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  1. Firstly, congrats to Jongkook for his Daesang! In Showterview he had said he'd be happy to win, so I'm glad he did! Now that he's added this achievement, I'm hoping he'll be ready to move on to his next phase - marriage hehe. Is it crazy to hope that there will be a new year announcement for Kookmin similar to Kwangsoo and Lee Sunbin. maybe even a special on MUD! I'm not keen on the Jessi loveline because it is odd if she and Somin are close while Kookmin has something going on behind the scenes (i will stand corrected if we find out later that kookmin aren't ever a t
  2. Hi @akiera! Yes, I watched it! So glad that Viu is subbing this. Glad that the first episode did well ratings wise. The production team really put a lot of effort into setting up the episode and I think the concept is fun and interesting - especially as they are mixing up the category of fakes - restaurant in the first episode, and CEO in the next! Chemistry wise, I think they all seem to be able to play off each other. And it's really nice that Somin is able to indulge in rated talk to her heart's content haha. I had been worried about Jessie over-powering everyone e
  3. Did anyone else catch the TikTok stage segment with Jeon Somin? She interacted well and confidently with the 5 guys and was so pretty and cute! I was intrigued to see whether Kwangmin outside of RM would be very different, but I would say it's pretty similar in tone, just without all that crazy physical pranking LOL. Lee Dongwook was really kind and made sure to make her feel welcome (second nature to him by now through his hosting activities previously maybe ^^), highlighting the hot response in the comments for her (yay, I'm glad all I could see were welcoming comments!). I can'
  4. Aww that sucks but if they're good enough friends hopefully they'll get over it. It really is annoying that celebs can't post pictures of themselves alone with a friend of the opposite sex without people speculating on their posts.
  5. To add on, this is a variety show after all. I don't see anything to be worried about Somin bringing out the love frog (it's been a while but giddy bashful Somin is so cute!) as it is clearly a variety character. How many times have we seen her play the love frog for a guest and then not having the same interaction if they're a repeat visitor? No flirting with Sunghoon when he came back, Sangyeob got family-zoned. That guy she had that jail chat some with, she didn't pay him much attention when they were in the same team for another episode. So I'm enjoying the flirtin
  6. Mijoo and Somin while not interacting much don't look too bad together. I hope they'll be more interactive for their new show. It's like seeing an arranged date for these new show cast members to come to RM lol. Jessi next week - will look out for Somin's interaction with her. All it needs to be complete is to have Oh Nara guesting sometime lol. Still waiting for a Somin drama so I can live vicariously through the drama shipping. Male guests getting the love frog to come out has been few and far between, there hasn't been much overt Kookmin (if anything is happening, i
  7. Somin seemed to have a lot of fun in the last episode - glad that a bright-eyed cute boy shamelessly and endlessly flirted with her during the filming and brought the love frog out of retirement hehe. While I doubt she'd flirt with him again if he appears on RM again, it was fun while it lasted ^^ Hope other male guests see how fun it is to hang out with the and bring their a-game to Somin when they guest next time! Somin acting shy and bashful is so cute.
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