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  1. I understand Hajima, but what does Najunge mean? It did seem she wanted Myungsoo to shush because Myungsoo stopped immediately after hahaha
  2. yes yes, I truly hope they do attend! I want to see Shin Hae Sun dazzle in a gown again And of course, they SHOULD win the couple award! I'm gonna curse KBS forever if they don't win it. I can't wait to see their interactions again They make me miss them so much
  3. Just my two cents - I don't think Hae Sun completely considers Myung Soo a kid. She might have, maybe at the start, but the way she's so shy around him in the later BTS showed that she can get conscious around him. Remember that kiss scene BTS where she can't even look at him? Also, that BTS when Myung Soo kept saying she looked like an angel? She looked so shy and kept saying where is the camera, but could not look at him. That car kiss scene BTS too, had a really romantic vibe. Maybe it could just be because I already ship them so hard, but then again, I shipped them in the first place because I felt something lovey dovey between them teehee I miss them so much though. The only time we might see them together again would be at the KBS Awards and thats like 5 months from now. Even then, we can't even be 100% sure they'll both attend huhuhu...
  4. i think it's not for act because the director already said 'cut' by the time he did that.
  5. Yeah, same here. I think they are really jusy good friends. It's too bad, I love seeing them holding hands huhuhu
  6. I guess I was not the only one feeling this. I also read some comment on twitter that thei cuddle scene last night felt different (like it was not as sweet). I hope the sweetness was not made for the sake of promotion. I think the closeness is genuine though, it's not something you can fake so easily, especially for people like them who are shy/introvert. Maybe they are really just good friends, and got a bit uncomfortable after KBS marketed their sweetness that way (the BTS subbing and all). Thats just my opinion though ^^v
  7. I ship them so much. I really do. I love their overflowing chemistry and how comfortable they seemed with each other. As much as I hope to hear about them seeing each other, unfortunately, I just don't think it's gonna happen And if they ever do end up as a couple, maybe it's better they keep a low profile. Knowing some kfans, that could not go very well But I really hope they remain friends, at least.
  8. you all know that moment they walked side by side in the park? and KD wanted to hold her hand but stopped? If he held her hand then, maybe he could have become human faster huhuhu I guess I just wanted a longer than 30 seconds happy ending.
  9. I think that would be last 3 posts! Last 3 posts of KMS had kissing scenes i see what u did there myungsoo
  10. can anyone translate or summarize what they are saying in the following clips? pretty please? I am so curious 
  11. when you find bits of pieces of valuable gold from youtube MS saying that they are very comfortable with each other : And of course, we get some staring game going on here Oh my shipper heart I hope you don't break into pieces
  12. hiiiii~! finally decided to jump on this ship too. I hope we all get a happy ending, at least if not for SooSun, then at least for DanYeon *prays* That said, I've been replaying that IG Video where they asked KMS to dance during an interview. It's very apparent that HS is familiar with the song AND the dance! She was clearly teasing MS with the steps And when MS hid after his dance, I think I heard HS say 'sooo cute' (correct me if I'm wrong)
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