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  1. I'm wondering why the PDs are showing more of such Kookmin skinship instead of editing it out - is it a slow reveal or was that mask-wearing moment just too cute/heart-fluttering for them to resist?
  2. The way he helped her put on the mask is just so affectionate more time and care spent on the ears than necessary ㅋㅋㅋ Are we being delulu if it looks different from how he interacts with other female colleagues/friends he is close to?
  3. For those who first shipped Somin with Seok Jin in 1%, Seok Jin has been leaving occasional comments that make you go hmmm in reply to Somin on Instagram! I think they're just friendly but I miss my 1% otp on the screen! He posted still shots from filming in Jeju, Somin commented: (It's) really prettyy Oppaa~ And Seok Jin's flirty reply: As much as you?? Kyaaaaaaa!!!!!!! There was also one time Somin commented on Jisuk's post and Seok Jin butted in to reply to her comment and ask her why she hadn't tead/replied to his messages, with an angry emoji tacked on lol. Would be really fun to see the 3 of them together on a variety show!
  4. That hand is more protective than usual it seems to me? And the way he just wrapped his hand around her shoulder and arm on different occasions.... And as fluttering as that protective hand was, what I found just as interesting was that Somin accepted it very naturally and didn't seem to take notice of it being an unusual touch from him
  5. Me too. Even when she fawns over them in the beginning at the intro, she doesn't really pay them much attention. Like when Jinyoung guested. After the intro and the first section in the room, she hardly paid him much attention. Feels like she's moved on from the love frog role that makes eyes at attractive male guests. And for all that she played the love frog previously, she doesn't sustain it beyond 1 episode. Like when Sunghoon guested the second time, I think they didnt flirt or pay special attention to each other (and I had been looking forward to a repeat of the thrill of his first guesting since he's quite the flirt!). LSY from the guy she targeted in the first ep became 'family' after repeated appearances.
  6. I noted and loved the contrast in their skin tone too! It makes any skin to skin physical contact really obvious Also loved how his hand enveloped hers. Makes my heart go dugeun dugeun.
  7. Also I don't know if it's her first time meeting the other guy or not (waiting to watch with subs), but she left so much space between them in the square before Jongkook went over I hope the kookmin interaction continues after this episode! Still having my fingers crossed that we can see them interacting together on another show some day (whether it's MUD or any other show) without the RM game dynamics. As in filming together rather than giving the other a call while one is filming.
  8. @MandelBrot thanks for the high quality gifs! Looked like an entire conversation took place through their eyes in your gif below! brief but so intense
  9. Thank you @kukumarq1 for stepping up to create this thread for Somin fans! Very nice first post ^^ Gateway to Somin: I first became a fan after watching Something About 1% (came for Ha Seokjin, stayed for Somin and their incredible chemistry). I was active on the Soompi thread for this drama ㅋㅋ, watching it with subs as soon as it was broadcast and getting excited over spoilers and just going crazy over their sizzling chemistry. Those were good times lol. I even went to the drama company's office in Seoul to drop off gifts for my drama OTP ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. They had so much chemistry in the drama all the fans were wondering if they were dating lol. After this, was then led to re-watch Somin's variety appearances - I had seen her on KB and her first guest appearance on RM before but while finding her really funny, had not been a stan back then. Also enjoyed her appearances on my ear's candy and Living Together in an empty room. I adore her both as an actress and variety entertainer. So when she joined RM as a regular, i started following RM again (firing controversy had left a bad taste to me so I had stopped for a bit). I just wish she has more acting projects or was luckier in her drama series after 1%. I really enjoyed her drama special Notebook of my embarrassing days, still waiting for subs for Big Data Love. Couldn't get into Cross and Top star Yoobaek, and she was unfortunate for these 2 dramas as well - Cross had the senior actor involved in #metoo, Top star went up against Sky Castle. While it's rare to have repeat OTPs in dramas, my dream is to see HSJ and JSM as a drama couple again. I don't ship them in real life (they don't seem as likely now) but I still get excited by their interactions (Ha Seokjin's appearance on RM in the date episode was so heart fluttering!) and think they will still be great together in a drama. Who would you like to see paired with Somin in a drama? She had great chemistry with Park Sunghoon in Notebook of Embarrassing Days but he's attached IRL so that's not as fun for shipping ㅋㅋ. Think she would look great with Sunghoon too. This probably would never happen but I'd love to see her with an A lister like Song Joongki lol
  10. I understand where @akiera is coming from. As a Somin fan first who ships Kookmin because right now she seems to be showing most interest in Jongkook, but who will otherwise still be fine if Somin ends up with someone else or shows chemistry with anyone else, this forum is not the right place to talk about other guys she's close to or has chemistry with. And she has such great chemistry with fellow actors - I love seeing her in romcoms! I started the thread for kookmin to give an easier platform to discuss Kookmin interactions after all those wonderful videos by @kookminclan RunningMan on YouTube. And I'm happy to see this thread blooming and active ^^ However, I think it would be great to have a separate page for Somin, more focused on her projects and open to all ships. E.g. today's exchange between Somin, Ha Seokjin and Kim Jisuk on his birthday post was so cute but not exciting for kookmin only shippers. The only question is whether there would be enough traffic and contributions. If anyone else is interested in a separate Somin page, do drop me a message!
  11. From that video, what I heard him say is 원래 소민 도 이뻐. Direct translation: Somin is originally pretty too (but I think meant more like Somin has always been pretty?) ETA: she's looking really pretty today and next week too with the new hair colour! I hope it means there's a new project!) And after a few more lines from the rest KJK says "아주 이뻐를 소민이가" - she's really pretty, Somin. Someone please confirm if you heard it too!
  12. Thanks, I was wondering what the kimchi caption was about LOL. Will wait to watch the ep with subs when they're out ^^
  13. No worries, and thanks for taking note just delete any pictures if you see them in the quote box when you reply ^^ happy to see our kookmin community growing!
  14. Hmmm the PD's subs in the second picture says "Kookmin siblings tiki taka" then the ㅎㅎ (for lol?) and heart emoji. Haven't watched the ep, I wonder what the tiki taka (like in football/soccer) was about lol Also, @ashima mahajan please don't quote images thanks! We got in trouble with the moderators before for doing this.
  15. I remember Somin being uncomfortable with the forbidden couple loveline previously to the point she mentioned that her mother was concerned. Why can't they let her breathe and do things organically her way? ㅜㅜ she was already funny and charming before. Now I feel like she's hemmed in by the Chanmin loveline and that's just so sad as a Somin AND Sechan fan. Both were better before this. I miss their easy camaraderie, being each other's wingman, casual skinship as besties.