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  1. I wonder if it's because chulmin PD favours Kwangmin interactions? I'm surprised the PD is still pushing it when Kwangsoo is already in a public relationship. Tho Kwangsoo's face was funny in the syllables answer game when he stopped himself after saying "my" in response to the PD's question of where he would like to bring Somin. And the other members were joking that he meant to say "my house". Will no one think of Lee Sunbin (other than Kwangsoo)??? I love the maknae line interactions along with Sechan but I think this PD is skating close to loveline territory with Kwangmin which I find unsettling. Potentially making things awkward between Kwangmin or Kwangsoo and his gf.
  2. I wish they hadn't panned to Jaesuk and Sechan after the dance, as we missed out on seeing the start of kookmin hugging. The funny thing is that when the PD cuts back to kookmin, the 2 looked like they were in a world of their own - Haha had to come over to them for his congratulatory hug LOL. Also I love how when JSM went for a high 5 after the 2nd finish, KJK clasped her hand to pull her in for a hug; that hand on her head made it look even more cozy and warm!
  3. Yes please! Thank you ^^
  4. What song of his did Jongkook sing? I would like to look this up. Thank you~
  5. Never thought I'd read about Jonghyun on a kookmin thread. Before everything else, I'm a Shawol (SHINee fan) so do bear with me. It saddens me so much when I think how Jonghyun was loved by so many but was unable to love himself. Jonghyun passed on 18 Dec 2017. Just 8 days after his last solo concert. Since we're talking about SHINee, I'd just like to say the members are some of the strongest, most admirable people in the industry. I don't know how they found the strength to continue past the hurt - they went on with a concert in Japan (planned when there were still 5 of them) just 2-3 months after Jonghyun passed and made it into a beautiful tribute to him and us fans pretty much cried through the concert with the members. We will always miss him. Apologies for the non kookmin tangent. To bring this back to Kookmin, I don't think Jongkook would have hung out with Jonghyun beyond seeing him at the gym, but Jonghyun was such a bright presence who left an impact on those who knew him. As for Somin, I must really like her to forgive her for not seeing how amazing our Almighty Key is when she guested on Amazing Saturday
  6. 안녕하세요 @Hmp 만나서 반가워요 ^^ I am so happy to read that JSM is loved in Korea. She is my favourite female entertainer and I hope for her happiness in work and love! I love seeing how close she has gotten to the RM members and cast - she is in good hands. Thank you for posting and I hope we will see you around in our kookmin home here! (As an international JSM fan, there are not many places online that I know of where I can talk about her, so I'm glad we at least have this kookmin place in this forum!)
  7. He is! Lucky for Jongkook, Somin has Sangyeob firmly under "family" Jongkook needs to step up his game and move beyond the teasing stage hehe.
  8. He's joking that she is possessed because of the text and how it refers to evil etc. It's not the first time he's trolling her on Insta tho? Somin knows it's just for fun, hence she liked their replies.
  9. Ok, Somin's post I can't even attempt but I think this is what the replies are: Haha: 레게하자... (Let's do reggae...) 이게 레게다... (It is reggae...) Jongkook: 아닌데... (That's not it...) 얘.. (She..) 신내린거 같은데... (seems like she's possessed...) [I couldn't find a translation for 신내린 but 신내림 means possessed and Hwanjine used 신내림 in his reply] Hwanjine: 레게든 신내림이든 일단 취한건 맞는 것 같아요 (whether reggae or possessed, seems like she's drunk in the first place) [rough translation]. So the RM guys trolling her as per usual
  10. I don't understand the insta post either orz The only thing I know is that all 3 of them are up late, and seem to have responded soon after her post! Also Somin liked both Haha and Jongkook's replies.
  11. As @kookminclan RunningMan mentioned previously in comments here and on YouTube, kookmin getting closer and developing something is a process. I do feel that Jongkook's treatment of Somin since his concert has been rather meaningful and different from his usual MO with other female colleagues. It will be interesting to see what long-term fans of Jongkook make of it. As I mainly follow him on RM and only recently looked him up on MUD. Ultimately, we are speculating about 2 real people with their own thoughts and emotions who we happen to support. As long as they end up happy - whether with each other or someone else, I'll be happy too. Seems like both of them were hurt by their past (I kept reading fans talking about Somin's ex cheating on her but I haven't seen any sources attributed to Somin; and Jongkook had that girl who got away), so I really hope both can find love and happiness sooner or later!
  12. Interestingly, Somin was more interested in trolling Jongkook by making him dress up as an 18 year old girl than keeping a decent costume/role for herself. She seemed single-minded in pursuing Jongkook to attach that sticker ㅋㅋㅋ. Poor Sangyeob getting rejected in the bottle cap q&a game by both women lol. They were both so firm about not being interested in him Other random thoughts: Jaesuk teasing Kwangmin about looking like they're wearing matched outfits - I thought (and probably Lee Sunbin too) that these jokes were over after they went public . And I'm saying this as a former Kwangmin fan lol (now I ship them as maknae line bffs with Sechan). Tangent: I thought it was very admirable of Kwangsoo to go public with his relationship because it must have been tiresome for LSB to see the network and many fans shipping Kwangmin and saying they're dating. He also gave up his "playboy" character for her. I'm not fussed that Kwangmin didn't work out as a romantic OTP because I can now see that Somin doesn't see him in that light. I honestly think she had a chance with him before he got together with LSB, if she was interested. So all is well on that front - Kwangsoo has a pretty hot gf and Somin has her maknae line bestie. Speaking of, for someone who keeps talking about wanting to meet someone through RM and get married, Somin seems rather picky ㅋㅋㅋ and has friendzoned/familyzoned eligible men like Sangyeob. And I find it interesting that she says she wants to find someone through RM because as an actress she would also be meeting eligible men on-set. However she has also talked down any possible off-screen romance with her co-stars (as recently as Top Star Yoo Baek with Kim Jisuk and Sangyeob again LOL - which can be seen in her Happy Together guesting), making it clear that it's "business". So looks like maybe she's got her eyes on han namja in RM who she so happened to be a fan of?
  13. So cute!!!!! And the way she adjusted his shirt at the end
  14. Jongkook is NOT a playboy His reaction to their teasing him about being the RM playboy is so funny and a bit over the top lol (this is after the coffee date reveal in Ep 441). He really doesn't like to do lovelines eh? I wonder if his reticence about lovelines is partly due to him getting teased for AGES about YEH long after X-Man ended and even during RM days.
  15. @Akuma Drifters I saw that - so happy to see her being referred to as a favoured dongsaeng of YJS! Can tell that he adores her and finds her hilarious. And I hope she does find love within 3 years hehe - the sooner the better; I live in suspense until then LOL @shamos83 good catch on the Insta connection! I saw his story of the pool but didn't make the connection. @TaengTaengoo Regarding shipping Jongkook with anyone that breathes, I'm kind of the same way with Somin LOL. I shipped the 1% of something OTP, Kwangmin, even Sechan and Somin tho that looks very platonic at this stage lol. I'm even happily tracking her non romantic ships like with Jaesuk, Haha and the other RM members. In terms of romantic ships, Kookmin seems to be the one sailing best right now ^^ It's always nice to hear from a long-time fan of Jongkook, since I'm more of a Somin and general RM fan rather than of Jongkook per se. So I'm always happy to read insights on Jongkook, as I want to know what kind of man my girl could possibly end up with hehe. Have you been watching him on MUD? I marathoned his MUD segments after getting into Kookmin. He keeps getting set-up with lovelines all over the place lol. What do you think of the fact that his squad didn't mention Somin's name when they asked him who he liked best out of Jihyo and frequent guests like Jinyoung, Dahee, Hana etc? I like your thoughts on why you think Somin is viable for Jongkook. I definitely think she finds him attractive. And it's nice to see an affirmation from a Jongkook fan that he has been treating her differently from other female co-stars.
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