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[Drama 2016-2017] My Fair Lady (Oh My Geum-Bi) 오 마이 금비

Go Seung Ji

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I like the director's past drama Cinderella's Sister.  So I'm gonna check this out. So story centers on an 8 yr old girl suffering from dementia.  But I thought it's only for old people. This looks to be tear jerker. it's kinda like that drama Thank You in which the story centered on little girl w /aids.

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@Go Seung Ji thanks much for the updates.  Just reading the plot plus the director of this drama.. I'm in for this.  I like to watch dramas (sans hallyu stars) that tackle something deep, familial, and will involve viewers thoughts and feeling -  8 yr old, dementia, con man father, trying to  survive, make ends meet. I can tell it will be tearjerker also hope it's going to have sweet uplifting  matter of fact way of life and how to deal with situation in such trying times.

And this reminds of  Memory in  a way.  It's a fav of mine and one of  my top dramas for 2016 ( but that's just me).

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I think I prefer this drama than other for next week... Yes, It will be tearjerker but I love to see Ji Ho and Jung eun.. I want to watch something about family, dad/mom and child..  too much adult love story right now.. Will be watch this first then others with same time slot.

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Wow They say this will be heartwarming comedy but i can see the emotional impact on heart at present.

I'm joining you guys on this emotional ride. I am ready to cry.

Interview Translated by Fan


New Wed-Thurs drama ‘Oh My Geum-bi’ had a production press conference.[OSEN] This will be a healing father and daughter drama where a man Hwi-chul grows up from being a loser to a real father, taking care of his 10 year old sick daughter Geum-bi. Compared to ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ with top star Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun and ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju’ with popular young stars like Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk which are to air in the same time slot, Geum-bi has the least buzz-appeal casts and most realistic story.
KBS drama center chief Jung Sung-hyo said “Geum-bi is a drama like drama. It is a standard family drama portraying the love between father and daughter. It plans to tell a heart-warming, touching story in this cold weather. It is simple and cheerful and a drama full of sincerity.”

PD Kim Young-jo said “The unique point with our drama is trying to approach the essence. We seem to be living everyday finding wrong answers by desire, comparison with others, endless amount of news, etc. on the question ‘Who am I?’. Even though we have many memories, we still don’t know who we are. Geum-bi is only 10 years old, so she does not have many memories. And she is losing her memories. With that 10 years’ worth of memory, with Geum-bi’s presence, we will think what life we have lived, and I will do my best on that. It is story of a young kid who relay the real value of life to the grownups who live barren life in reality. If I was concerned about the competing(ratings-wide) dramas, I wouldn’t have directed this drama. But the theme was too good to pass. I thought it could be a valuable drama being centered around a family. There are tendency people who are trying to find a good value through TV are ignored, I hope we can find new value and this drama makes it, so that next drama can do well too.” Kim talked about child actress. “Heo Jung-eun is 10 years old, and doing a difficult project. I am taking that into account, and have her to take a nap. I feel like casts themselves are drama.”

Female lead Park Jin-hee said “Now that I am married to have my own family, I seem to get attracted to a project which portraits the love of family more. This is a drama talking about the life through a child, and it will show one more time what the most important truth and truth you want to ignore even though you know are.”

Male lead Oh Ji-ho said “I knew about the rival dramas. I don’t think you evaluate a drama with ratings, even though I think it is important. This drama’s ultimate weapon is Heo Jung-eun(Geum-bi). What we want to show is that we are trying to do really warm and thick acting. How much we can touch and warm the viewers’ hearts will be the show’s strength.”

Child actor Heo Jung-eun who played with park Bo-gum in ‘Moon light’ and Park Sin-yang in ‘Neighborhood lawyer Jo Deul-ho’ before said “Uncle Park Sin-yang taught me well about acting, and Park Bo-gum oppa played well with me. Uncle Oh Ji-ho teaches me well about acting and plays well with me.”

Geum-bi fighting!


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Geumbi is such a smart, spunky kid. Chip off the old block I say LoL. After reading the synopsis, I think it's goin' to be a emotionally heavy type of drama. Park Jinhee has aged a bit, loved her in Still Marry Me. Oh Jiho is v.different from his character here, he has a daughter IRL too. His chemistry w/Heo Jungeun is cute.  

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