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  1. I absolutely agree and thank you for this timely reminder. I think there are old posts in this thread regarding appropriate shipping, but good to share this message again now that there are new shippers ^^ In fact I think earlier on there was a post highlighting one instagram account who is suspected of actually being an anti - this sominjongkookcouple frequently posts on JSM's and KJK's insta with very over the top support and acting like the 2 are already dating and pressuring them to announce their relationship. Honestly it's embarrassing but we think she's doing it on purpose to embarrass them... :/
  2. Ahhh the exact 3 people who were involved in that famous photo by KJK, coming out later than the rest. So this would be right after Somin shot the heart pose to the camera (or photographer ) The mystery of who took a picture of KJK taking a picture of JSM with LKS in the background is still unsolved lol one of the managers, staff or other RM member? And why? Lol
  3. This reminds me of that roleplay they did about whether it's better to be honest or not to confess your past history! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wonder which mode KJK went with hmmm
  4. Omg! Well spotted - looks like that was meant to be a discreet pinkie grab! He went in, grasped empty air, Somin extended her pinkie and success 2nd time around! Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Ok it could be just the angle orz.. but it does look incriminating at first glance!
  5. Thank you for this heart-fluttering gif! The way his thumb moves to fit into the palm of her hand and her fingers closing to grasp his thumb.... this is some quality skinship ㅋㅋ
  6. I agree with a lot of what the previous posters have said. Kookmin bond is so strong they don't have to be overt, it's the foundation of how they act now. Points people have mentioned that really stand out for me as well: - JSM not bothering with playgirl mode (we need Gong Myung to come again and test if the love frog has retired ) - KJK showing such blatant preferential treatment for JSM's team. After his own team was settled, he was just as active as Haha in helping out the team, taking the initiative to ask and giving his all to help. And I agree, he wasn't just helpful, he was too active even almost desperate to help lol. Like dude, what's in it for you eh? Wouldn't pre-kookmin KJK be more of an impartial observer after clearing his mission? And great job @MandelBrot with capturing his expression when JSM won. Such a fond look on his face! So while there is no obvious one on one kookmin moment, the kookmin bond was clearly driving his actions here! So I'm a happy kookmin shipper ^^ I'm beginning to take kookmin feelings as a given now and am now intrigued by the members' treatment of kookmin. JSJ does seem to be an early kookmin adopter. Whereas YJS apart from some comments in earlier episodes (that comment about JSM's mother viewing him as a son-in-law candidate, asking KJK if she is his gf when he helped show her how to paddle YJS's butt for the penalty) he has generally been pushing other lovelines. I'm intrigued because it's obvious to me that YJS adores JSM and treats her like a favoured maknae dongsaeng - he keeps calling attention to her, shares funny stories that she's mentioned to him in personal conversations, laughs at everything she does, she even made it in his world cup list of dongsaengs so obvious it is to other folks that she's a Yoo line member now. In fact Yoomin moments give me the warm fuzzies. So I'm wondering if this is his attempt to protect JSM and the other members.
  7. Has he ever been this active teasing another girl? I think it's clear that Somin has always found him attractive, cool, amazing etc. The question is whether that translates to her wanting to date him. Whatever their relationship, their chemistry is just
  8. And with this gift from Jongkook, let's all chill and move on please. @Mooncake09 said it very well in the previous post. Btw they're both wearing red, so in the same team at the time the pic was taken. The question is who took a photo of Jongkook taking a photo of Somin? And why? LOL Was this for a mission or during break time? Curious hehe.
  9. Stop the press! We get that bts moment I was talking about whoohoo!!!!! Jongkook back to teasing Somin on Instagram hehe. What was it he said about teasing someone he likes hmmm... AND he chose the Somin heart pose to post hehe.
  10. I'm more of a Somin fan and I feel that she is so treasured by the RM members (Yoomin and how quickly she has become a dongsaeng he adores and finds entertaining gives me the warm fuzzies). I feel like this is the way korean entertainment works where they have to be careful not to get caught on the wrong side of fans even if they have cause to lash out. That she has bounced back from the Instagram take-down and even is back to posting RM filming pics and referencing Jongkook is a positive sign I feel! Remember the first pic she posted after getting her account back? It was the perfect message - she'll continue living her best life no matter what haters try. And now she's referencing Jongkook again as the picture taker when there's no need to even mention him as he's not in the photo. She doesn't mention who takes her other photos right? Really wish I could have seen this photo session hehe. The thought of Jongkook patiently snapping photos while she makes adorable poses is so... and they probably took this photo while on a filming break - so they were probably hanging out together when she asked him to take the photos or she specifically looked for him to take the photos. Either scenario still gives me the feels haha I'm glad to see Jongkook and Jihyo back to their usual friendly interactions - they've known each other for so long, like he says they're family.
  11. I like how the frog emoji was right next to Jongkook Oppa with no space in between hehe
  12. More signs from Somin? Also that heart sign at the camera (and ahem photographer?) kyaaaaaaa! Also rough translation: As expected, well taken photo by Jongkook Oppa. Frog and ghost-like giraffe behind
  13. I think it's telling that KJK was very uncomfortable when they were forcing the spartace loveline. Hard to ship for me when 1 person looks so obviously reluctant. He's back to being friendly with her after they stopped forcing it, which is nice as it was getting awkward. He was better at playing along with the HJY loveline whenever they tried to push it on RM and MUD. But I feel like he's the most active, at ease and not defensive whenever he's randomly linked to Somin. Sure when they talked about the coffee date on RM he did bring up the family line (they were linking him to everyone at that point lol). After that tho, he's not brought it up again whenever he gets randomly linked to her - I say randomly because the members have not been pushing a kookmin loveline (not like with SJH and HJY).
  14. Ahhh I was screaming when I saw the dance practice clips on Instagram - so freaking cute! JK looked like he was enjoying himself muchly while projecting himself as a reliable Oppa. SM otoh was so shy compared to her dance practice on the date ep hehe. And wasn't it JK who teased Somin first when Mongdol sisters were learning their dance break steps, leading to the rest teasing her about showing off and Somin playing up to that. I wonder if they introduced the other lovelines after seeing how magnetic Kookmin were in the dance practice sessions
  15. I wonder what happened... everything is gone when I search jsomin86. Such a major action, I wonder if that will get addressed at some point either on RM or elsewhere? Haters probably cheering right now :/ eta: another JSM insta fanpage suggested it was hacking?
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