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  1. I really hope they are not doing another reboot. We don’t want anymore memory loss, that plot get tedious fast !
  2. So I read somewhere that the Zhang from Donbei are immortal although they can be killed. So does it means that Zhang FoYe is still alive ? Just like Lt Zhang ?
  3. I really feel like we need a page with all the characters name in the three lives series. Because with more than one books and countless outtakes it gets confusing at times.
  4. Thanks for the clarification, I always felt like the amazon translated peach blossom was always a little lacking. Probably will read pillow book soon and will be waiting for Mo Yuan story if it’s in the works. And also of course LS and who know we may also get 4th bro and Zhe Yan story too one day.
  5. That definitely from his own father the heavenly lord sound lewd seeing how he was thirsting after that witch of a princess that was after ye hua. Also wondering how FJ met all those friends of hers lol she seems to be so well connected contrary to her aunt BQ. I’m especially interesting in her friendship with the underworld lord that kept helping her.
  6. Watching Pillow book was great it gave us a new way to look at Dijun. I really liked this cheeky yet detach Dijun more. And I totally love the prankster side of him.
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