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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚

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@grimselpass thanks so much for all these great BTS pics from the Japan Guidebook Vol 3. I read on the Tanyang thread that the pics with HJW and JCW's heads with the word SELECT are their fave scenes from the drama. For JCW it was the mother bird confession scene and bridge scene, while for HJW it was the oolala scene. Both also chose the horse riding scene from ep 4. I'm really surprised HJW chose the oolala scene - it seems like a bold move coming from her somehow!

I also wanted to share the below heartwarming BTS pic from the last filming, also from Vol 3 - it made me feel all warm and fuzzy :') Argh I miss this drama so much.

crt to jiwonlove1023 ig



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I am not very attached to the drama like you guys. It is a great drama and i love Ha ji Won. Maybe i am pushing 30, mommy to my 3 kids, most importantly new baby is just 4 months old are the reason for not attached deeply. 
If they were to do Impress ki season 2 in modern life, it will be awesome. 

for me, it's the historical background of the 2 countries...and first Korean woman to become an empress in Yuan dynasty...that's huge...and the determination, the obstacles to overcome all those against her...one has to like history (it helps)  to appreciate its full value...and the amazing acting of all the crew...in awe...superbly done!

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Guest fairygold

I just finished this drama in a week...yes its crazy long and I didn't think I'd last :D But I love period dramas and this one was really good. The story kept going and it was still interesting...the ending was really sad though. Didn't expect that! Some characters do grow on you and I particularly liked TalTal :D

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Guest jetaimeleplus_stv

New member here. I just finished the drama last weekend (very late to the party here) and had to make a new account just to discuss my feels.

I legit cried for 2 whole days after watching the finale. I honestly don't understand why Wang Yoo had to die. What did Ta Hwan mean by "either WY or the empress has to die"? Like why would they tell anyone about their secret child?! 

Also TAL TAL, why did the producers have to kill him off??!! He was my favorite character, and he definitely grew on me as the show progressed. The scene where he was telling Bayan (why do you have to always have to take the hard way, why cant you see what's right for once, sookbu-nim...) made me shed tears. Also the scenes when he killed Bayan and the flash back to his last conversation with seungnyang were sooooo sad. 

Jin Yi Han did such an amazing job portraying TalTal, I'm in love with the actor after watching this drama. If anyone is interested in following JYH his instagram is @yihan_jin Also hes going to be on a JTBC show called 박스 (BOX) airing Sept . Please support him! 

Empress Ki and Saguek fans unite!

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Guest jetaimeleplus_stv

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the movie was based on the actual history character.. so no wonder why WangYoo died or Tal Tal..
By the way, HaJiWon looked superb in this drama. 중전마마. 만세!  :wub:

I believe all the main characters were based on actual historical figures. However, a lot of the characters were glamorized/altered to fit the story line. That's why the drama received faced controversy with some critics. 

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Hello, I am new to this tread.

Just finished this drama, all I can say is: Daebak! It's the longest drama I have ever watched, yet I was not bored at all. All the cast are just so great, the three main leads, they are awesome! I am especially surprised by Tal Tal and Tanasiri, they are doing a great job in portraying their characters.

Actually, I knew beforehand the emperor would die at the end and I was afraid to watch it at first. But now, I was happy that he didn't die in a war or something, yet the last moment of him is with Nyang and the last words he hear is that she loved him, truly. No matter how many times I rewatch that last scene I can't help but cried. It was so beautiful, just to think of it makes my eyes teary now. And one thing that made me think hard is this, she has chosen him from the very first time, just like the scene where she chose the emperor over the king to ride her back on his horse, I don't know, I feel it's symbolic, her true love. I was surprised that simple scene can have such a deep meaning at the end. 

I don't know if I am weird or what, but I like this kind of ending more than the fairy tale happily ever after ending (but I of course won't complain if the emperor survive at the end, hehe).

The ending made me think and left me a big mark and I will remember the story for a long long time...       

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Japanese Broadcaster NHK Will No Longer Air Korean Dramas

Japanese Broadcaster NHK Will No Longer Air Korean Dramas

It was reported on October 11 by the Japanese media that the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) will no longer be airing Korean dramas.

According to the report, the network first started airing Korean dramas in April 2003 with “Winter Sonata.” However, after the drama  "Empress Ki" finishes airing, NHK has decided to cease airing any further Korean dramas. One industry professional said of the limits of Korean dramas, “Japanese people are starting to feel that more recent dramas [coming to Japan] lack the passionate love that they remember from ‘Winter Sonata.’”

Another writer added, “Of course in Korea young actors are popular, but they don’t resonate much with the older fans in Japan.” She added that she didn’t think there were many idols or young actors who could successfully follow in the footsteps of the so-called “Four Gods of Hallyu,” Bae Yong Joon, Lee Byung Hun, Won Bin, and Jang Dong Gun.

Japanese broadcaster FujiTV has actually come under fire before for broadcasting too many Korean dramas. Hate speech is prevalent in Tokyo’s Korea Town neighborhood, and in general the growing atmosphere of anti-Korea sentiment has led to the downward trend of Korean media consumption in Japan.

Source (1)


Note:  This is not a slam on 'Empress Ki' as a production; it's just that it is still running in Japan at this moment.  And since NHK is the country's National Network (like KBS is in Korea), it seems fitting that they would take the first step in returning to its base programming.  Korean dramas will still air on other channels as mentioned, along with KNTV and TBS, and the Eigeki cable channels.

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