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[Drama 2016] Beautiful Mind 뷰티풀 마인드


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@Prettysup- still adding cast? Don't recognize this guy.

Anyway hope to see a relationship chart and more photos

Love Jang hyuk's hairstyle in teaser- he looks young and hot, park Seyoung very pretty and the other guys very intimidating and interesting expressions 

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@Gerry58 That guy above is listed as 'Park Hyun Suk' on instagram, I think he is just one of the smaller characters in the show.

And yes, JH does look good in that teaser, along with the other actors and actresses. However I was wondering why did he say he can read their minds when he is a neurological surgeon rather than a psychiatrist ?


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"Beautiful Mind" releases teaser with Jang Hyuk’s piercing stare

KBS releases a teaser for new Monday/Tuesday drama, starring Jang Hyuk and others.

The story is about a genius surgeon who cannot feel the emotions of others, and how he gradually for the first time start to feel emotions and gradually recover the love that he once lost. The teaser starts with Jang Hyuk’s piercing stare, followed by each actors expressing emotions such as joy, anxiety, calculative, contempt, defence, and tension etc.

Park Se Young, Heo Joon Ho, Oh Jung Se and other actors perfectly expressed the emotions within a very short time, which Jang Hyuk seems to see through each of them.

Jang Hyuk said in a voiceover : "Look at me, so I can understand you." The screens were filled with words of the actors’ emotions in various languages, giving it a novel approach.

“Beautiful Mind” will premiere on June 20th.


Source : http://www.koreastardaily.com/sc/news/78799

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59 minutes ago, Prettysup said:

Ok after some sleuthing and face-matching work, I finally managed to put a name to all the actors who appeared in the teaser yesterday!

@Prettysup thanks for all the updates and the hard work naming all actors who appeared in the teaser. I loves! This serious medical drama.  Not 'flowery' actors. I. Dunno the actors in this drama except JH and PSD. I've seen PSY drama before.  Though some look familiar. So two k medical drama.. Beautiful Mind and Doctors. I'm going to watch both. And as what  I've said   previous post I'll probably give edge to BM medical/storywise :)

JH and his stare <3

@Gerry58 oh that teaser! thanks. I like.

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@Prettysup- thanks 2 great news. Goes to show the Chinese drama have improved and so efficient. Very happy to see the full cast. Can't wait for them all to appear. 

Hope this drama will be a great success. Kbs please give us fans more photos 

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