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[SeokMin Spazzland] Ha Seok Jin x Jeon So Min <3 1% of Something's Jae In x Dada


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Did you guys watch Somin's song in Running Man? The lyrics were written by her based on her real life dating experience. One can only wonder who the man is. I was seriously impressed with the song and lyrics.  I am adding the you tube links here. First one is eng trans of lyrics and the other is performance. enjoy. 


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On 3/30/2018 at 5:37 PM, sayurikara said:

Yes, this is Japanese version. You can watch online (paid) in Gyao. But you can check on the IG account above, she/he also post some scene that extented. The birthday and balloon kisses are longer. Even they add extra kiss in juggle gym scene. And also Jae-In try to kiss Dada in the end of "I love... ice cream" scene. Gyaaaaaa....... :wub: You should see it.


I'm glad @akiera mention that reunion. I saw it from Hyun jin personal IG account and  HSJ put "like" on it. (Oh my poor shipper heart).

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JSM just post her portrait on vacation, I wonder who took the picture??? :ph34r:


I'm sad that JSM don't be the female lead on HSJ's new drama. But I hope she will appear as cameo just like in "drinking solo". 


I just realized something funny in this BTS.

I believe this shooting is they real first kiss. In the fan meeting, HSJ said that he being scolded because JSM feel HSJ done it too much. But I think I found that right after the first kiss finished, JSM ask to do the kiss again, even she nod to convinced HSJ. Then they kissing again and then JSM "complaining". I guess HSJ just carried away. :tongue:

Is the one when she tried to fix Jisu’s wallpaper?

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24 minutes ago, Jihiro said:

Is the one when she tried to fix Jisu’s wallpaper?

Their first kiss? I think first kiss they shot was actually the last kiss on the show. She wearing that white dress in the chaebol style? I am not sure somebody correct me if I am wrong. Well, if you are interested, you can read through the whole forum here. It was mentioned in detail by some member. 

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