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  1. Don't worry about that! You're already contributing greatly to the thread and discussion with your observations - which I have enjoyed reading ^^. Welcome to the thread! I really wish we could see Kookmin in-person interactions together outside of RM (it has only been 1 or 2 phone calls on MUD). I kinda feel like their Instagram interactions have toned down since last year - when they were directly responding to each other's posts, referencing each other or even posting a picture with the other in it. I think maybe they're on the down low and being more careful with in
  2. OMG!!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CQFbf6ih5BF/?utm_medium=copy_link Same video but on FB. [Edited to add: Found the longer teaser on FB here! more Somin goodness!] Did you see the new 6 Sense preview?! I was wondering if she would hug Seok Jin, didn't expect her to launch herself at him LOL. She gave such a cheeky expression to Jaesuk as she was hugging Seok Jin (Jaesuk's expression at the most exuberant greeting of a guest by far LOL). Yes I kept replaying hehe - fun to see the reaction of the others too. Jessi looked like she was sussing out this n
  3. Lol both Somin and Jongkook trolled Seok Jin in their replies to him under the posts of their respective work. They both said they were trying to take a picture of the mountain but Seok Jin was there/didn't get out of the way. LOL
  4. Ikr, when I was linking the insta posts and squeeing about it to my friends, one friend who I suspect is deep down a Somin anti immediately said that HSJ is not attracted to her. And for KJS (since he replied to Somin's pic with 나는? "And/what about me?") she then referred back to Somin's stories about how both KJS and LSY avoid her. Can't believe people fall for Somin's MO of making herself seem like a boy crazy girl no other actor is attracted to. To me it's her way of shutting down romance speculations in a humorous, self-effacing manner. I could tell from the way LSY didn't seem to agree wi
  5. Helllooooooo. I wanted to post and squee about 6 Sense and Ha Seokjin and Kim Jiseok interactions with Somin on Instagram, but i wasn't sure if anyone else was excited ㅜㅜ I'm glad for Somin that she has an acting project coming up with a strong female ensemble cast. But at the same time I just want to see Somin make time with a hot guy in a drama lol, cos she knows how to bring the sizzle.
  6. Eye-popping moment for sure. His shirt was stretched for a bit, so it could have been from Somin resting her chin, giving a peck or biting his shirt. But there definitely was contact just looking at the movement of the shirt. Personally it looks like an affectionate bite of his shirt to me! They're both looking good this ep! Can't wait to watch with subs.
  7. Pls ignore the sad lost troll who doesn't have better things to do with its time. Only kids poop in public places without considering others. No point arguing with children. Btw, it has been a while since I last posted and I completely missed the landmark moment we became an official kookmin thread WOOT WOOT! When we first started the thread, it was to provide another platform for kookmin discussions, inspired by the wonderful videos from @kookminclan RunningMan. We have come far since then whoo. Kookmin still sailing and close as ever, though sometimes it feels like
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