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  1. I'd watched the first 2 epis too and loving DL's character, on the outside he's a typical rich spoilt heir but on the inside he can get emotional and tender..while ZYL's character so far just seemed like an arrogant 'gentleman' and Angelababy is acting pretty well as the 'gullible' character . Started out well but after watching the closing-credit scenes, there seemed to be more side characters with their stories and seem like a lot of miseries to them too..tbh, side-characters stories turn me off at times becos they're usually there to drag the drama . Does anyone knows the airing schedule to this drama, is it like 2 epis everyday?
  2. Wow, this is quite sudden, it has just announced an official premiere date on May 19th. I'll be watching this for the 2 male leads but i hope the storyline isn't draggy or boring.
  3. So many hints that our Ying bao will be a guest at a couple of variety shows press conferences - Chinese Restaurant 3 and Viva La Romance 3..i hope this is true. Please come back soon Ying bao..miss u!!
  4. Haha..this is so funny, the owner to this instagram came up with her own interpretation and i second it Crd: as tagged
  5. @J13 Ikr, i also think he looks like he's in a boyband too, i mean I'm also watching Producer Camp 2019 and i swear, almost all the boys there look like CXX to me haha..OMG! I think i'm going CXX crazy here!! @Erafera1 I think he likes to be teased, he deliberately carry that kiddie bag so us fans can tease him about it or maybe he's still just a kid at heart.
  6. @pad-hari This is just a taste of what it's like to win an award, next and hopefully soon, it will be the 'meaningful' awards. @nuttyz But when his fans said to him that he'd lost weight again, he said he didn't. If that's not losing more weight then i'm 18 again. Personally i'm not much into 'skinny' guys but this guy really looks good being skinny. @Erafera1 Mister Global Night or Modern Night Out 2nd, is this associated with Iqiyi?, i'm not quite familiar with that..
  7. Waiting patiently here hopefully it will be a July airing.
  8. I was wondering if he was also a smoker but then i realized y even bother go there when almost every 9 out of 10 persons in China smokes so i dropped that right away but still disappointed to see that he smoked tho. and as for his being a mama's boy, i will just convince myself that she is his manager and agent (that's one of her reasons for tagging along) until i'm proven wrong .
  9. I always thought in china the female actresses were most of the time the main leads or their names being first credited whether on posters or intros or endings in any drama contrary to those well known actors like HuGe or Li Yifeng and since TangDe Production is affiliated with FBB that manages PXR and produce GMP, it makes sense that they would want to promote her but the way i see it, CXX's fans(and growing) being mainly female especially in China, it's pretty obvious they r against this..all i can say is, don't mess with the chinese female fans, they can get very fierce!!
  10. @J13 Agreed, not sure if these r photoshopped or from his film but u get the gist of how he'd looked in uniforms..he looked really good!! @nuttyz Thanx for the translation and welcome back too @pad-hari Yes, he's very mature for his age and i also like the way he'd answered all those questions about his profession and his popularity or not.. And yah, he's not allowed to self-evaluate haha, i've said it b4 and i'll say it again, he's a good actor and i also gave him 10/10 @Erafera1 Concerning his new modern drama he's filming at this time, i hope it's not gonna be a boring drama, sometimes with these modern drama stories, they r either a hit or a miss for me whether or not there're good acting..really hope it's gonna be a good one for his 'new-found popularity' sake.
  11. I'm really looking forward to this one, it will be interesting to see Luhan as a villain, please don't let there be a twist at the end where he isn't actually the 'bad guy' afterall..
  12. @Erafera1 OMG!! there're so many cut scenes in each episodes so far..i mean, WTH?!! Thanx for those links .
  13. She's such a tease..she's showing us all those yummy food and then tell us to slim down and go on a diet ..i think she's trying to convince herself too after seeing all those delish food on the table, somebody's trying to 'fatten' her again . Miss her so much.
  14. OMG..i swear this guy is so gorgeous and photogenic..he's killing me!! Cr: Weibo
  15. Well with this new drama it's obviously not true..and i think i am looking forward to this drama more than See You Again maybe becos i'm more interested in historical than contemporary dramas. Looks like Shawn has started filming already..
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