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  1. Hongcha new song and koyote trending at melon.What a nice feeling. this the link of the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUG6R5B7la8
  2. actually we are happy with everything PD decide but it was sad that when pd ilyong announce yongjin as intern,some people comment on PD SNS to remove him.Lets trust our PD and his plan.
  3. yes.If im not mistake it was 7 member.I guess on season 2 it quiet promising and after bird pd left i guess the suffered critisim due the concept i guess but lee sugeun probably lose kang hodong presence which he carried as mc too.
  4. Agree.It able us to learn about yongjin as well.About the airtime,lets not worried since every member got a decent amount of airtime.I believe.
  5. no at all actually.I saw donggu is actually respond and great with yongjin actually.He get decent amount of exposure since yongjin came e.g the fishing scene and the last episode donggu actualy really funny when kim jongmin missed human bowling.I realize all the member really help each other to get each own airtime
  6. Hi,2 days 1 night is all about "WILD" concept traditioneven i accept that any PD come and go.It was really sad but people need to move on.Plus one more thing, i belive on positivity and not negativity.I love this show and member.I know a old variety program always struggle with member graduation,etc but i believe 2 days 1night member will stay and addition is good too.Its not good when we were too negative and threaten not watch the show anymore because we heard a rumors.I love all member and LYJ.He did bring the essence of season 1.I love the the mind game between member vs LYJ(in the end the member roasted LYG gameplan lol) but at the same time,the S3 vibe still there. Sometimes we need to move foward and lets open our heart.(we pray for the member stay for a long time) Lets not make this issue big because i afraid a rumor always on media attention and distract our members mind(they reconsider and actually leave!) no i dont want that.TT
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