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3 hours ago, Gerry58 said:

Good morning YY Nation

Very quiet cos everyone still waiting for sy. Wy also MIA - (he only appear to promote stray kids), then he disappeared. Even Taec who is in the army, appear more than wy, also none of their friends post anything 

I have a feeling that sy is looking for new co. since the news is out so long but Hunus still didn’t get her signature. Even ljs decided to change even though yg is big and famous- guess they are more suited for idol groups than actors.

Very interested to know where sy goes- maybe she should join Jang hyuk’s co- that will be great :D

@mimisl123- thanks for the fanfic- I don’t mind if they do MF part 2 since they doing voice 2 but must have original cast Jh and sy, then I will watch. 


hahaha... funny...

They always MIA at the same time and later appear at same time  huh...:wink:

since we know wy will has his solo in japan next few days...so he might b very busy preparing.

hmmmm....myb sy is accompany him in japan rite now...thats why both are quiet :rolleyes:

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@Gerry58 i have thinking the same things with you. Seyoung may choose another agency instead of Hunus. Hope she get the best whatever it is and the agency should  fully support and lead her to explore her potentials in entertainment industry. Yesss happy to see Wy again. Ure right maybe someone out there read this thread. 

@mimisl123 love the fanfic. Can't wait to read 

Story with euncheon and mo hyun

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While waiting for SY's news. Let us re-read some of the fanfic my friend has made. I know @chic-chic particularly love this one.



Seyoung’s world stood still. The pregnancy home kit she bought indicated pregnancy at twelve weeks. She has been very busy lately, she didn’t notice the changes to her body. Her breast had become fuller. Her hips wider. The fatigue due to lack of sleep and the food cravings were due to missed meals when she is away on location filming a drama. And her missed periods. How could she not notice. It’s been over three months since the break- up. A relationship only both families and close friends knew. She didn’t see it coming. She thought they used protection on the last night they were together.

“Is this what you really want?” Wooyoung asked. Standing in front of her. Seyoung can see the look of sadness and frustration all over his face.

“Yes.” Seyoung said firmly. Keeping a stoic expression despite deep inside, she felt like her whole being ripped apart.

“You are giving up now? After all this time? Seyoung-ah..”

“I can’t do this anymore.” Seyoung said holding back the tears that are beginning to fall.

“What can I do to change your mind?” Wooyoung pleaded.

“Nothing.” Seyoung answered.

“I’m sorry. I know it is my fault. Please give me another chance.” Wooyoung begged.

“I need space. We both need space. It is for the best. I don’t want to hurt us any longer.”

“Then. Can you stay with me tonight?” Wooyoung asked. “For the last time.” His voice breaking to a sob.

Seyoung looked at him. This is the man she love. The only one, she truly loved. And will ever love. But they have to part ways. Her mind wanted to say no but her heart is telling her otherwise. She reached for his hand. Tonight, just for tonight, she is deciding to love him, for the last time.



Two months have passed since she found out of her pregnancy. To avoid unnecessary publicity. she filed for indefinite leave from her agency, due to undisclosed personal reasons. She travelled to Hongkong the week after she did her home test with her eldest sister and had all her check-ups done. On their return to Korea, she went to her family’s holiday home in Jeju Island along with her mother. Although the news came as a big surprise to her parents, yet they supported her decision. The decision of not telling Wooyoung, for now.

The morning sea breeze touched her face. Inhaling the smell of the ocean. Seyoung is standing by the balcony, watching the sunrise. She has been waking up early every day to watch it, while touching and talking to her now growing baby bump.

“Good morning baby. Rise and shine!” Seyoung whispered. Today she will have her monthly visit to the local antenatal clinic. She will have the ultrasound to know the gender of her baby.

“Are you not cold?” Seyoung’s Mom asked. Giving her daughter a back hug.

“No. It’s feels nice.” Seyoung answered.

“What time is your appointment at the clinic?”  Mom asked.

“Not until 11am.” Seyoung replied.

“How are you feeling?”

“I feel okay Mom.”

“Why is your voice sad?”

“I miss him.” Seyoung admitted. ”Did I make the wrong decision Mom for giving up on us?”

“Ani. At the time it was for the best. There might be moments like this, a feeling of regret. But sometimes being apart doesn’t mean it is the end, but only the beginning.” Her Mom said.

“You think so?” Seyoung asked for reassurance.

“I know so.” Her Mom said. “Come, let’s get you breakfast.”



Chansung was up early morning went for a run by the sea. After few minutes, he took a bit of a break to watch the sunrise. As he was looking around, he noticed a woman standing by the balcony from one of the few houses facing the ocean. The figure somehow looked familiar to him from a distance even though he couldn’t quite clearly see her face, shortly after another lady came to join her. They looked like mother and daughter seeing the other lady giving the younger woman a back hug.

“No. It couldn’t be.” Chansung said to himself, shaking his head. Ignoring the thought in mind, he continued his run. Later in the day, he went to the only grocery store on that part of the island. On the way out, he thought he saw Park Seyoung getting into a white SUV, only three cars away from where he was, there was an older lady already in the passenger seat of the car. Curious, he immediately got into the car and decided to follow them while maintaining a safe distance so it doesn’t appear too obvious. He was surprised it was heading towards the same way home for him. Then he saw the white SUV turned into a driveway. It looked like the same house where he saw the lady in the balcony. When he stopped and waited for them to get out of the car, he couldn’t believe his eyes. No wonder she looked familiar. It was Park Seyoung. When Chansung got home, he was contemplating whether or not to phone Wooyoung. He witnessed how the break up affected his friend in the last few months. The drinking. The partying. The random calls during the night, in his semi-drunken state asking what he did wrong. The following morning, Chansung went towards the house for his morning run again. Seyoung was on the same spot of the balcony, watching the sunrise. He was hoping she would look his way but her stare had always been consistent, looking straight to the sea. As if seeking answers to her questions.



It took a lot of will power for Chansung to press the door bell of the house where Seyoung was staying. It was the older lady who answered him.

“Good morning. My name is Chansung. I’m here to see Park Seyoung.” He introduced politely.

“I am her mother. Do you know my daughter?” Her Mom asked, sceptical  how someone knows her daughter in the island.

“Yes. Seyoung-shi knows me.” Chansung replied.

“Omma. Our delivery came...?” Seyoung stopped suddenly when she saw the man standing at the door. “Hwang Chansung- shi?”

“Seyoung-shi! How are….you?” Chansung greeted when he saw her come out. But paused shortly when his eyes shifted to her bulging tummy.

“Would you like to come in?” Seyoung’s Mom asked, noticing the surprised look on his face. Chansung went inside after thanking her and followed. Seyoung asked him to take a seat.

“I’ll get you some tea.” Her Mom offered. Chansung stood up to thank her. His attention went back to Seyoung but couldn’t say anything until her Mom came back with the hot drink and left them to talk.

“Drink.” Seyoung filled the cup with tea. ”You must be in shock. Seeing me like this.” Seyoung remarked.

“I’m sorry. But yes. I wasn’t expecting it.” Chansung explained. ”The baby’s father?” He asked.

“It’s Wooyoung.” Seyoung answered calmly.

“How far are you now?” Chansung asked again.

“Nearly six months.” Seyoung answered.

“Does Wooyoung know?” He asked again.

“No. I haven’t spoken to him for a while.” Seyoung replied. “How did you know I was here?”

“I saw you the other day at the groceries with your Mom.” Chansung started.”I don’t live far from where you are.”

“Ahh.” Seyoung replied. “Chansung-ah. Can I ask you a favour?”

“What is it?” He asked.

“Please don’t tell Wooyoung about the baby. I’d like to tell him myself.” Seyoung said.



The digital clock showed five am when Wooyoung looked at the time. He has been waking up about same time each morning lately, without any reason, it just happens. There are good and bad days and waking up around this hour was one the odd things happening to him in recent times. Wooyoung is currently working on few songs during this early waking hours. About a love lost. Trying to win a woman back. On second chances. About her beauty. And how much hurt a man caused her. All half done, unable to put the right lyrics.

Last week Chansung phoned him.“Why are you calling me at this late?” Wooyoung greeted.

“I’m going away for few days. Maybe a week or so.” Chansung said.

“Am I your girlfriend? Why are you telling me this?” Wooyoung quipped.

“Who am I supposed to call other than you. Our brothers are out of the country.” Chansung retorted.

“Is everything okay?” Wooyoung suddenly turned serious.

“All is good. I just need some time off.” Was Chansung’s answer.

“I told you work isn’t everything. Get lots of sleep and rest when you can.” Wooyoung adviced.

“Look who’s talking. You’ve been working yourself to death since the break…” Chansung stopped suddenly. “Mianhe.” He apologised quickly.

“Where are you going?” Wooyoung pretended not to hear what he said.

“I don’t know yet. But it won’t be overseas.” Chansung said. “I’ll call you.”

The rest of the day was a complete blur to Wooyoung. He didn’t care about time anymore. He knew it was night when everything gets dark, morning when it is bright. He only eats when he is hungry. Drinks when his throat is parched. And sleeps when he is tired. Though he doesn’t party and drink as much now, work is the only thing that keeps him going each day. It took him four months to finally realize it was really over between them. The four years they were together wasn’t easy. He thought it made them stronger, but he was wrong. Seyoung knew it wasn’t going to be easy dating an idol, even in secret. But she took the chance. The crazy schedules. Frequent overseas trips. The white lies he had to say each time he gets cornered by the press on national TV or for a magazine, if he is dating someone. She took them all on board. He became complacent. Not calling her often was just an excuse he made for himself, so as not to disturb her while on location, filming for a drama. Not returning her missed calls, blaming it on how busy he was at work, or left his phone in the bag. It didn’t mean he loved her less, he just became too comfortable. But it was the opposite on Seyoung. He realized it too late.

“How was the concert?” Seyoung asked Wooyoung when he came to her place one night after he came back from Japan.

“It went very well.” Wooyoung leaned over to give her a kiss.

“It just that I didn’t hear from you in all the time you were away.” Seyoung said.

“Sorry. We were on the pump each day. And travelling between cities and rehearsals take it’s toll at the end. You know how it is.” Wooyoung explained.

“Actually, I don’t.” Seyoung said.

“What do you mean by that?” Wooyoung surprised of her remark. ”Okay. I’m sorry. I should have called or sent you a message.” He went to give her a hug.”I really am sorry.” Then went to shower.

Wooyoung slept well that night next to Seyoung. She didn’t.



Seyoung was again in the back balcony of the house, waiting for sunrise to come. Yesterday’s event was a complete surprise when Chansung turned up at their house. She thought she was far enough to come across to anybody connected to Wooyoung, but then life always come up with unexpected turns. He said he was here for holiday. And is staying on the other end of the road.

“Good morning Park Seyoung!” She heard someone called her name. She turned to see Chansung standing by the sand dune on the last step of the balcony stairs. He was dressed in his running outfit.

“Good morning.” Seyoung greeted him back.”You are up early too?”

“Yes. I was doing my run. Thought I’d say hello when I saw you in your usual spot.” Chansung said, smiling.

“You’ve seen me before?” Seyoung asked curiously.

“Only in the last couple of mornings. I usually run in the opposite direction. I did notice you but I didn’t really know it was you. You’ve been watching the sunrise?” He said.

“Yes. I am. It’s lovely.” Seyoung said. “You want to come up and join me here? I’m actually half screaming at you because of the distance. My throat is getting sore.” She offered, smiling at him.

Chansung walk up the stairs and stood next to Seyoung. “Sorry about how sandy my shoes are.”

“It’s okay. We are in the beach.” Seyoung said.

“Are you warm enough?” Chansung asked, when he noticed she is only dressed of what appears to be a cotton blue pyjamas underneath and a long cardigan.

“Yes. I am. Thank you.” Seyoung answered.

“When are you planning to tell Wooyoung about the baby?” Chansung couldn’t help asking.

“One day soon.” Seyoung replied. ”How is he?”

“He has good days and bad days. But he is coping. He has to.” He said. “What about you?” Chansung asked, looking at her.

“Me? I’m okay. We are okay.” Seyoung said, her hand on her tummy. “Look. It’s coming.”

Chansung took his mobile phone and took pictures of the sunrise, and stealing glances at Seyoung, who’s full attention was on the sunrise. Looking at her up close like this added to his admiration of her natural beauty. Then suddenly, her expression changed and let out a soft gasp. “Are you alright?” He asked.

“The baby kicked.” Seyoung said, rubbing her stomach.”I’m fine.”

“Senja? Does it hurt when they do that?” Chansung asked again.

“No. What harm can a tiny baby do.” Seyoung said. Then she laughed when she noticed how Chansung was standing. His right and left hand where few inches away from her back and side, as if ready to catch her, should she fall.

“Waeyo?” Chansung wondered why Seyoung laughed.

“I am not going to fall. Relax.” Seyoung assured him.

Chansung straightened after she told him. “Mianhe.”

“Thank you. I appreciate it.” Seyoung said.




“Wae?” Wooyoung answered Chansung’s call.

“Do you have free time this week or next week?” Chansung asked.

“I’m not sure this week but maybe next week. Why? Missing me already?” Wooyoung asked jokingly.

“Just come will you?” He said firmly to Wooyoung.

“Come where? I don’t know where you are.” Wooyoung walked to check on his calendar.

“Jejudu.”Chansung said.

“Jejudu?” Wooyoung sounded surprised with his answer.”Why are you there?”

“Can you make it?” Chansung asked.

“The earliest I can get there is Saturday after I return from Japan.” Wooyoung answered.

“Saturday is good. Let me know when you are flying in. I’ll meet you at the airport.” Chansung quickly said.

“Chansung-ah. Is everything okay?” Wooyoung asked.

“I miss you. Call me.” Then Chansung hanged up. ”It is only Tuesday. Four more days and Wooyoung will be here.” Chansung thought. Although he made a promise to Seyoung not say anything to Wooyoung, but with each day he gets to spend time with Seyoung, he feels guilty.

Wooyoung could sense something from the way Chansung sounded over the phone. But knowing Chansung, at any given time he will come up with ideas. Often logical, sometimes hilarious. But being the youngest in the group, he tends to protect him more than anyone, yet he is more mature than him in so many ways. One of the best things Wooyoung likes about Chansung is his being upfront. There was one time when they nearly had a fight. They were in Japan and was sharing the room. While he was having a shower, he had few missed calls from Seyoung. Chansung told him about it, but he forgot to return her call because he was too busy reviewing their performance that night. Checking flaws, analysing what he could do better for the next performance. On their fourth night, Chansung asked if he phoned Seyoung back.

“Did you call Seyoung-shi?” Chansung asked him suddenly when they got back to their room.

“We are going home tomorrow. I’ll go see her straight from the airport.” Wooyoung replied.

“What is wrong with you? She called you few times the other night and you did not even send her a text message acknowledging the call?” Chansung told him.

“It’s late. She might be asleep at this time or might be filming.” Wooyoung said, again busy on his laptop.

“Wooyoung-ah, you shouldn’t be like this.” Chansung said.

“Hey. Where is this all coming from?” Wooyoung asked curiously, noticing how Chansung’s voice tone.

“From you. Because at the moment, you are such a richard simmons!” Chansung left the room and did not return until later. After Seyoung and him broke up Wooyoung knew, Chansung was right.





“Are you sure you’ll be fine?” Seyoung’s Mom asked, very concerned. They received a call from her sister telling them that Dad had rolled his ankle while he went for a walk last night and woke up with a swollen foot. Her sister drove him to hospital and found out he sustained a small hairline fracture, requiring him to have the injured foot plastered.

“Mom. I will be fine. And besides, it will be school holiday soon. Unni will be here in two weeks. Dad might be able to fly by then.” Seyoung reassured her Mom. They managed to get her a flight back to Seoul at one thirty pm today in haste. She helped her Mom pack so she can drive her to the airport.

Chansung was on his way to the local grocery when he noticed Seyoung and her Mom loading bags into the car. He quickly stopped at the gate and walked to where they are.

“Anyeonghasaeyo Ommonim. Seyoung-shi.” He greeted, helping them with the bags. “Are you going somewhere?” Chansung asked.

“Mom had to go home. My dad injured himself. But he is okay.” Seyoung said.

“Chansung, right?” Seyoung’s Mom asked looking at him.

“Yes Ommonim.” He replied bowing to her.

“You said you only live close by?” Seyoung’s Mom asked again.

“Yes Ommonim. I’m less than five minutes away.”  Chansung replied.

“Can I ask you to check on Seyoung while I’m away for few days?” Seyoung’s Mom requested.

“Omma!” Seyoung was shocked with the request. Looked at Chansung, waving her hand saying no.

“Yes Ommonim. I can do that.” Chansung immediately agreed, ignoring Seyoung.

“It’s just that I’m not comfortable leaving her alone. But she doesn’t want to come home with me either. So, can I trust you on this?” Seyoung’s Mom asked again.

“You can Ommonim.” Chansung replied. Then he reached for his wallet and took out what appears to be a business card and gave it to Seyoung’s Mom. “That’s where my parent’s business is located and their personal numbers. If I don’t keep my word, you can ring them.”

“Chansung-ah! You don’t have to do that.” Seyoung said.

“It’s okay Seyoung-shi. Your Mom is already worried about your Dad.” Chansung said.

“Gomawa.” Seyoung’s Mom said, accepting the card.

“Seyoung-shi. Ommonim. If you don’t mind. I’ll drive you to the airport. That way, Seyoung doesn’t have to drive going there and coming back.”

“Thank you Changsung-shi.” Her Mom quickly agreed. “Seyoung-ah, give him the car keys.”

“Are you sure?” Seyoung hesitated. But Chansung extended his hand to her and happily accepted the key.

“I’m sure. Here let me help you.” Chansung went to open the doors for Seyoung and her Mom.

“Omo. I need to double check if I’ve locked the house.” Seyoung said, about to get out of the car again. But Chansung stopped her and said he will do it. He immediately went to the front door to check. He came back and told Seyoung everything was locked before starting the car.



“Is there somewhere you’d like to go before we head back?” Chansung asked as they were leaving the airport after dropping her Mom. Seyoung is seated next to him, on the passenger side.

“No. We can go straight home.” Seyoung replied. “Chansung-ah.”

“Seyoung-shi.” They both said in unison. “You go first.”Chansung said.

“You don’t have to do this. I mean. You are not obliged to do this. I will be fine.” Seyoung told him.

“I know I don’t have to. I can’t just pretend not to be concerned. You are pregnant and on your own in that big house.” Chansung explained. “I know you feel awkward because of Wooyoung. Please don’t. Honestly, it would have been better if you went back to Seoul with your Mom. Not because I don’t want to look after you, but for you and the baby’s sake.”

“I’m sorry if you feel burdened because of me.” Seyoung apologised.

“No. That is not what I mean. I am more than happy to do this. But things turned out this way, we just have to live with it.” Chansung said, briefly glancing towards Seyoung.

“I know what I want to do.” Seyoung suddenly said to him.”Can we go to that light house?” Seyoung pointing towards the red light house on the left hand side of the road.

“Sure.” Chansung said. Turning left towards it’s direction. The wind blowing a cool breeze despite of the sun. He watched Seyoung walking slowly towards the light house, with her arms around her. She doesn’t seem warm enough in her skinny maternity pants and knitted tops she was wearing, with her baby bump showing. To Chansung’s eyes, Seyoung by far is the most beautiful pregnant woman he had ever seen.

“Here. Put this on. We don’t want you catching cold.” Chansung said as he draped the hooded jacket he had on to her shoulders.

“Thank you, Chansung-ah. But what about you?” Seyoung asked him.

“I’m okay. You need it more than I do.” He said.

“What brought you here to Jeju Island?” Seyoung asked him.

“Two reasons. Peace and rest.” He answered.

“That’s why you shouldn’t have agreed to my Mom’s request.” Seyoung said.

“Maybe I shouldn’t. But I did. You have no choice but put up with my company.” Chanusng said in jest. Seyoung only smiled back at him.

“How long do you plan to stay here?” Chansung asked.

“If you are asking if I plan to give birth here? No. I will have the baby in Seoul.” Seyoung replied.

“You still haven’t phoned Wooyoung?” Looking at Seyoung, thinking how long she’s going to hide the pregnancy from him.

Seyoung shook her head. “I don’t have his number anymore.”

“He has the right to know. Things might have gone wrong between you and him, but he still the father. Wooyoung may have his flaws too, but you know he is a good man.” Chansung said on Wooyoung’s defense.

“Arah.” Seyoung said. “I need time. I need time not to love him anymore.” Then she turned away, covered her face with her hands to hide the tears. But when Chansung saw Seyoung cry, by instinct, he just took her in his arms, her face buried on his chest.

“I’m sorry if I upset you.” Chansung whispered. He held her like that, allowing those tears to flow.

“I’m sorry.” Seyoung broke the embrace moments later. Chansung’s shirt now damped with her tears.

“Are you feeling better?” Chansung asked, as he wiped the tears from her cheeks gently. Seyoung just nodded saying yes. “I’ll cook us dinner.” Then his phone rang. It was Wooyoung. He excused himself and walked away from her to take the call.

“Wooyoung-ah.” Chansung greeted.

“I was worried the other day. You seemed anxious. Are you sure everything is good?” Wooyoung asked.

“I am okay. No need to worry.” Chansung reassured him.”What time are you flying in on Saturday?”

“I’ll be there at 2.30 in the afternoon. Are you sure you alright, man?” Wooyoung asked again.

“Ahh Senja! You beginning to sound like my mother. I have to go. I’m out driving, will give you a call later.” Chansung hanged up and went to where Seyoung was.



“I hope you will like it.“ Chansung put a plate of spaghetti bolognese he cooked for dinner. After they left the lighthouse, he asked Seyoung what she’d like to eat. She said she is craving for a pasta dish. He dropped Seyoung home and brought the ingredients from his place. Luckily, he had minced beef, spaghetti and passata sauce he took with him all the way from Seoul. It has become a habit to cook one non-Korean dish a week. And for him, pasta is the easiest one to make.

“It’s good!” Seyoung exclaimed happily. “I didn’t know you cook well.”

“Can’t cook a lot. But I can make this.” Chansung got himself a plate, sat across Seyoung and started eating.

“Thank you for making me dinner.” Seyoung said.

“My pleasure. Go ahead. Eat, before it gets cold.”

Dinner was pleasant. Seyoung found Chansung mature and funny at the same time. He shared stories during his days as trainee, and the hardships along the way. Although Wooyoung have shared a lot to Seyoung in the past, she found out how different the impact it has on them on a personal level. After they finished eating, Chansung cleared and did the dishes on his insistence. Despite Seyoung told him not to. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He just told her to rest, put her feet up.

“You are carrying enough weight already as it is. You shouldn’t be on your feet for a long time.” Chansung said to Seyoung.

“Chansung-shi. I’m pregnant. Not invalid.” Seyoung argued.

“I don’t mean that. I’m just saying, take it easy. It will be done in a minute.” Chansung replied.

“I’ll put the kettle on and make some tea when you’ve done the washing.” Seyoung offered.

“Okay.” Chansung replied. When he finished, Seyoung prepared the tea. They had it in the back balcony of the house. Seyoung sat in one of the outdoor chair, Chansung then put the throw blanket he took with him on her lap to keep her warm, before sitting on the chair opposite to her. The night air was cool but not cold.

“Chansung-ah. Are you seeing someone at the moment?” Seyoung asked him.

“No.” Was his brief answer.

“Wae?” Seyoung asked.

“I don’t know. I am just happy the way things are.” Chansung replied.

“You broke up with your girlfriend?” She asked again.

“Girlfriend?” Chansung was surprised. “Did Wooyoung told you that?”

“Mianhe.” Seyoung apologised.

“She wasn’t my girlfriend. We hanged out? Yes. But that was all to it.” Chansung said. Laughing with the thought how Wooyoung must have gossiped about him.

“Forget I said that.” Seyoung apologised, then laughed.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing really.” Chansung assured her.



Sometime during the night Seyoung woke up and thought she heard footsteps outside of the house. She looked at the time, it was half past midnight. In fear, she dialled Chansung’s number straight away.

“Chansung-ah. I can hear footsteps outside.” Seyoung whispered.

“Seyoung-shi. It’s okay. That’s me.” Chansung answered.

“What? What do you mean it’s you?” Seyoung said in utter surprise.

“I’ve camped in your front yard. I am just checking the surroundings.” Chansung said.

Seyoung stood up and went to the front door. “Knock three times when you are at the door.” Few seconds later, she heard the knocks. When she opened, Chansung stood there and saw the tent he put up.

“Stay inside. It’s cold out here.” Chansung said when he noticed she was only wearing her pyjamas.

“Why did you do that? You’re going to catch cold.” Seyoung told him.

“Kenchana. I had all my camping gear with me. Sorry if I scared you.” He said.

“I thought you went home.” Seyoung asked.

 “I did. But I got worried because you are on your own. So I decided to come back and set up a tent.” Chansung explained. “I love camping.”

“Honestly. I don’t know whether to thank you or not with what you did. But I can’t allow you sleeping in a tent, guarding me when I have two empty rooms you can sleep comfortably.” Seyoung said to him.

“Really. I’m comfortable and warm.” Chansung said, pointing to his hooded jacket, track pants and shoes.

“If you are not coming in, then I should sleep in the tent if you are saying it’s comfortable and warm.” Seyoung said firmly, waiting for his answer.

Chansung have never seen this side of Seyoung. She is one force to be reckoned with, which he actually find cute and endearing.

“Alright. I’m coming in. You need to rest. It’s not good for the baby.” Chansung gave in and followed Seyoung inside. She showed him the room and where the bathroom was, before she went back to bed.

“Goodnight Seyoung-shi.” Chansung said.

“Good night.” Seyoung replied.



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He lied to Seyoung. Because the truth is, Chansung isn’t happy how things are. He wished he could tell her how he truly feel towards her. And wished, he could be the father to her unborn child. But he has resigned to the reality, he can only be a friend. Chansung first met Park Seyoung years ago when 2PM did a soft drink commercial together. A pretty girl with long hair and a beautiful smile. Despite being shy, he went and introduced himself to her. She came with her make-up artist and quietly waited in one corner waiting for her cue. Seyoung introduced herself as new actress and said she was a fan. A lot of women say that when they are first introduced. It had become like auto pilot, but for some reason when Seyoung told him, he believed her. He felt the sincerity and she was really star struck. Their path crossed again when she co-hosted in a music show, along with his JYP brother, Jinwoon. They were in the height of promoting their new album, so they have been guesting in that show consecutively week after week, and each time Chansung would look out for Seyoung to say hello.  But that time, dating was not an option. Again, fate made an unexpected turn. Because a year later, he was shocked to know Seyoung was paired with Wooyoung in a semi-reality TV show as his ‘wife’. That’s when his one-sided love affair ended. Well, that’s what he thought until he bumped into Seyoung in Jeju Island.

“Wae?” Chansung answered Wooyoung’s call.

“Come and pick me up tomorrow evening.” Wooyoung told him.

“I thought you are not coming until Saturday. It’s only Thursday tomorrow.” Chansung was surprised with what he just heard.

“Mr. Yamamoto had a burst appendix and went for surgery today. So everything is on hold until he is well enough.” Wooyoung said. “I’ll see you at 6.30pm.”

“Okay. See you then.” Chansung said before he hanged up. He promised to drive Seyoung to a nearby fish market to buy some seafood today. He was just about to pick her up when Wooyoung called. Few days ago, he wanted Wooyoung to come as soon as possible. Now he wished, he didn’t make that call.

“Seyoung-shi. Would you like to go for a walk by the beach tomorrow morning? Watch the sunrise from the shore line?” Chansung asked while they were driving towards the market.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Seyoung said eagerly. “Is everything okay?” She asked him when she noticed Chansung suddenly become quiet.

“Yes. I was just concentrating on the road. It’s not familiar, you see.” He quickly answered.

“Are you sure?” Seyoung said. “You can tell me anything, you know.”

“Thank you. Honestly, I’m good.” Chansung smiled at her. “What are we buying today?”

“I’m craving for spicy crab stew and braised black cod with radish.” Seyoung answered.

“The other day it was Italian. I think your daughter wants to be a Chef.” Chansung said jokingly.

“It’s a boy.” Seyoung said quickly. “I am having a son.”



The clock read five am. He is up at the usual time again. He thought about what he said to Chansung yesterday. Wooyoung lied too. Mr Yamamoto had no burst appendix. He cancelled his Japan trip because he received unconfirmed information that someone have spotted Seyoung in Jeju Island. It’s been six months after her drama finished. There was no trace of her at all. It’s like she vanished from the face of the Earth. In the last weeks, he would go for a drive to the usual places Seyoung used to go for walks and the café she hangs out with her close friends, but no sign of her. He wondered if Chansung inviting him to Jeju could be related to that, but no, Chansung would have told him by now. If only he could get an earlier flight, he would have flown there already but unfortunately, he can only get on the evening one.

Chansung was already up when Seyoung came out from her room. Warmly dressed in a red jacket and scarf around her neck. Her hair up in a ponytail.

“You look beautiful.” Chansung said.

“And very pregnant.” Seyoung replied, touching her baby bump.

“Pregnancy suits you.” He added.

“Your very kind. But thank you. Let’s go?” Seyoung started heading towards the back balcony.

“Let me help you.” He bent down on his knee to help Seyoung who was struggling to put her gum boots on. “Be careful.” Chansung reminded her as she walked down the steps. A couple of times, he had to help her walk through the sand dunes, and got her to hold on to him. They walked towards the shoreline like that, until they found a spot. They sat on a big tree trunk that has been washed ashore.

“Seyoung-shi. Can I ask you a hypothetical question?” Chansung opened.

“Like what?“ Seyoung asked wondering what would the question be.

“If by chance Wooyoung turns up suddenly and find out you are pregnant and ask you for a second chance. Would you accept him?” Chansung asked.

“If I’ll listen to my heart. Yes. I will. But sometimes, what your heart tells you isn’t always the right answer.” Seyoung answered. “Honestly. I don’t really know.” She added, shaking her head.

“What if someone else comes along. He tells you that he likes you, and you like him enough. Will you accept him?” Chansung asked again.

“Number one. Who will like a soon to be single Mom like me?” Seyoung asked. “Number two. If I like him enough. I might?” She answered honestly.

“I would.” Chansung quickly answered. “I mean. That is my answer to number one. What’s wrong with being a single Mom?” He immediately explained.

“Really?I guess, that’s what I call unconditional love.” Chansung’s reply was a little unexpected, yet she pretended not to react.

“Yes. If I really like her. I’d be happy to take her child like my own.” They held gaze for few seconds, until a smile broke out between them. “Look. It’s coming.” Chansung pointed towards the skyline.

This morning will be the most memorable sunrise for Chansung, because he knew, it would be the last time he’ll be watching it with Seyoung.



Thoughts of what Chansung said earlier during sunrise played in Seyoung’s mind, as she watched him drive away. His statement was cryptic. Was that an indirect confession? She asked him to stay for breakfast, but he said he has urgent business to attend to. “Stop thinking about it Park Seyoung.” She told herself, closing the door.

She was glad of Chansung’s company in the last few days. Having him around made her feel safe. He was really caring and made sure she was comfortable and attentive to her needs. He made her laugh with his jokes, even the silly ones. He reminded her so much of Wooyoung. But since yesterday, she felt something was bothering him. Something Seyoung hoped, he would tell her.

Chansung went to the lighthouse. He needed to clear his head. He wanted to free himself from the sadness he feels inside with Wooyoung coming over.

“You’ve done well Hwang Chansung. You’ve done the right thing.” He told himself over and over. “This is your fate. Seyoung is for Wooyoung. He is a good man and a good friend. Be happy to know she is with him, rather than someone you don’t know.” He said out loud.

“Chansung-ah!” Wooyoung called, the minute he spotted him. They immediately gave each other a hug. “What’s up man?”

“Good. Welcome to Jeju. How was the trip?” Chansung asked as they were walking towards the car park.

“It was good.” Wooyung said getting in to his car.”Jeju seemed to suit you. You looked rested.”

“Really?” Chansung said, then his phone rang. It was Seyoung.

“Let me take this call.” He told Wooyoung quickly, walking away from the car.

“Who is it?” Wooyoung called out.

“Chansung-ah. I need your help. Please come!” Seyoung sounding distressed.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Chansung asked, getting concerned with how she sounded.

“Come. Pali!” Seyoung said and hanged up.

“Seyoung-shi!” Chansung called out but she was gone. He quickly ran to the car and started the engine.

“What’s wrong?” Wooyoung can see the urgency on his face.

“I’ll explain to you later! We have to go!” Chansung told Wooyoung. Reversed the car out and drove as fast as he can out of the airport parking lot.

“Can you please tell me what’s going on? Who called you?” Wooyoung asked again. “Hwang Chansung! Please slow down. You are making me nervous!”

“Park Seyoung.” Chansung had no choice but to tell him.

“What do you mean Park Seyoung?” Wooyoung asked in surprise.

“It was Park Seyung on the phone. Silly!” Chansung shouted at him.

“Park Seyoung? Are you talking about my Park Seyoung?” Wooyoung reconfirmed.

“Yes. Park Seyoung is here in Jeju Island and she is pregnant with your baby. God damn it!”



Once the engine was turned off, Wooyoung and Chansung jumped out of the car almost at the same time and raised to the front door.

“Seyoung-shi!” Chansung called, ringing the bell.

“Seyoung-ah” Wooyoung called at the same time.

“I’m coming.” Seyoung called out when she heard the knock on the door and her name called. But had a big shock when she saw not only Chansung but also Wooyoung standing outside.

“Are you okay?” Chansung asked. But Wooyoung went in and gathered Seyoung in his arms.

“Seyoung-ah!” Wooyoung whispered, holding her close in his arms. “Mianhe. Chungmal Mianhe. I didn’t know.”

Seyoung couldn’t move for a minute. Still shocked seeing Wooyoung.

“You called? Are you okay? Is the baby okay?” Chansung asked again, despite Wooyoung locking her in an embrace. Then Seyoung started to push Wooyoung away. “Let go of me.” She told him.

“Seyoung-ah.” Wooyoung keeping his hold, despite her resistance. But she managed to wriggle herself out from his arms.

“What are you doing here?” Seyoung asked Wooyoung, her eyes glaring.Then she turned to Chansung. “You promised!”

“I’m sorry. Seyoung-shi. But he needs to know.” Chansung said to her.

“You promised her what?” Wooyoung asked Chansung, then turned to look at Seyoung.

“I promised I won’t tell you where she is or that she is pregnant.” Chansung told Wooyoung. Running his hand to his hair in exasperation.

“You knew all this time?” Wooyoung confronted Chansung.

“Are you okay? The baby?” Chansung turned his attention to Seyoung, ignoring Wooyoung completely.

“I don’t think you should be the one asking her that!” Wooyung said, his voice raised.

“Seyoung called me!” Chansung replied with a raised voice too.

“She called you because she deleted my number.” Wooyoung replied in sarcasm.

“It is also because you’ve broken up!” Chansung replied in retort. “Remember?”

“I am the father of her child.” Wooyoung pointed out.

“Oh yeah? Would you have known if I didn’t ask you to come?” Chansung replied in sarcasm.

“Thanks to you for not telling me earlier on!” Wooyoung said.

“Both of you. Stop!” Seyoung had to scream to be heard. “Geez! You are driving me mad.”

Chansung and Wooyoung fell silent. “I’m sorry.” Both men said at the same time.

“The baby...” Wooyoung about to ask.

“I’m fine!” Seyoung cut Wooyoung off before turning to Chansung. “I called because I didn’t see you all day. I got worried. I know the only way to get you here was if I call you in an emergency. And I got dinner prepared.”

“What is going on?” Wooyoung asked again. “Why are you preparing dinner for Chansung?”

“I don’t need to explain anything to you. We broke up. Remember?” Seyoung glared at him.

“Seyoung-ah. Please.” Wooyoung pleaded.

“You have two options. Eat the food I prepared or you both get out of my house. Now!” Seyoung said, with her arms crossed, looking at them intently.

The men quickly pulled out a chair from the dining table, sat down and started eating. Seyoung followed, sitting on the top end removing the lid of her bowl of rice. Wooyoung and Chansung ate in silence, watching each other like hawks.

“You need to eat.” Chansung told her. But Wooyoung already placed a slice of grilled meat on Seyoung’s rice bowl. She ate after giving Wooyoung a meaningful look.



Chansung and Wooyoung are sitting in the front steps of Seyoung’s house. She has kicked them out after dinner because they started arguing who was going to do the dishes. It was too much for Seyoung to take. Wooyoung turning up all of sudden. And angry at Chansung’s betrayal.

“So this was the reason you wanted me to come.” Wooyoung told Chansung. He nodded. “How did you found out Seyoung was in Jeju?”

“Purely by accident.” Chansung replied.”My house by the way is only less than five minutes from here.” He added.

“How long ago was that?” Wooyoung asked.

“The day before I called you to come. I didn’t know it was Seyoung back then, until I saw her at the grocery shop. That’s how I found out we are neighbours, after I followed them.”

“Them?” Wooyoung asked.

“Seyoung’s Mom was here. But she had to go back to Seoul. Her dad got injured.” Chansung answered. “But I was more shocked when I found out she was pregnant. That’s when Seyoung-shi asked me not to tell you. She wanted to tell you herself. Now, she thinks I didn’t keep my promise.”

“Seyoung was on her own when Ommonim went back to Seoul?” Wooyoung asked.

“No. Her Mom asked me to check on her regularly until she comes back. So I did. I have been keeping her company since.” Chansung said. “I’ve been sleeping in the other room the last couple of nights.”

“Thank you Chansung-ah. It means a lot to me. And I’m glad it was you. Gomapta.” Wooyoung reached out, squeezing Chansung shoulder in appreciation.

“Seyoung is already on her sixth month.” Chansung told him. When he turned to look at Wooyoung, he could see tears rolling down his cheek.

“It must have been so hard for her. You were right. What a jerk I was. It was all my fault. She’s having a hard time because of my stupidity.” Wooyoung broke down in sobs. This time it was Chansung who reached out for Wooyoung’s shoulder to comfort him.

Seyoung heard it all. Wooyoung and Chansung did not know she has partly opened the door to check if they have left. But when she saw them sitting on the front steps, she couldn’t help but listen to the conversation. She had to stop herself from going out to comfort Wooyoung when she heard him cry. That’s how she realized, she really missed him. Seyoung gently closed the door and leaned on it, to cry those sad tears.

“It’s getting late. I don’t think Seyoung wants us in.” Chansung said. Looking behind at the closed door. Wooyoung got up and pressed the bell.

Seyoung wiped her tears quickly, took a deep breath before opening the door. “Wae?”

“It’s late. You are getting ready for bed?” Wooyoung answered. “I’ll be out here. If you need me.”

“Paboyah! Do you think I’m that cruel?” Seyoung told Wooyoung off.

“No!No! I thought you don’t want us inside your house. That’s why I said that. I don’t care if I sleep outside. I am not leaving you.” Wooyoung said to her clearly.

“I’m going. She’s all yours now.” Chansung said to Wooyoung, stood up to leave.

“Chansung-ah.” Seyoung called his name.”Can I talk to you for a minute?” Seyoung opened the door for him to come in. Wooyoung stayed outside. “I’m sorry about earlier. I understand your reason for asking Wooyoung to come. I want to apologize for putting you in an awkward situation.” Seyoung said.

“No harm done.” Chansung replied.

“Thank you for being a friend. And for everything.” Seyoung moved closer to give Chansung a kiss on his cheek, before giving him a tight hug. Chansung wrapped his arms around her in return.

“It was my pleasure. Listen, if this jerk of a friend of mine cause you trouble again. Call me anytime. I’ll beat the crap out of him.” Chansung said. Seyoung nodded. He held her face between his hand, planted a kiss on her forehead, then he let her go. Chansung went out, patted Wooyoung’s shoulder and walked to his car.



People who knows Seyoung and Chansung would find it strange if they learned she allowed her ex - boyfriends friend to sleep at her house. There was a moment when she saw Chansung from a different light. Not as a concerned friend but rather as a man. On the morning after the first night he stayed, Chansung was already up and waiting for her at the balcony door, with mug of warm milk, exactly how she liked. Their fingers touched briefly when he handed her the drink, their eyes met but Chansung was the first to look away. That brief contact made Seyoung realize, Chansung liked her. She was willing to walk down the path of the possibility where the friendship can lead to after what he said about liking a single mom. When he didn’t come all day, Seyoung was disappointed. A couple of times, she attempted to send Chansung a message to ask where he was, without being too obvious that she was worried about him. She prepared dinner and cooked the dishes Chansung mentioned he liked because she was certain he will turn up eventually. It got late but there was still no sign of him. She decided to call and feigned emergency. But then, he turned up with Wooyoung.

Wooyoung knew for a long time Chansung liked Seyoung. He showed it in his own subtle ways. The way he looked at her each time she was around with the boys. The way he gets mad at Wooyoung, on those occasions he was too busy to pay her some attention. When Chansung learned about the split up, he came to Wooyoung and said to him how he will regret hurting a good woman like Seyoung. Chansung’s words sticked in Wooyoung’s mind and has been living in regret since. Chansung’s finding out Seyoung was in Jeju Island could have been the best chance for him or seize the opportunity to confess, yet he didn’t. Instead, he asked him to come. Wooyoung’s respect towards his friend grew even more. If it was for a different woman, Wooyoung could give up his love in favour of Chansung. But Wooyoung can’t give up on Seyoung. And they are going to have a baby.

“Are you just going to stand there all night?” Wooyoung could hear Seyoung’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Is it okay for me to come in?” Wooyoung asked. The door opened wider. He went inside.

“Lock the door.” Seyoung told him. She was standing in the middle of the living room, looking at Wooyoung as he approached.

“Mianhe. Chungmal mianhe.” Wooyoung kneeled down in front of her, and wrapped his arms around her waist, his head resting on her baby bump. Seyoung can feel her clothes getting damp from his tears. “Mianhe Seyoung-ah.”. He felt her hand touched his hair. Wooyoung looked up, their eyes met, tears rolling down her face as well. He stood up, held her face and rested his forehead against hers. “I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry.” Seyoung was holding both his wrist, nodding her head.

Wooyoung moved his head to look at Seyoung. “Can we try again, please?”

 “Is this what you really want?” She asked him.

“More than anything in this world. Nothing make sense after you left. Life had no meaning. I wasn’t living, I was only existing. Please, please, come back to me.” Wooyoung cried. “Please love this jerk again!”

“Yes. You were a complete jerk.” Seyoung agreed.

“I know. That’s why I’m begging you to please give me another chance. I love you so much.” Wooyoung declared.

“Before I take you back. I have one condition.” Seyoung told him.

“Anything. What is it?” Wooyoung asked.

“You will get up at five each morning to watch the sunrise with me.” Seyoung said.

“I love getting up at five in the morning.” Wooyoung couldn’t believe what he just heard. Now it makes sense why he is always up the same time each day recently.

“Another thing.” Seyoung added. “We are having a boy.”

“I love you.” Wooyoung said before leaning forward to give Seyoung a kiss.


                                                               T H E   E N D



“Chansung-ah!” Wooyoung was very happy when he saw him coming. “How is Seyoung? The baby okay?” Chansung asked. It was one in the morning when Seyoung went into labor. She delivered the baby three hours later. Chansung was the first person Wooyoung told of the news before sending text messages to his parents and in-laws and his 2PM brothers. They got married in a private and low-key ceremony three weeks after Seyoung, Wooyoung and Chansung flew back to Seoul. Her Mom didn’t come back to Jeju when she learned Wooyoung was there.

“Let’s go to the nursery. I will introduce you to my son.” Wooyoung said proudly. True to his word, he had been a doting husband to Seyoung. To the point, it drove her mad. Seyoung had to call Chansung one day asking if he can take Wooyoung out of the house at least for a couple of hours. He did everything in moderation since.

“How can an ugly thing like you create this beautiful baby.” Chansung said jokingly. Looking at the ‘Baby Boy Jang’ wrapped in blue blanket, sleeping soundly.

“I know!” Wooyoung said proudly.”My son is the cutest of all the babies here honestly. Don’t you think?” Chansung just gave him the look and laughed. But he couldn’t agree more.

Seyoung was awake when they returned to her room. “Chansung-ah. You are here.”

“Wooyoung phoned me. So I came immediately. Congratulations. I met your son.” Chansung said.

“Thank you. And also for coming this early.” Seyoung replied. Wooyoung went and sat on the bed next to Seyoung, putting his arms around her shoulder. “How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Tired, but okay.” Seyoung replied. Then they heard a soft knock on the door. A young lady doctor came in, dressed in blue scrubs, sneakers, white jacket and a stethoscope hanging around her neck. Chansung noticed she looked liked she haven’t slept for twenty-four hours. But nonetheless, cute.

“Good morning. My name is Dr. Park. Dr. Lee had to go to another hospital to see a patient. She asked me to attend to you until she gets back.” She introduced herself, then asked the men if they can step out for a minute to examine Seyoung. Shortly after, she told them to come in.

“Everything is looking good.” The lady doctor said. “All goes well Mrs Jang, you and the baby can go home tomorrow.”

“Thank you very much Doctor.” Wooyoung bowed to her in appreciation.

“Yeobo. I was just telling the Doctor. I am a Park too. We have the same name.” Seyoung told Wooyoung.

“Yes, what a coincidence. My first name is Seyoung. Dr. Park Seyoung.” The lady doctor said.

 Chansung’s eyes grew big when he heard it. Looking at the two Seyoungs in the room. After the doctor left, Wooyoung put his arm around Chansung, then whispered. “I think, you should ask for her number.” Chansung gave Wooyoung a fist jab to his side. Wooyoung crouched in pain.

Seyoung couldn’t help but laugh watching the two men in front of her. Sometimes playful and child-like, but good men. One is her husband. The other one, their best friend.





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sy with friends- I spotted the actor from MF 


Sy’s commercial- very well done 

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Happy Block Saturday everyone. Here's more of my friend's old work. This was the first ever fanfic she's done for us... So glad that finally there are signs of Seyoung enjoying dinner with her work friends. Yes, I do see  Bo Cheon there @Gerry58...he looks gorgeous!



Life for Park Seyoung is quiet and simple. She has been inactive from showbusiness in the last two years and enjoys work as non-celebrity. Having graduated from Sangmyung University with a degree in Film and Media with a post graduate studies gave her the opportunity to work in the media/advertising world. She is employed as an assistant to the marketing head of ChunTech Media for about a year and a half now. The company is only five years old but has gained good reputation in TV advertisement, short films and documentaries. Her years of experience in the entertainment industry became an advantage to work in the field. Though she miss working in dramas, she finds being the one of the brains behind a production is more challenging and fun. When Seyoung went to work today, she was asked by Jay, their CEO to go to Dongdaemun to troubleshoot an urgent problem.They received a phone call from the company representative saying they are not happy about the end part of the commercial film. It was a project she spearheaded with her senior. Her job usually don't handle this type of situation but Jay is currently away in Jeju Island attending a conference, left with no choice she went as requested. Seyoung arrived in Dongdaemun Design Plaza earlier than expected, there was less traffic than usual so the drive was quicker. She found the location and asked one of the crew where to find the production director (PD). She was told to go to the second floor, and look for the door that says "Production Team". Seyoung went up and found the room easy, it was the third one on the right as you get off the escalator. She knocked three times and heard a voice telling her to come in. She opened the door gently and found there was only one person in the room, sitting on the chair, his back facing her.
"Anyonghasaeyo, I'm Park Seyoung-mida from ChunTech Media. I'm here to see the PD." Seyoung introduced herself to the man.

Jang Wooyoung was informed two weeks ago that he will be shooting a commercial film from one of the new product endorsement he signed up. JYP confirmed the date and will be under the production of ChunTech Media, a company he never heard of but was told that despite the fact it was new-ish in the field had gained good reputation. Wooyoung always find interests in success stories, maybe because he is one of them. Years of grueling training, Idols like him invested their best to succeed in this very competitive and cruel world of K-Entertainment. Night before he was to shoot the CF he researched about Chun-Tech Media. The CEO is only in his mid-thirties who received their first client two months after it opened. The first commercial filmed by the company received very good reviews hence a string of projects started to roll in. The company have twenty employees, ranging from graphic artists, business & marketing staff. The employees have degrees in advertising, film and media.The company staff photo were also posted on their website. Curiously Wooyoung started browsing through them when a familiar face caught his attention. He zoomed the screen to have a closer look. Wooyoung can't be wrong. The face he knew too well.
Wooyoung arrived an hour before the shoot like he consistently do. Being early gives himself time to prepare and not rushing. He wasn’t feeling his best when he got up this morning, it's like he is brewing a cold. Yet he didn't want to cancel, this is the only schedule for today and will have a free day tomorrow. While his style team were prepping him up, message from PD came that they are doing some last minute review and there will be a delay in shoot. Wooyoung was okay with it as he has the time anyway, he can wait. He looked at his watch and noticed it's close to lunch time, he suddenly announced he is buying lunch for everyone, and asked his assistant to take care of it. Wooyoung excused himself and went to the dressing room assigned to him. On his way back, he thought he could use a bit of quiet time and rest. Passing by one of the rooms, he saw a big note on one of the doors saying "Production Team, Do Not Disturb". In a whim he removed the note and sticked it on the door of his dressing room before going in. Just when he thought everything was quiet, he heard a knock on the door, thinking it was one of the production staff, he called out to come in. Then he heard that familiar voice, the voice he's been longing to hear.



Seyoung couldn't believe her eyes when the man turned around to face her is none other than Wooyoung.
"Seyoung-ah. Anyonghasaeyo." He stood up, walking towards her.
"Wooyoung-ah," Unable to contain her surprise, "How? Why? Are you the endorser for this commercial film?"
"And good to see you too," Wooyoung replied, looking back at her smiling, "Yes, to your question."
Seyoung and Wooyoung stood there just staring at each other for few seconds, unsure of what to say or do next. It was Wooyoung who moved a step closer and pulled Seyoung into a hug. She was stunned at Wooyoung's action but surprisingly, at that very moment memories came flooding back when she smelled that familiar scent of him.
It is Wooyoung, Seyoung thought.
Seyoung-ah,I miss you so much. Wooyoung thought the same.
It was Seyoung who broke the embrace when she suddenly remembered the reason why she was there. I didn't come for this, Seyoung said to herself.
"Wooyoung-shi," Seyoung said, stepping backward away from him. But Wooyoung was quick to hold her hand tight enough so she can't go further.
"How are you?" Wooyoung asked.
"I'm good. Thank you. I think, I went to the wrong room." Seyoung replied, feeling her hand beginning to sweat.
"You are looking for the PD you said? It's few doors away to your left as you go out." Wooyoung said, still holding her hand.
"Thank you.I have to go." Seyoung said pulling her hands from his.
"Seyoung-ah.Will you be here all day? I mean, while we are filming?" Wooyoung asked.
"I don't know. It depends how serious the problem is. How do you know I'm here?" Seyoung asked curiously.
"You work for Chun-Tech Media," Wooyoung answered.

"I have to go," Seyoung said turning to leave.
"Seyoung-ah, wait! Can I please have your number?" Wooyoung blurted out quickly, he didn't want to miss the chance.
"Waeyo?" Seyoung asked curiously. Surprised how straight forward he was.
"Because, I want to see you again."
"I don't think that's a good idea."
"Why? Are you married? Are you dating someone?"
"No!" Seyung quickly replied.
"Please," Wooyoung pleaded."Please, Seyoung-ah."
Wooyoung-ah...don't do this to me.Seyoung thought. Looking at him right now, simply melts her heart. Seyoung then looked into her bag to give him a business card.
After receiving it, Wooyoung quickly reached for his mobile phone from his suit pocket and dialled the number. Her phone rang. Immediately looked at Seyoung's phone that was in her hand making sure his number is showing on the screen.
"Gomawo," Wooyoung said.
"Hyung,lunch is coming. Sorry," Woyoung's assistant suddenly barged in. He immediately apologised when he noticed Seyoung in the room.
"Anyonghasaeyo. It's okay," Seyoung greeted Wooyoung's assistant and started to leave.
"I'll walk you to the where the production team is," Wooyoung offered.
"No need. I'll find my way." Seyoung replied.
"I insist. I know which room I took the sign from," Seyoung looked at him. Surprised, couldn't believe he did that! He led Seyoung to the room,his hand on her back guiding her. Wooyoung knocked before opening the door to let Seyoung in. PD, Wooyoung and Seyoung exchanged greetings then Wooyoung left her with the team..


The meeting lasted for half an hour. Seyoung was asked to stay back until the shoot finishes just in case new problem occurs. Seyoung stayed as requested. She was shown a quiet corner and observed the entire filming. It was very hard not to notice Wooyoung. From last minute instructions by the director, to his make-up retouching and even when he drinks the bottled water placed next to him.
Wooyoung was happy to know Seyoung was staying until the end of the shoot. His eyes would wander around discreetly, looking for Seyoung. Once he knew where she is, his focus is back to the filming

The day is getting long for Seyoung. She struggled to focus 100% because of Wooyoung's presence. She couldn't understand why he still have this effect on her, it's been over two years. Life has changed for her and for sure,Wooyoung as well. She knew he's been watching her because Seyoung caught him few times and that doesn't help either.
Seyoung needed to go to the washroom, getting there means she has to walk past where he was sitting. She overheard his assistant asking if he was fine because he sounded more sniffly. Wooyoung told him not to worry, he can finish the filming and will go straight home to rest. Is Wooyoung sick? Seyoung asked herself but continued walking. Few minutes later she saw Wooyoung still on his chair as she was returning to her spot. His assistant nowhere in sight.Couldn't contain her concern, she went to sit on the empty chair next to his.
"Kenchanayeo?" Seyoung asked but not looking at him.
"Don't worry. I'll be alright," Wooyoung replied.
"I'm not worried. I'm only asking how you are." Seyoung said in her 'not worried' tone.
"Thank you for not worrying," Wooyoung stated, secretly smiling.
"Wooyoung-shi..." Seyoung couldn't finish what she wanted to say because Wooyoung's attention was called by the PD to resume filming.
"You were saying?" Wooyoung asked not caring of the PD.
"Nothing important.You should go," Seyoung said, stood up and walked back to her spot. Not looking back. After things wrapped up in Dongdaemun, Seyoung headed straight to the office to make the report on today's incident and few phone calls to make.Today, she purposely avoided being in close proximity from Wooyoung but was kicking herself for approaching him.
What? To make sure he is okay? It's none of your business Park Seyoung! Seyoung telling herself off.
The ringing of the phone brought her back to reality, it was an unidentified number but picked up anyhow in case it is from a client.
"Yeobosaeyo," Seyoung greeted.
"Seyoung-ah." Wooyoung replied.Cough.
"Wooyoung-shi. Is that you?" She asked, he sounded different from this morning.
"Yes. It's me." Wooyoung answered.
"How can I help you?" Seyoung asked, sounded business like.
"Can you please come?" Wooyoung requested. Cough
"Where?" Seyoung asked in surprise.
"To my place." Wooyoung replied with a sniff.

"Waeyo?" Seyoung asked again.
"I'm sick." Wooyoung let out a cough after his reply.
"Why are you calling me? Where is your assistant?" Seyoung now sounded annoyed.
"I sent him home after I got here. I'm cold and feel fever-ish" Wooyoung answered again with a sniff.
"Take some fever reducing medicines." Seyoung suggested.
"I don’t think I have any at home. And I don't have the strength to drive." Wooyoung replied. Cough.
"I'm sorry, Wooyoung but I'm busy right now. Bye." And just like that Seyoung hanged up.



Seyoung continued with her work for another two hours but couldn't stop feeling bad for what she did. She knew he was genuinely sick. Wooyoung was never the type to pretend being sic because he hates being sick. At the moment, her mind and heart are debating. Unable to continue with work anymore, she decided to go home.Yet the thought of Wooyoung not making Seyoung at ease even at home.Eventually, she decided to send an SMS message to Wooyoung, to find out if he was okay. Browsing through her phone, he found his number.
"How are you?" Seyoung typed. Send.
"I hope you are feeling better," She typed again. Send.
After nearly thirty minutes without receiving a reply, Seyoung called.
"Yaboseayo." Wooyoung answered faintly, after the sixth ring.
"It's me, Seyoung," Seyoung answered.
"I know," Woyoung replied. Cough. Cough.
"I'm just checking how you are," Seyoung asked. He sound worst,she thought.
"I'm not really good but I'll survive." Wooyoung replied. Cough. Sniff.
"Is someone with you? I mean, is your assistant with you?" Seyoung asked.
"Anii- mida." Wooyoung replied. Sniff. Cough.
"Give me your address. I'll come over." Seyoung said quickly before changing her mind.
"It's late.You had a long day. I don't want you to drive anymore," Wooyoung said.Sniff.
"Jang Wooyoung! Give me your address now. Please," Seyoung asked firmly but politely.
"I thought you are busy," Wooyoung replied.
"I was," Seyoung answered. "I'm coming over."
After writing his address and instructions how to get in to his apartment building, Seyoung droved to his place. She dropped by the pharmacy to get medication for his fever and tonic drinks, then went to a convenience store to buy some reheatable food. Seyoung reached his apartment. At the door, she punched in the password Wooyoung gave her. It was a combination of their birthdates and months - 3047. When she got in, the corridor was dark but can see a night lamp coming from the living room where the corridor leads. That's where she found Wooyoung, lying on the couch under a blanket.
"Wooyoung-ah. What are you doing lying here? You should be in bed," Seyoung whispered, kneeling down to him. She touched his forehead, he is burning!
Wooyoung slowly opened his eyes. Blinking few times, making sure he wasn't seeing things.
Seyoung came,Wooyoung thought, he reached out to touch her face."I was waiting for you." Wooyoung replied faintly.
"Pabo-yah? You could have just waited in your room. Come on, let's get you back to bed." Seyoung said, now holding the hand that was on her cheek.
Wooyoung put his arms around Seyoung's shoulders while she wrapped her arms to his waist to help him up, they walked back to his room. When they got there, she helped him lay back in bed, but when she stood up, Wooyoung grabbed hold of her arm, stopping her
."Don't go,"Wooyoung said.
"I'm not leaving. I'll get a bowl of water and towels to cool you down. When was the last time you took medicine?" Wooyoung's hold now relaxed but still holding her.
"I haven't taken any,"Wooyoung answered.
"I bought some with me. You need to take it." Seyoung told him.
Few minutes later, she returned with the tablets and glass of water for Wooyoung.
"You need to look after yourself," Seyoung said him while he took the tablets.
"I need you to take care of me," Wooyoung reaching out to hold her hand again.
"Wooyoung-ah. You're a grown up man. You don't need me." Seyoung told him.
"If you are confident that I can take care of myself, why did you come?" Wooyoung said, half-teasing her.
"Sounds to me you are fine. I should leave then," Seyoung attempted to get up but Wooyoung's hold stopped her.
"No! Please don't go Seyoung-ah...mianhe, mianhe," Wooyoung quickly apologised.
"Hey. I was only joking." Squeezing his arm for reassurance and went to the bathroom for the towels. Seyoung could see the panic in his eyes. She came back with the things she needed, placed them next to the bed, went to his wardrobe to get him fresh shirt to change. Wooyoung happily watching Seyoung making herself at home.
"Wooyoung-ah, you need to take off your shirt so I can do sponges on your chest and back. This will help cool you down." Seyoung said.
Wooyoung sat up to pull his shirt up, leaving his upper body bare. Seyoung started to do sponges on him, leaving one damp wash cloth on his forehead, she continued to wipe his chest, back and arms. His body is exactly how she remembered it. Not skinny, just firm, lean muscles. And his six-pack abs. Park Seyoung! What are you thinking? Seyoung secretly telling herself off the second time.
"I miss this," Wooyoung said, not leaving her out of his sight.
"Go get married then," Seyoung replied bluntly.
"When do you want to get married?" Wooyoung asked.
"Huh?" Seyoung surprised by the question.
"You said that I should get married. When can WE get married?" Wooyoung asked her again, with emphasis on we.
"You're fever has gone down a little, but you seem delirious." Seyoung replied.
"I am deliriously happy you are here." Wooyoung replied.
That's good to know, Seyoung thought quietly to herself, while she continue to sponge him.
"I'm the one with fever but your cheeks are red," Wooyoung said.
Seyoung pretended she did not hear what he just said because he was right. She patted him dry with the towel and gave him a fresh T-shirt to wear back on.
"Please help me.I feel weak," Wooyoung now sounded very sleepy.Seyoung took the shirt and put it on for him, tucked him to bed like a child.
"Seyoung-ah. Promise you'll be here when I wake up." Wooyoung said, holding on to her hand.
"I'll be here. Promise," Seyoung said brushing the hair away from his eyes using her fingers. Wooyoung then kissed that hand, not letting go, placing it on his chest before closing his eyes.




Seyoung stayed next to Wooyoung as he sleep. His skin feeling a lot cooler this time and continued with the little sponges a bit longer. Wooyoung moved, shifting on his side, his arms reaching to wrap around her waist, with eyes still closed. With him positioned that way, it took some work for Seyoung to reach the thermometer she bought him. Moving carefully trying not to wake him up. She eventually managed to get it and checked his temperature. His fever have gone down. Seyoung closed her eyes and gave out a quiet sigh of relief. She was really worried.
"Sleep well, baby," Seyoung whispered, gently rubbing his temple.Unbeknown to Seyoung, he heard it clear. Wooyoung smiled.
It was already close to one in the morning by the time Seyoung looked at her watch. She gently extracted herself from Wooyoung's hold. Walked to his wardrobe to borrow a t-shirt and a short for change and went for a quick shower. After showering, Seyoung felt hungry realizing she missed dinner. She went to the kitchen to get herself a light meal. Along the way, she noticed how clean and tidy Wooyoung's apartment is, like how she remembered it. She smiled how between the two of them, he is a lot more organized than she was back then. She opened the fridge and found some cold meats, cheese, tomatoes and bread. She put away the reheatable porridge for Wooyoung in case he'll wake up hungry later on. She sat in the dining table while eating the sandwich she prepared. Once she finished her food and the tidying up, she went back to his room. Seyoung sat slowly next to the sleeping Wooyoung, touched his forehead, it felt much cooler than before. She got under the cover next to him, half sitting. She noticed there were two books on his bedside table,The Alchemist and Zen Words for Wisdom. Seyoung chose the latter for quick reading, but the events of the day have taken it's toll on her, she fell asleep just after few pages.
Wooyoung woke up couple of hours later. He found Seyoung asleep next to him with book in hand, wearing his clothes.The cover half exposing her beautiful legs, she must have kicked them away some time ago, unconsciously.
Park Seyoung, you never fail to blow me away. Wooyoung thought and telling himself how sexy and hot she looked wearing his t-shirt and shorts even with the end falling past her knees.

"Gomawa Park Seyoung.Saranghae," Wooyoung whispered to Seyoung's ears before planting a soft kiss on her temple. Seyoung stirred but did not wake up. Wooyoung put the blanket back on to cover her, layed back down and put his arms across to her shoulder, like he is afraid she'll go away and went back to sleep.

Seyoung felt something heavy on her. It took her a minute to realize that she is not home. It must be morning because she can see brightness peeping between the curtains of the room.She looked around her and realized that she is wrapped in Wooyoung's arms. She gently turned to face him, touched his forehead. Fever is gone.
"Good morning, beautiful," Wooyoung said, eyes still closed.

"Good morning. Are you feeling better?" Seyoung asked.
"Hmmnn," Wooyoung nodded, pulling her close.
"Are you hungry? I can reheat the porridge I bought from last night." Seyoung offered.
"Senja? Gomawo. But I like something else for breakfast," Wooyoung opened his eyes now, looking straight at her.
"What is it?" Seyoung asked.
"This," Wooyoung moved closer, kissing her gently on the lips.
Seyoung did not resist. She allowed it.
"Gomawa for coming," Wooyoung said when the kiss ended.
"Anniyah. Mianhe for not coming sooner," Seyoung replied, looking into his eyes. Their face are so close, they can feel each others morning breath.
"What changed your mind?" Wooyoung asked.
"I knew you were not faking it and I felt bad hanging up on you just like that," Seyoung replied.
"I'm sorry. I know I put you on the spot by asking you to come. In my misery last night. I could only think of you. I thought my heart was going to burst with joy seeing you yesterday," Wooyoung said, brushing away tendrils of hair out from her eyes.
"I was both surprised and happy to see you too but tried so hard to hold it in. When I knew you were sick, all my logic collapsed. I got worried," Seyoung admitted.
"Senja? Mianhe.I didn't mean to make you worry," Wooyoung said, he reached for her hand, and kissed them. "I'd better stop or else I might not be able to control myself," Loosening his hold from Seyoung.
"I missed you," Seyoung whispered.
"I miss you more," Wooyoung said. He then moved to position himself on top of Seyoung.
"What are you doing?" She asked.
"I want to have a good look at you, from up here." Wooyoung replied, trapping Seyoung underneath him.
"You were sick last night, you shouldn't exert yourself." Seyoung said, patting both his arms gently, attempting to loosen his hold.
"I feel good. I think you gave me the magic pill." Wooyoung said cheekily.
"No I didn't. It was just the colds medicine I bought from a pharmacy down the road." Seyoung replied half-laughing.
"It doesn't matter. You put magic to it." Wooyoung then leaned down to kiss her again.
Seyoung kissed him back. Her arms went up to his neck, pulling them closer.
"Are you really here? I'm not dreaming, right?" Wooyoung asked, between kisses.
"This is not a dream. I am here." Seyoung holding his face on both hands. Kissing him on the forehead, nose, cheeks then his lips.The kiss they shared was sweet, full of longing and passion.
"When did you learn to kiss like that?" Wooyoung asked after the kiss.
"Didn't I say I missed you?" Seyoung replied, loving the surprise look on his face.
Wooyoung flipped her over on top of him like a feather. Hand beginning to explore as they kissed once again, going underneath her oversized shirt touching Seyoung's bare skin that felt as smooth as silk. Then he stopped.
"Is something wrong?" Seyoung asked in surprise.
"Seyoung-ah,if I don't stop now. I can't promise you that I'd be able to hold back and not go all the way." Wooyoung said. He doesn't want her to feel he is taking advantage of the situation. Seyoung is far more precious than that.
"You are right. We shouldn't rush," Seyoung said. "Wooyoung-ah just letting you know. I came here ready for this." She said, assuring him.
"It's not that I don't want to. God knows how much I want you right now. But I don't want you to feel that this is all I'm after." Wooyoung explained.
"I know. Thank you," Seyoung said, and snuggled closer feeling his warmth.
They stayed in that position for a while. Seyoung wrapped in the security of his arms, she must have fallen asleep when Wooyoung heard a sound, like a soft snore coming from her. He couldn't help smile just looking at the sleeping beauty, holding him close as if her life depended on it. Not long after, Wooyoung fell asleep too. 

It was late in the afternoon when they finally emerged from the room. Wooyoung ordered some Chinese food for them.He felt he could eat like a horse today. Seyoung was in the balcony talking to someone on her mobile phone, dressed only in his T-shirt, her well toned legs exposed. He managed to convince her not to wear his shorts, though she still looked sexy in those, she looked better without them. Seyoung laughed but gave in to the idea. He went over to where Seyoung was and put his arms around her waist pulling her close to him from behind, kissing the top of her head. Smelling her sweet scent. Seyoung finished the call and turned around.
"Are you okay?" Seyoung asked, touching his forehead.
"A lot better than I've been in a long time, baby." Wooyoung replied.
"Baby?" Seyoung was surprised with the name calling.
"Yes.You called me 'Baby' last night. I heard it clear. You said, sleep well baby." Wooyoung repeated.
Seyoung replied with a soft laugh, shaking her head at him.
"Do you realize how hot you look right now wearing only my T-shirt?" Wooyoung whispered.
"Senja?" Seyoung replied trying to play innocent.
"I want you," Wooyoung whispered again.Then the door bell sounded.
"Food is here," Seyoung said, letting him go to answer the door.
"What a great timing!" Wooyoung complained. Seyoung can only laugh hearing him complain.
He came back with the dishes they ordered. But Wooyoung put it on the kitchen bench and went straight back to where she was.
"I thought we are eating?" Seyoung asked.
"Food can wait. I'm more hungry for you," He lifted her up, Seyoung wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing their way to his bedroom. This time, neither of them held back.



Wooyoung and Seyoung are eating the reheated Chinese food at the dining table, feeding each other. Seyoung made sure he eats plenty so he can recover quickly.
"I'm full, Yeobo." Wooyoung said.
"Yeobo?" Seyoung was surprised hearing the word.
"Waeyo? Yeobo. I love calling you that." Wooyoung said.
"I haven't heard that for a long time, that's all.But I like it." Seyoung smiled.
"Where have you been all this time? Tell me," Wooyoung asked curiously.
"I've been busy.I became active with our church out reach programs for few good months. That's when I travelled around a fair bit. I enrolled and did my masteral studies. Then an opportunity came to work with Chun-Tech Media. I knew it wasn't a far cry from showbusiness and there is the slim possibility that I'll bump into you again. Working behind the camera, doing commercials and documentaries was fun. A lot different from TV dramas or movies I starred in."
"Don't you miss acting?"
"I do. But I'm happy how things are."
"Did you ever think of me?" Wooyoung asked.
Seyoung just looked at him in reply,flashing that beautiful smile of hers."By the way, how did you know I worked for Chun-Tech?"
"I'm good in researching things. Got curious. So I looked it up. That's how I found you working for the company. Your photo was on the company gallery."
"Yes. Staff profiles are on the website. Did you know I was coming?"
"No. I honestly didn't. It was purely by chance. A chance I would be forever grateful. I missed you so much. More than you'll ever know. I wanted to tell you how I regretted letting you go." Wooyoung replied.
"Why?" Seyoung asked.
"Because I realized how much I love you. And how stupid I was."
"Yeobo.It's completely fine with me if you dated someone else. I understand. I'm sorry if I caused you pain. Or made you cry," Wooyoung said, reaching out for her hand.
"It wasn't your fault. It was the circumstances things happened."
Wooyoung stood up, sat next to Seyoung and pulled her to sit on his lap.
"Again, I'm sorry if I hurt you then."
"It's all in the past. Let's look forward to the future and what is now."
"I love you, " Wooyoung said, looking at the beautiful woman sitting on his lap before planting a kiss to her lips."I want you."
"Again? You need to rest. You haven't fully recovered yet."
"I feel good. You make me feel good. Don't you want me?"
"Anii," Seyoung replied shaking her head, teasing.
"Wae?," Wooyoung replied, forming his mouth into a pout. Pulling her even closer.
"Tell me what you want me to do." Seyoung asked, giving him lazy kisses all over his face.
Wooyoung's hand going underneath her shirt feeling her skin. Wooyoung felt himself burning with so much desire for Seyoung.
"Who are you? Where is that sweet girl I was with not long ago?" He asked jokingly.
"That girl have left the building. So, what do you want me to do?" Seyoung asked again, in her most seductive voice. She could feel Wooyoung's breathing getting heavier by the second.
"Everything."Wooyoung replied before lifting Seyoung up, carrying his woman towards the bedroom. She did everything as requested.

Seyoung stayed with Wooyoung for another day. His fever hasn't come back and colds symptoms were gone as well. Min Ho, Wooyoung's assistant came in the afternoon to bring some groceries Wooyoung wanted to buy for Seyoung, but left shortly after.
"Why did Min Ho left so soon?" Seyoung asked Wooyoung while they put away the groceries.
"Because I don't need him and I want to be alone with you."
"You already had me all day and night."
"I wish you are with me everyday and night," Wooyoung said, giving her a back hug. His head anchored to her right shoulder.
"What do you like for dinner? Pasta? Steak?," Seyoung asked showing him a packet of pasta and beef.
"You choose. I'll eat anything you cook." Wooyoung said giving her exposed shoulder a kiss.
"I'll make jalapeno oil pasta, your favourite."
"You remembered," Wooyoung was surprised.
"How can I forget? That was the first time I ever cooked for a man," Seyoung replied.
"For your husband," Wooyoung corrected.
"Now if you'll excuse me, I have dinner to prepare," Seyoung said trying to loosen his hold.
"One kiss and I'll leave you alone," Wooyoung then turned Seyoung around to give her one very long passionate kiss. Leaving her in a state of daze when he simply walked away chuckling. Amused with the expression Seyoung was wearing after the kiss.

Seyoung cooked while Wooyoung went to his studio to work. She can hear him singing and playing the keyboard all the way from the kitchen. He left the door open so he can see her. An hour later,dinner is served.
"Wow! This very good," Wooyoung said after having the first bite.
"Senja? You like it?" Seyung asked excitedly.
"I love it! You did very well. Gomawa Yeobo," Wooyoung replied, happily eating his pasta.
After dinner,they sat cuddled to each other in the couch,sharing a can of beer.

"I have to go home soon. It's Monday.I got work," Seyoung told him.
"Arra.I have a schedule tomorrow as well with the boys. Not until ten in the morning though," Wooyoung said while kissing the top of her head. The boys, meaning his 2PM brothers.
"I'm glad you are not sick anymore," Seyoung said hugging him closer.
"Gomawa Yeobo, for giving me this chance and for taking care of me. I love you very much."
"Nado saranghae." Seyoung replied with a smile.
"I can't get enough of you," Wooyoung whispered to her ear.
"I think, we still got time." Seyoung replied back.
That's all the encouragement Wooyoung needed. The next thing Seyoung knew they are back in the bedroom. And clothes flying all over the room.

It was close to midnight when Wooyoung dropped Seyoung home.He called his assistant, Min Ho to drive Seyoung's car while they took his.
"This is where you live?" Wooyoung asked when they pulled over at the entrance of an apartment complex. 
"Yes.It's very private."
"You live alone?"
"Yes,I live on my own.Though my parents were not so thrilled initially. My Mom still come and visit to check on me," Seyoung said.
"That's good or I'll be worried," Wooyoung replied.
"You better go so you can rest, you need to get your strength back. And besides,you got a long week ahead," Seyoung said, reaching out to rub the back of his neck. Something that she does to him out of habit.
"I'm alright, really. You've taken care of me well." Wooyoung leaned forward giving Seyoung a quick kiss on the cheek. "I miss you already."
"I'm only a phone call away," Seyoung assured him."You can come and visit me anytime."
"Senjaroo? I can do that?" Wooyoung replied excitedly.
"Of course. And I'm going to treat you real good too. " Seyoung said teasingly.
"I'll hold on to your word Park Seyoung," Wooyoung answered laughing.
He got out and walked to where Min Ho stood, handing Seyoung's car key. They made sure Seyoung was safely inside the building before Wooyoung and Minho left.

"Hyung, Park Seyoung noona is very pretty," Min Ho told Wooyoung as they were driving back.
"I know. And I love her." Wooyoung proudly replied.




It's been close to three weeks since Seyoung and Wooyoung saw each other. 2PM have been very busy doing promotional tours in Japan. But even with the busy schedule, Wooyoung never failed to call Seyoung each night. Showcases, fan meetings and press conferences filled their day.Tonight would be their last and will be heading back home straight after the last show tomorrow evening.They have been in the hotel from two hours ago. The boys gathered in the living room of the VIP suite they are staying for some late snacks and drinks.The rest of the entourage are booked in different rooms, so they can talk freely about private matters.
"Wooyoung-ah, I've been meaning to ask you this question for days. Are you seeing someone?" Jun K asked.
"I think, yes.His been acting weird lately," Junho added.
"What do you mean acting weird?" Wooyoung asked in defence.
"You disappear between performances. Your mobile phone is the first thing you will ask from Min Ho." Chansung commented.
"And that silly smile he wears after those phone calls," Nickhun said laughing.
"Wow! One at a time please." Wooyoung replied in obvious guilt.
"So. Are you dating?" Jun K asked again.
"Yes.I am seeing someone," Wooyoung answered honestly.
"Do we know her?" They all asked in unison.
"Yes." Wooyoung answered.
"It can't be Park Seyoung, right?" Taecyon blurted out. Wooyoung nodded.
"Really? You've found her? When? Where? How?" Chansung asked curiously. Wooyoung told them.
"We are happy for you, man!" Jun K said, giving Wooyoung shoulder a pat and shook his hand.
"You two are fated. You met again after all this time." Junho said shaking Wooyoung's hand too.
"When you thought she was someone who got away.Your paths crossed again," Taecyon added.
"I know. And I'm not going to make the same mistake like I did in the past," Wooyoung answered.
"Look at that expression on his face. Do you like her that much?" Nickhun remarked.
"I love her that much," Wooyoung answered happily.
"I never knew Wooyoung can be so cheesy," Chansung said that made everyone laugh.
"Channie, our maknae when it hits you hard there is no other way but turn cheesy." Taecyon told him.

“According to Forrest Gump. Love is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you gonna get.” Junho added. Everyone cringed.
"I'd like to make a toast for Wooyoung who have found love again," Jun K said raising his glass. And everyone joined.
"Thank you guys. Now if you'll excuse me.I have a girlfriend to call," Wooyoung said and stood up heading towards the room he is sharing with Junho. He could hear them saying, "Oooohhhh" as he walked away.

Back in Seoul, Seyoung was getting ready for bed when her mobile phone rang. It's Wooyoung.
"Yeobosaeyo," Seyoung answered.
"Hello My Love." Wooyoung greeted.
"Tonight I am called, 'My Love'?" Seyoung asked." The previous days were My Sweet, Darling, Buttercup, Honeybunch, Honey, Sweetheart and Baby."
"I will call you all the sweet names in the world.That's how much I love you."
“Oh my god. Your cheesiness have stepped up." Seyung replied laughing."How are you by the way?"
"I'm good but terribly miss you. I couldn't wait to come home tomorrow. It's the longest three weeks of my life." Wooyoung said.
"What time will your be arriving?" Seyoung asked.
"Before midnight. Can I quickly say hi to you? Or would it be too late." Wooyoung asked.
"Anni. I have some work to do anyway and I asked for a day off the next day. Do come." Seyoung replied.
Wooyoung and Seyoung talked for about an hour before hanging up. Wooyoung then joined the others back in the lounge room and received more taunts from the men.

Eleven-thirty when Seyoung's doorbell sounded. She quickly opened the door for Wooyoung, who straight away gave her a tight hug and a kiss.
"I miss you so much." Wooyoung said after the kiss.
"Me too.I miss you," Seyoung said, hugging him back.
"Your place is nice," Wooyoung said admiring the interior.
"Make yourself at home.I'll get you some water," Seyoung then went to the kitchen to get his drink.
Wooyoung removed his jacket, sat in the couch, eyes never left Seyoung. She came back with bottled water and sat next to him. Wooyoung reached out instead and got her to sit on his lap.
"I might be too heavy," Seyoung said.
"No you're not.You fit perfectly in my arms," Moving closer, his face snuggling to her neck, loving her scent. Wooyoung then held her face, drawing it down for another kiss. Seyoung responded, showing how much she missed him. Wooyoung stood up, scooped Seyoung in his arms.
"Where is the bedroom," Wooyoung asked. Seyoung showed him where to go.


It was late morning when Wooyoung emerged from Seyoung's room. Fresh from the shower wearing a white T-shirt and blue boxer shorts she bought for him. She half-expected that he wouldn't have any change of clothes because he came straight from the airport. She laid it on the chair next to the bed with a note.
"Good morning.You slept like a baby. Are you hungry?"
"I am," Wooyoung replied while hugging her close. Seyoung led him to the dining table showing him the food she prepared for them. Wooyoung was really hungry as he ate all of it. After breakfast, he took care of the cleaning up on his insistence.
"I love this. Spending a lazy day with you," Wooyoung said. They are in Seyoung's lounge room, cuddled.
"What's your weekend look like? Are you working?" Seyoung asked, her hand rubbing the back of his neck.
"We only have a fan signing event in Myeongdong at three tomorrow.The rest of the week will only be in Seoul. Not going back to Japan yet." Wooyoung replied.
"That's good then," Seyoung answered.
"Yeobo, can you make time for me next weekend?" Wooyoung asked.
"Next weekend? Why? Is there an occasion?"
"Not really but I want you to come with me to Busan."
"Busan? To see your parents?"
"Yes, I told them about us. And they want to see you. Can you make it?"
"Sure. I'd love to see Ommonim and Abunim again." Seyoung replied.


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Yes, he is Jang seung jo who played Jang bo cheon from MF with different hairstyle. step by step SY finally  appear, from lunch with her friends and her commercial film released. Love the CF showed cute and bright side of her. It's entertaining  when she was yelling at her phone in that CF. And of course the fanfic describe how SY and WY being loved at each other.

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Day came for Wooyoung and Seyoung to fly for Busan.Wooyoung did all their travel arrangements including car pick up to take Seyoung to his parent house in complete secrecy. Wooyoung's flight was two hours ahead of Seyoung. But that morning she woke up feeling a little queasy. She blamed it on the excitement and nerves of seeing Wooyoung's family again. She took very light breakfast to make sure she doesn't get sick before heading to the airport. The flight to Busan was pleasant. A car was already waiting when she came out. An olderly gentleman introduced himself as Wooyoung's uncle, he will take her to his parents house. Wooyoung was waiting for her at the door when she arrived. He then led her inside where his parents, sister, brother-in-law and his niece were waiting.
"Anyeonghaseyo Abunim, Omonim, Unni, Jin Joo and Hyungnim," Seyoung greeted everyone politely.
"Seyoung-ah, it's good to see you again," Wooyoung's Mom greeted back, giving Seyoung a warm hug.
"Gamsahamida, Ommonim.I'm very happy to see you and everyone again."
"Come, come sit down. You are probably tired from the journey. Aigoo...yeupoda,senja," Wooyoung's mum remarked leading Seyoung to a chair.
"Omma,I'm here too you know. You seem to be more happy to see Seyoung than me," Wooyoung said, he then went to his Mom and gave her a back hug that made everyone laugh.
"Aigoo...our maknae is jealous of the attention we are giving Seyoung-ie," His Mom replied back.
They all sat down and chatted. Wooyoung's sister was a charmer. She has the same sense of humor as Wooyoung. His brother-in-law was a little reserved but very nice too. Wooyoung's Dad, is his usual self, soft spoken at the same time funny. Wooyoung's niece is pretty and a little chatter box like her mom. And his Mom is the original charmer like her kids. Wooyoung on the other hand, never left Seyoung's side. Grinning from ear to ear seeing how Seyoung is well received by his family. Seyoung wanted to help prepare lunch, bu Woyoung's mom didn't want her being a guest. Seyoung begged and be allowed to help. When lunch was ready, everyone sat together in the dining table. Seyoung couldn't believe how much food Wooyoung's Mom prepared, After saying grace, they started eating.
"Seyoung-ie how is work doing. Wooyoung said you haven't been active in acting and work somewhere else." Wooyoung's Mom asked.
"Yes Ommonim. I now work with a private company that makes commercial films and documentaries." She replied.
Suddenly, Seyoung felt like she was going to be sick, she put her hand to cover mouth, quickly excused herself Wooyoung following closely behind, showing her to the nearest bathroom. Everyone looked very concerned.
"Yeobo, kenchana?" Wooyoung asked looking very worried, rubbing Seyoung's back while she was bent over to the sink, dry retching.
"Actually, since waking up this morning I felt queasy in the stomach. Mianhe."Seyoung apologized when her nausea settled.
"I should be the one saying sorry for dragging you all the way here." Wooyoung looking very concerned."We should take you to the hospital. Does it hurt anywhere?"
"No. You know how I wanted to come here with you. I'll be fine. Gomawo." Seyoung replied, rubbing his arms for reassurance.
"Come. I'll take you to my room so you can rest." Wooyoung and Seyoung came back out. Everyone were waiting anxiously if Seyoung was okay.
"Kenchana Seyoung-ah?" Wooyoung's sister asked.
"Kenchana, Unni.I think my excitement of seeing you all caught up with me. I've been looking forward for this trip all week," Seyoung answered,smiling.
"Omma,I'll take Seyoung to my room to have a lie down," Wooyoung told his Mom.
"Araso,araso.You go and rest Seyoungie,"His mom agreed.
"Aniyah Ommonim.I feel okay now. I want to finish my food." Seyoung answered and sat down again. Wooyoung followed but was watching her closely. Seyoung barely managed to keep her food down but she didn't want Wooyoung's family to be disappointed especially if they spent a lot of time to prepare this feast.
"Seyoung-ah. It's okay. Don't feel bad. You'll be more sick if you force yourself." Wooyoung's sister said when she noticed Seyoung struggling.

"Yeobo.You need to rest. Let's go." Wooyoung insisted so, they went to his room. When they got there Wooyoung helped Seyoung to bed and sat next to her holding her hand.
"Are you comfortable?" Wooyoung asked.
"Is your stomach hurting?"
"Annii. Sorry I got you worried." Reaching out to touch his face.
"It's okay, My Love.I want you to stay here and rest. Let me know if you need anything," Wooyoung said, looking at her lovingly.
"Your room is nice. Maybe later on I'll have a good look around and see your old photos."
"Feel free to have a look. My room is yours too. Mom kept it really clean and tidy."
"Of course. You are such a neat freak." Seyoung said laughing.
"You are right. I think it's a disease." Wooyoung agreed.
"You should go and talk to Abunim and Hyungnim.I'll lie down for a little bit and will be out soon," Seyoung said, urging him to go.
"Animidah.I'll stay here with you until you're fine. You forgot, I haven't seen you for a week," Wooyoung said.
Seyoung gave a soft laugh knowing she'll never win. It's true. Wooyoung have been busy the entire week. Often, she sends him text message during the day to say hello. Making him feel that she was thinking of him. The phone calls come late in the night.
"Poor thing. She must be really tired," Wooyoung said, when he noticed Seyoung fell asleep. He arranged the blanket to make sure she is warm. Kissed her in the temple before quietly leaving the room.

His Dad and brother in law were already in the lounge room when he came out. His Mom and sister busy in the kitchen.
"How is Seyoung?" His dad asked.
"She's sleeping," Wooyoung replied.
"It must have been a long week for her," His brother in law said.
"Her work can be physically demanding at times. She goes around all over Seoul when they do productions." Wooyoungg explained.
"How is she coping with your busy schedule?" Wooyoung's brother in law asked.
"She hasn't complained at all. Which makes me feel bad. That's why I make sure she has all my attention when we are together."
"Do that Son. You got a great woman there." His father said.
"I agree." His brother in law reaffirmed.
"Thanks. Let me go get us a drink." Wooyoung offered.
"How is Seyoung?" His sister asked when Wooyoung came to the kitchen.
"She's resting. Sleeping actually," Wooyung answered before going to the fridge.
"Wooyoung-ah,"His sister said in a whispering manner when their Mom left the kitchen.
"Noona.Why are you whispering?" Wooyoung asked.
"I have a feeling that Seyoung might be pregnant." His sister said.
"What makes you say that?" Wooyoung asked in shock.
"My dear brother. You and Seyoung are very healthy adults. Don't tell me you haven't slept with her yet?" His sister said bluntly.Still whispering.
"Noona! " Wooyoung was taken aback hearing it from his sister saying it like it was nothing.
"Sshh. Keep your voice down. Listen. Her symptom is exactly same when I had Jin Joo.I have spare pregnancy test kit at home.I'll ask your Hyungnim to bring two later," His sister said.


Later in the day Seyoung was up feeling much better.She apologised for the inconvenience she caused. Wooyoung's family reassured her it was no bother at all.
The ladies all busied themselves with dinner preparation. Wooyoung's sister ma
naged to pull Seyoung aside, away from her Mom for a quick talk.
"Seyoung. I have something to ask you."
"Deh Unni.What is it?" Seyoung asked.
"Can you remember the last time you had your period?" She asked directly.
"Unni!" Seyoung was surprised with the question.
"Come on. Don't be embarrassed. It's normal for a man and a woman that are in a relationship.You know what I mean, sex. But that is not important. Anyway, are you on a pill? or Wooyoung ever used condoms? What I'm saying is. You might be pregnant if none of you have taken or used birth controls. Try testing your urine later and do another one early in the morning. It will either come up as positive or negative. By the way, this is 99% accurate. I used this when I had Jin Joo." Wooyoung's sister said it straight. She then put two pregnancy kits in Seyoung's hands and went back to prepare dinner.
Seyoung looked at the pregnancy kits in her hand. She realized that Wooyoung's sister could be correct. She calculated the days, she has been over a week past her expected date. She has been that busy, she didn't even notice it. There is a big chance that she might be indeed pregnant!



After dinner Seyoung spoke to Wooyoung in private.Told him what his sister suspected and what to do to confirm.
"Wooyoung-ah what if your sister is right?" Seyoung asked him.
"Yeobo,I will be the happiest man in the world if you are pregnant. Come on, let's do it."Wooyoung reassured giving her tender kiss on the lips.
Later that night, Seyoung went and did a pregnancy test while Wooyoung was waiting patiently outside the bathroom door. It came back positive plus, two line indicator were very clear.
Seyoung opened the door and showed Wooyoung the result.
"This means?You. Are. Pregnant? Right?" Wooyoung asked, his eyes getting bigger with each word.
"I think.Yes." Seyoung said softly, nodding her head looking at him.
Wooyoung drawn her into a hug. Kissing her all over the face in total excitement. "We should tell mom and dad now!"
"Not yet.Unni said I should test it again early in the morning to reconfirm." Seyoung stopping the very happy Wooyoung from running into his parents room.
"Why? I thought this is 99% percent accurate?" Wooyoung asked in wonder.
"Unni said it is.But she also said to do it again early in the morning. Let's wait okay?" Seyoung explained.
"Yeobo.You have no idea how happy you made me. I love you a hundred times more." Wooyoung draw her into his arms.
"I love you too. Jang Wooyoung-shi." She whispered.

Sleep did not come easy that night. Seyoung stayed in Wooyoung's sister's room while Wooyoung in his. But sometime during the night, he went to Seyoung.

"Yeobo." Seyoung heard someone calling in the dark.
"What are you doing here? We will be in trouble if your parents find out we are sleeping together in their house." Seyoung said.
"I can't sleep. I miss you. Please let me stay. And besides, aren't we sleeping together already? Our little Wooyoung is growing inside you as we speak." Wooyoung replied cheekily.
"Jang Wooyoung!" Seyoung exclaimed but immediately covered her mouth from the noise she created.
"Sshh. Keep it down or we really are going to get caught. I promise not to do anything unless you allow me.I just miss you. I haven't seen you in a week. I'm dying of loneliness here." Wooyoung begged.
Seyoung moved to make room for him. Wooyoung quickly wrapped Seyoung in his arms.
"How do you feel about the thought of being a Mom?" Wooyoung asked in his very serious tone.
"Happy and excited. But a little anxious." Seyoung replied.
"I don't know. Maybe it's the whole new responsibility that we will be facing? What if I suck as a Mom."

"I highly doubt if you'll suck as a Mom. You are one of the kindest person I've ever met. But the prettiest amongst them all. We are in this together. You, me and our baby." Wooyoung said reassuringly. “And I love you. Don’t you forget that.” He added.
"I love you too." Seyoung replied.Finally sleep came for two people who will be facing better days ahead.

Seyoung and Wooyoung woke up, very early the next morning to do the pregnancy test again. Waiting for Seyoung to come out from the bathroom was the longest ten minutes Wooyoung had. The result was again positive and the two line indicators were very clear.. Seyoung is definitely pregnant!
"Yes!" Wooyoung said throwing a fist in the air in complete joy.
"Oh god. You are so beautiful.I want you." Wooyoung whispered showering Seyoung with kisses everywhere, the moment they were back in the room. Seyoung welcomed him.


Later that morning, Wooyoung's sister came to join them. He announced the news. Wooyoung's Mom hugged Seyoung. His Dad congratulated them both.
"Thank you Mom and Dad. We are very happy." Wooyoung said.
"Gomawo Unnii." Seyoung thanking Wooyoung's sister.
"No. Thank you for giving my brother a second chance and making him happy again.Welcome to the family," Wooyoung's sister replied.
Wooyoung contacted his personal assistant to re-book his flight. Wooyoung was supposed to fly an hour after Seyoung. But with finding out Seyoung's pregnancy, he was adamant that they will fly together back to Seoul. After few phone calls, their flights were confirmed for the late afternoon. Seyoung had another bout of morning sickness. Wooyoung was so worried, he insisted on getting his doctor cousin to see Seyoung. His cousin came and checked her, he prescribed anti- nausea medications for pregnant women and reassured Wooyoung that Seyoung is very healthy except for her morning sickness. All morning, Wooyoung was extra attentive towards Seyoung. Lunch was a struggle, trying not to disappoint Wooyoung's mom, she tried to eat as much as she can, the smell and taste of kimchi stew doesn't agree with her at the moment. Wooyoung's Mom noticed this.
"Seyoung-ah, kimchi stew isn't agreeing with you right?" Ommonim asked.
"Susahameda,Ommonim," Seyoung apologized.
"Kenchana.I was like that too when I had Wooyoung. Any dish with kimchi made me sick," His Mom answered.
"Omma,what can I give Seyoung?" Wooyoung asked.
"Dry crackers always work. Make sure Seyoung has that all the time." Ommonim replied.
"Gomawah Ommonim," Seyoung replied.
After lunch, Wooyoung went to buy the crackers. Seyoung stayed in bed, she took the tablet given to her by Wooyoung's cousin, it made her feel a little drowsy as an after effect. Then she heard a light knock on the door. It was Wooyoung's Mom. Seyoung sat up quickly.
"Deh,Ommonim," Seyoung said.

"Kenchana Seyoung-ah?" Ommonim asked.
"Kenchana Ommonim. Gamsahamida," Seyoung replied.
"Seyoung-ah. Omma-ga is very happy because of you and Wooyoung. Gomawah for accepting his love again. It must have been more than two years now when he thought he lost you forever, he drove himself to the edge. He never told us what happened, but as a mother, it broke my heart seeing him like that. He worked like there was no tomorrow. I guess trying to forget you. One day, he came home and just cried and cried on my lap, saying he was a fool for letting you go. He blamed himself for everything. He stayed with us for a week, that was the first time since his debut I've seen him that low. It was so heartbreaking. I was worried and prayed to the Gods every day and night, to please keep my Wooyoung safe and to give him strength to go through that. And to never give up. When he was leaving back to Seoul he told me he will do his best to make you proud of him so that, if he sees you again he will be the man you can lean on. And if fate allows you will meet in any given circumstances, he will never let you go. When I received the phone call from Wooyoung that you are back together. I cried. Finally, my prayers were answered by the good God. Because I knew he was hoping for that miracle.The miracle of finding you again. And how he cling to that tiny bit of hope for years. Seyoung-ah, please forgive Wooyoung for all his shortcomings. And the pain he caused you in the past. My son loves you very much. And now, that you are going to have a baby. There is nothing more in this world that I want but to see you both together, living happily. Gomawah Seyoung-ah, chungmal gomawah," Wooyoung's Mom said crying.
"Ommonim.I never stopped loving him. It was really hard for me too. I tried to forget him but my heart tells me otherwise. Watching him from a distance was killing me. I don't know why we had to suffer when none of us was at fault. I thought, if I give up being an actress that will make me forget him.I kept myself occupied with work then I would be too tired to even think of Wooyoung. Not a day went by without me thinking where he was or how was doing.Since then, there hasn't been anyone else. It's always been Wooyoung. It's only him. When I met him again after a long time, my love grew even more.I didn't hope of seeing him again mainly because, I want Wooyoung to be happy. Being an idol was his life. It was hard for him to be the boyfriend he wants to be, but I didn't want him to choose between his career and me. I let him go because I love him that much.Ommonim, I promise you, whatever challenges we will face. I will stand by him. We will face them together. I won't be a coward anymore. This time I am not letting him go,ever." Seyoung replied and hugged Wooyoung's Mom.
Wooyoung heard it all. He was standing outside the door all that time. Listening to the two most important women in his life made him so grateful and thankful for everything. Wooyoung quietly left, went to the backyard for a moment to allow Seyoung and his mom finish their talk. And himself cry those tears of joy.


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Before leaving Busan, Seyoung phoned her Mom that they are coming over to see them for an important matter they need to discuss. They will be heading straight to her parents house from the airport. Her Mom said they will be home.
The flight back to Seoul went well. Seyoung's nausea settled with small bites of dry crackers Wooyoung packed for her. Leaving the airport was a bit of a challenge as crowd started to gather around them when they were spotted on their way out. He was not concerned if they were taking photos of them. He is with Seyoung and he wants the world to know.
Seyoung's Mom greeted them at the door. Her Dad waiting for them in the sitting room. An air of tension can be felt as they entered.
"Seyoung-ah, what is the urgent matter you wanted to tell us," Seyoung's Dad asked immediately the moment they sat down. Wooyoung couldn't even say his greeting.
"Abunim, Ommonim.I am here right now to formally ask Seyoung's hand in marriage. I love your daughter very much. I promise you I will take care of her for the rest of my life," Wooyoung said, kneeling in front of her parents.
Seyoung was shocked of Wooyoung's announcement of marrying her. All the while she thought, they are only going to inform them about her pregnancy.
“Abunim, Ommonim.Seyoung is carrying my child. I apologise if things turned out this way before marriage. But I truly love your daughter. I am asking for your blessings." Wooyoung continued.
"Pregnant? Seyoung-ah!" Seyoung's Mom turned to look at her.
"Deh Omma. I am pregnant. We only found out yesterday in Busan." Seyoung answered nervously.
Seyoung's Dad could only give a loud sigh after hearing the news. The look of disappointment written all over his face.
"Weren't you the man that she broke up with some time ago?"Seyoung's Dad asked.
"Yes Abunim." Wooyoung answered."And I deeply regret and very sorry about that."
"Seyoung-ah. This man broke your heart. Do you think I didn't know what you went through? I didn't raise you, took care of you just to be hurt by some man." Seyoung's Dad said.
"Appah!" Seyoung exclaimed, trying to stop her Dad from carrying on.
"Yeobo!" Seyoung’s Mom did same.
"You are what they call an Idol? Isn't that the reason why you broke up? Because you have an image to protect? And you don't want people to know you are dating my daughter? Listen young man. When you love someone, you do everything to make them happy and be proud. My daughter is not someone to be ashamed about or kept hidden. Now you come here telling me how much you love her? How much do you really love my daughter?" Seyoung’s Dad asked firmly, trying hard stay calm as he spoke.
Wooyoung could only keep his head down and listen to what Seyoung's Dad was saying. Tears gathering in his eyes.
"More than I can say in words Abunim. I've never stopped loving her all this time. Please forgive me for putting Seyoung through that pain." Wooyoung apologised.
"Seyoung- ah. After what happened you still love this man? That much you got yourself pregnant?" Her Dad asked angrily.
"I love Wooyoung, Appah. I never stopped loving him." Seyoung kneeled down next to Wooyoung and reached for his hand. She could see tears falling from Wooyoung's eyes while trying to suppress a sob. Head bent down.
"Yeobo. It was all in the past. There is nothing we can do about that. We have to move on. It wasn't the right time for them back then.But look. They found each other again. They did the right thing by coming over and tell us. Seyoung is old enough. Your daughter has never been careless of her decision, you know that. This is her choice. To be with Wooyoung. Let us be happy and give them our support. Jebal Yeobo.Jebal." Seyoung's Mom pleaded.

Then a minute of silence. Seyoung and Wooyoung felt like they were about to be sentenced and clinging for dear life.
"You hurt my daughter again. I am taking her back. I don't care if she is thirty five or forty five. I will take her back!" Seyoung's Dad warned looking at Wooyoung intently.
"Abunim. I swear it on my life. I will never do anything again to cause your daughter any pain." Wooyoung promised.
Seyoung's Dad stood up and offered Wooyoung his hand. Wooyoung stood up quickly to accept it.
"Gamsahameda Abunim, gamsahameda," Wooyoung repeatedly said. Bowing. He helped Seyoung stand.She reached out to dry the tears from his face, before going to her Dad .

"Gomawoh Appah." Seyoung said hugging him tight.
"Wooyoung-ah. Promise me. You will take good care of our maknae." Seyoung's mom added.
"I promise Ommonim." Wooyoung replied, bowing to her.

Wooyoung stayed at Seyoung's apartment that night. While she was in the shower, he made the phone call to JYP. Letting him know of the news. JYP confirmed there have been news on TV of him and Seyoung leaving Gimpo Airport together today. The company's phone hasn't stopped ringing since. JYPE will release an official statement on the story that night. And maybe a press conference in the next couple of days.He finished his phone call when Seyoung came out from shower wearing a knee length blue silk robe.She looked breathtaking with hair tied up in a bun, with loose hair falling on the side of her freshly washed face.
"I think pregnancy suit you. You look radiant." Wooyoung complimented.
"Thank you." Seyoung replied reassuring him. "Go and shower. I need to call Unni if she can recommend an OB-GYN for me to see." Seyoung said, giving him a slight push towards the bathroom.
Seyoung was in bed when Wooyoung returned, reading a book. He laid next to her and reached for her still flat tummy.
"You know what? I did the scariest and greatest thing in my life today." Wooyoung said.
"What?" Seyoung asked.
"Facing your Dad." Wooyoung replied seriously.
"How could that be the scariest? It's only my Dad." Seyoung asked.
"Are you kidding me? Did you not hear when he said. YOU HURT MY DAUGHTER AGAIN I AM TAKING HER BACK!" Wooyoung repeating his words in a roaring voice."I nearly peed in my pants!"
Seyoung burst out laughing. He really did sound like her Dad.
"Your Mom was great. I love her." Wooyoung said turning serious.
"By the way. I got the doctor's number. I will ring tomorrow to book an appointment."Seyoung said when the laughing stopped.
"Tell me when. I'll come with you." Wooyoung replied.
"Come with me? Are you serious? You can't." Seyoung told him straight.
"Park Seyoung. Listen Yeobo. As of this time, JYP have already issued a statement that we are officially dating and is expecting our first child." Wooyoung said.
"What?" Seyoung said, completely surprised. "What do you mean? When did you do that?" Seyoung asked.
"While you were in the shower. I told him everything," Wooyoung said proudly.
"What did he say?" Seyoung asked again.
"He wished you and me well. Sending his congratulations for the baby. Yeobo. I'm in a good position now. At this stage in my career. I can afford to sit back and enjoy life. Life with you and our baby. I don't want you to worry about a single thing from now on. You and the baby are my priority." Wooyoung said before giving her a kiss on the cheek.
"Gomawo." Seyoung could only say thank you after hearing what he said.
"I want more than a simple thank you."Wooyoung pulled her close, hand went down to loosen the belt of her silk robe. He started kissing her exposed shoulder.Then went up to give her neck a soft bite. Seyoung can feel his desire rising up. Not long after, every piece of clothing were thrown on the ground.




The news of Seyoung's pregnancy headlined the next day. The official statement from JYPE was published in the company website. Leading TV and radio networks were talking about it. There were mixed reactions from fans. Some netizens flooded JYP website with well-wishers both for Wooyoung and Seyoung. And there were few accusing Seyoung of seducing Wooyoung since they appeared in the show We Got Married. Calling her a sly fox disguised as a meek lamb. Because of Seyoung being inactive from showbusiness for a while, clips of her old dramas and movies were shown everytime the report comes on. Wooyoung and Seyoung chose not to read the news or watch TV nor listen to the radio to avoid unnecessary stress on Seyoung.
 2PM men came uninvited at Wooyoung's place.Taecyon and Jun K. arrived at the same time. Chansung and Junho came after ten minutes. Nickhun was on the phone with Wooyoung when they arrived but told him he will be on his way too.
"I'm disappointed with you. I have to hear it from my assistant." Taecyon said.
"Me too. My Mom was the one who told me." Chansung followed.
"What about me? From my IG followers. Saying congratulations that I will be an uncle soon?" Jun K. retorted.
"I had to stop feeding my cats when the news came on on TV." Junho cried.
"Who cares about your cats. Wooyoung is more important at the moment," Taecyon said jokingly.
"Taec, cats are important too." Jun K. defended Junho. He also has cats for pets.
"Wait! I'm sorry you have to hear it that way and not directly from me. Seyoung is here actually. She's sleeping. She has morning sickness so it's a little hard for her at the moment. But she is fine and doing great. Now can we please take our seats and talk calmly. Arasso?" Wooyoung requested.
"Are you really going to be a Dad?" Junho asked.
"Yes. I am." Wooyoung replied.
"Man, you are quick!" Jun K. said.
Wooyoung can only shrug his shoulder for reply but smiling happily.
"Look at that silly smile on his face." Taecyon added.
"I can't help it. I am happy. You knew how hard it was for me. And this second chance with Seyoung? I will take this to the highest level." Wooyoung declared.
"You are marrying her?" Chansung asked.
"Yes. I am going to marry Park Seyoung." Wooyoung confirmed,
"Have you proposed?" Junho asked.
"Not yet."Wooyoung answered.
"How are you getting married when you haven't even popped the question?" Jun K. said.
"You need to plan a proposal event." Chansung coaxed.
"Are you going to wait after the baby is born?" Taecyon asked.
"What should I do? Seyoung isn't really into big events you know. She likes low-key stuff." Wooyoung said already in a dilemma.
"Just propose then." Taecyon reiterated.
"He doesn't have to." Seyoung said.
They all turned to where Seyoung was. She heard it all. She was listening all along from the other side of the door. And she was glad his 2PM brothers came.
"Yeobo." Wooyoung said, walked towards Seyoung.
"Sorry Seyoung-shi. I hope we didn't wake you up with our noise." Junho apologized. Taec, Jun K. and Chansung did the same.
"Anii. I'm glad you all came." Seyoung said
Door bell sounded. Chansung quickly went to open the door. It was Nickhun.
"Hi. Seyoung-shi."Nickhun said,greeting Seyoung."What did I miss?"
"Nothing." Taecyon said.
"Why are we all standing? Let's sit down." Wooyoung told the boys.
"We will sit. You stand." Chansung said.
"Why?" Wooyoung asked.
"Because of this." Seyoung then went down on one knee facing Wooyoung. Nickhun gave her the ring box. Seyoung flipped the box open to reveal a ring.
"Marry me Yeobo?" Seyoung asked, holding up the ring to him.
"Yeobo. Stand up. You can't kneel like that. Come on." Wooyoung said trying to help her up.
"I am not moving until you answer me." Seyoung resisted.
"Of course I will marry you!" Wooyoung finally said. He helped her stand. She placed the ring on his finger. Wooyoung then gave her a long passionate kiss. Oblivious of the people around them. "I will marry you ten times if you want me to." He said in between kisses.
Taecyon, Chansung, Jun K. Nickhun and Junho cheered loudly, with claps and whistles.
"Hang on. Are you all in this together? Tell me." Wooyoung asked suspiciously when the kiss ended. Turned to look at the smiling Seyoung.
"Yes. I was literally downstairs while we were on the phone. Waiting for my cue from Seyoung-shi." Nickhun replied.
"How did you know my ring size?" Wooyoung asked.
"I had one of your rings too. Guilty." Nickhun added.
"Seyoung phoned us that night you returned from Busan. She said she wanted to do the proposal." Taecyon said.
"We already knew she was pregnant that night. By the way." Chansung added.
"I thought you were calling your sister for the doctor?" Wooyoung asked.
"I did. When we were in Busan. I already have his details." Seyoung answered."When you went to shower. I sent them all a text message. Told them of my plan. They were more than happy to help me. Sorry if we conspired against you. Thank you everyone."
"Anytime. Seyoung-shi." Jun K. replied.
Seyoung went around to give them all a hug and a kiss on the cheek each. Much to Wooyoung's surprise.
"Yeobo.You don't have to do that. A handshake is enough." Wooyoung said trying to stop her from going to Junho next. Who was waiting for his turn.
"No. It's not like every day I can kiss and hug 2PM members." Seyoung said and continued her rounds.The men stood there laughing at Wooyoung who can only watch in disbelief.



WIth everything that is happening, Park Seyoung needed to take leave from work at Chun Tech Media. The company have been bombarded by press, hungry of any information they can get from them. Asking colleagues what she is like as a co-worker and as an employee of the company. Their CEO have given Seyoung their full support by issuing a statement how good and efficient she is with her work and gets along well with the entire team. And wish the couple the best.  Wooyoung and Seyoung expressed their appreciation and can only apologize for everything. Her boss was very understanding and suggested to have some time off, take a break until things settle. He didn't want Seyoung to resign.
Major TV networks have been asking for exclusive interview. Wooyoung and Seyoung only agreed to do this with Entertainment Weekly. The venue will be in a VIP suite of a five star hotel in Gangnam happening in a week. Wooyoung have based himself in Seyoung's apartment. Her morning sickness have settled with medication and is under strict diet recommended by her doctor. Seyoung and Wooyoung's family have been closely in touch making sure both are doing well amidst the chaos, especially for Seyoung.

"Are you ready for tomorrow?" Wooyoung asked when they went to bed, the night before the interview was to happen.
"Yes." Seyung replied."Though it's been a long while since I've been in front of a camera."
"You will be fine. I'm sure I will be the envy to a lot of men. Imagine, I'm getting married to this beautiful woman, lying right here next to me." Wooyoung boasted.
"Yeobo.You always tell me how lucky you are. I am the lucky one because you chose to love me. You saw what is beyond. Who I really am." Seyoung said, snuggled closer to him.
"True. Otherwise you wouldn't have proposed to me. I'm too big of a catch to slip away." Wooyoung replied in a jest."Seriously. I love you. And I mean what I said that I will marry you ten times over if you want me to. That's how precious you are to me." Wooyoung sealed that promise with a kiss.


Day of the interview...

"Hello everyone. We are lucky to be granted an exclusive interview from real life couple that has captured everyones heart when they appeared together as virtual husband and wife in the MBC show We Got Married three years ago. One would say, that's where their beautiful love story started. Let's welcome 2PM's Jang Wooyoung and actress Park Seyoung," The host from Entertainnment Weekly's introduced.
"Hello to all the viewers of Entertainment Weekly. I'm Jang Wooyoung from 2PM."
"Anyeonghasayo, I'm Park Seyoung- mida."
" Excuse me Wooyoung but I need to say this. Park Seyoung- shi, you are very pretty." The host opened.
"Thank you very much." Seyoung replied to the host.
 "You have been inactive from showbiz for a while. What have you been doing while in hiatus?"
"There were things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go, with my full schedule back then, there was no time to do those. So when I became inactive from showbusiness. I got to do everything. I did my masteral studies, traveled, learned to cook. Presently, I work for a production company," Seyoung answered.
"Wooyoung-shi,while Park Seyoung took a break from showbiz. Within that time, you went for your army enlistment. Then became active again right after you discharged. 2PM had comeback concerts recently. Were you always in contact with Seyoung?" The host turned to Wooyoung.
"Ani. Sorry if I need to mention WGM because that's where we started. After appearing in the show, we became very busy with our individual activities. We kept in touch or I tried to keep in touch with her but as I got very busy and Seyoung-ie was the same. We lost touch until I enlisted." Wooyoung replied.
"When you met her at WGM, have you always been attracted to Park Seyoung?"
"Deh. As we spent more time together, the attraction grew bigger and stronger."
"Seyoung- shi, how long were you together in WGM? And were you attracted to him as well?"
"We were there for eight months I think. I've always been a fan of 2PM. I saw them about four times when they guested in Music Bank while I was one of the host. Attraction? I was very happy when I saw that Wooyoung was my virtual husband but he wasn't my bias at the time." Seyoung turned to Wooyoung laughing.
"Who was your favourite then?" The host probed. You can hear the laughter in the room.
"Is it okay for me to say it?" Seyoung asked Wooyoung. He gave her a nod of approval.
"It was Taecyon-shi and Chansung-shi."Seyoung said.
Wooyoung made a pretend face of anger. Pointing his two fingers to his eyes then to the camera in a gesture of "I'm watching you". Everyone again in the room laughed.
"This couple is so cute!" The host said.
"But the more I spent time with him. I've grown to like him." Seyoung added.
"Is it true that you were not Seyoung-shi's bias Wooyoung-shi? How did you feel knowing that back then?"
"It is true. She never said it on camera but she told me on the first day we met. It was Taecyon and Chansung. I was disappointed of course but I expected it because I know in the looks department, they are by far more attractive than me. But look. I changed that, hahaha!" Wooyoung confirmed with a laugh.
"Your last episode in WGM showed that Seyoung sort of confessed to you and she cried. Then you gave her a kiss on the lips and series of kisses after that as you were about to say goodbye. Were you already a couple then, Wooyoung-shi?”

"Sort of, because even outside WGM, we try to keep in contact. I called her on nights we were not filming and I confessed to Seyoung that I really like her on our fourth month together off camera. When we appeared in Radio Star, we already had a mutual understanding, didn't we?" Wooyoung turned to Seyoung to confirm.
"WGM was our dating place. It was the safest place for us, where people wouldn't suspect that we liked each other." Seyoung added.
"What happened after WGM? Did you break up?"
"We never broke up. It was like a mental breakdown for me when we were told it was our last day in WGM. I cannot even describe it." Wooyoung answered.
"It was very hard. Wooyoung got very busy with their concerts overseas. He tried his best to call me any chance he can get wherever he was. Our handphone that time was the most important thing that held us together. Then I left my previous agency and couldn't work for a while and that's when I decided to give myself a break from all of it. Wooyoung did his best. There was no closure. It was a very sad time for us." Seyoung said. Wooyoung reached out to hold her hand, reassuring her.
"Time have passed. Wooyoung done his military duty, there was no communication at all?"
"None. It was like Seyoung-ie disappeared from the face of the earth. She changed her number. Our common friends can't trace her. But, I never gave up." Wooyoung said the last sentence looking at Seyoung, still holding her hand that is now lying on top of his thigh.
"What was the reason Park Seyoung-shi?"
"I got scared. I got insecure? I didn't want to pull Wooyoung into my troubles. So, I quietly walked away. I knew that if I'll ask him to break up, he will say no. His career was doing really well. I didn't want him to choose between me and his career," Seyoung said looking at Wooyoung.
"True. Did you date other people in that time when you were not together?"
"No," Wooyoung and Seyoung answered in unison.
"So you sort of hoped that one day you'll see each other again?"
"I was. All that time I knew I will see her again. I never gave up." Wooyoung said.
"Was it the same for you Seyoung- shi?"
"It's always been Wooyoung." Seyoung answered not in many words.
"How did you meet again?"
"I shot a CF few months ago. Then I was told that there was a delay in filming because there were some issues with the production. While waiting for my turn, I went back to the dressing room. I heard this knock. I called out to say come in. When I turned to see who it was, it was Seyoung-ie."
"It was the company I worked for who did the production on that CF. I went there to meet the PD and to resolve the issue. I don't usually do that but that day my manager was away, so I had to come. I was told to find the door that says PD Team. And I saw the sign. When I walked in, I saw Wooyoung. He took the door sign where the meeting was held and sticked it to his dressing room. That's how I found him."
"What do you mean Wooyoung took the door sign? And obviously you didn't know either that Wooyoung-shi was doing that CF?"
"We create concepts and present this to companies. And that's as far as my involvement of the work. We don't decide on who are the models." Seyoung explained.
"The two room were not far from each other. I got bored, so I swapped the labels, just for laugh. But turned out to be the best thing I did. But I already knew that Seyoung works for the production company because I researched it purely by chance. I saw her photo on the company website. I was very confident." Wooyoung explained.
"Wow, it's fate isn't it? So what did you do Wooyoung-shi?"
"I didn't allow her to leave until I got her number. Didn't want to miss the opportunity. I made sure it was the right one too."
"Is it true, Seyoung-shi?"
"Deh. I gave him my business card."
"What happened after that?"
"That day I wasn't at my best. I had colds and it got worst. Good thing, it was the only schedule I had. Seyoung was there all day too. When I got home with fever and all, I could only think of Seyoung. I rang her, asked if she could come. She hanged up on me! But later she did come. I waited for hours. But it was all worth it."
"Is this true? Wooyoung phoned you to come and you did. But you kept him waiting he said."
"When he phoned, I told him I was busy and hanged up.I was like why is he calling me? My mind was in turmoil. I didn't know what to do. I knew what I did was wrong and it bothered me. Then I sent him a text message asking if he was okay but he didn't reply. I know Wooyoung isn't the type that will fake being sick. I knew he wasn't feeling well. His eyes were getting red and was sniffling all day. I phoned him back and told him I was coming."
"Wow, your story is really amazing! What about your parents? How did they react when they learned you are together again?"
"I didn't tell my parents I was sort of dating anyone. But somehow down the track, they guessed it when I told them I am taking a break from showbusiness. It came as a surprise because they knew how much I love acting. They are very happy for us." Seyoung answered.
"My Mom knew, because she met Seyoung and always liked her. She knew I was in love with her..Mom was a great source of strength during that difficult time." Wooyoung replied.
"That's good to know. But yesterday, JYP have issued a statement about your great news. You are going to be parents?"
"Yes. Seyoung-ie is eight weeks pregnant. We are very excited." Wooyoung said with pride.
"Have you proposed Wooyoung-shi?"
"I did my announcement to Seyoung's parents. But it was Seyoung who popped the question. She conspired with my 2PM brothers."
"Yes." Seyoung confirmed laughing. Her face turning red with embarrassment.
"It came as a total surprise. But it was a very happy day." Wooyoung confirmed.
"When is the wedding?"
"Soon," Wooyoung replied.
"How is the pregnancy, Seyoung-shi?"
"I feel good. I get morning sickness at times but other than that, the baby is healthy and Wooyoung is great," Seyoung said turning to Wooyoung smiling.
"That's really good to know. Well, thank you very much for allowing us to have this exclusive interview. I wish you both and the baby good health. Please let's give a round of applause for the happy couple, 2PM's Jang Wooyoung and actress, Park Seyoung. Gamsahamida!" The host concluded the interview.




Today is the start of Wooyoung and Seyoung's life as a married couple. Set in the outskirts north of Seoul, in a private and exclusive estate. Only direct family and very close friends are invited for this very important milestone of their lives. Security is very strict, only with ticket invites are allowed. The event is a big hush, hush from press or media.
Giant marquee were set up, attached to the main building for complete privacy. Even if drones happen to fly above the venue, none can be seen from the inside. No expenses spared,starting from flowers, decorations, wine and food. Seyoung's Unniis chaired the whole event working closely with an events company they hired. Due to Seyoung's morning sickness Wooyoung only wanted her involvement to a minimum but everything is subject to her approval. Hence, everything were done from her apartment including the fitting of her gown.
Wooyoung stood nervously on the platform of the wedding hall, waiting for his bride. Standing next to him are his five best men. Jun K, Taecyon, Nickhun, Junho and Chansung. All looked sleek and handsome in their suits. And the wedding march was played. The big white door opened to reveal Seyoung and her Dad. Wooyoung's jaw dropped, his eyes glued to the most beautiful woman in the world, walking towards him.
Seyoung is wearing vintage inspired, cream coloured lace wedding gown. Off shoulder, showing her fine collar bone and smooth skin. The gown is cut to outline her beautiful curves, showing her twelve weeks baby bump. The soft train of her lace gown sway in every step. Hair is set in a loose bun, sitting on one side showing ten carat worth of diamond earrings. Her wedding bouquet is a mixture of peach and white roses and baby's breath.
Looking at Seyoung approaching, Wooyoung saw a glimpse of their life together. Seyoung with their two kids, a boy and a girl, waiting for him as he comes home from work. Him and Seyoung travelling together as family. Him dropping his son and daughter to school. Wooyoung realized, Seyoung and their future children are his world now. The world he wants to be with her. He couldn't hold back a tear falling from his eyes watching this beautiful lady about to become his wife.

The Vows....

"Seyoung- ah. I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, my heartbreaks, my regrets. Everything. And when I look at us together, my past was worth it. Because if I had done one thing differently, I might have never met you. You have made me a better person than I never knew I could be. You continue to make me better, braver, and kinder every single day. Knowing you and loving you has been the single greatest thing I've gotten to do in my life. And I can't believe that I get to keep knowing you better and loving you more, every day for the rest of our lives. I love you very much." Wooyoung said looking straight into her eyes full of love.

"Wooyoung-ah. I stand here before you, proud and in shame. Proud to have felt like this and ashamed to have no enough words to explain exactly how I feel and let everyone know at this instance but I'll try. Not through words right now but in showing you for the rest of our lives what your love had done to me. And how your love led me here. To stand right next to you, happy. And I'll do whatever I can to make you feel just as happy as I am having you in my life and I can't wait to start and spend the rest of my life with you. I love you too. Very much." Seyoung declared,biting her lower lip trying hard to stop those tears of joy coming.

Wooyoung reached to wipe the tears away, "Don't ruin your make up." He whispered, that made Seyoung smile.

"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Jang! You may know kiss your wife, Wooyoung-shi." As announced by the marriage celebrant, JYP himself. Everyone in the room cheered.
"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" Wooyoung's 2PM brothers cheered him for encouragement. Wooyoung did as he was told.
After the kiss. Wooyoung and Seyoung turned to face the guests. Wooyoung screamed at the top of his voice saying, "We are definitely married!"

                                         T H E   E N D






"Yeobo...wake up. Wake up." Seyoung shook the sleeping Wooyoung next to her. Seyoung woke up with contractions coming more often at shorter intervals. She did not wake Wooyoung earlier because he was up late working from his studio the night before. He has been working at home all the time since Seyoung entered the last three weeks of her pregnancy.
"Yeobo. Why? Is the baby coming?" Wooyoung could tell from the look on her face. "Come. Will get you to the hospital." He assisted her up. Reached for her jacket to put on her. He grabbed his mobile phone to look at the time, it's two o'clock in the morning. He then pressed number three - for Jun K because he lives in the same neighbourhood as they are.
"Hyung.The baby is coming. I'll meet you downstairs." Wooyoung said trying to stay calm. He could feel sweats about to trickle down despite the cool morning breeze, seeing his wife's face distorts and taking deep breathes every time the contraction comes.
Jun K was already at the entrance of their apartment block when they got there. He has been on stand by, offering to drive them to the hospital when Seyoung's delivery is due at anytime. Her water broke in Jun K's car on their way to the hospital. An Audi Q7 SUV he only bought last month.
Seyoung safely delivered a healthy baby girl two and a half hours after she entered the Delivery Room. Taecyon, Nikhun, Junho and Chansung came as soon as they heard from Jun K. Wooyoung couldn't be proud enough how Seyoung handled the labor pains. He never left her side all through out.
"I'm so proud of you. Thank you for giving birth to our daughter safely. Thank you for making me the happiest man all over again." Wooyoung said when Seyoung was brought to her room.
A knock came, and their daughter was brought in by one of the Nurses.
"She looks exactly like you." Wooyoung said, sitting next to Seyoung on the bed holding her tiny hand.
"I think she has your eyes." Seyoung said, touching her tiny pink cheeks."I couldn't believe we created this life together Yeobo."
"Me too. I can't believe we have our little Seyoung-ie." Wooyoung said proudly before giving both her daughter and wife a kiss each.
They stayed like that for a while until the 2PM men came back, bringing presents all in pink. Moments later Seyoung and Wooyoung's parents arrived.
Wooyoung thought while watching everyone in the room. If he did one thing any different in the past, he wouldn't have met Seyoung. Living the life happy and content today, with Seyoung and their daughter.




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Sy's appearing now with friends hehehe. I think they watched a musical. 






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@chic-chic- glad more Sy’s photos coming out. She is socializing with casts from her past dramas- recognize her good friend from school 2013. Good she keeps contact with them during her free time. We should be hearing about her contract renewal soon - most probably this week or next week.

@standingtallyy- thanks for the fanfic 

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