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Every time that pink luggage appears reminds me of Park Seyoung :D...who is spending quality time with friends and family. Great to know that she has renewed her contract with Hunus Entertainmemt. It proves that she is quite happy with how her career is being handled. She gets time to rest between dramas and one variety show appearance.

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2 minutes ago, standingtallyy said:

Every time that pink luggage appears reminds me of Park Seyoung :D...who is spending quality time with friends and family. Great to know that she has renewed her contract with Hunus Entertainmemt. It proves that she is quite happy with how her career is being handled. She gets time to rest between dramas and one variety show appearance.

Has she renewed her contract with Hunus? Didn't see any news regarding that anywhere. But its great, I predicted she will remain there ifthe news is true. Small agencies like Hunusis better than one's like YG etc. Even LJS  opted not to renew his contract with his agency. Let's hope we get to see her soon in a new project. 

Off topic. Can't wait to see her with Money Flower cast in the upcoming drama awards in May and October. :)

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@standingtallyy @mimisl123 me too. I didn't hear about renewal contract either. As a fan, iam happy SY found an agency totally care and understand what she wants. And with Hunus, her career went well, the drama and variety she starred was well made and success. In may, do you mean Baeksang award that JH nominated as top excellent actor? And in October what kind award? Anyway hope we can see seyoung in the events

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@annisyadwir yes Baeksang Awards in May but i do not think she will be attending that as she hasn't been nominated yet  and not even the drama has been nominated only JH is nominated up to now but i am pretty sure she will attend the  Korea Drama Awards in October as she and her cast along with the drama will be nominated for awards and definitely they will bag some awards in October.


 SY won Excellent actress award at the  Korea Drama Awards 2016.

The Korea Drama Awards  is an awards ceremony for excellence in television in South Korea. It was established by the Korea Drama Festival in 2007, and is held annually in October in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province.The eligibility period is October of the previous year to September of the current year. Nominees are chosen from Korean dramas that aired on the three major broadcasting networks (KBS, MBC and SBS) and cable channels.

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Let's read again the LA Story...while waiting patiently for SY news :D


ONE. "We had the right love at the wrong time,guess I always knew inside,I wouldn't have you for a long time, those dreams of yours are shining on distant shores and if they're calling you away,I have no right to make you stay. But somewhere down the road, our roads are gonna cross again, it doesn't really matter when.But somewhere down the road, I know that heart of yours will come to see, that you belong with me..."

"Unni. Unni. Park Seyoung!" Kaye, Seyoung's cousin called her attention. It brought her back to reality. She is Park Chaeyoung in Korean, but hates being called that and insist on Kaye. Everyone she knows in LA calls her by that name.
"Sorry. What were you saying?" Seyoung asked. She got distracted of the song that was played on the car radio.
"I was saying. It won't be long and we will be in the hotel soon. It's nice isn't it? It's Barry Manilow's song. Title is Somwhere Down The Road."
"Yes, it is very nice. It's just that I haven't heard this for a very long time." Seyoung said.
"I guess this was sort of your generation?" Kaye asked.
"Not really. I wasn't even born yet when this song was released."Seyoung replied."It was released in 1981."
"Wow! How did you know that?" Kaye asked curiously.
"I knew someone who had a copy of Barry Manilow's LP with the year it was released." Seyoung said.

"Letting go, is just another way to say I'll always love you so.We had the right love at the wrong time. Maybe we've only just begun, maybe the best is yet to come. 'Cause somewhere down the road. Our roads are gonna cross again. It doesn't really matter where. But somewhere down the road. I know that heart of yours will come to see. That you belong with me.."

"What radio station is this?" Seyoung asked.While the song is still playing in the background
"It's called Easy Listening Station. Not sure of the actual number. I leave it tuned in." Kaye said.

Seyoung was on indefinite holiday to the US, much to her parents surprise. Her Mom especially couldn't quite comprehend the reason why she has to go away that long and overseas at that.
"Mom. Dad. I'm going to the States right after I finish this drama." Seyoung told her parents one night when she came over for dinner.
"For how long?" Her Dad asked. He never pries, he trust her that much.
"It depends. I asked my agency for at least three months and they said yes. " Seyoung replied.
"Three months? You'll be away that long? Where in the states are you going exactly?"Her Mom asked.
"Los Angeles or San Francisco for now. Maybe New York later. No Mom, I won't be away for that long." Seyoung replied.
"Make sure you go and visit your Auntie and Uncle, see your cousins." His Dad reminded her. Referring to his brother living somewhere outside of Los Angeles.
"I will." Seyoung promised.
Seyoung told them that she already spoke to her cousin Chaeyoung, who is on full semester break was more than happy to be her travel buddy and interpreter.


Three weeks later, Seyoung flew to Los Angeles. Her cousin came to pick her up at the airport.
"Anyeong Unni!" Her cousin Chaeyong greeted her, giving her a hug.
"Chaeyoung-ah" Seyoung greeted, returning the hug.
"Call me Kaye, Unni." Chaeyoung corrected."Welcome to LA!. I'm so excited of what our adventure is gonna be like.I'm so glad I took the full semester off. Great timing!"
"I'm glad too that you are available. I missed you little cousin." Seyoung replied back.
"Your hotel isn't far from here. Let's go and will talk on the way." Kaye suggested. Taking Seyoung's luggage as they walked to where she parked the car.
The hotel Seyoung booked was Viceroy L'Ermitage in Beverly Hills. She is planning to stay there for a week at least with Kaye. Just barely fifteen kilometers from LAX. Half way there, the song  Somewhere Down The Road by Barry Manilow played on the radio. Seyoung don't know why the lyrics all of a sudden reminded her of someone.



TWO. "Even now when I never hear your name. And the world has changed so much since you've been gone. Even now I still remember and the feelings still the same. And the pain inside of me goes on and on. Even now. Even now when I have come so far. I wonder where you are. I wonder why it still so hard without you. Even now.."

"Do you miss her?" His best friend from Busan, Taeyhun asked Wooyoung. He came to Seoul for business.
"Miss who?" Wooyoung asked.
"Whoever you are playing that song for." Taeyhun said.
"I wasn't playing that song for anyone." Wooyound replied.
"Really?" Taeyhun said. Not convinced.

"When I come shining through. I swear I think of you. And God I wish you knew. Somehow. Even now..."

Wooyoung turned off the player."I haven't listened to Barry Manilow's vinyl for a while so I thought of playing it." He said.
"Okay." Taeyhun said."What is the important matter you wanted to ask me that you can't say over the phone."
"What’s your schedule look like in the next three weeks." Wooyoung asked.
"My schedule? Why? Is something on?" Taeyhun asked.
"Are you available?" Wooyoung asked.
"Well. I sort of can. My brother have been helping me in the coffee shop. Why?"
"Let's go to LA." Wooyoung said.
"Like Los Angeles in the US?"
"Why so sudden?"
"No, it's not sudden. I've been thinking about it for a while. I have at least a month free. I want to travel overseas. Away from the madness of all at the moment." Wooyoung said. Contemplating at the same time whether or not to leave Barry Manilow's vinyl.
"Okay. I'll come with you. How long are we going to be away?" Taeyhun asked.
"Three weeks at least." Wooyoung said.
"What about her?" Taeyhun asked.
"What do you mean 'her'?" Wooyoung clarified.
"I thought you are dating someone."
"No. We went out three to four times but, it didn't work. I was honest." Wooyoung replied.
"You are still stuck with someone from the past, aren't you?"
"No I'm not." Wooyoung replied in defence.
"If you say so. When are we leaving?"
"Next week.Go home tomorrow.Get your passport. I will email you our flight details. Thank you man." Wooyoung replied, giving him a bear hug.
"No problem, bro. I think I could use a bit of R and R (rest and relaxation).Why don't we just keep playing Barry for now." Taehyun said. He went over to Wooyoung's turn table and played the vinyl."This is you."

"I've been alive forever, and I wrote the very first song.I put the words and the melodies together. I am music and I write the songs.I write the songs that made the whole world sing. I write the songs of love and special things. I write the songs that makes the young girls cry.I write the songs. I write the songs...Oh my music makes you dance and gives you spirit to take a chance. And I wrote some rock 'n roll so you can move.Music fills your heart,well it's a real fine place to start. It's from me, it's for you.it's from you, it's for me. It's a worldwide symphony..."

Wooyoung couldn't agree more. He went to the fridge to get them a can of beer each.

"I am music. And I write the songs..."



THREE. Seyoung is wide awake while Kaye is fast asleep in the other room. Jet lag is kicking in. They've done a lot of sight seeing today. Went to Hollywood Walk of Fame, Kodak Theatre, Madama Tussauds. Grabbed a bite at Hooters out of curiousity. Did some shopping at Marshall's. Although she struggled to keep herself awake, she did her best to fight it off, hoping to have a good sleep tonight. Well, that's what she thought was going to happen. Seyoung decided to go down the hotel reception for maps and brochures. She'll try to arrange the day out for tomorrow herself and not just depend on Kaye. And practice her English, where she spent months going to classes.She went to the farthest hotel staff that was behind the counter to make way for new guests checking in.
"Hello. Good evening. I'm from room 1003. Is there somewhere I can take some maps for LA. For sight seeing and other tourist attraction?" Seyoung  asked the lady at the reception.
"Are you Ms. Park?" The lady asked.
"Yes. I am Seyoung Park." Seyoung replied.
"If you give me a second. I'll grab some for you." Then went into a room to get what she needed.
Wooyoung and Taehyun walked into the hotel with their luggages in tow, heading to the reception to check in. There were few people being served when they got there. It was Taeyhun who noticed the music played in the hotel lobby.

"There you are looking just the same last time I touched you.And here I am close to gettin' tangled up inside the thought of you.Do you love him? As much as I love her? WIll that love be strong when the feelings start to stir?Looks like we made it.Left each other on the way to another love. Looks like we made it?Or thought so 'til today until you were there everywhere. And all I could taste was love the way we made it…"

"You hear that?" Taehyun asked, referring  to the music currently being played.
"Hear what?" Wooyoung asked. When he turned to look around. He saw her, standing in the far end of the reception counter.
"Your Barry M. song." Taehyun replied. His gaze followed where Wooyoung's eyes were glued. Taehyun recognized the woman immediately. "Isn't that Park Seyoung?"
"Yes. It is Seyoung." Wooyoung could only utter Seyoung's name in whisper. His eyes not leaving her. She still looked as beautiful as he remembered her.
"Are you not going to say hello?" Taeyhun asked again.
"Yeah. I think we should." Wooyoung agreed. Moving to where Seyoung was standing.

"Love so strange. Playing hide and seek with hearts and always hurting. We're the fools. Standing close enough to touch those burning memories. If I hold you for the sake of all those times, love made us loose our minds. Could I ever let you go? Oh no we made it. Left each other on the way to another love. Looks like we made it. Or I thought so 'til today until you were there everywhere. And all I could taste was love the way we made it. Oh no, we made it.."

Seyoung's eyes started to roam while waiting for the brochures, watching people coming and going in the hotel lobby. Not noticing the two men approaching where she stood. The lady came back with what she was asking. Thanked her and turned to go back to her room.
Seyoung thought she heard someone calling her. "No. You are hearing things. No one would recognize me here." Seyoung thought and kept walking towards the lift. Until she felt someone touching her elbow. She turned to see Wooyoung.

"Looks like we made it. Or I thought so 'til today until you were there everywhere. And all I could do is love the way we made it. Looks like we made it.Looks like we made it..."


FOUR."Wooyoung-ah." Seyoung said his name. Surprised, no, more of a shock seeing him her in LA, at the same hotel she is staying.
"How are you?" Wooyoung said. Unaware his hand is still holding her elbow.
"I'm okay. Thank you. Are you here for work?" Seyoung replied. She recognized Taehyun standing behind him. Nodded her head to him in acknowledgement.
"No. On holiday.With Taehyun here." Wooyoung turned towards Taehyun."What about you? Are you here for work?" He asked.
"No. I'm on holiday. I'm with.." Seyoung said but Wooyoung cut her short.
"With someone. That's nice." Wooyoung finished off the sentence. his hand letting go from Seyoung's elbow.
"Yeah. I'm with someone.Good seeing you Wooyoung and Taehyun. Good night." Seyoung replied, turned to leave towards the lift.
"What a twist of fate. Of all people. Of all places. You have to bump into Park Seyoung here at the same hotel in Los Angeles." Taehyun remarked. Half laughing shaking his head in disbelief.

"Oh my love you were the only one. Now you're gone and I'm alone.All my friends they say what's done is done. I pretend but deep inside I know. If I should love again. If I find someone new. It would be make believe,for in my heart I would be you. And though I hold her close and want her now and then. I'll still be loving you if I should love again."

"Come on let's get ourselves checked in." Wooyoung said, after seeing Seyoung getting into the elevator. Pretending to ignore what his friend just said.
"Are you okay, Bro?" Taehyun asked him sincerely.
"Of course. Lets' go." Wooyoung leading the way towards the reception.
"Damn. The music isn't really helping. Thanks Barry." Taehyun said, looking up as if he was talking to the man himself before following Wooyoung.


"All day long I keep remembering. All the night I think of you. All my life you'll be the song I sing. I'll get by but this I swear is true. If I should love again. If I find someone new. It would be make believe. For in my heart it would be you. And though I hold her close. And want her now and then. I'll still be loving you if I should love again..."

Seyoung placed her hand to her chest, trying to calm her pounding heart the moment the lift doors closed, then closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She thought she was far enough. Far enough from him. It was a decision she made, both of them made.
"What am I supposed to do? No, the hotel is big."Seyoung thought. There is no way she'll see him anytime soon. Wooyoung is a planner. He would have arranged everything. She knows him. He must have planned this trip long before she did. Her mind in complete turmoil because of what just happened.

"Last night I waved goodbye. Now it seems years. I'm back in the city where nothing is clear.But thoughts of me holding you bringing us near and tell me.When will our eyes meet,when can I touch you, when will this strong yearning end and when will I hold you again.."

"Here you go gentlemen. Your room key cards." The lady from the reception handing them one each. "You are on the tenth floor. Elevators are that way, to your right."
"Thank you very much."Wooyoung said. Smiling to the lady.
"Excuse me. Why are you playing Barry Manilow songs in the hotel?" Taeyhun couldn't help but asked. He noticed it's been going on non-stop since they got there.
"Oh. So you recognised his songs." The lady was surprised they know his songs.
"Yes. I do know his songs. I have an LP of him in my collection." Wooyoung said.
"He has quite a few actually. Barry M. is one of them." Taehyun added.
"For a young gentleman. I am impressed. Anyway, to answer your question. It is because he is having a series of shows in the hotel ballroom beginning tomorrow night. And if you are interested, tickets are sold from our Business Centre office." The lady replied.
They said their thank you to the lady and walked towards the elevator.
"I am in room 1011. What's your room number?" Taehyun asked.
"Mine is 1004." Wooyoung replied.

"Time in New England took me away. Long rocky beaches, you by the bay. We started a story who's end must now wait. And tell me, when will our eyes meet. When can I touch you, when will this strong yearning end. And when will I hold you again…"



FIVE. Kaye noticed something different with Seyoung this morning. As they entered the restaurant for breakfast, her eyes would wander off as if looking for someone or avoiding someone. And insisted they must sit in a secluded corner of the room. Seyoung chose to sit her back facing the entrance of the restaurant. When  they were getting food in the buffet, her eyes would steal glances towards the entrance again.
"Unni. Are you okay?" Kaye asked once they were seated at their table.
"Yes. I am okay." Seyoung replied.
"It seems like you're on edge.Did something happened last night? You are different this morning. I just couldn't put my finger on." Kaye stated.
"Different? What do you mean by different?" Seyoung asked, now all too aware that she is making herself too obvious.
"It's like you are trying to avoid someone. Are you? You were not like this few days ago." Kaye stated it in a matter of factly.


"You know I can't smile without you.I can't smile without you. I can't laugh, I can't sing, I'm finding it hard to do anything.I feel sad when your sad. I feel glad when your glad.If you only knew what I'm going through, I just can't smile without you.." The music played in the restaurant.


"What are you talking about. Who do you think I would avoid here in LA? No one knows me here." Seyoung said in defense.
"Unni. Somehow, someone will recognize you. You are a celebrity in Seoul after all." Kaye pointed out."Honestly, by the time we leave here. I can sing  all of Barry Manilow's song!"


"You came along just like as song and brightened my day. Who would believe that you're a part of a dream, now it all seems light years away. And now you know I can't smile without you. I can't laugh and I can't sing. I'm finding it hard to do anything..."


"Yes?" Wooyoung opened the door for Taehyun. Inviting him in.
"Are you not coming down for breakfast?" Taehyun asked. Looking at Wooyoung still in his boxer shorts and shirt, hair still unruly from sleep.
"Later, maybe. I need more sleep." Wooyoung said, climbing back under the sheet.
"It's nine o'clock." Taehyun said, sat in one of the chairs.
"Exactly. It's only nine o'clock." Wooyoung replied.
"Well. I need food. See you downstairs. You shouldn't be sleeping otherwise, you'll be up all night. Adapt to LA time,Bro."
"I know. I'll be there shortly." Wooyoung said.
When Taehyun left, Wooyoung forced himself to get out of bed. Reached for the TV remote control and turned it on.


"Now some people say, happiness takes so very hard to find.Well I'm finding it hard leaving your love behind me. And you see, I can't smile without you. I can't laugh and I can't sing. I'm finding it hard to do anything.."

Ad for Barry Manilow's series of shows flashed on TV. Like what the lady said last night. He flicked channels until news came on and went to take a shower.

Kaye stayed in the lobby, on her mobile phone to one of her friends. Seyoung quickly went back to their room  to get ready for the day. She took her time reading again the notes she took from last night. Had a chat with Kaye of her plan earlier on, which she was happy to go with it. Her phone sounded with a message from Kaye.
"Unni. I'll just wait for you at the lobby. Do you mind taking with you my purse, if that's okay. Please." The message read.
"Okay." Seyoung replied. Grabbed hers and Kaye's purse and went out. When she got to the elevator, Wooyoung was standing there, waiting as well. Both trying to hide their surprise that their rooms are on the same floor.
"Hi." Seyoung greeted.
"Hi." Wooyoung replied.
They stayed like that, in full glory of awkward silence. She noted Wooyoung barely even glanced when he greeted her. Finally the lift came. Wooyoung moved his hand, motioning Seyoung to go in first. The music played inside the lift.

"We dreamers have our ways of facing rainy days, and somehow we survive.We keep our feelings warm, protect them from the storm until our time arrives.."

"Ding!!" Lift stopped on the ninth floor. Allowing more guests. Seyoung and Wooyoung move further back.

"Then one day the sun appears, and we come shining through those lonely years...I made it through the rain, I kept my world protected. I made it through the rain. I kept my point of view. I made it through the rain and found myself respected. By the others who got rainded on too and made it through..."

"Ding!!" Lift stopped on the seventh floor. Five more guests joined. In an instinct, Wooyoung pulled Seyoung towards him as she was about to be pushed into the opposite corner. But immediately let go of her arm once she stood next to him. Looking towards the front.

"When friends are hard to find. And life seems so unkind, sometimes you feel afraid. Just aim beyond the clouds and rise above the clouds, and start your own parade.'Cause when I chase my fears away, that's when I knew that I could finally say. I made it through the rain. I kept my world protected, I made it through the rain. I kept my point of view.."

"Ding!!" The lift stopped on the fourth floor. Three more gentlemen that looked liked heavy weight lifters, joined in. Wooyoung turned to face Seyoung, his back now facing the front, protecting her getting pushed further against back wall of the elevator. His arms on top of her head to lean on, trying to keep some distance, yet their bodies still touching. Seyoung swallowed hard, conscious of Wooyoung's body pressed against her. Her hand holding on the rail of the elevator. Seyoung's on the level of his Adam's apple, she can see each swallow he made. Then he looked down to look at her.
"Are you okay?" Wooyoung asked quietly. Seyoung nodded in reply looking up to him. She smelled that familiar scent again. Wooyoung's scent.

"I made it through the rain and found myself respected by the others who, got rained on too and made it through. I made it through the rain, I kept my world protected. I made it through the rain I kept my point of view.."

"Ding!!" Finally, the lift stopped on the ground floor. Wooyoung didn't move until everyone was out. This time he went out ahead of Seyoung, leaving her behind.
"Thank you." Seyoung had to half called out to him.
"You're welcome. Have a great day." Wooyoung replied. And just like that, he turned and walked away heading towards the restaurant. He did not even say Seyoung's name.

"I made it through the rain and found myself respected by the others who got rained on too, And made it through. And made it through. And made it through.."



SIX. "Spill it, Unni." Kaye insisted."Who was that good looking hunk that was with you in the elevator."
"Just an old friend." Seyoung replied. Looking out at the window.
"Is that the look of meeting just an 'old friend'? Unni, I maybe few years younger than you but I think I've got more experience with men than you do. You know what. Let's move this drive to Solvang for today. I think we need some serious talking." Kaye exited the motorway and parked the car to the nearest park they found.
"You might think of me as being shallow." Seyoung said once they found a bench to sit on outside of what appears to be a baseball ground.
"I won't make any judgement to you or that guy. I'm just going to listen." Kaye promised.
Seyoung told her from the start. How they met and why she ended the relationship.
"You thought you were not good enough for him?" Kaye later asked."Did he ask you to sacrifice your love for him because of his career?"
"No. It's not that. But I thought I was doing him a favour by breaking up with him." Seyoung answered.
"I'm sorry Unni but I got to say this. Did you actually think your idiotic nobility did him a favour? I got news for you girl. No!" Kaye said it honestly.
Seyoung can only agree silently with Kaye's words. Kaye is right..
"Are you happy? I don't think you are. I knew there was a big reason behind this sudden trip to LA. You were running away, right? You can't get over him. And you think going away will make you forget. But look? Of all hotels in LA, he is staying on the same hotel where you are. It's a sign! I think fate is giving you the chance to redeem yourself from what you did to the guy." Kaye said.
"His name is Wooyoung." Seyound said. "What do you mean? I should win him back?" Seyoung asked.
"If you love him. Why not?" Kaye said.
"I can't do that! He was already giving me that cold shoulder treatment this morning." Seyoung said.
"I can't blame the man. I wasn't impressed with what you did to him. You treated him like the un- significant other. Relationships don't work like that, you know." Kaye told Seyoung.
"It has been a while. He's probably moved on."Seyoung said.
"Good on him for doing that. I mean. Hello? Your ex-boyfriend is very easy on the eye." Kaye said. Showing Seyoung one of Wooyoung's up close photo as 2PM from her phone.
"Park Chaeyoung!" Seyoung told her off.
"Unni. Obviously, you still care a lot about him. More so, still love him. It's not too late. Seize the moment. This may be your one and only chance. Now, if things don't work out your way, at least you tried. Don't worry. I'll support you." Kaye said. Hugging Seyoung for encouragement.
"I don't even know how or where to start." Seyoung said.
"Look. We'll find a way. Did you say Wooyoung is on the same floor like we do? And his best friend is with him?" Kaye asked.
"Yes." Seyoung answered.
"Piece of cake! Trust me to figure something out." Kaye putting around her arms on Seyoung's shoulder.
"You think something will work out?" Seyoung can only smile. Wishing herself good luck.

“Trust me.” Kaye answered with conviction.

Later that evening, on Wooyoung’s return from sightseeing. Two tickets for the Barry Manilow show was delivered to his room.
"There are two tickets delivered to my room." Wooyoung told Taehyun over the phone.
"Really? Did it say from who or where it came from?" Taehyun asked.
"No. It only said 'With Compliments'. It's for tomorrow night’s show. You want to go?" Wooyoung asked.
"Yeah. I'll go." Taehyun said.
"Okay. Let's watch it then." Wooyoung said before hanging up.



SEVEN. "Did you bump to Park Seyoung again today?" Taehyun asked. They are at the bar having a drink after dinner.
"Yes. This morning on my way to breakfast." Wooyoung replied.
"And you never told me about it?" Taehyun scrutinized him.
"There was no urgent reason to tell you." Wooyoung said calmly.
"True. Where did you see her?"
"In the elevator. I was waiting for it to come and she turned up. It seemed like they are on the same floor like us." Wooyoung said.
"They are on the tenth floor too? Far out! What kind of joke is this?" Taehyun exclaimed."So what happened?"
"What do you mean what happened? I said hi, got on the elevator and nine floors later we got out and went separate ways. The end." Wooyoung said.
"Was that all? No, 'how are you doing today', 'fancy bumping into you in LA' sort of pep talk?" Taeyhun said, trying to coax Wooyoung to tell him more.
"You know I don't do pep talks." Wooyoung said.
But Wooyoung isn't telling him what exactly happened inside the elevator. How he was pinned to Seyoung to protect her from getting crashed by those big guys. How her chest was pressing against his, feeling her breathing on his neck. How their brief, yet intimate contact stirred the man in him. Smelling that scent only Park Seyoung have. No, he isn't telling Taehyun that.

Unbeknown to both men, another set of eyes have been observing them from across the room. She spotted Wooyoung and his friend from the lobby, after she asked the lady at the reception to deliver the tickets. After that, she followed them inside the elevator and pressed eleventh floor instead of ten. Then she went back down to the ground floor and waited for them to come down again. Within half an hour, Kaye saw them coming out from the lift, her eyes followed as they went to the hotel bar. Twenty minutes later, Kaye went and order a drink for herself and sat at a table partly hidden from their view.
Unni. Wooyoung and his friend are at the bar. Send.
Do they have company? Send. Seyoung asked in reply.
No. Only the two of them. Come down. Send.

When Kaye looked at Wooyoung and his friend again. A pretty blonde came over to where they were. Engaging them to a conversation.
Unni, there is a woman talking to Wooyoung now! Send.
Seyoung's eyes grew big when she read Kaye's message. She quickly changed into a sleeveless silk blue top, with low neckline matched with skinny jeans. And black rock stud Valentino heeled strap sandals to complete the outfit. Tied up her hair to a loose ponytail. Wooyoung used to compliment her every  time she wears her hair like that. Then dabbed a bit of lipstick and off she went down.
I'm coming. Stay where you are, don’t let them out of sight. Seyoung typed. Send.
"Jang Wooyoung, eat your heart out." Seyoung thought.
Taehyun was the first one to notice Seyoung entering the bar. He then quickly elbowed Wooyoung who was still talking to the blonde. When Wooyoung turned around, he saw Seyoung walking towards the bar counter. Other men in the bar staring as she walked by. She looked radiantly stunning.
"Do you know her?" The blonde asked Wooyoung.
"Yes. But she's got company." Wooyoung answered.
Seyoung walked past them to sit four seats away from Wooyoung, facing him.
"Excuse me." Seyoung called the bartender. "One 'Sex On The Beach' please." Seyoung said to the bartender. Wooyoung heard what she ordered. He gave her a questioning look. Seyoung looked back at him, slightly raising her brow in response before turning to look away.
"Hi." A man came over to where Seyoung was. He looked about the same age.
"Hi." Seyoung replied, smiling.
"Are you alone?" The man asked.
"No. I'm with someone." Seyoung replied.
"Where are you from?" The man asked.
"I'm from South Korea." Seyoung replied, smiling.
"You are very pretty."
"Thank you." Seyoung said, while stealing glances at Wooyoung, who was also watching her closely. The drink she ordered came. Kaye came to the rescue. Taking over the conversation with the man. As if on cue. Taehyun turned around to join them. Said he is also from South Korea. The blonde noticed Wooyoung's attention was no longer at her so she left him. Seyoung excused herself to go to the ladies room in the middle of introduction. Wooyoung immediately followed. Pulled her into the disabled restroom with him, locking the door.
"What were you doing back there?" Wooyoung asked sounding annoyed.
"What do you mean what was I doing? I came for a drink." Seyoung replied.
"Yeah right. You ordered 'Sex On The Beach' loud enough for every man in the bar to hear you." Wooyoung said.
"Why? Am I supposed to whisper when I order?" Seyoung replied in sarcasm.
"You were asking for trouble back there." Wooyoung said. "And why are you dressed like that? With that low neckline?"
"What do you mean I was asking for trouble? What is wrong with what I'm wearing? In case you forget?  We are in sunny LA." Seyoung retorted.
Wooyoung looked at her. Wanting to tell her how sexy and beautiful she looked in what she’s wearing. But Instead, reached for his handkerchief, rolled it before tying this around Seyung's neck, enough to cover a bit of her chest.
"What are you doing?" Seyoung asked him.
"You leave this on. Don't take it off. Arasso?" Wooyoung told her.
He then opened the door. Looked left and right before telling her to go out first. He quickly followed shortly. When Seyoung returned to the bar, she noticed the man who came to her was gone.
"Are you okay Unni?" Kaye asked. "Where did you get that hanky from?" Pointing to her neck.
"I think we have enough to drink. Let's go." Wooyoung butted in, standing next to Seyoung.
"Who are you?" Kaye asked Wooyoung, pretending not to know him.
"I am Jang Wooyoung-mida. I suppose you already know my friend Sun Taehyun. And you are?" Wooyoung introduced himself.
"My name is Kaye Park. I am Park Seyoung's cousin." Kaye replied extending her hand to him.
"Pleased to meet you Kaye." Wooyoung shook her hand in acknowledgement.
"I want to finish my drink." Seyoung asked. Looking at Wooyoung.
He picked up the glass, drank half of it before giving it to Seyoung to finish.
"Let's go?" Wooyoung said looking at Seyoung after she drank of what’s left of the drink.
"Taehyun Oppa. Why don't we stay for another round and let Unni and Wooyoung Oppa go back upstairs. Please?" Kaye suggested.
"You both go ahead. I'll have another round with Kaye." Taehyun was quick to get the message.
"Okay. Will see you in the morning." Wooyoung agreed, waiting for Seyoung to follow him.
"Good night Unni." Kaye waving her goodbye and a wink.


Top of Form

EIGHT."I've done a hundred songs, from fantasies to lies,but this one's so real for me that I'm the one who cried. And I sing it every night. And I fight to hide the tears, 'cause this one's for you, this one's for you.."

"I'm sorry." Seyoung apologised when they were inside the lift.
They were standing next to each other. Not too far, but not close either.
"Don’t apologise. I was the one who over reacted." Wooyoung said.

"I got it all it seems for all it means to me. But I sing of things I miss and things that used to be. And I wonder every night if you might just miss me too. And I sing for you, I sing for you. This one's for you wherever I go, to say the things I should have said, things that you should know..."

"I remember this song. You have the LP of this singer right?" Seyoung said, trying to get rid of the awkwardness.
"Yes." Wooyoung's replies were short.
He is giving Seyoung the cold treatment again. Seyoung listening to the lyrics being played in inside the elevator, were the words she wanted to tell him at the moment.
"What brought you to LA?" Seyoung asked.
"Just a short break, that's all." Wooyoung said.

"This one's to say that all I can do is hope that you will hear me sing ,'cause this one's for you...woooh.This one's for you wherever you are to say that nothing's been the same since we've been apart.."

"How are the boys? I mean Jun K, Junho, Taecyon, Nikhun and Chansung." Seyoung asked again.
"They are all doing good. Thanks." Wooyoung replied.

"This one's for all the love we once knew. Like everything else that I have, this one's for you..."

"Ding!!" They arrived on the tenth floor. Wooyoung followed Seyoung walk towards the direction of her room. Wooyoung was surprised that it is the same direction as his. She stopped in front of his door but faced to swipe her card in the opposite room.
"This is me." Seyoung said. Opening the door slightly. "Isn't your room on this floor too?"
"Yes. This one." Wooyoung pointing at the door opposite hers, Room 1004.
"Your room is across mine?" Seyoung said in surprise.
Wooyoung swiped his card and the room opened. "See?"
Seyoung shook her head. Didn't know what to say. Then remembered the handkerchief tied on her neck. She tried to undo the knot but struggled.
"Here. Let me." Wooyoung offered. He gently reached for the knot, slowly and careful not scratch her soft skin. He slowly slipped the handkerchief when it was finally undone. He rubbed a tiny red mark on her neck, soothing it with his thumb. That gesture was enough for Seyoung to want to kiss him. But she didn't.
"Thank you." Seyoung said.
"You go in." Wooyoung said. "Good night."
"Good night." Seyoung went in, looking at Wooyoung as she slowly closed the door. Afraid he will disappear from her sight

NINE." Do you think they’ll turn up at the show tonight?" Seyoung asked Kaye.
"Unni. I'm sure they will. Taehyun Oppa have assured me 100%." Kaye replied. "You only need to worry of what dress to wear."
Kay thanked her lucky star when she saw Wooyoung at the bar when last night. It gave Kaye more encouragement to carry on with their plan. His obvious reaction proved he still cares for Seyoung Unnie. They cruised along Rodeo Drive. Home to high end brand shops like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and other expensive brands. The famous hotel, Beverly Wilshire Hotel, immortalized by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman sits in the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive. Seyoung and Kaye browsed thru the shops, until finally deciding on a royal blue Louis Vuitton dress. Expensive to Seyoung's standard but she didn't care, she was on a mission to win her man back. Kaye turned down Seyoung's offer to buy her a dress, said she already have something to wear. After choosing the dress, they went to the hair salon to get their hair done. The Barry Manilow show starts at eight o'clock in the evening. Seyoung took a bathe, pampering herself using the Jo Malone bath oil she bought earlier,to help calm her nerves. This will be a make or break for her with Wooyoung. She needs to give her best shot, Seyoung thought.


“How do I look?” Seyoung asked Kaye when she emerged from her room
"Oh my God!!" Kaye exclaimed."Unni. Wooyoung Oppa will be speechless when he sees you in that dress!"
The structured silhouette of the short-sleeved dress in silk cady is both elegant and ultra-feminine. The V-neck showed some cleavage and the long gold zipper in back added to it's beauty. It was like Seyoung was made for the dress. Her new shoulder length hair was set in soft curls, hanging loose. She put on light make-up and creamy matte lipstick in tawny pink shade, created the perfect look. Stud diamond earrings, plus matching clutch bag and rockstud sandals she wore the other night completed the outfit. 

"Ready?" Kaye asked, holding out her hand to Seyoung.

"Ready!" Seyoung said with confidence and made their way downstairs.

People are now gathered in the hotel lobby, waiting for the doors to open for the show. Wooyoung and Taehyun were there waiting. Songs of Barry Manilow playing in the background.
"I've remember all my life. Raining down as cold as ice. Shadows of a man a face through a window crying in the night. The night goes into morning just another day happy people pass my way. Looking in their eyes ,I see a memory I never realized how happy you made me Oh Mandy..."

"Bro, they are here." Taehyun tapped Wooyoung on the arm to get his attention. Wooyoung turned, saw Kaye coming with Seyoung partly hidden, trailing behind.
"Oppa!" Kaye called Taehyun's attention.

"Well, you came and you came without taking, but I sent you away, Oh Mandy. Well, you kissed me and stopped me from shaking. And I need you today. Oh Mandy..."

Wooyoung couldn't take his eyes from when Seyoung came into full view. He felt like everything went into stand still with Seyoung's glide drawing closer to him. She lit up the entire place, much brighter than it already was with the way she looked tonight.

"I'm standing on the edge of time. I've walked away when love was mine.Caught up in a world of uphill climbing ,the tears are in my mind, And nothing is rhyming, Oh Mandy. Well you came and you gave without taking, but I sent you away, Oh Mandy. Well, you kissed me and stopped me from shaking. And I need you today, Oh Mandy..."

"Hi Taehyun-shi, Wooyoung-shi." Seyoung greeted both men. Wooyoung only nodded to acknowledge her.
"Good evening Seyoung-shi. Wow,you looked stunning! I mean, both of you ladies are. Don't you think, Bro?" Taehyun remarked.
"I know, right? Look how gorgeous Unni is this evening." Kaye added excitedly.
"Why don't we go in. The show is about to start." Wooyoung said instead. Leading the way to the ballroom.
Seyoung tried to hide her disappointment with Wooyoung's nonchalant attitude. But no, the night is only starting, she thought.

"Yesterday's a dream, I face the morning, crying in the breeze, the pain is calling oh Mandy. Well you came and you gave without taking, but I sent you away oh Mandy. Well, you kissed me and stopped me from shaking, and I need you today Oh Mandy..and I need you…"


TEN. The women were seated between the two men. Seyoung next to Wooyoung. He couldn't help notice how much attention Seyoung is getting from young men in the crowd while making their way to their designated seats. She was completely oblivious of it all. Seyoung's dress lifted up to her thigh, when she crossed her legs. It caught Wooyoung attention but trying not to look. The lights dimmed down, then spotlight focused on the man himself, Barry Manilow appeared on stage. Audience cheered and clapped as he walked towards the piano and started playing.

"Doctor, my woman is coming back home late today,could you please give me something? 'Cause the feeling is gone and I must get it back right away before she sees that I've been up, down, trying to get the feeling again, all around trying to get the feeling again. The one that made me shiver, makes my knees start to quiver everytime she walked in. And I've looked high, low, everywhere I possibly can but there's no trying to get that feeling again, it seemed to disappear as fast as it came…"

"What year was this song released?" Seyoung leaned towards Wooyoung asking.
"1975." Wooyoung answered. Noticed her dress is moving higher each time she moves.
"We were nowhere in the face of this Earth in 1975." Seyoung replied.
Wooyoung put his index finger to his lips, telling her to stay quiet. Seyoung said sorry.

"I've been up, down, trying to get the feeling again all around trying to get the feeling again.The one that made me shiver, made my knees start to quiver everytime she walked in. And I've looked high, low and everywhere I possibly can but there's no. Trying to get the feelinng again itseem to disappear as fast as it came. And I've been looking, I've been looking trying to get the feeling again..."

After the first song finished, Seyoung's purse fell from her lap when she clapped. As she bent down to pick it up, the low neckline dropped lower, exposing top of her black underwear. The hem of her dress lifting higher, showing half of her smooth thigh. Wooyoung quickly picked up the purse, placing this on her lap. Seyoung said thank you. Then Barry M. sang his second song for the night.

"You remind me I live in a shell. Safe from the past and doing okay but not very well. No jolts no surprises. No crisis arises my life goes along as it should, it's all very nice but not very good...And I'm ready to take a chance again, ready to put my love on the line with you, been living with nothing to show for it. You get what you get when you go for it. And I'm ready to take a chance again with you…"

A single tear fell from Seyoung's eye. She tried to discreetly wipe it, but Wooyoung saw it but pretended not to see.

"When she left me in all my despair. I just held on, my hopes where all gone then I found you there...and I'm ready to take a chance again. Ready to put my love on the line with you, been living with nothing to show for it. You get what you get when you go for it...And I'm ready to take a chance again, ready to put my love on the line with you..."


And another tear fell. Wooyoung handed Seyoung his handkerchief. She took them and dabbed her eyes with it.
"Can you stop crying?" Wooyoung whispered to Seyoung.
"I can't help it. I'm sorry." Seyoung replied.
Wooyoung's next action caught Seyoung by surprise. He removed his suit jacket to cover Seyoung's exposed legs. Kaye saw what Wooyoung did, she elbowed Taehyun pointing to the jacket now sitting on Seyoung's lap. They gave each other meaningful smile.
"Next time wear a dress that doesn't go up halfway to your thighs every time you move." Wooyoung whispered, it sounded more of a warning than a concern. Seyoung can only smile in secret victory.
The next songs were Copacabana and Hey Mambo that brought the house down. Despite his age Barry Manilow still had the groove, much to the audience delight. Majority of the audience stood and dance including Taehyun and Kaye. The atmosphere was contagious, Seyoung got up and moved with the music. Yet, Wooyoung stayed seated, Seyoung took hold of his hand and pulled him up. When he did, Seyoung wrapped one arm around his waist.
"You know I don't dance so you got to help me here. Please?" Seyoung whispered to him.
Wooyoung placed his arm on her shoulder and started to move along to the beat. Seyoung then purposely tried to loose balance. Wooyoung caught her in an attempt to stop her from falling. They ended up with arms around each other. After the two songs ended, a break followed. People started moving to leave the ballroom. Seyoung felt Wooyoung beginning to warm up. He held her hand while they were moving through the crowd. Once they were out in the lobby, he put his jacket on her shoulders. Kaye and Taehyun nowhere in sight.
"I don't need it. I'm warm enough." Seyoung told him.
"Leave it. If you don't want men staring at your chest." Wooyoung said. Holding the jacket to her shoulder when she tried to shrug it off.
"Why? Am I distracting you Wooyoung-shi?" Seyoung asked.
"Don't be cheeky. Can I get you a drink?" Wooyoung remarked.
"I'd like to have 'Sex on the Beach' please." Seyoung answered, teasing him on purpose.
Wooyoung glared his eyes on her, before going to get them a drink. With his back turned from Seyoung, Wooyoung he smiled. He came back with a glass of water instead.



ELEVEN. "And for tonight's last song. This song is for all lovers in the audience and for people taking another chance at love." Barry Manilow said to the audience.

"Time, you found time enough love and I found time enough to hold you. So tonight, I'll stir the fire you feel inside until the flames of love enfold you. Laying beside you, lost in the feeling so glad you opened my door. Come with me, somewhere in the night, we will know everything lovers can know, you're my song. Music to magic to end I'll play you over and over again, loving so warm, moving so right. Closing our eyes and feeling the light. We'll just go on burning bright, somewhere in the night..."

Wooyoung gave Seyoung a quick glance. Her eyes glued to the stage, she was half-biting her lower lip as if suppressing a sob, still holding his handkerchief. Then she turned to look at Wooyoung. Their eyes locked for few seconds, before Wooyoung shifted his eyes back on the stage. Seyoung kept looking at him, trying to figure out what he was thinking at the very moment.

"You'll sleep when the morning comes and I'll lie and watch you sleeping. And you'll smile when you dream about the night like it's a secret you've been keeping. Laying beside you, lost in the feeling, so glad you opened my door. You're my song, music to magic to end. I'll play you over and over again. Loving so warm, moving so right, closing our eyes an feeling the light. We'll just go on burning bright. Somewhere in the night. We'll just go on burning bright, somewhere in the night...and we'll just go on burning bright, somewhere in the night..."

Everyone stood up to give Barry Manilow a standing ovation. The cheers and claps went on until he left the stage. It was truly a magical performance. As they were walking through the crowd Woyoung walked behind Seyoung, hand on her shoulders, guiding her towards the door. But he immediately took it off when they reached the lobby.
"The show was great!" Kaye said.
"I agree. I am now a certified Barry M. fan." Taehyun added. "So, what's next? The night still young."
"Taehyun Oppa why don't we go for some drinks. What do you think Unni?" Kaye asked.
Seyoung looked at Wooyoung, waiting for an answer.
"I think I'll have an early night tonight. You guys go if you like. I'm going back upstairs. Goodnight." Wooyoung said.
"I think I'll pass. Go have fun." Seyoung said the same.
Kaye and Taehyun left them and went to the bar. Seyoung followed Wooyoung who, again went ahead. They got into the elevator in complete silence.
"Until when are you going to give me this cold treatment?" Seyoung turned to ask him as they were walking towards their room.
"What do you mean cold treatment?" Wooyoung asked.
"So you reckon you are not being cold towards me?" Seyoung asked.
"I don't know what you are talking about." Wooyoung said. They arrived at the door of their hotel room. "Goodnight." Wooyoung said before swiping his key card. Seyoung went inside his room instead, uninvited.
"What are you doing?" Wooyoung asked Seyoung.
"Talk to me." Seyoung demanded.
"About what?" Wooyoung asked. Closing the door.
"About us!" Seyoung replied. "Am I invisible to you, huh? Everything that I do meant nothing. I accept, it was my fault. I doubted you. I doubted your feelings for me and took what I thought was the easy way out. I was stupid okay? And I'm sorry! I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry making you miserable!"
"What makes you think I'm miserable?" Wooyoung asked. "And you're not stupid."
"Then I'm sorry for everything, even if it didn't make you miserable. I just want to let you know that I'm sorry!" Seyoung said, unable to hold back the tears. She sat on one of the chairs, her hand covering her face. But Seyoung stood up again and went to where Wooyoung was standing.
"I tried to forget you. I tried to runaway. I never wanted to come to LA, but I thought it would be the best way to forget you. Go somewhere far that will not remind me of you. And then, and then you turned up, of all places it had to be in the same hotel where I'm staying. You ruined all my plan. I said to myself, there's no way fate can play tricks on me seeing you here. And then your room is just across mine. What am I supposed to do?"
"Well, I apologise if I ruined your plan by staying in this hotel." Wooyoung answered. Trying hard not laugh at how cute she looked spilling everything out to him. One side of Seyoung he had never seen before. She has always been the reserved type.
"What about in the elevator, you protected me from those big guys. And you got angry at me because I wore that top the other night at the bar and ordered 'Sex on the Beach', and tied your handkerchief on my neck, you didn't even want me to take off. I know why you did it because the neckline was too low to your liking. What was that all about? And tonight, you got annoyed with me because my dress was showing my legs every time I move. You even took off your jacket to cover my legs. Did you know how much I paid for this dress? I didn't care because I wanted you to see me wearing this dress. It’s blue. Our favourite colour! Then all you could say was it was too short? You even put your jacket on my shoulder again because men were looking at my chest! " Seyoung said it all out between sobs and cry. "I didn't want other men to look at me! I only wanted you to look at me again. The the way you used to. Because Im still in love with you Jang Wooyoung-shi! Haaaahh..." Seyoung cried more, covering her face again.
"Are you done?" Wooyoung asked, holding her by the shoulder now.
"I think so." Seyoung replied in sobs.
Wooyoung walked to the bathroom and came back with a face washer.

“Look at me.” He asked. Seyoung did as told. He patted her eyes now red and puffy from crying. “You’ve ruined your make up.” Wooyoung said as he wiped another tear.

“I’m sorry.” Seyoung said to him again.

“Shhh. My turn to apologise.” Wooyoung told her. “I was equally at fault. I’m sorry for being cold and felt like I didn’t care. You should know that I do, right?Why would I do all those things if I didn’t care?”

“Senja?” Seyoung asked.

“Yes.” He said, before leaning forward to kiss her. Seyoung responded. Showing him how much she misses him. She put her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Wooyoung drawing her body to his. Without breaking the kiss, Wooyoung reached for the back zipper of Seyoung's dress, pulling it down. Seyoung unbuttoning his shirt, stripping it off him. The dress landed on the floor, his shirt shortly followed. Seyoung was left with just only in her black matching pair of lacy undergarments.
"You are so beautiful. All your efforts was never left unnoticed." Wooyoung said after he briefly broke the kiss. “I love you.” Wooyoung did show his appreciation to Seyoung the whole night.






                                                                       The End






"Coming!" Seyoung called out when the door bell sounded.
"Ready?" Wooyoung asked when Seyoung opened the door. His luggage next to him.
"Ready. Just let me get my bag." Seyoung said quickly ran to grab it. Taehyun and Kaye are already downstairs waiting in the hotel lobby. They are going home together, on the same flight back to Seoul.

"Spirit move me, every time I'm near you whirling like a cyclone in my mind. Sweet Melissa, angel of my lifetime, answers to all answers I can't find. Baby I love you come..."

“You’re beautiful.” Wooyoung said, gave her a quick kiss to her lips, before reaching out to hold Seyoung's hand as they walk towards the elevator.

"Come,come into my arms. let me know the wonder of all of you. And Baby I want you now, now, now and hold on fast. Could this be the magic at last..."

"Listen to the music playing. It is so befitting how I feel at the moment." Wooyoung said to Seyoung when they entered the elevator. Standing close together, hand in hand. Different from the rides they shared the previous days. This time, the atmosphere is romantic and magical. Gone are the awkwardness, the hesitations.

"Lady take me, high upon the hillside. High up where the stallions meet the sun. I could love you, build my world around you. Never leave you 'til my life is done. Baby I love you come, come, come into my arms. Let me know the wonder of all of you. And baby I want you now, now, oh now. Oh now and hold on fast. Could this be the magic at last..."

"Ding!!" They got off the ground floor. Smiling at each other, facing happy and better days ahead.

"Could it be the magic. Come, come, Oh come into my arms let me know the magic of all of you. Oh, but baby I want you now, now oh now and hold on fast. Could this be the magic at last..oh could it be the magic at last..Oh baby come, come into my arms. Could it be the magic at last


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An idol expert shares how to spot an idol dating. I think her hint was seen with WY hehehe but of course he is not dating another idol but probably an actress hahahaha. 


She explained that when idols return from traveling abroad, they can often be seen carrying shopping bags of brand names that are not sold in Korea.



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@chic-chic- good one, fans have sharp eyes. I wonder what she will say about wy’s pink luggage and what he has inside? 

Still no news of Sy’s contract renewal- last time I check, she is still listed on Hunus homepage. Hope latest by this week- the wait is killing us :lol:

wy enjoying his food- glad he doesn’t have to diet like some idols 

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yeah......for tonite and tomorrow concert at Osaka ...

all the best wy..and have fun

dont forget to buy something for your yeobo-ah

and carry the shopping bags at the airport.... :tongue:


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