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  1. Love tis show! Really feel happy tat KKP is on the trip with his bro KNG. Can't wait to see their interactions on the train. Big thank you to subbers for all the hard work n allowing non korean viewers to enjoy the show! Kudos to crew for putting together LSK KNG LSY n KKP. Dunno much abt KMS. But the tix prank was really frightening! I would hav cried, after flying in n all the struggles with language n luggage n mentally n physically exhausted. KNG is such a kid at the toy store! Like KKP said, KNG is really immature. Can't wait for LYS to join, LYS is quite a joker on RM n think he n KNG are really gonna bring fun n laughter to the group. Must say tat the 1st meal is darn tasty looking, all the seafood! Who cares abt cholesterol! I would die happy after eating tat meal! Gd choice KKP! Tat is one visually stimulating meal!
  2. Dear all, a big thank u to all for this S1 Chief Of Staff journey. I really enjoyed reading all ur insights. For S1, am so sad to lose 2 precious characters, LSM n Mr Go(i assumed he passed on). For JTJ to take over LSM district is for him to continue LSM legacy. Althou it is kinda of shady with his methods n direction to become in charge of LSM district. Am a bit disappointed but also think it JTJ way to level the playing field. Althou now Song is Justice Minister, still 1 step ahead of him. Still once in the samil club (old men club), perhaps he could uncover some critical info n bring them all down. KSY, i feel for u. Cheered her for turning the tables on the live interview. She has brains n looks, turning crisis into opportunities. But the ending is too much for her, JTJ betrayal n possible loss of Mr Go. She has soldier on bravely with Mr Go by her side thru every possible trials thrown at her, i do hope in S2 someone capable will aid her along (again if Mr Go passed on). Ms Yun is devoted to JTJ. Can just see her becoming his Chief when he becomes Assemblyman. Do i see her devotion as blind? No she is more of the behind the scene silent type. She n JTJ must hav some undisclosed history (like how JTJ helped Han DK) for her to trust fully in JTJ plans. I do feel tat she is not 100% on board with the seobu market incident but accepted JTJ explanation. She obviously knew a bit of JTJ plan to try warn HDK off. (How not to ship her n JTJ after all they went thru?) HDK has really taken a beating thru the seobu market incident. He is finally shedding those rose tinted glasses n drawn a line between himself n JTJ. Am sad cos still pinning aft my dream team. Ok pure speculation on my part here. If Mr Go is gone, i do see HDK joining KSY team. They worked together n he is likely to see KSY goals aligned with his. Minister Song is one confusing character. I can understd him making use n discarding ppl around him. Wat really puzzles me is even aft being played/betrayed n discarding JTJ, he is still willing to accept JTJ back. As Assemblyman Jo said the viper is back with more venom, does Song actually think he can control JTJ by making him an Assemblyman? Mayb Song never intended to discard but merely to teach JTJ a lesson. There seems to be something Song see in JTJ. Mr Go has been a supportive pillar to KSY n a crucial player in so many of their plans. S1 is so cruel to leave us wondering "whodidit" n the whereabouts of HK FIU report. Hope JTJ has nothing to do with Mr Go apparent suicide. My take is JTJ managed to convince Go to give him the reports n parted ways. Then tat Lee person (construction owner) sent his men to get the reports n stage the suicide. Quite like the scene when LSM pen leaked all over JTJ shirt. LSM pen is a reminder to JTJ to do gd n just. With JTJ underbelt handling of Seobu market, the leakage is as if the gd n just has gone out of JTJ.
  3. Me tooooo..... haven't been tis active in soompi for a long time. Came back to support LJJ! N now blown away by the stellar plot n cast. Lets hope we will see OWS n Song battle it out next wk. These 2 backstabbers need a taste of their own meds. I dunno how it will end for JTJ next wk. Worried abt how he gonna deal with tge death of LSM n his political troubles. Even though LSM family like him but it will likely change when it is revealed re the illegal funds. I dun see JTJ lying to them. The guilt of wat he had done n the results will b a trial for JTJ. Currently he is alone dealing with all these n when Assemblyman Kang gets targeted, it is going to be the challenge. S1 is definitely gonna end at a high note!
  4. Pass me a box or carton of tissues! Ep 8 is totally a heartbreaker. When JTJ managed to find a way to save himself, OWS dealt him a fatal blow. No wonder the saying politics is a shady world. I know tis is drama n everything is hype up but still if politicians can bother to invest just 50% of tat energy to common gd instead of plotting evil we will have world peace. (Pardon my out of topic rant). Back to ep 8, the scene where JTJ realised LSM is being dragged in n when he tried to talk to LSM 1st time at the district office is heartbreaking. Although JTJ did wrong n should pay for his crime, never in his wildest dream would he have tot LSM will be dragged in. When LSM was tidying up district office n at the open window, i already had a bad feeling but hope tat both mentor n mentee would join hands to fight it thru. Still i can understd LSM taking his life, to spare his family of the humiliation n also to save JTJ cos with his death the bribery case should (correct me if i wrong) be closed. N perhaps LSM felt responsible for JTJ taking the 1st step down tat dark path. Tears again when JTJ met with Ms Yun. Why why why, they make a great team n now it is like all over with JTJ throwing in the towel. Next wk will b the final eps n ep 8 ended with such a cliff hanger! When is Intern Han coming back? Mayb he can find something re the workplace safety (he was looking thru the info/notes) n help JTJ turn the table around. @Yippeun_eonnie forgot abt Driver Lee, thanks! They can form the dream team n fulfill LSM legacy. On a side note, OWS has just been royally betrayed by Assemblyman Song. Cheer all around OWS is not getting Song district.
  5. Looking forward! LSY is so funny on RM. These 3 guys will definitely set the show on fire with their strange antics.
  6. Ep 7 was intense! Like the scenes between JTJ & LSM, the conflicts n the wish to protect each other as they charter thru the stormy seas of politics. Pairing them up as mentor n mentee is the highlight of the drama. Esp sad when they both realised tat there seems to be no way to compromise while staying on opposite sides of the line. The last drinks as fren. OWS is 1 sly character, so glad he is temporary out of pic esp aft tat under belt stunt involving JTJ dad. Still with the current development, OWS might make a comeback soon. Ms Yun is my fave female character now. She is so attuned to the subtle developments, probably owning to her days as reporter, n her loyalty to JTJ. Although am not sure wat qualifications a Chief of Staff must have but when JTJ becomes assemblyman, Ms Yun is definitely the woman as his Chief. HDG is the naive part of us who just believes n want to please. He will grow stronger aft all the trials n return to help JTJ.
  7. I agreed with @Cheryl295 post. Warning bells started for me when SHK signed on with china agency. Still i tot she is a veteran actress, being in industry for so long, so both of them must have worked out something feasible. Again i agreed tat both parties should settle everything as peacefully as possible to reduce the hurt n stress to themselves, families n fans. Again media is really evil, if any one of them say something then it will be reports n speculations with every imaginary outcomes n reasons; if both keep quiet then there will still be 'why the silence' reports n the imaginary speculations etc. Ultimately the biggest victims will still b both of them n their families. As echoed by many members, lets not add any more stress to fans reading this thread. Lets be patience n wait for the final outcome of their divorce. Should either party choose to disclose the reason, then fine but if not they dun really owe fans an explanation cos it is their pte lives. Peace to all
  8. Saw the news abt the variety show. Hope both will take it. Lee SunGyun gives me the vibe of being rather playful. Rmb he guest on 3MAD n was hilarious. As for Kim NamGil, i do hope he does tis cos dun think he did much variety n he seems to give off the vibe of coming up with rather unusual ideas or things. Love KNG acting since QSD n caught most of his works (priates, shark, memoir of murder, FP, Pandora). Wan see him in a unscripted situation/environment. Also variety show should be less demanding esp since he is taking some down time to recover from FP injuries.
  9. Just finished ep 1 & 2. Hooked! Never watch the american version so will not comment on the difference between them. Ep 1 was kinda of confusing, 1st 30min or so, n rewatched it to understd better. PJM survived was more like a lucky draw. In kdrama land of logics, one cannot over analysed the situation else it will start to leak everwhere. Cos wondering why secretary han was not with Pres Yang. Like ep 2 esp when PJM got into his element of data n facts, unlike the emotional army personnels who seems to just wanr to start a bar fight. Love how the drama is being paced n ep 3 looks like it will be another emotional upheaval for PJM n his team. Really enjoying both Designated Survivor n Chief Of Staff, the quick thinking leads n plots twists n stellar casting. A ha ha moment seeing Pres Yang, he has done well from Chief to Designated
  10. The divorce news is hitting many fans hard. Still it is their pte lives but being celebrities there is no such thing as pte lives sometimes. Again i echo the wise advices of many users here to not spread untrue news abt their current situation. Did sense something not quite rite esp with the wedding ring news, still SJK showed his support for SHK drama n both openly declaring all was well etc. Since we may never know the reason, i do admit SJK shocking announcement seems to put SHK in a bad light. As for the rumours of affairs with other ppl, seriously dun think SJK will do something like tat with the makeup artist or his current co star N SHK will not be having some secret love affair with PBG. There r certain lines one does not cross n believe both Song Song n the so called alleged 3rd parties have better common senses n mortal compass than to do tat. With regards to latest new abt SJK announcement without informing SHK, since both had agreed to divorce the shock is just the timing. For SJK to suddenly annouced n for SHK to find out from media does paint SJK in a bad light. Without pointing fingers, no one (other than couple n families) can say why he chose to act in tis matter. Only time will tell n till then lets respect their privacy. Can imagine how bad it is for them (couple n families) rite now to be hound by press n media. For everyone's sake, esp for their families, hope the divorce proceeding will be without drama n all will be healed with the passage of time.
  11. Sorry to cut ur post. So confirm will have season 2? Watching ep 5 now, bit anxious as it is mid point of drama. dun wan it to end
  12. 1st post after watching Chief. Supporting my oppa Lee Jung Jae for his comeback drama. So so glad he picked tis project. Hav to admit lots of political stabbings n terms went over my head but am getting the hang of it. Love how all the characters r written. Watching Chief of Staff Jang juggling so many balls while still having to keep a close watch on both foes n enemies proved his keen senses on the pulse of the political players. Assemblywoman Kang is strong woman willing to go all out to fight for her causes. I love her strong character. The romance between her n Jang is also interesting n bit like walking on a tight rope, esp Jang boss Assemblyman Song is willing to step (getting Jang to prep the path) anyone n everyone. As for Song office staff, Ms Yoon is the model worker. TBH i was kinda of rooting for her n Jang, esp knowing she seems to be carrying a torch for him. Think Lee Elijah has outdone herself with her projects n prove tat she is not just a pretty face. As for the rest of cast, am so happy to see so many veteran actors n enjoying their portrayal of their characters. On a side note, a bit sad only 10 eps as was hoping the usual 16eps. Regardless a well paced n well written drama is better than an unnecessary drawn out filled with senseless sub plots one.
  13. have yet to watch the latest ep, but really have to say tis!! RE Thunder Taxi scene (when i saw clip on twitter) 1. 1st thought: who do i have to KILL to get into the cab with Father Kim 2. 2nd thought: OMG his driving skills is just . *insert 1st thought* 3. 3rd thought: i need the number of tat taxi company and i will never be late for work EVER AGAIN. *insert 1st thought* Father Kim is nailing everything, from priest to secret agent to hot "gal" to runway model for sunglasses etc.
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