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  1. Yep, it's been confirmed everywhere this airs April 17th. I feel so lucky! lol, I only found Shawn in February, my wait wasn't very long.
  2. so I'm super dissapointed that Survivor to Healer was supposed to air at the end of March but we have no further news. At this rate, I have no idea if we'll see any of Shawn's dramas this year. I still have high hopes for the movie with Dilraba being released in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2019. Also, does anyone have any clue why Shawn is learning French?
  3. I'm only TEL trash because of Wang Ruichang and Xing Zhao Lin
  4. I found it completely unrealistic how during the 3 year period Yan Xun and Chu Qiao were holed up together, not once did Yan Xun try to kiss her. It leads me to believe his interest in her was actually platonic, just as her interest in him seemed to be. They were both more enamored with the idea of Yanbei than each other. I realize they were focused on surviving, but it's during tense, life and death periods when men and women tend to form the tightest bonds. If there's even a hint of lust, they will give in to their urges just to experience that life affirming feeling and sense of agency. Yan Xun's hesitance was difficult to understand, especially if we're to believe he was in lust/love. Obviously the writers had to keep things ambiguous for plot purposes, so we're constantly wondering who she'll choose in the end, but this specific thing was hard for me to suspend disbelief on. The only way Yan Xun's utter passiveness makes sense is if deep down he thought of her as more of a companion or a little sister.
  5. Thanks for the above clarification. I'm definitely interested but the past two days have been very busy given they're working days. I'm hoping to send the application tomorrow (Saturday).
  6. I was recommended this drama but the lack of English subs is such a let down.
  7. I second the question...has there been confirmation that Chen You Wei will be playing the role of their grown up son? Wouldn't that mean practically the entire main cast would be gone considering the elapsed time? Ugh, I'm sorry but I really hope the male lead isn't their son. I would rather S3 be a continuation of MLC and XT's story in the same timeline as S2. I would even be fine if they decided to jump to modern times again, or the Xuanling Continent as long as we keep the same cast.
  8. There's a new release date on MDL of Feb. 28th but I just saw this update on their Youtube channel and I believe it states May 4th. Can someone clarify that?
  9. Super late, I know! I just finished this drama, literally binged it over the course of 2 weeks whenever work allowed. All I can say is I didn't use to like high fantasy stories, but this completely won me over. It's such a masterpiece. Ye Hua is one of the most swoon-worthy heroes I've ever come across. Mark Chao is dreamy in this role.He was capable of making me cry during the more emotional scenes and I don't usually cry easily. His character felt so real to me, I felt like Ye Hua was a living breathing person/deity and not just the product of someone's imagination. I can't believe I have to wait almost an entire year for The Pillow Book! I'm looking for other dramas to help me get over this one, but my heart still can't let go of just how amazing this story is. Also... that soundtrack! Perfect. This is honestly, one of the most amazing romances ever written. I've read and watched a ton of romance stories and this blows almost everything out of the water.
  10. I haven't watched that many chinese dramas so I'll take your word for it. I didn't know this is such a prevalent thing. I guess the thing with Mo Yifeng is he seems to know so much about how events will unfold. He's the single most important character in terms of setting the plot into motion and controlling events. But yeah, it's really just a hunch.
  11. I have a feeling there's more to Yifeng and Yihuai than what we've been told. They look exactly alike after all. I don't think they're the same spirit but maybe their spirits are deeply connected in some other way. I hope we find out in S3, I just think it's way too much of a coincidence that they're literally exactly alike, except for the white hair.
  12. I agree with everything you said! A lot of people neglect to realize she was depressed all the time which made her lethargic and lifeless during S1. We don't know what she's like when happy. I also expected to see more jumping around in S2. If they don't do that in S3 it will be a missed opportunity. There's so much they can do with the story. Maybe that's kind of what dissappointed me a little about S2, it was more of a retelling of S1. A friend of mine actually dropped this drama because she wasn't interested in seeing the same story just played out a different way.
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