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Queen Cherin - So-Yong (aka Cow-Dragon) - her first fusion historic drama



Now playing (Nov 2020) in her Second silver screen main role as Yoon Se-Hee in crime caper movie, 'Collector' 도굴


2020 March - her first feature film starring role as Ahn Jung-In , in "Innocent" 결백


2019 KBS Top Excellence Award for "Dan Only One Love", aka "Angel's Last Mission, Love"


It's true. She is the greatest.






6ZlUboJ.gif&key=8a98da1d3b452c3159c1a985 2018 December SBS Top Excellence Award

zvLFxHA.gif 2018 October APAN Top Excellence Award

Ik9MfCc.gif&key=9aaa31594319cd3f6ab6de25 2017 December KBS Excellence Award













Name: Shin Hye Sun  (aka Shin Hae Sun - her own preferred spelling)
Korean Name: 신혜선
Name in Hanja: 申惠善    Hui Shan ( Chinese wiki page: https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh/申惠善  )
Date of Birth: Aug 31, 1989
Height: 172cm / 5'8"
Agency: YNK Entertainment - http://ynkent.com/en



Television series

Year              Title                                                Role                                        Network
2012-13      School 2013                               Shin Hae-Sun                    KBS
2014             Angel Eyes                                  Young Cha Min-Soo        SBS
                       High School King of Savvy   Go Yoon-Joo                      tvN
2014-15      Forever Young                          Han Mi-So                            VTV  (also her name credit = Shin Hae Sun)
2015             Oh My Ghostess                      Kang Eun-Hee                   tvN
                        She Was Pretty                        Han-Seol                              MBC
2016             Five Children                             Lee Yeon-Tae                    KBS

2016             Legend of the Blue Sea        Cha Si-Ah                             SBS

2017             Secret Forest                            Young Eun-Soo                 tvN

2017             My Golden Life                         Seo Ji-An                             KBS

2018             Hymn of Death                         Yoon Shim-Duck              SBS

2018             30 But 17                                    Woo Seo-Rhee                  SBS

2019             Angel's Last Mission: Love  Lee Yeon-Seo, Choi Seol-Hee    KBS

2020             Queen Cheorin                          Kim So-Yong                      tvN

2020             Secret Forest Season 2            Young Eun-Soo (CAMEO)    tvN


Year              Title                                                Role       
2014             One Summer Night                 Sora     
                        Return Match                           Joo-yeon     
2016              A Violent Prosecutor             Electoral district chapter bookkeeper     

2016              A Day                                           Mi-Kyung

2020              Innocence                                     Ahn Jung-In

2020              Collector 도굴                              Yoon Se'Hee (세희)    

2022              She DIed 그녀가 죽었다                           


Music Video
Year               Title                                               Link      
2013             What Women Want                 Youtube    

2018             Night When I Call You             Youtube                 by NAUL

2018             Snowfall  눈이내린다               Youtube                  by g.o.d.


Variety Shows TV
Year              Title                                                              Episode / Date     
2016             Happy Together 3                                  Ep 435 / 2016-02

2016             Happy Together 3                                  Ep 455 / 2016-05 , *** 

2016             E-weekly / Guerilla Date                      2016-07-30

2017             E-weekly / Guerilla Date                      2017-01-26

2018             Running Man                                           Ep 412 / 2018-08-05

2018             Ugly Duckling (미운우리새끼)             Ep 99, 100 / 2018-08-05, 12

2018             SBS Drama Awards MC                       2018-12-31

2019             E-weekly / Guerilla Date                       2019-05-17 ( 1 , 2 )

2019             KBS Drama Awards MC                       2019-12-31

2020             Knowing Bros (아는형님)                     Ep 218 / 2020-02-22

2020             Running Man (런닝맨)                           Ep 491, 492 / 2020-02-23,24

2020             HipCulture Xpress (문명특급 )            Ep 99 / 2020-02-27



Instagram     https://www.instagram.com/shinhs831/

Soompi Tag  http://www.soompi.com/tag/shin-hye-sun/

Twitter Fan Pages   https://twitter.com/shinhsarchive     https://twitter.com/search?q=신혜선 

Her Best Image Archive by hyesun_831 tweeter http://hyesun-smile831.tistory.com/category 

Wikipedia     https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/신혜선 (up to date info about SHS but in Korean only)



      Cell Fusion C 

      Sae-Ma-Eul Bank (MG새마을금고) - https://ibs.kfcc.co.kr

      Kérastase  - https://www.kerastase-usa.com/    

      Botanic Heal BoH  - Count all the SHS CF Movie

      Olive Young  - http://www.oliveyoung.co.kr/

      Puma Korea  - https://kr.puma.com/   https://www.instagram.com/puma_kr/

      it Michaa  - http://itmichaa.sisun.com/

      Red Seal  - http://www.redseal.co.nz/

      LovCat Bijoux  - https://www.instagram.com/lovcatbijoux/  http://lovcat.co.kr/

      Carlyn Mall  -     https://www.instagram.com/carlynbag/  http://www.carlynmall.com/shop/main/index.php

      AQUTOP Cosmetics https://www.instagram.com/aqutop_official/   http://aqutop.com/ (thru Oct 2018)

      CHEVY 2016 CRUZE 






2019 KBS Drama Award - Top Excellence Award!! for 'Angel's Last Mission - Love'   source

2019 KBS Drama Award - Best Couple Award with Kim Myung-Soo (L)

2018 SBS Drama Award - Top Excellence Award!! (M/Tu drama) for '30 but 17'   source

2018 APAN Award - Top Excellence Award ! (Long drama) for 'My Golden Life'    source


2017 KBS - Excellence Award (Long drama) for 'My Golden Life'

2017 KBS - Best Couple Award for 'My Golden Life'


2016 Scene Stealer Festival - Rookie Actress Award


 2008 National Young / Youth Theater Festival Monologue Competition Gold Medal Winner! Link to story



❤️ ❤️ ❤️ YNK BTS pictorials of all her work on NAVER - the BEST high quality candids and visuals!❤️ ❤️ ❤️


 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ https://shinhyesundiary.wixsite.com/wseori0820  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  my personal favorite SHS fan site!

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Waa, she is such a giant cutie! I watch her in Oh My Ghostess and couln't belive when she play some cute sly fox in She Was Pretty. I totally love her in Five Enough, I wish to see her in more project and different role. :heart:

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Initially i thought she looks like Moon Geun-young (문근영). But i think Shin Hyesun has her own charm too ^_^.... Only knew her because of "Five Enough", have not watched any of her other shows. Maybe after FE then.

I think she can be a very versatile actress, cute, charming and maybe even sexy at times :wub::w00t::rolleyes:. Looking forward to her in other shows. Heres to share some things which i found about her:

(From drama "Five Enough") *one of the pic i like most from the following website




Saw this clip some time ago, SHS's "Ideal-Man World Cup". Did she said she choose Kim Woobin cos' of his broad shoulder?? SH's not bad too, u know SHS-ssi :phew::phew::phew:!!!! Anyway, think this is based on their outfit fashion. Imagine too if Won-bin is one of the candidate :wub::wub::wub:.



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Shin Hye-sun, first newcomer award at 'Scene Stealer Festival' since her debut, "An Honor, will recompense through my acting"
Entertainment. published 2016/07/22 11:05

Shin Hye-sun, has become a captivating actress... Scores her first newcomer prize at the "Scene Stealer Festival".
[Diodeo News] Actress Shin Hye-sun has claimed her first newcomer award after her debut.

Shin Hye-sun, on the 19th of July, at the '2016 Scene Stealer Festival' (held at Seoul Central JangChoong Athletic Center), embraced her award for the best Female NewComer. The 'Scene Stealer Festival' is for actors/actresses who have captured the viewers' and audience's hearts through outstanding and powerful acting.

Shin Hye-sun, in the movie "Violent Prosecutor" (opened February 2016), gained a spotlight through her kiss scene with Gang DongWon; in tvN's "O My Ghostess", MBC's "She was Pretty", KBS2 "Five Children", etc., she has quietly compiled a filmography in which she has gained a reputation for her (on-stage) presence.

Shin Hye-sun said "(Lately, more so than at any other time) since my debut I have received so much love from so many audiences and viewers, and thanks to your love I am able to enjoy this once in a lifetime Best Rookie award," conveying that "I aim to become an actress worthy of your expectations and attention, and to repay my deep appreciation through my acting."

Along with Shin Hye-sun, group SHINee's Onew, through his work in KBS2 drama "Descendents of the Sun", claimed the Male NewComer award at this ceremony.

In addition Ko Chang-seok, Kim Sang-ho, Kim In-kwon, Park Chul-min, Ra Mi-ran, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Moon Jung-hee, Yeh Ji-won, Jang Young-nam, Jang Hyun-sung, Jo Jae-yoon, etc. are mentioned as "2016 Scene Stealer Festival" winners.

Following the current "Five Children", Shin Hye-sun has confirmed that, along with actors Kim Myung-min and Byun Yo-han, she will begin work on the movie "One Day" (Director Cho Sun-ho).

Her agency, YNK entertainment, stated that they "thank the audience and viewers for the love received, it is a great honor," and that they would "do their utmost through a variety of projects to show Shin Hye-sun's charms and talents which have not yet been on display."

(Photos - © YNK Entertainment)
Kim Soo-jung reporting - pretty_sj@diodeo.com




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I like the fact tht shs is so true to herself.she is one of a kind. She really show her talent and not using any sexiness to capture people's heart. I do hope in future projects will not have any skin-show by her.chaebal shs. Just be you and people will always love you.

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[Interview #1] Shin HyeSun "Cheesy style like SungHoon's has grown on me"
2016-06-20 14:00:10

Shin HyeSun, in KBS2 'Five Children', is shown in a love story with SungHoon. Shin HyeSun, portraying the role of 'dating-clueless' turned 'love-fairy' Lee YeonTae, appears in our introduction interview. Choi MoonYoung reporting - deer@sportschosun.com

The reigning top weekend drama KBS2 "Five Children"'s Shin HyeSun has met with Sports Chosun. Shin HyeSun is playing the role of Lee YeonTae, the 'national yam' (one who makes everyone in the country 'frustrated' [#1]). As if it wasn't enough for her to be called 'Tuna Thief' for stealing the lips of Kang DongWon [#2] in the movie "Violent Prosecutor", she has now even stolen the heart of 'hot guy' SungHoon [#3]. The title of a 'professional thief of male hearts' would not be an exaggeration for her. We're about to hear the story of this one who has skyrocketed in popularity and has captured South Korean men's and women's hearts alike.
[#1: Yam (sweet potato) implies 'heartburn' from her clueless ways, in the way you may feel after having swallowed a yam whole without the aid of any beverages.]
[#2: Actor Kang DongWon = 'Tuna' for a brand of tuna with the same name.]
[#3: 'HoonNam' is play on syllable 'Hoon', meaning 'decorated'.]

My first impression of actress Shin HyeSun - is cool/open/breezy. Bright greetings, clear audible voice, and her 172cm (5'8") lanky frame also. Saying that she fantasizes about a more petite, feminine-formed version of herself, she smiles shyly.

"Of course as a woman I have the same basic desire/interest about beauty, but my preoccupation with 'wanting to appear pretty' is relatively on the lesser side", Shin HyeSun opened the conversation. In fact, Shin HyeSun who found her way to the interview was almost completely without make-up. With her natural smile and appearance, she gave a relaxed impression and an atmosphere where we can carry on a conversation comfortably.

Granting that clothing, appearance, make-up, etc., all those elements are important, Shin HyeSun revealed her conviction that certainly for an actress, her ability to act is the most important. Is it because of such devotion [to her art]? Shin HyeSun has been receiving much love through her work like last year's drama 'O My Ghostess' and 'She was Pretty', this year's movie 'Violent Prosecutor', and her current work in 'Five Children'.

Shin has appeared in consecutive hot projects. Asked if she feels the 'stardom', she says, "I sense that a drama is doing well, but I don't feel immediate 'stardom'. Compared to the past when I am walking around, many people do recognize me more, but still I don't think to myself, 'Have I become a Star?'", displaying her humility.

In 'Five Children', Shin HyeSun is currently playing the role of a slow-witted relationship-challenged Lee YeonTae who has recently finally opened her heart to actor SungHoon's cheesy but most direct ('fastball' approach) character; and they have begun a sweet couple romance. She states that what seems at first like a completely unlikely chemistry between such a love-clueless woman and an aggressively forward male is what seems to be YeonTae-SangMin couple's main attraction. When asked how she felt about men with 'cheesy' style, she said, "actually cheesy lines and overt [presentation of self to come off as] pretty doesn't work well for me. But as I get older, I seem to like it more (big laughs). While cheesy/immature/unrefined things would make me say, "huh, what?", yet part of my heart can respond with flutters," she responded.

She has grabbed my bait. Conversation about Shin HyeSun's love life has begun! Gathering momentum, I asked her if her real dating style is similar to that of Lee YeonTae. "I tend to be a type who speaks honestly. His emotions? I pick up on it quickly! I can generally tell if the other person has interest in me or not. So I am not 'dating-clueless' but about average, dating-wise, I'd say? I think a lot by myself." Her lack of pretensiousness and craftiness, and her naturally charming ways made everyone at the interview scene smile.

However, the self-proclaimed average dater states that she would not do any one-sided crush because it's too difficult. She says that in anything once she gets preoccupied, she has a tendency to be obsessive about that one thing. Therefore she would "either not think about it at all, or consider it better to 'take care of it' quickly", giving her honest reply.

[Sports Chosun New Media Team - Lee JongHyung intern reporter], photos Choi MoonYoung reporter - deer@sportschosun.com


[Interview #2] Shin HyeSun "Wants to explain 40-bottles of Soju story"
2016-06-20 14:00:14

Shin HyeSun is receiving much love through KBS2 "Five Children" Lee YeonTae's role. She would like to clear up a misunderstanding regarding her drinking mentioned during her variety show appearance. Choi MoonYung reporting - deer@sportschosun.com

Through "She was Pretty", "Violent Prosecutor", "Five Children", Shin HyeSun has attained to the 'rising star' ranks. She has revealed that she would like to explain what was said about 40 bottles of Soju in her KBS show "Happy Together" episode appearance. Turns out that our 'Icon of Abstinence' Shin HyeSun ends up telling us her life stories.

There are many keywords that are attached to Shin HyeSun. "Tuna Thief", "Art High school Jeon JiHyun [look-alike]", etc., along with a variety of nicknames; and what is it about 40-bottles of Soju? It's the 'Happy Together' episode where she had confessed to drinking with 4 friends 40 bottles of Soju. Because of the drinking images that appeared during this story, the 40-bottle nickname has grievously followed her.

"I can drink alcohol this well!" was not the point. With my early 20's friends who don't know much about alcohol, with an attitude of experimentation, we had challenged ourselves to 'let's try it'. So during an overnight trip we decided to experiment. We were dead for a few days afterwards. Even seeing the color green made me want to puke."

Shin HyeSun explained regarding the exaggerated images. After the 40 bottles she had no strength to even act out, and just passed out, she said. She's not even the type to enjoy drinking/song/dance usually. But with the drunk image that's tied to her now, she couldn't just refuse drinks anymore, so reluctantly she drinks what she's offered, she said.

In actuality, rather than drinking/song/dance, Shin HyeSun says she's closer to a home body. On rest days, she has slept 12 hours, even upto 18 hours. Whether soju or sleep, eschewing modesty, she seems rather to be aiming for first place in these activities.

Home body Shin HyeSun says she also enjoys comics (manga) and watching anime. Especially Japanese Gag & Samurai animation called 'EunHon' [Gintama?] is what she loves the most. "EunHon is the best. When I'm on break I don't want to watch anything sad. These totally absurd situations out of nowhere where you must use '내공' (inner know-how) to comprehend, this special sense of humor, I really love those. True masterpieces."

Speaking with passion, Shin HyeSun says that in her college years, she would stay up all night to engage in debates about anime. Somehow her hobby has bit of an 'otaku' [Japanese for obsessive veneration] feel shall we say? Telling this reporter that next time we should have an interview just talking about anime, she exhibited unlimited love for anime.

Such unexpected charm from Shin HyeSun. Long after this, she was yacking about anime until the interview came to a close. Overflowing with her natural, genuine charms, we wish Shin HyeSun the best in her future work.


From June, but we get to learn more about her from this fairly long interview. :blush::wub:

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25 minutes ago, OliviaMT said:

By the way....everyone is saying she is 5'8'' but .....172 cm is closer to 5' 7''


Thanks for the thread! I'm a new fan of hers!



Haha 5.643 ft = 5 ft 7.7 in.

Thanks for joining. It's quiet here, so it feels more special ;)

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In shs june interview, i understand more about her feeling. Shs really acts tough. I think she really likes SH but she felt tht SH is kinda cold towards her (or maybe Sh is too shy to approach her) or maybe SH didnt think abt going into serious relationship or maybe im thinking too much..bwahaha..thus SHS dont want to approach SH unless SH really show interest towards her.sorry really really bad english:grimace:

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Here's a video of SHS when she accepted the (Female) Newcomer "Scene Stealer" Award: She's statuesque & beautiful! :) Btw, the video includes her acceptance speech. The only thing I understood was "thank you!" But still, she's cute! :D

Thanks to @stroppyse for providing the translation of her speech:
"I was shaking so much… I want to give thanks for an award like this, and just being here in the same place with such great seniors (in the industry), it’s such an honor. I keep thinking that I want to work hard and to do bigger roles. Thank you so much.  I’ll work harder in the future. Thank you."



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