in love haha..their friendly r
  11. I am at it's current epi and am so hooked.. I knew when they'd announced the filming of this drama with these 2 main leads, there will be lots of issues and attentions whether while filming, showing trailers and finally gets aired but it will still gets a big ratings (about 200 mil in less than 2 hrs), ppl do have curious minds especially with the haters, they just love to criticize (some even get paid to do it) but i don't mind becos the way i see it, the more they criticized the more viewers the show gets. Tbh, i too initially had issue with the age gap but now as i'm watching i re
  12. Loved the 1st epi., really fast-paced and action-packed..can't wait for the next epis. I thought WYB's song was supposed to be the OST, guess it will be played at some later date.
  13. Judging from all the trailers, I can actually recognized a lot of them from the novel so seems to be following the novel so far from what I've seen. ZLY doing her own stunts and what she did with the sword...looked so wickedly cool.
  14. Elle - Zhao Liying 'Hello 2021' (Jan. 2021 edition)..so beautiful Cr: Weibo
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