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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)

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10 hours ago, pauliza said:

Sometimes what I can see,NJH quite reserved & careful from showing her feeling .Most of the time she react quite natural in most of  behind the scenes.JCW is a hot ,handsome + charming guy & its normal for  any women to  fall in love with him including NJH( maybe) .But she must be try to be careful with her heart .Hahaha..my problem to my shipper heart is from JCW side .As what we can see froms BTS this guy really can't stop showing his affection towards NJH by holding/grabbing/touching her hand /waist .Not to forget ,from 2nd kiss bts ,he licked his own lips after she kissed him .haha..looks like he really likes it & thats the natural reaction from him .I m not sure his action was for the sake of the rating or real .As what I know ,I just want to enjoy this moment with all of you here :lol:


i'm agree but that was before they filming the kiss scene. if you observe carefully in their bts interactions after that you can see that NJH also seem being quite touchy with JCW although not often LOL


For example,

here she playfully pulling his hand, then casually touching & placing her hand on his kneeB)


credit @supergal99


here at the last pic, she touching his lip!:wub:


credit @sharreb


here she touching his shoulder & keep looking at him aiyy:wink:


credit @bongsoonie

can we say mutual attraction now LOL?


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Hello friends!    So yeah, I have gone crazy and ultimately give in to my shipper's heart. Finally created this thread for the Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook shippers of Suspicious Partner! YA

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btw this is kind of funny. while they filming & discussing with the PD, JCW seem can't stop want to keep touching/grabbing/holding NJH hand/wrist off screen although in front of the public on the street. but since she keep her hand behind her back so he just settle with putting his hand on her arm LOL



zoom in versionB)



in the bts video you can see there's time that NJH pull her hand away when JCW want to grab it (it's like she's being "there many people watching us here dear":tongue:) then he touching her hair & checking her dress. sorry i can't find gif for that but you can watch it on the video


it from 0:46 - 0:53

credit SBS CATCH


then after finish shooting that scene he dragging her with him while keep grabbing her wrist haha

it's like "ok we're finished so now let go home honey":wink:


credit  @bongsoonie




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@enzek i love your analysis, dear. So on point. Keep it coming! I'm still on cloud 9 from their hot and sweet kissing + bed scene. The morning after scene was beautifully done. The way he smiles, kiss her hair and shoulder makes me go crazy. I know JCW is a very good actor but i can't help but to think that he looks like a man in love! 



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I love it when my fellow shippers all becoming detectives. Hehehe. Glad Im not the only one over analyzing all JCW reaction and body language towards NJH. 


Make my heart flutter. :wub:

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 I hope that after the drama, NJH can be a big name in KDrama. I will continue to follow her because I really like her personality. Contagious smile and bubbliness. JCW is very comfortable with her as we can see in BTS. She really allows him to be a kid, there was a BTS when he lifted both his feet for her to smell his socks and she just laughed it off. In another forum, we were comparing how JCW is also playful with other costars but controlled compare with how he is right now, really playful, almost no boundaries. Can't control his hand from grabbing her arm, holding hand, smelling or playing with her hair. I'm shipping them with no expectations, I want to enjoy the ride with you all and spazz on moments that make us giddy and young at heart.

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10 hours ago, pauliza said:

Ommmo wow :blush::heart: thank you for sharing this with me :D

you're welcome. i'm just copy + paste other people gif & gif haha


7 hours ago, mai5116 said:

Is this the GIF that you're looking for?

yes, thanks & i really like the owner's caption LOL


i also noticed from their bts so far that other than like to touch/hold/grab NJH's wrist/hand JCW also like to:

-touch NJH's hair:wink:



credit @supergal99



credit @_AuroraRain_


So is NJH's hair also made from kind of magnet?:D only JCW, the owner of hand that made from kind of iron knows:tongue:

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Hello chingus!

Thankyou @enzek for the sweet analysis! I really feel that JCW is really fond of NJH. 

I want to share their translated Hanbam interview fr hyuniesubs IG




I love this interview! We saw how JCW is teasing NJH with "please buy me a milkshake" thingy and why do I feel he does silly things to make NJH laugh and see her smiles? These 2 like has a world of their own, JCW even bumped a staff while joking around with NJH. Also, the stare to NJH while NJH is talking about him is sweet, and the "you-caught-me-staring-at-you-so-I-will-just-act-cool-by-putting-my-arm-in-your-shoulder"!! These two!!!



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On 2017-6-23 at 9:33 AM, shariechan said:

I cannot contain my happiness!! They're so perfect. Im so addicted with our couple. Sometimes im already confuse if its still ji wook and bong hee or its already changwook and hyunie. How can their chemistry be so perfect??!!!

I really feel their attraction w/ each other on BTS. And noooow that they had a bed scene I'm really curious what happened in the bts! 


I also wish they'll do a commentary after the filming!!! Haha. I want to see both of them blush.XD





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Hi guys didn't come here for few days but I'm so happy to see all your post,and sharing!!!:love:

one think I like to heed,while kissing I kinda catch JCW low lip is like pushing out to NJH lips,even after finish the kiss,or in the end of the kiss his lips are brushing hers softly,like he want to keep on kissing her,like he didn't get enough of her,it can come out as a great acting,but I catch it for few times in the un cut kiss video,it look real to me!blame my shipper heart!:tounge_wink:

I also catch that he wanted to grab her hand,but she pull it off,so he touch her hair,he so touchy feely with her!:naughty:

another thing!as we all know those two have some kind of fate!like in:

  1. 2014 kbs award(there I started to wish they act together someday!)when they stand near each other.
  2. acted together in WBDS in 2011,even thought they didn't actually acted together on the screen in that drama,she was the young version of his first love.
  3. then the music award they granted together in start of 2017.(that was a really happy moment for me!from then on I had a feeling that some day they will act together!who know it will be on the same year?!)
  4. and the fact that they go to the same salon and the same stylist,fate or what?-they say that some times they greeted each other.-
  5. and from the other choice of actress LSK,and HJM in the end it is NJH who play his co-star!(actually I ship LSK with NJH before they come out a real couple so I'm happy she didn't agree on that drama in the end,and I think now I know why!after that bed scan...*cuff cuff* I can see some one jealousy against it!:tongue:
  6. and now I found this!:heart:



it's fanny but they do mentioned in the same video and the same sentence!:wub:

and if we talk about kissing,the last episode kiss+bed scan are DEABAEK!!!and am I the only one who think they look more familiar with each other lips,like they did it many times!you know in books if couple meant to be,it's write like that,when they are body connected it felt right,like they are hand was meant to be,like they are lips know each other before they even mate,like they are one,that what jump to my had after I watched it for the first time,OK after I get my heart,and my breath back...:lol:

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I noticed that everytime NJH has new IG post its around the same time that JCW are posting his new IG post too. !!!  from a shipper's heart it makes me happy haha. Either its really by chance or there is really something !!!

@mikmik thankyou for pointing out those facts. It really seems fate has its ways to make them together. And yap I feel they're already familiar in the lips of each other but just like us shippers I think JCW is hungry for NJH kiss! That's why he kept on biting and licking his lips on the released BTS. Also what we're sure is JCW is so consistent on catching NJH attention most of the time, and he's the one who's initiating/trigerring  skinships.


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