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  1. yes..GSY followed SKJ instagram account..but not SKJ. I have checked that SJK even not follow anyone in his instagram..i don't if he really active there..but let we wish someday he will follow GSY.
  2. so last night there was an error in soompi? that's why i can't login to this thread...i thought everybody here so focus to watch the final episode so that's why i can't see any recap post here....hahahaha About the ending i'm so glad we got happy ending story..but honestly there were a lot of question that can't be answer in the final episode..i think if they add one more episode more, maybe we can get know about "how they found and fix NS3", How HSN Life after the kidnapping and others. But i understand we can't get all we want..it's just a drama..and as long as we enjoyed it and make us happy..that's ok..the important thing we know about the message of this drama. Really hope HNS can meet her soulmate and also live happily like woori tincan couple... Now NS3, HNS & KSB can get along together..and i'm sure HNS will happy to get new brother NS3. Bravoo....
  3. wuaaaa finally i can find this lovely couple thread... i just hope the production team will held little reunion to watch the last eposide of are you human too together...i really want to see this couple in another occasion. I'm sure in kbs drama awards 2018 in the end of this year we can see SKJ & GSY seat together again. They will receive best couple awards and others. Probably SKJ will sing the ost of AYHT? hahahha.. i heard that SKJ will play in new drama again after the third charm..the drama based on webtoon "something about us". I I wish GSY will become the female lead of the drama ..hahahaa... can't wait when this couple will work together again in one project...keep sailing chingu..wish the best for tincan couple..
  4. Hello All, sorry suddenly i appear in this thread...usually i'm just lurking here...i love to read all your insightful about all characters in this drama...all of u here succeed to summon me to active again in soompi after one year... i love to see NS3 and SB together and hope they will be live happily in the end..but in the other wise i hope Human Nam Shin can get a second chance to became a better person..each characters had sad story about their past..but i hope in the future they're will be able to heal the scars.. i don't mind if the ending SB with NS3 0r HNS...i hope all the character will get happy ending. I can't wait to see live recap tonight from you chingu...
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