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[Drama 2016-2017] My Fair Lady (Oh My Geum-Bi) 오 마이 금비

Go Seung Ji

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So help me! 

I haven't even watch the sub yet already I'm in tears! Heo Jung Eun deserves best actress. the youngest star is currently best actress with current drama. This drama is best right now!.

Live or die stay with me - Dad,  ep 7

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Episode 7 truly broke my heart. I truly though her mom could somewhat be redeemed but she dash those hope for now. Then comes the preview to ep 8 that so confusing because seriously didn't  Chi Soo clearly stated that Hwi Cheol was Geum Bi dad, then again, I'm still hoping that the hair Hwi Cheol sent for DNA was Kang Hee and not Geum Bi so that she can truly be his daughter. I'm not liking that the preview seems to be bringing doubt to Hwi Cheol paternity again.  I really want him to be Geum Bi  father for real because they both needs each other.  Yoo Joo is truly trash if she is coming solely for the money just like Hwi Cheol said she can take it and just let him and Geum Bi be.

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Poor Geumbi, it looks like she's slowly losing her memory... And goodness can someone please tell Hwicheol to :crazy:STOP YELLING!??!:blink: I swear it was supposed to be an emotionally moving scene but it was hard for me to get into it because of the SCREAMING (yea I had to emphasize it by using CAPS tsk:P<_<) No wonder the actor Oh Jiho is facing so much criticism over his acting, I can definitely see why:rolleyes:

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No matter how much you prepare for it, you still cry every single episode. Even when the little girl smile you still feel like crying. The house lady really give a warm mom vibe. I must say everything going on still not good but gum bi strength carry through everything. 

I wonder if the writer is going through something like this, or someone she knows....

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This drama make keep me more sad.Now i know why her auntie dumped her when her mum also do the same.Her auntie know about her disease and she probably wont get survive until 18 to inherit her grandmother will.1.5 mil turn her mother and auntie to be money slave.Poor geumbi.:bawling:

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I can't stop crying and I am a total mess!    It looks like next week's episode will be also tear jerker!  OMG!   This story is so cruel for this poor little girl.   How much have this little girl to take the garbage before she lost her memory completely? She doesn't seem to get a break. 

In the end, I think everyone will do the right thing for GB's sake, but not soon enough for GB.  People with this disease  can live till the 20s, but GB is only 10 and she is already starting to lose memories.  

The drama is written by 2 writers,  Jun Ho Sung and Lee Myung Hee.  I read on the internet when the writers learn about a rare disease, call, Niemann-Pick Type C that prevents the proper digestion of cholesterol and other lipids, which in turn actually prevents children from maintaining their memories, something more prevalent in adults due to Alzheimer's, but almost unheard of in juveniles.  So, they were inspired to craft the story after reading about it. And such a disease allowed them to write about life and memories that had not been tainted by the world, in contrast to perfectly healthy individuals and their more pessimistic views on life. 

Total 16 episode and we are already 1/2 way till the end and I fully expect to see more crying days ahead...:bawling:

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3 hours ago, Geumbi16 said:

I suspect the chi soo guy is the real father.He always try to steal everything from mo hwi cheol including yoo jung geumbi mother.What do you think guys?

I think Hwi Cheol is the father. I think Chi Soo and Yoo Jung made up the report to get hands on the money.  The earlier episode, Hwi cheol burn the envelope without opening it. I think that point, it didn't matter to him if GB is his real daughter or not. In his mind, she already is and regardless of what the test shows. That is why he didn't even open the envelope and start set it on fire.   But he did save the part of the report (he put it out the fire when GangHee yelled at him for playing with fire, etc.  Perhaps, he will take a look at the what left of the report and figure out Yoo Jung's report was fake.  

Of course, this is my interpretation and I could be totally off.

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Just finished Ep 7 sub. Heart breaking. heart wrenching. My heart is hurting.  Tears flowing. How will I survive ep 8. How not to cry?! Whew.

Heo Jung Eun as Geumbi is so amazing. Someday, she'll win a best actress award.  The end scene for ep 7. Her facial expression,  the panic,  trying  her best to remember  stations, the tears brimming but not falling... it is so damn good it's brilliant, clearly best actress right now with current drama.. and coming from child actor is just..  what a real gem this girl. Watch the video, you'll see








 About to watch ep 8 sub.  I repeat. How not to cry?! Here we go.
*edit for clarity
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Definitely best drama  to end the year! Heo Jung Eun is brilliant! #fact

It's only first scene of ep 8 but already I'm in tears.. as every other episode since. Yeah, repeat again. How not cry?!

 It's not brave if you're not scared. In the scene below As the symptoms is starting show, Geumbi is  one brave girl.. going to the doctor to find out what will happen to her later on.  As the doctor was explaining, he can't help but feel the pain and  be in tears.

G: "Doctor, what will happen to me later on. I feel I should know more about my disease. What is happening inside my head?"

D:  "In our bodies, there are things called lipids. They are store in us to be later used as energy source.  Which means they're essential to keep our bodies alive and moving. But even the best things in life can be harmful... when you have too much of them. When there are too much lipids to be broken down, they pile up in our brain making us hard to remember things and unable to move freely."

G. "So it's not because I lack something, but rather I have too much of them? Will I not be able to remember  anything? Not even my Dad or Kang hee?"

D.  "Later on, you won't recognize yourself..reflected in the mirror."

G. "How long do I have left... before that happens?"

D. "You've  been taking your medicines. You have a while."

G. "The more lipids I have, the less I'll remember, right?"

And the Doctor just nods in tears..... and I wept throughout the scene.

Geumbi's facial expression,  it's one of acceptance.  And we all cry.  And if you haven't been watching this drama, you will never understand!


 And the scene below... my tears falling. Jae ha and Geumbi.. the best  cute couple right now in kdrama!

Of love, friendship and being there for the one  that matters. Geumbi's eyes brim with tears as best friend Jae ha plays the violin.

Beethoven's Minuet in G from Jae Ha's violin for Geum Bi in a gloomy afternoon in the park. Lucky girl.  (cr:indiawiuma)




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this drama is really tearing me apart! every time she cries or forget things, you can't help but cry and feel her despair.

GB and JH young love is so sweet and painful, esp knowing that it is short-lived. still having JH played his violin for her at the park is such a loud declaration of his feeling for her. a love confirmation that requires no words.

this drama really deserve so much love for the message that it is delivering. family is not about blood ties only. a protector is not necessary an adult.

whether HW is GB biological dad is not really important to me now cos the 3 of them have already formed their family unit together. somehow i wish JY would just leave alone, perhaps just as HW has grown as an adult, it is lesson time for JY and CS. 

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Hwicheol could still be the father but Chisoo could also be the father...

CzMgh8rVEAAgiPz.jpgscap cr: evelyn.

So in ep 8..  Yoojoung in her drunken state told  suitor she had a daughter from one the guys she dates. But she realized, she can used this to as trump card to get to Geumbi and  the inheritance. Why do I say this? because,  how can a woman not know who the father of the child?! am I wrong in saying this? Granted she  has been with different men, still what woman would not know who the father is?

So she then took a strand of hair from both Geumbi and  Hwicheol, in the scene where  Yoojoung handed DNA test result,  it showed, "there is no evidence to suggest  that Mo Hwi Cheol and  Geumbi are biologically related."  But I'm having my doubts here. She could have just made that up ( used her charms to have that made up) Then she also met with Chisoo  who needs money badly and so she told him what her plan was that she's got something on Hwicheol. Chisoo waiting on the steps outside Kanghee's house  as Geumbi comeback and  she said you are looking for my dad  but he kept on correcting heer to say "friend" referring to Hwicheol.  I think...in the end it will be Hwicheol who still is the real father of Geumbi.  BUT I COULD BE WRONG TOO.

 Chisoo could be the real father of Geumbi. He's going along with Yoojoung's plan because he needs money badly else he'll end up dead in the hands of the mob boss. Chisoo doesn't know Geumbi's condition. However,  in Ep 9 we see that  Geumbi fainted and fell Chisoo was there to catch her protect and help her. And if  he knows of her sickness,  and is really the father of Geumbi, he will want to protect her. So it's like redemption.

 About Chisoo... we see that he's beaten by mob boss as he's not able to bring money to him because he keeps on chasing after Hwicheol and  and when  the mob boss said that he'll deal with Hwicheol personally and Chisoo said " "if you touch him, I'll come after you."  we know from the backstory that they were best friends, that Hwicheol was his only friend, but he was betrayed by him and suffered consequence from the betrayal and ended being  the bad guy that he is now.

Chisoo character may be shady but  I can bet if something happens to Hwicheol, he'll be the first one to save him. I have no doubt. When asked by Geumbi if he has other friends beside Hwicheol.... we see  the pain in his eyes as he looked away, there's hurt in him. 

Quote from sub. Ep 8. Last scene.

"When you were in school, did you have friends other than my dad? You didn't right?

"Is he not at home"

My dad?"

"No. Your friend"

You mean my dad?

"No. Your friend.

"Stop playing with words. No wonder you don't have friends"

 "Hwicheol isn't your dad"



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 Once of the scenes where  I shed tears In Ep 7.

Geumbi went to the store because Chisoo said " you'll recognize her" referring to Jooyoung. And she did. She saw her from a distance, the look on Geumbi face! and she ran away.





When Geumbi came back to to Kanghee's house, all day she's been keeping all her feelings bottled up inside. And In the comfort of Kanghee's arms, the one thing she wants to at that moment....

CzJ3GXEVEAESXdh.jpg cto
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To try not to cry. Whew.

So anyway, If the viewers - the very handful of us here, (how sad for the best drama currently airing with best acting, IMO) remember after talking to the doctor the first time and learning more of Niemann-Pick disease and what it will do to her, Geumbi made a bucket list in the bus.

 Geumbi's Bucket List

1. To give present to Kanghee ✅




pics cto: thea
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Okay, so.  Don't want to nitpick, but how exactly did Geum Bi know where to find her mom?  When she went to see her mom at work, she had only met her in the classroom previously, right?  I'm confused.

Likewise, how did Joo Young know to find Geum Bi at the fortuneteller's, right after she started working there?  Maybe we can blame all this on creepy stalker Chi Soo, who's lurking around keeping tabs on everyone, lol.

But how did the lawyer know to find Hwi Chul?  Gah.  This episode feels so disjointed.  Not that I need to know these nitty gritty details, but something felt off, like they tried to pack too much into the episode without managing to do it terribly smoothly.

And who lets a little kid handle their own medicine, especially if it's new (and especially if she's likely to be experiencing memory issues sooner or later)?  I would think that would go straight to the school nurse or something.  Pretty sure when I was in school, we weren't even allowed to have any medication in our possession, prescription, OTC, whatever, ours or not.  Not to mention the moral grey area of treating her without her knowledge, and the fact that he knows that she thinks that he doesn't know she's sick, but he does, and hasn't told her. (That's still true at the beginning of episode 7, right?  Or did I forget something?  He knows, obviously, but does she know that he knows?  Someone remind me when that happened, if it did, please.  Do I have early-onset dementia too?)

He could get her expelled from school for drug possession or something, at this rate.  Hwi Chul, dad of the year, right?  His heart's in the right place, but he really has no idea what he's doing, haha.  Still, miles ahead of mom.

Anyway, I'm only partway through episode 8.  Will finish tomorrow :)

Heo Jung Eun random BTS:

source: 1 2

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The writer really did it,... MCH is not GB dad...  Men,  okay it's possible that YJ manipulate the result bit that's so lame,  I think she knows MCH will have his own paternity test so manipulating the result doesn't make any sense... I don't like it I'm about to complain why the writer has to be this mean to GB but I realized it doesn't really matter who her dad is,  cause at the end she  will forget them all.  What matter is who will stay with her in the end, and thats MCH for sure.  


I was crying again watching episode 8.... 8 more episodes..  

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