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  1. wy and jun.k spotted during performance for military- both looking healthy and fit
  2. new photo of sy posted by her beautician- she is wearing a beautiful black dress looking very pretty- hope it is for another magazine photoshoot The cast got a visit from 2 VIPs - hope sy gets more opportunities to do more dramas
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxzyWXiJnfZ/?igshid=1gwzt0sslxy60
  4. another article about Sy Great news- sy singing the 4th OST- wow amazing opportunity to showcase her sweet voice
  5. so happy there are more of these articles of sy. They mentioned her great transformation into detective plus housewife- shows she made the right choice in doing this role- not another secretary or spoiled rich girl. Would like to see her doing a long historical drama next. By the way Taec is out of military, everyone now waiting for wy and jun.k
  6. Very happy that sy got more screentime this week- glad she is helping her ex hubby to fight against the bad guys- her fighting scenes are pretty good this week mbc is first in rating- Sy’s drama reach 8.7%- hope remains high so the cast can get reward trip
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