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  1. Wooyoung preparing for a solo comeback https://www.soompi.com/article/1391417wpp/2pms-wooyoung-preparing-to-make-solo-comeback
  2. People who are meant to be in each other’s lives will always gravitate back towards the other, no matter how far they wander. And this couldn’t be truer for Jang Wooyoung (Idol; 2pm) and Park Seyoung (Actress; School 2013, My Daughter Geum Sa Wol). Although they had previously crossed paths in a Coca Cola CF in 2012 and on the stage of Music Bank repeatedly in 2013, it wasn’t until a year later when they gravitated in each other’s orbits again where they were partnered together for ‘We Got Married’. Their fateful first meeting took place on the 2nd of January 2014, in a chocolate café over iced drinks and nervous conversations. Seyoung had all the characteristics of the ideal girl Wooyoung had since he was young while Wooyoung fit the ‘cool guy with satoori-accent’ image that Seyoung liked. Together, they fell in an unconventional, whirlwind romance witnessed by shippers worldwide who called themselves, YY Nation. No relationships come without challenges and YY Couple’s biggest obstacle in the beginning of their relationship was probably their inability to hold hands. However, the progress in their relationship was evident in the song that Wooyoung had written for them to sing together; “With our two hands intertwined, step by step, we matched our footsteps. Your eyes are telling me, I like you, I like you like crazy.” Perhaps that was the reason Seyoung began to avoid his eyes as their relationship developed. She started the show by looking at his eyes directly but as the show progressed, she avoided it more and more. And she confirmed this by confessing; “If I look at him in the eye, it’s like the feelings that I couldn’t bear to express is being found out. So those feelings got accumulated and at some point it already exceeded the limit but I kept pretending like I don’t like him.” It was her brave confession and Wooyoung’s heartfelt message that he wrote on their love bench; “I have no pride in front of the person I love. That person is you, without change,” which convinced us, shippers that what initially started as a virtual relationship between these two beautiful souls had translated into something more. People who are meant to be in each other’s lives will always find their way back to each other. And YY Couple is a perfect example of if it’s meant to be, it will. ) 장우영 / Jang Woo Young Nicknames: Woodong, Toshio, Jang Jandi, Ssanti, Busan Boy, Dakdukhu Mandoo Cheeks, Ang Ang, Jjing Jjing Wooyoun, Boo-ung-ee (Owl) Profession: 2pm Sub Vocal and Lead Dancer. MC and actor Birthdate: 1989-Apr-30 Birthplace: Busan, South Korea Height: 178cm Weight: 65kg Star sign: Taurus Blood type: B Talent agency: JYP Entertainment Awards: 2nd SBS MTV Best of the Best, Best Male Soloist (2012) /1st YinYueTai V-Chart Awards, Best Korean New Solo Artist (2013) Drama: Dream High (KBS 2011) 박세영 / Park Se Young Profession: Actress and model Birthdate: 1988-Jul-30 Height: 166cm Weight: 45kg Star sign: Leo Blood type: A Talent agency: Hunus Entertainment Awards: New Star Award ("Faith") - 2012 SBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2012 Dramas: Whisper (SBS, 2017) Beautiful Mind (KBS, 2016) My Daughter Geum SaWol (MBC, 2015) Glorious Day (SBS, 2014) A Tale of Two Sisters (KBS1, 2013) Flower Boys Next Door (tvN, 2013, ep 16) cameo School 2013 (KBS2, 2012) Faith (SBS, 2012) Love Rain (KBS2, 2012) The Equator Man (KBS2, 2012) If Tomorrow Comes (SBS, 2011) Inspector Park Moon Soo (MBC, 2002) Movies: Cat Funeral (2015) Fashion King (2015) SUPPORT, LOVE, and BELIEVE in Wooyoung and Seyoung and HAVE FUN! Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YYNation/?fref=ts\ Episode Lists: http://dramacool.to/drama-detail/wgm-2young-couple Radio Star (English subbed WY and SY cuts only): Part 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1bqz4B3X8baUmlyanFqdUxyYVU/edit Part 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1bqz4B3X8baRFNhQWVRQ3BjaFU/edit Addresses to JYP/Hunus: Hunus Entertainment (we will update as soon as a good address is located) JYP Entertainment 41, 79 gil, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea Thanks to PeggyM for this thread Credits to: blame2pm eeyahlove22,, Kamille RiaR, LeeJ,
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