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  1. Thanks for the great news- i’ll definitely watch for wy - he’s funny and so entertaining. Still no sound from sy- looks like she is taking a long break, hopefully she can start work soon when Korea beats the covid 19 virus Hope u and everyone is safe. I am staying home most of the time, watching movies, exercising and trying to do some baking. Looks like this year can’t travel much, hopefully things get better soon.
  2. Finally wy is back from military safe and sound. How time flies, can’t believe it is almost 2 years ago he went. Very happy to see khun and jun.k came to welcome him back. Hope 2pm have reunion soon but I guess have to wait till the coronavirus is gone. Haven’t seen sy for a long time, she hasn’t started any project, Hope she is fine cos I read a lot of churchgoers have fallen ill. (She is a Christian). Still haven’t seen any Korean drama since her special inspector show, watching mostly Hollywood and HK dramas. Hopefully will have news of her soon. Take care everyone
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