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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)

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Hi all.... thank you for creating this thread. 

I am Song-Song shipper and now I'm on this ship as well. 
I love the drama SP  but after watching the BTS I could not believe how touchy feely they both are.
Is that normal behaviour? 

When i saw SP trailer for the first time, i tot this girl is not as pretty as other actresses but NJH really grows on me and i think she has an amazing personality. 

Im enjoying the moment for now since CJW is going to be enlisted.  But I still hope they'll date IRL. hehehhhe


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Hi,  I have been a silent reader since May/Jun period and I remembered that I was still wondering how come there were only few members in this forum during that time. But today... despite the sho

Hello friends!    So yeah, I have gone crazy and ultimately give in to my shipper's heart. Finally created this thread for the Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook shippers of Suspicious Partner! YA

Hi chingus! First time posting here. I was lurking here from the beginning. How? Because I was checking for someone to create this thread every day LOL. Thanks to @stucked. Didn’t have plans to c

20 hours ago, ymmezari said:

I'm a silent lurker but can't help but share a piece of my mind or i'll go crazy :D 

The Slow Dance is all about romance, romance, and more romance. One partner wraps their arms around the partner’s waist, while the other wraps their around the neck, back to a high school dance kind of love.

This hug is typical for young love or early love. In Secret Whispers, V.C. Andrews writes, “Unless I’m reading an assignment or doing a paper or taking a test, I’m thinking about you.” (favorite hug of JCW) esp on that episode where he woke up from a nightmare...he was rubbing his cheek on NJH's neck while caressing her neck...

The Eye-to-Eye is a hug that is all about the connection of the soul. Whatever form this hug may take, maintaining eye contact is of the utmost importance.This position is about deep love and personal kinship. Sanober Khan writes, “You are the ocean to my eyes.”

In your relationship, you can see all the way into the depths of one another’s soul. Your connection is strong and likely unshakeable...(another specialty of JCW) i've observed his kind of gazes during bts, reel and interview...his gaze towards NJH doesn't change a bit either bts or reel as if he was seducing her of reaching the depths of NJH's personality...his gaze towards Nara, CJW, and the interviewer during his latest interview is that of friendly and trying to please just a steady happy gaze...his gaze towards Nara and CJW changes during reel time

they did this hug in real and in reel, we can't doubt their closeness either romantic or friendly there is a connection...some more episodes of these...I know they are professionals but they're human

Omg, i really wish someone can translate their body languages professionally. Because im no pro but boy... You are so obvious mann! 

Thank you ymmezari fo the insights!! Im a happy shipper. :heart:

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I'm really not familiar with ji chang wook and his kind of acting...i'm familiar with nam ji hyun though...as always she knows how to protect herself during hug scenes and she knows how to fake a kiss..but with SP what i observed was that nam ji hyun here is blooming...i don't know if it's because of the happy set but she is indeed prettier and livelier here...and she's touchy :)

regarding the hugs...ji chang wook has no inhibitions and he has this mannerism of rubbing his cheeks on her neck or her cheeks and he always hugs like a bear enclosing and protective...and he takes care of nam ji hyun's mood when she's sleepy or serious, he will do something to break the ice...he enjoys eye contact with her maybe he's like that with other leading ladies he did drama with...anyone here who knows ji chang wook well :) 

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On 6/14/2017 at 5:44 PM, love4life said:

@stucked @kyrajijin and JCW ideal type is a girl who has a pretty smiles 


and someone he could click on and let him be childish and innocent and with JH we're seeing a really innocent and childish CW that we've ever seen

Yea.. not bcs i want to ship them but... it is getting impossible to not ship them.. with every bts that they release, every still and interview, i can't help but ship them :heart: 

P.S No matter how i looked at this pic.. i kept seeing JH (even before i started shipping them seriously)

The pic definitely NJH in my eyes. Bright smile. + that gorgeous mane. No wonder he likes to run his fingers in them. Im straight, but if i can, i would too. (but i wont be like NJW who can touch EBH dirty but pretty hair) kekeke. 

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Oho~! *happy dance* Finally! A thread for my favorite JiBong Couple <3 I've been waiting for someone to make one, and finally yay~

I was so hesitant at first to ship these two, because I dont want to end up in heartbreak. But I couldn't help it! These two are just too cute and too shippable, I couldn't stop myself. It all started when I saw that interview with the Suspicious Partner cast, and JCW said something about the sofa scene from Episode 1, where NJH had to act all cute to seduce him. He said he laughed out loud because she really was too sexy LOL. And THEN I saw the BTS clips from SBS Catch, and that was it. Before I knew it, I was already in the ship haha.

As someone who watched KDramas frequently, I always had this notion that koreans are not very keen on being touchy feely especially with the opposite gender. So when I saw the BTS, and saw the interaction between the two, I thought there might really be a chance for a reel -> real relationship. At least, I really REALLY hope so.

I haven't watched other JCW shows (YET), but I have read that he was always close with his co-stars. I wonder if some long-time JCW fans can tell us if the way he behaves with NJH is how he also was with HJW, PMY or Yoona.

I'm seriously seriously in too deep in this ship. I check Youtube for new BTS, check IG for new clips or pics, and I read the comments in the BTS posted by SBS EVERYDAY - there are a lot of shippers based on SBS Catch's comments.

I also find it really cute how there seems to be a red string of fate between these two. Both were in Warrior Baek Dong Soo, though they did not really see each other, they go to the same salon, they both were are 2014 KBS Awards, and presented an award together this year! It was also too cute when NJH performed with PHS in the KBS Drama awards, and the camera panned towards JCW watching, and when he smiled gaaahhh I though OMG OMG he must be smiling while watching NJH perform, haha yeah I'm crazy. They also stood beside each other when they received the award for best couple in KBS. I hope next time, their pairing will win best couple in SBS Awards.

I better stop now, before this turns into a 10-page essay. wah!

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Thank U for creating this thread .This is second couple I ship after Richyun (Another miss oh ) couple :lol: . I really love on & off screen chemistry from this couple .Wish the best for both of them .Haha..after my first ship already sunk ,I am quite careful to ship another on screen couple .But ,I can't stop smiling everytime I watch their behind the scenes .Perhaps ,I can say ,I am addicted to watch our OTP in all of their behind the scenes :lol:

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hello everyone i'm joining this thread. i love NAM JI HYUN & JI CHANG WOOK  chemistry as bong hee & ji wook in suspicious partner. i rarely ship drama OTP in real life because i know it's actor & actress job to create believable chemistry but i'm not gonna lie that i'm really enjoying hyuni & wookie interactions bts. from their skinship, the way they joke & tease each other it seem they really shared a close bonding with each other. it just so casual & comfortable that sometimes i forgot they're about 8 years apart. i think it because of their cheerful, bright & lively personality in real life. even they may not became a couple after this (not gonna lie i hope they will:tongue:), i hope they gonna be close friends with each other.

ok since i don't know how to make a gif (i tried many times but still failed:bawling:) i'm just gonna copy & paste their gif to this thread.

anyone who want to share their analysis are welcome:D

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6 hours ago, allythefangirl said:

I wanna ship them! But i'm scared. :fearful:

Awwww!!! Don't be. I do ship them a lot but I'm very very cautious cos I take into account certain factors that may hinder the possibility of them being together; 1st being JCW heading to the military and 2nd NJH still pretty young (She's only 21). However, I was reading about a real life couple there - Suzy and LMH; she is 22 while he is 29. He too will be (if he hasn't already) reporting for duty this year and their relationship seems to be going strong so that's a little string of hope right there. I mean if it can work for them, y can't it work for our couple as well right right??? but then when its all said and done it really boils down to JCW and NJH, if they decide to take the risk and date for real. 

I've gotta say though that if JCW does not actively pursue NJH it'll really be a poor decision on his part. I mean girls like NJH are rare especially in the entertainment industry

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Thank youu SBS for this new bts of our favourite couple!! :heart:

At least something to make the wait a little easier #NoLife #IWillGoDownWithThisShip :blush:


Just now, daliah said:

Thank youu SBS for this new bts of our favourite couple!! :heart:

At least something to make the wait a little easier #NoLife #IWillGoDownWithThisShip :blush:


Btw arent they just cute

Hahha NJH:s reaction when JCW did that ad-lib. 1:34 hahha 

And the skinship is back as usual 

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEHKyKFVKiY He legit was staring at her even before the pd said Q (from 2:00 to 2:15).. Does he know that that stare is dangerous for our hearts? Not that i am complaining tho.. 

@aladidah well... he could ask her like JW asked BH... 'I will wait, come slowly' kekekeke She can wait for him to get discharged and he can wait for her to grow more as an actress.. I'll be rooting for these 2 :love:

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