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  1. I’m just a casual fan of this couple. I just want to drop by saying that purely shippers and fans can be different. Some shippers can be toxic and just want their couple to fulfill their fantasy while real fans support them whether together or not. Them not attending APAN isn’t a big deal at all. They must have their own reasonings especially if every little action action from them are under everyone eyes. Just respect their decision and privacy for the time being. PMY is very beautiful. So what if she did ps? She is still a beautiful person in and out. People who usually use ps to diss other people bias usually are insecure and can’t find other reason to bash.
  2. I just managed to catch up with this drama and as a fan of Nam Ji Hyun, I’m totally loving how the drama is going. NJH always have good chemistry with her co stars but. i have to say her chemistry with Kyungsoo is so far the best one maybe because they match well age wise (My second favorite is with Park Hyung sik). I’m so ready for the angst next week . Bring it on!
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