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[SeokMin Spazzland] Ha Seok Jin x Jeon So Min <3 1% of Something's Jae In x Dada


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Waiting for the fanmeet be like... 



Grabbed fan preps for the FM from DC:






Cake - JI and DaDa


1% Decor (I want this for myself!) 



They also bought champagne... 



Noticed some of you love the Close your eyes and I will kiss you.  From DC again. 





EDIT: I'm a babo! I thought I was posting at drama thread! 

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@jellybellymonster,  it is very hot during the Korean summer which I've been 3 x. Prefer winter and autumn though. Probably it was also another reason why HSJ mentioned it was difficult during filming as he has to dressed in suits most of the time. 

@ naritul, that compilation of the BTS was awesome. Whoever watches it will 101% be convinced they are FOR REAL! :wub:

Anyway, I just want to acknowledge you gals who've shared and posted so many goodies here and on the 1% thread. I'm sorry as I'm a grandma who's an IT idiot. I can only comment and LIKE posts and cant post anythjng at all. :flushed:

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Happy soekmin's day yorobuuunn :) I'm just realize that these days I'm more aware with JSM and HSJ rather than Dada and Jaein, so I say Soekmin's day. We're doing any research-observation-detective-stuffs about JSM and HSJ after the drama end, right? hehe

Btw, I watched the prescon again for more than twice, and I'm realize that JSM is a good observants, I think the way she described HSJ really well "Ha Seokjin doesn't talk much and when he does, his voice is so low... so I was very nervous when we first started filming. He definitely know how to act, what to do when playing a man in love. Quietly considerate... he looks after you... he's like that in real life, too. He scared me at first, but I soon learned he was very sweet and pure. It's like there is 3 years old boy inside him" like she know him well more than what trait he showed openly. She read inside him self, not just his outer attitude, and I think HSJ awared that she praised him well :)

Ya I've watched Knowing Brother too @minahnoona :) and I'm agree with you, she is really good in acting even in unscripted! she wear the same clothes with in the drama (when roller skated together with Jaein) I think some of their clothes in the drama are belongs to themselves, like Jaein green tosca cloat is the same with HSJ's cloat in past of his CF.

When JSM said in prescon  "It's perfect for the fall. And I think it'll make the men think about first loves, feelings of past loves... Everyone who's in love, has been in love, or who are in love no longer... I think you will be able to relate to this drama" her voice getting lower and she seemed to remember something, maybe her past? I ever read her past interveiw with GRAZIA (in korean language) regarding the most painful of her past, and she answered about her first love. I think when she became the guest in Radio Star, where she shared about her weak drinking tolerance, she mentioned about her ex, maybe her first love? which is really mean for her. And may be she also referred to her past ex, YHM. I thought Jeon Somin can interpret the meaning of love well, she is someone who take into her heart the feeling of love seriously, and someone who needed to be loved and need to love someone as well, hehe just my assumptions 

@gladys57 kincana our dearest grandma :) I'm not good with tech either hehe

@jellybellymonster I can't open DC in my PC, how do you do it? or you open it by phone?

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@zae91 I can open it in desktop when I use VPN to Korea. But opening it in mobile is the easiest way because no need for VPN. 

Eeeeep. jsomim86_love is inside the venue! 

@canbeMIA chingu, please write it again! @zae91 she seems like a person who has a lot of love to give and she's not a person who shies away from talking about it. She has this childlike and innocent quality in the Knowing Brothers episode that @minahnoona linked. And at the same time, she sounds wistful about past love/s. You can get a lot of insight from her there. She even affected Ho Dong and caused him to say things about love. Overall, she's a real cool girl with her poems, art and amazing improv. She's a really interesting person. No wonder her Candy was amazed with her as well. Aaaaah I feel like I can be friends with her. DaDa feels like a toned down version of real JSM. HSJ was right that she's like DaDa IRL. 
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@naritul chinguyaaa, ty for the videos. They have many BTS videos actually but still, thank you because most of my favorites are in your MV. hahahaha.. 

@minahnoona ahhhhhh i was really pissed off. IDK when am i going to write such lengthy post again. I might tonight. haha IDK. That 1 hour guesting of hers really makes me know her a bit. JSM is........ ahhh later, hahaha..shall write my conclusions abour her soon in another post.ㅋㅋㅋ 

@jellybellymonster yes chingu, summer is very hot and humid in korea. Ive never been there but my students always complainnnnnnn about it. Only kids and soccer addicts like summer because they can play anytime. Hahaha 

eeeeyyyyy @gladys57 kwenchanayo unnie. Hehehehe. Just unnie, not ahjumma. your words are enough..hehehe don't worry about pictures and all, we can take care of that. ㅋㅋㅋ

@janeeta HAHAHAHAH that adds to my theories too why filming 1% was hard for him. LOL Well... 

@zae91 SHE IS INDEED ROMANTIC. Every fiber of hers screams romance.. Ahhhhh.. let us talk about this more later.. Hahahha

Gotta go out now..need to be back before the FM starts.Camp on IG, DC and Twitter my friends. Hehehe. 

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Omg at that bts complications. Those loving eyes from JI/ Ha suk jin weren't gone even behind the camera.He is so smiley nad gooey with Somin.


I'm delusional but please date already. Although i don't think JSM would want to go public with her relationship anymore. I pray that they end up like Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo hye sun couple:P

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They are so cute. When the vids are playing, I can clearly see HSJ and JSM whispering to each other at some points because their heads are close together. Lalalalalalala~ :heart:

Both of them look so good today and so smiley! Ahhhhhh :love:

@minahnoona Yes, chingu. I'm watching it in FB app in my mobile phone.

EDIT: I want a hug from HSJ and JSM too!

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10 minutes ago, jellybellymonster said:

They are so cute. When the vids are playing, I can clearly see HSJ and JSM whispering to each other at some points because their heads are close together. Lalalalalalala~ :heart:

Both of them look so good today and so smiley! Ahhhhhh :love:

Oh how are you watching? The video won't play for me on Oksusu FB ㅜㅜ

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This was around the end of the event.


Source: DC




The last pic was funny. HSJ took photos with JSM and fans. Then he went back up the stage using the stairs. But he pulled up JSM instead of letting her take the stairs.

JSM posted almost the same pic that HSJ took with his phone in her IG. :wub:













LOL. Upper right pic. Sleeping during downtime in episode 12.


@minahnoona chingu-ya, Oksusu made the vid available in FB. Hope you can access it now. I took some screencaps during the live. Posting it here so you can see them being smiley during the event.

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Thank you @jellybellymonster! I saw the post in the drama thread and was watching it ^^ 

BTW, I think they had a question about NG kiss scenes, and JSM said there were many. And if I'm not wrong HSJ joked that although NG meant no good, they were all good to him LOL. Did anyone else catch that? 

Yeah it looks like they talked about a lot of fun stuff. Wish I understood more ㅜㅜ

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LALALALALALAALLALALALA Hahhahha i was so focus watching the live streaming that i did not even bother going to the bathroom to pee. Wahahahahaha. 

They were soooo happy. 

Sharing of photos is loooorve!!! Hahaha HSJ took those photo on his own phone that JSM posted on her IG. Ayee! 

They even do high five at the end part of the video. 

He helped her go back to the stage. 

He stared at her a lot of times..

JSM was confused again as to how she addresses HSJ. HAHAHAHA

I am a happy shipper now. LALALALA. 

WE NEED SUBBBBBBB!!! Chincha!!!! We have many to spazz about if there is an english sub. 

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@Emma Saengsawang As for me, I do not mind the translations. Google Translate is wacky all the time!

@minahnoona I only caught JSM saying there were many but didn't understand what HSJ said. But I guess you may be right? The audience were laughing. They were in a very good mood today. 

@canbeMIA HAHAHAHA chingu-ya! I just knew that HSJ took more than one photo with his phone. But he gave the non-blurry version to JSM. :wub: I'm so delusional right now. 

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12 minutes ago, jellybellymonster said:


@minahnoona I only caught JSM saying there were many but didn't understand what HSJ said. But I guess you may be right? The audience were laughing. They were in a very good mood today. 

Yes, they talked about NG chingu. One fan also asked about how they feel to each other outside shooting and their answers were long. 

OMG!!!!! can we pay someone to sub the whole FM??????? 

chinguya @jellybellymonster our eyes are quick.LOL The two were having their own world while a FMV was shown on the screen. Hahaha I did not watch the screen, I watched their heads moving.HAHAHAHAHA 

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