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[Drama 2012] School 2013 학교2013

Guest reijaye

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Guest reijaye


School 2013 / 학교 2013

학교 / School

Episodes: 16

Broadcast Network: KBS2

Release Date: December 3rd, 2012 - TBA

Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55KST

Official Website: KBS

PDLee Eung Bok and Lee Min Hong

Writers: Ko Jeong Won and Lee Hyeon Joo

Replaced: Ohlala Couple

High school is one of the most challenging is one of the most tumultuous, challenging times of anyone's life.
The Tough coursework, the turmoil, the power struggles, the crushes and the unrequited love.
Teacher Jung In Jae (Jang Nara) and Kang Se Chan (Choi Daniel) are teachers try to steer their students  on the proper course.
Classmates Go Nam Soon (Lee Jeong Suk), Son Ha Kyung (Park Se young), Lee Kang Joo (Ryu Hyo Young), Park Heung Soo (KIm Woo Bin) and
Kim Min Ki (Choi Chang Yub) try to navigate the ups and downs ad survive the challenges of HS.



Jang Nara as Jung In Jae (31) – Teaches Korean; Home room teacher of Grade II Class 2. Nickname: Jung Ssaem (Teacher Jung).
Although she looks sweet but feeble, she is actually extremely tenacious and strong-willed even though she is a scaredy cat underneath.
She’s the type that acts on impulse and regrets afterwards.
She became a substitute teacher after failing her teacher certification
 exam following her graduation from a teacher’s college.
Her mentality is that school exists solely to train students to withstand the whip.
However by chance she became the homeroom teacher for Class 2. She will now have to face the crisis of being the teacher of the blue void.


Daniel Choi as Kang Se Chan (31) - Teaches Korean; Respected former language teacher; CEO of Sechan Academy;
 Grade II Class 2 co-homeroom teacher.
Graduated from Seoul University with a degree in Korean Language Arts. Teacher in one of Gangnam's top academies.
Stylish, charming, chic and even charismatic, he completely hooks students and their parents into his dominion.
"The Winner Takes All", he believes that school should be a place where students are molded into winners. Because of a painful past,
memory when he was a novice teacher - he no longer accepts 'disciples' but only students. It's a complete mystery
why a successful academy teacher suddenly quit his job to come to teach at Seungri High School.


Lee Jong Seok as Go Nam Soon (19) - Grade II Class 2 President. 33rd place out of 34 in the class.

He's not the talkative type, and also has a hidden secret. He does not make any close friends. He doesn't like conflicts but he doesn't like
running away from them either. When situation arise, he's the type of guy to say - 'screw it' and dive head first into the problem.
He doesn't have any dreams or ambitions. He has no intention of going to university, so whenever he takes exams, he fills all the answer
with one choice and goes to sleep. Although he wants to quietly graduate from hhigh school without any problems, as he
enters 2nd semester, he unexpectedly become the 'pants president' of his class and finds that his life is about to get more complicated.


Park Se Young as Song Ha Kyung (18) - Class 2 Vice President; Seungri's Kim Tae hee; 1st place in the class and the entire school.
Because she's not just beautiful but smart, brave and confident. Her grades looks and even wealth is within the top 1 of Korea.
She is currently preparing her 'specifications' in order to get into Seoul University. She claims her saddest moment in life was when
she admitted into Seungri High School and is greatly ashamed. She only decided to go because she was not accepted into the Special-Purpose
High School, she applied for. She catches people around her by surprise because of her straightforward way
of speaking and her bold actions which is the opposite of how she looks.


Kim Woo Bin as Park Heung Soo (19) - Held back transfer student; Legendary fighter; Class position unknown.

He's your hyung-nim fellow student. He's tall, buff and mean looking, but also old. He's moved from five school from KyungkI Do to Seoul
as if he's shopping for a school. He's tough, harsh, violent and fights well but he's also smart. However on the outside he acts and looks distant
and uninterested. Rumor has it that he regarded as a legendary fighter who suppressed and kept the peace of the whole Kyungki Do.


Hyo Young as 
Lee Kang Joo (18) - Nickname Kkang Joo' 10th place in her class.
She's such a tomboy that one can say there are girls, boys, and Kkang Joo, in Grade II Class 2.
She has large spending habits, a large voice, large actions and her looks, way of speaking and personality are all bold. She acts before she thinks
and her feet flies before she speaks. She reads books more than she studies and anything she finds fun, she finds puts all her efforts into.
However she's also quick to get tired of things so her goal in life is always changing.

Relationship Chart





Credits : dramabeans, darkmurfsub, hancinema, asianwiki, viiki

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Guest jjsweeter0211

Lee Jong Suk - Yes!Jang Na Ra as teacher - Hmm Yes! Loved her in Baby- Faced Beauty ~Wishing Kim Woo Bin , Lee Se Young and Lee Yu Bi confirm for the roles.I hope to see all of the young rising stars in this drama. That would be so awesome!~
Can they cast?
Nam Ji Hyun

Shin Eun Kyung
Kim Ji Won김지원-오란씨걸_014.jpg

Lee Hyun Woo

Yeo Jin Goo2012022200755_0.jpg
Kim Yoo Jung

Kim So Hyun

Lee Min Ho
Yoo Seung Ho

Park Eun Bin


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class="at_ttl ml10"Lee Jong Suk Casted For 'School' "Will Be Be The Next Jo In Sung?"

Actor Lee Jong Suk's casting for the KBS 2TV drama 'School,' was confirmed.

Actor Lee Jong Suk's casting for the KBS 2TV drama 'School,' was confirmed.  

Producer Hwang Eu Kyung said on the 17th of October, "Lee Jong Suk will be joining 'School.' We did not have the final contract, so we are still in the process of arranging. He will be appearing as a male student that is heavy. His character will have failed a grade 1~2 times, and has no interest in studying. He will be a character that always gets into accidents and causes trouble."

Lee Jong Suk appeared in the SBS drama 'Secret Garden,' MBC sitcom 'High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged.' He also appeared in the KBS 2TV special drama 'When I Was The Prettiest,' as the character Yoon Jung Hyuk. 

Singer Jang Na Ra will be appearing as the female teacher in the drama. The students will be actor Lee Se Young, Lee Yoo Bi, and they are expected to be the second Kim Min Hee and Bae Doo Na. 

Bae Yong Jun's Key East drama production team Contents K showed interested earlier on since August 26th, and it will be the second work after 'Ooh La La Couple.'

Producer Lee Min Hong from the KBS 2TV drama 'School 1,' and producer Lee Eung Bok from KBS 2TV 'Dream High' will be working together and attracted attention. 

'School' will be airing after 'Ooh La La Couple,' in late November or in the beginning of December.


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Guest CountMcAwesomeness

Wooh, the cast looks amazing!
I  look forward to see more information about the  storyline of this drama!

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Lee JongSuk's character sounds like  Yoo Seungho's character in God Of Study .. I Hope they'll cast Pretty Fresh Faces hoping for more cute Guys ... I hope Kim Woobin being a part of this drama will remain as a rumor.. heheheheeee..!!! 
I Hope they will cast someone who can act and someone who looks like a real HS Student..!!! such asKang Minhyuk, Shin WonHo, Woori(Heartstrings), Kim JiWon(TTBY) and also the Fat Guy in GOD of Study ..!!! hoping to see some DH2 faces ..!!and also I would like the Real School sitcom teacher to be part of this..!!!
Hwaiting..!!! I'm anticipating this drama so much..!!!

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I'm hoping this ain't trueimage.jpg?w=600

A picture showcasing the final cast list of "School" was released. 

The picture included all the actors and actresses that were previously confirmed (Jang Na Ra, Lee Dong Gun, Lee Yoo Bi and Kim Woo Bin), but the picture included 2 new faces that weren't previously confirmed, Lee Se Young and Ji Young Jin.

Lee Se Young is currently staring in the KBS1 drama "The King's Dream" but is most know for her role in "Beijing My Love" in 2008. Ji Young Jin is a rookie actor and this will be his first drama.


but Lee Jong Suk is not in the picture.. and I'm trying to search in nate,daum and Naver I only saw Jang Nara & Lee JongSuk.. I want Lee Yoobi to be in this drama so badly & Shinwonho

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Aww, I would have liked Jang Nara and Lee Dong Gun in the same drama... I'm also hoping for Lee Yoobi to be confirmed because I think she could make it big with a little more experience.

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Choi Daniel Joins ‘School 2013’ While 5Dolls Hyoyoung in Negotiation


The upcoming production of KBS’ School 2013 is quickly filling out its cast.

The latest casting news confirmed Choi Daniel would be joining Jang Nara to play a school teacher in the drama.

Choi Daniel will take on the role of Kang Se Chan, a popular contract-based language arts and literature teacher who possesses both good looks and a smooth demeanor and is a firm believer a teacher’s quality will have tremendous influence on his students.


Choi Daniel and Jang Nara will portray teachers who go through a realistic portrayal of the struggles and joys of the life of a high school teacher in Korea.

In addition, 5Dolls Hyoyoung, the twin sister of former T-ara member Hwayoung, is said to be in discussion to join the show’s cast.

According to reports, Hyoyoung has been offered the role of a female student at the school and has only a final meeting with the show’s producers left.

School 2013 will be an update to the famed School series from the 90s which starred some of today’s top actors before they became truly famous including Jang Hyuk, Bae Doo Na, Choi Kang Hee and more.

The new updated version of the drama is scheduled to begin filming in early November.

Photo Credit: KBS, Core Contents Media

Credit :
  CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

i have no issue with Choi daniel, its oke for me. But, it will make me boring if Jang Nara get together again with choi daniel after their previous drama (forgot that name, KBS too ). but the best will happen for this drama :D
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Guest jjsweeter0211

Choi Daniel cast for "School - Season 5"

Source | 2012/10/22


Actor Choi Daniel is working with Jang Na-ra once again in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama "School - Season 5".

Choi takes on the role of Kang Se-chan a former English teacher and current lecturer.

Kang se-chan is a hard-hitting speaker with talent in speaking and charismatic. He leads his students well with his talents and is treated the best out of all teachers. He believes the quality of a teacher handles the kids future and tries to be the most upright teacher.

This will be Choi's second time with Jang Nara after the KBS 2TV drama "Babyfaced Beauty".

The production claimed, "Choi Daniels elite visual and understanding of the children's problems as well as the problems faced by teachers in real life, is going to connect well with those watching".

Meanwhile, "School - Season 5" is a collaboration by Lee Min-hong and Lee Eung-bok. This is the first "School" series to be remade in ten years since the last "School". To be aired after "Ooh La La Couple".

Source : star.moneytoday.co.kr... ( English )

Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/choi-daniel-cast-for-school--season-5-48893.html#gT4fmB36CLdAWthz.99 
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Guest jjsweeter0211

Daniel Choi, Kim Woo-bin confirmed for School

by javabeans | October 23, 2012 | 


Adorable! Daniel Choi is joining the remake of 1990s youth drama School, which is now going by the name (still a working title) 2013 School.

That means he’s reteaming with Jang Nara, which I love because they were so adorable and sweet together in Baby-Faced Beauty. Sure, I did wish for more spine and affection from her since he was always the one making the overtures, but he was so damn cute about it that I can’t help but be excited about their reunion here. While that drama didn’t give them much in the way of sweeping romance, they did have a way with bickering charm that hit a nice balance of light-heartedness and masked flirting (well, on his end. Which is why it was so fun to watch).

It’ll be fun to watch these two engage in a wholly new dynamic for School, though, because his character is completely different from the adorkable whiny-brat-turned-maturing-adult he played in Baby-Faced Beauty. Here he’ll project a gentle manner, competent skills, and classy looks as language teacher Kang Se-chan, who’s wildly popular with both students and parents. Se-chan is described as both a straight-shooter and a glib speaker, which seems like total opposites but which I can actually see him pulling off. Daniel Choi does have a way with line deliveries.

Kim Woo-bin, Hyo-young

As for the rest of the cast: Kim Woo-bin (A Gentleman’s Dignity, White Christmas) has confirmed, yay! I’m a little nervous about the statement by a rep saying, “Compared withLee Jong-seok who has already been cast, there’s a bigger likelihood that Kim Woo-bin will play the rebel student.” Because I’m thinking, You don’t know yet? You’re casting people before you have roles for them?!

But… I’m determined to think positively because I so much want for 2013 School to be a good show. Please be a good show!

Meanwhile, idol star Hyo-young of 5dolls, sister to former T-ara member Hwa-young, is the latest name being offered up as a potential cast member. Nothing’s confirmed yet but they’re reportedly in negotiations and official word should be out in another day (so it sounds pretty settled for her). If she ends up signing on, Hyo-young’s role will not be a main one; she’d be one of the supporting characters.

Lee Yubi of Nice Guy, however, will not be joining the drama due to scheduling conflicts.

2013 School will follow Oohlala Spouses on Mondays and Tuesdays and will air beginning in December.

Via FN News

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Choi Daniel to star opposite Jang Nara again


Choi Daniel has been cast in the KBS2 drama "School - Season 5" which boasts Hallyu star Jang Nara in its lineup already.
Just over a week after Jang was cast, Choi's participation was revealed on Oct. 23, generating much interest as the two starred in "Babyfaced Beauty" last year.

Despite their history, their roles in the upcoming show are in stark contrast.
Choi is set to play a handsome, well mannered, multi-talented, cream of the crop teacher while Jang will play the opposite: A temp teacher who failed to pass her teachers' examination.

"The chemistry between Choi and Jang should be interesting to see", said a spokesperson from KBS2.

By Carla Sunwoo [carlasunwoo@joongang.co.kr]

Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/choi-daniel-to-star-opposite-jang-nara-again-48905.html#h6FdJQfg8i0gRppH.99

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Guest jjsweeter0211


School finalizes its female student lineup

by javabeans | October 26, 2012 | 


javabeans: Remake drama 2013 School finally has its female cast in place with the casting of Park Se-young, who almost seems too old for the role despite actually being fairly young ‘n green at 24. It’s just, once you’ve played a commanding queen (Noguk inFaith), how do you then go back to the throes of adolescent uncertainty?

girlfriday: I’m actually surprised she’s so young, because after Faith she doesn’t seem to fit in with the high school crowd.

javabeans: She could totally be playing characters in the Park Min-young / Han Hyo-joo age bracket. With more experience, I mean. She’s promising, but still a little rough around the edges. Likable, though, and with emotive eyes.

girlfriday: Yeah she hasn’t blown me away or anything, but she’s good for being green, and she doesn’t go overboard with anything, which is nice. Noguk is just a really good character to have as your first big role.

javabeans: Doesn’t hurt to have Ryu Deok-hwan there to elevate your performance, either. Though I suppose the director’s doing nobody any favors. In any case, Park has been confirmed alongside idol singer Hyo-young, who was previously teased as a possibility as a secondary character, who has the “second biggest female role” of the cast. A third female student will be played by a newbie named Jeon Su-jin. Literally, she’s so new there are no photos of her, and no online profile.

girlfriday: Is she new, or really mysterious? Maybe it’s a thing.

javabeans: Possibly both, but definitely new, in that she was picked out of auditions for background students and stuck out for her “strong personality and charm.” I’m taking that as a positive sign.

girlfriday: I really hope this drama does something interesting and out of the ordinary, because another fluff-only high school drama would be a waste.

javabeans: Park Se-young looks like our main female lead (based on the list so far), which I’m okay with. I do think she seems older than Lee Jong-seok and Kim Woo-bin.


girlfriday: For some reason Kim Woo-bin seems older than the rest, but that’s probably not right, is it? These tall boys are deceptively young.

javabeans: I don’t think he is. Yup, he’s a 1989-er, along with Lee Jong-seok. He seems young to me, actually, though maybe that’s because he’s also got that gawky green aura about him.

girlfriday: Yeah I always want Kim Woo-bin to stand up straight and enunciate, but then, that awkwardness is also part of his charm. Kinda like Lee Min-ho the early years, in front of people (not so much in front of camera).

javabeans: Yes. Gangly dorks with model looks and bashful personalities? It’s a strangely winning combo.

girlfriday: It’s that you-don’t-know-you’re-hot-yet thing.

javabeans: Right? I think everybody has a really short period in their lives when they grow into their looks but don’t know it yet. Though really, I’m pretty sure he knows he’s hot. Then again, I’m basing my impression of him much more off his clueless Vampire Idol character than his Gentleman’s Dignity punk.

girlfriday: I luff that character. I mean, he fell in love with a bunny. Er, a girl in a bunny suit, but he didn’t know that. Being an alien vampire and all.

javabeans: And he made her talk! She went from 0 to 80 in about two seconds flat once he worked his oblivious mojo. Mostly by being sweet and adorable. Gah, now I really wish Lee Yubi had taken this drama. She would chat circles around him, and he’d just stare at the pretty girl talking a mile a minute like it’s a foreign language, amazed that she could like him back. Gah, now I’m just sad Vampire Idol wasn’t better.

girlfriday: You and me both.

javabeans: But getting back on topic… Lee Yubi aside, I’m willing to see where Park Se-young takes it.

girlfriday: They’re certainly going to look gorgeous together. What I’m most curious about is the tone of this drama. Is it going to be 90210 or Saved By the Bell? Thankfully those aren’t our only choices, but yunno what I mean.

javabeans: If those were our two choices I would swear off teen dramas forever. Thank god there’s a Buffy for every Dawson, a Shut Up for every To the Beautiful You.

girlfriday: Yes, to keep order and balance and harmony in the world. It’s like yin and yang, but with hormones and zits and embarrassing life choices.

Via Star News

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Guest jjsweeter0211

"School - Season 5" Park Se-yeong, Ryo Hyo-yeong, Jeon Soo-jin

Source | 2012/10/28 | 


The upcoming KBS 2TV drama "School - Season 5" revealed the school girl line up.

The KBS drama department told My Daily on the 26th, "The line up for "School - Season 5" has been figured out but the school girl line up isn't quite so ready".

"Park Se-yeongRyoo Hyo-yeong and Jeon Soo-jin are thinking about it and they are 90% ready to go. Unless there is a big change they will be part of the drama and there might be changed since they haven't signed any contracts".

Park Se-yeong's agency revealed, "She is thinking positive. It's great that they thought about her. It's most likely she will star in it".

Meanwhile, "School - Season 5" is an original that started in 1999 while creating various stars. Jang Nara and Choi Daniel star as teachers and Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin are also starring in the drama.

This drama is co-produced by Lee Min-hong and Lee Eung-bok and is written by Lee Hyeon-joo and Ko Jeong-won. Coming in December after "Ooh La La Couple".

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/school--season-5-park-se-yeong-ryo-hyo-yeong-jeon-soo-jin-49112.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter#kfWoHc0BQWbYuJVF.99 
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