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  1. have yet to watch the latest ep, but really have to say tis!! RE Thunder Taxi scene (when i saw clip on twitter) 1. 1st thought: who do i have to KILL to get into the cab with Father Kim 2. 2nd thought: OMG his driving skills is just . *insert 1st thought* 3. 3rd thought: i need the number of tat taxi company and i will never be late for work EVER AGAIN. *insert 1st thought* Father Kim is nailing everything, from priest to secret agent to hot "gal" to runway model for sunglasses etc.
  2. my heart has been healed aft watching "Touch", esp aft all the tears in Goblin. seeing the final scene of them walking hand in hand into the party and going public as a couple is a nice conclusion to the drama, and a fitting ending to all the cast and crew. both LDW and YIN are so suited for each other and are adorable in both on screen and behind scenes, bring another level of chemistry which brought magic to their characters and drama. thanks all for this journey, although i silent ninja. will cheer them on in their future works!
  3. OMG..... i cannot get that mountain scene!. ( have not finished ep 11). i think i am in love! how can Father Kim looks so GD in everything, as soldier, secret agent, priest and gal! now dread to think how to survive when this drama is over.
  4. am excited for tis drama. Lee Jung Jae is my #1 fave actor. watched almost all his works, which i can get hold of.
  5. the last 2 eps were an emotional roller coaster ride for me. the cast and crew had delivered a stellar performance, this drama is going to join Memory and My Fair Lady (both dealing with dementia/alzheimer theme, both which made me cried buckets). * the lady who like to keep things: the scene with her departed daughter and how she asked for them to continue mother-daughter relationship in their next lives. * seeing the trio reunite at the nursing home. their friendship still going strong. * the revelation of what happened to HyeJa, losing her husband and the accident causing her son to be disabled. * a harsh mother wanting her son to be independent and yet helping him learn. the misunderstandings that are finally resolved. * forgiving the police officer. HJ set both of them free. the drama started off with a light tone and along the way infused the message thru the various characters, main and supporting. seeing how this disease through the eyes of the sufferer and family and friends. the cast and crew deserve all the applauses.
  6. just finished ep10. the convo between Father Kim and Det Koo is hilarious esp when Ko kept asking where Kim got bike, jamming device and lock picking stuff, and to hear Kim answering him with a straight face. the stuff theology college now prep you for. really heartbreaking to see the fight scenes, esp knowing how badly KNG was actually hurt. hope he will go easy on the rest of the action scenes. but KNG looks darn cool flying thru the air in his long coat. (i am forever stuck with him in his long coat) not so much into the romance between the characters but count me in for the bromance!!!! YoHan and thai delivery guy, Father Kim and Det Ko. the 4 of them together! https://twitter.com/KimNamGilStory/status/1106953163213406208 Cr.owner (sorry not to sure abt inserting from twitter. just wan to share our fire "eating" father kim)
  7. loving this show. the chemistry among the cast is amazing. most impt, there is just something so darn attractive abt KNG in a long coat and his expressions are just pure gems.
  8. have been following this drama, never tot that there would be such a big twist at ep 10. all the while thinking that it is a rom-com. after reading the comments, i gained a better understanding of what the cast and crew are trying to put across. it is not easy dealing with elderly suffering from dementia / /alzheimer and many a times when Grandma KHJ talked to her "friends" abt putting themselves in the elderly shoes, it just shows how sometimes one can view youth as being immortal etc. kudos to the cast and crew.
  9. yup going for SG FM. need to reward myself from all the stress. am really looking forward to FM and purchasing the light stick. thanks for the info and the twitter site. are u also from SG? yes yes he has really transformed. still recalled fondly when i 1st "met " him on NC, the OH MY GOSH who is this GORGEOUS talented guy moment. *fangirling moment* he really outdid himself with every project, drama, movie or variety.
  10. hi @dahae2006, I am not very active in soompi now..... real life has demands tis yr, preparing my kid for exams. also no internet access at work, so can't do all my personal illegal stuff at work! PBG really transformed himself for Encounter, was initially a bit worried about the pairing but their chemistry coupled with the beautiful scenery blew me away. still rmb the Moonlight days when I would live stream and guessed based on body languages and limited Korean. those were the days along with R88. mostly DL dramas and watch when possible. thanks for the info re the light stick. I msg the SG organiser re light stick but no reply. another long frustrating story. hope everyone is still well. will make an effort to appear more.
  11. thanks for all the vids n pics of the Seoul FM. really high energy FM, with so many different things to look for. looking forward to SG FM. re light stick, any idea how much? read the Seoul fans queued to purchase before FM. i tot the purple a pretty colour but looks like can change colour too.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/1834268106860241/posts/2336433729977007/ SG FM details. Tix sales on 26jan 10am. Excited for this FM. hope to get a gd tix
  13. excited for this drama. my fave pair in Goblin, other than G pairing with GR . shed so much tears for Sunny and GR in Goblin. now it is payback time for a Happy Ending! they are going to be one gorgeous pair!
  14. hi all. got this from Jo Seung Woo International Fans FB page 1. JTBC 'Life' get 3 nominations (drama category) on The 2nd Seoul Awards - Best Drama - Best Actor (Jo Seung Woo) - Best Supporting Actress (Moon So Ri) The award ceremony will be held on 27 October 2018 at 6-8 PM KST at Kyung Hee University. It'll be aired on SBS.https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=009&aid=0004225755 2. Jo Seung Woo get nominated for Grand Prize category on 2018 APAN Star Awards. The award ceremony will be held on 13 October 2018 at Kyunghee University. It'll be aired on tvN.
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