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Found 1 result

  1. Title: Empress Ki (기황후 / Kiwanghoo ) (formerly known as "Warring Flowers" and "Hwatu") Channel: MBC Producer/Director: Han Hee / 한희 ("Super Rookie" "Personal Taste" "Dr. Jin") Scriptwriter: Jang Young-chul / 장영철 and Jung Kyung-soon / 정경순 ("Giant" "History of the Salaryman" "Incarnation of Money") Broadcast Period: 28 October 2013 to 29 April 2014 (barring pre-emptions) Episodes: 51 Air Time: MBC Monday & Tuesdays 10:00 PM KST / 6:00 AM PST MBC Rebroadcasts Sundays 1:15 PM KST and 2:30 PM KST Prayer Service: 27 September 2013; MBC Broadcast Studios, Yeouido, Seoul Press Conference: 24 October 2013; Grand Hyatt Seoul, Hannan-dong - Grande Ballroom Filming Begins: 20 August 2013 Official Website: EMPRESS via MBC | Posters and Wallpapers | Field Photos Empress Ki (Hangul: 기황후; RR: Gi Hwang-hu) is an upcoming South Korean historical television series starring Ha Ji-won as the titular Qi Empress, who was born in Goryeo but later married Emperor Ta Hwan to become an empress of the Yuan Dynasty. The series depicts her loves and political ambitions as she is torn between two countries: the one of her birth, and the one of her love. Ha Ji-won as Ki Seung-nyang / Consort Ki / Empress Ki (Born during Goryeo times, Seung-nyang is forced to live like a boy in order to live like a human. She becomes a confidant to Wang Yoo, and eventually sold into slavery to the Yuan Empire.) Joo Jin-mo as Crown Prince Yoo / Wang Yoo of Goryeo (A fiercely intelligent ruler, Wang Yoo is determined to free Goryeo from Chinese rule. Not only does he come up against the Emperor of Yuan as a political foe, but becomes a romantic rival in the fight to win the heart of Seung-nyang.) Ji Chang-wook as Ta Hwan, Emperor of Yuan (Ta Hwan is exiled to Goryeo after a coup puts his younger brother on the Yuan Throne. There he meets Seung-nyang, and a blossoming friendship begins. Returning to Yuan, Ta Hwan is appointed Emperor and defies the Royal Court and his Cabinet in order to elevate Seung-nyang to the throne as Empress Ki.) Baek Jin-hee as Princess Dana-shiri (Arranged to marry Emperor Ta Hwan by his family, but not accepted by him preferring the company of the Empress, Dana-shiri ends up fighting Ki for the affections of her husband.) Kim Seo-hyeong as the Dowager Empress Bayan Khutugh (de facto Stepmother to Emperor Ta Hwan) Jin Yi-han as Tal-Tal (An intellectual scholar who from an early age respects and follows his uncle (Bayan), who was like a father to him. However, he falls for Empress Ki’s tricks and betrays Bayan to then become prime minister.) Jung Woong-in as Yeom Byung-soo (Born a Goryeo man, his ambition to advance his status compels him to work for the oppressors instead, carrying out evil deeds and eventually defying both Wang Yoo and Empress Ki.) Choi Moo-sung as Park Bool-hwa (Palace Guard at Goryeo / Leader of the Yuan Eunuch Guards) Lee Won-jong as Dok-man (Palace Lead Eunuch serving the Yuan Inner Court) Kwon Oh-joong as Choi Min-soong (Goryeo Palace Guard serving Wang Yoo) Kim Yeong-ho as Baek Ahn-won (Head of the Goryeo Royal Guards and uncle to Tal-tal) Kim Jung-hyun as Dang Ki-se (first-born son of El Temur / Yeon-chul) Cha Do-jin as Tap Jae-hae (second-born son of El Temur / Yeon-chul) Jeong Guk-hwan as El Temur / Yeon-chul (Prime Minister of Yuan) Cha Gwang-soo as Go Young-bo Lee Jae-yong as Wang Go (King of Goryeo and uncle to Wang Yoo) Lim Moon-sik as Eunuch Bang (serving under Wang Yoo) Yun Yong-hyeon as Jeom Bak-yi (Goryeo Palace Guard serving Wang Yoo) Yun Ah-jeong as Yeon-hwa (maid frienemy of Ki Seung-nyang) Kim Myeong-guk as Jang Sun-yong (Vice Prime Minister and confidant to the Empress Dowager) TEASERS AND TRAILERS Teaser 1 Teaser 1 (English Subs by JiWonderland) Teaser 2 Teaser 2 (English Subs by JiWonderland) Teaser 3 Teaser 3 (English Subs by JiWonderland) Episode 1 Preview Episode 2 Preview Episode 3 Preview STREAMING LINKS (will be updated when available)MBC Drama 'Empress Ki' VOD (enter your own log-in information here)MBC Drama 'Empress Ki' PreviewsMBC Drama YouTubeMBC America (via Hulu) - English Subbed OFFICIAL POSTERS | WALLPAPERS : Download via MBC for free OST Part.1: "Thorn Love" ("가시사랑") by 4MEN Official MV: OST Part.2 "Love Wind" ("사랑 바람") by Wax (왁스) Official MV: OST Part.3 "I Love You" ("사랑합니다") by XIA/Kim Jun-su (김준수) Official MV: coming soon! OST Part.4 "Only One" (" " ) by Soyou of SISTAR Official MV: coming soon! OST Part.5 "Love Wind" ("사랑합니다") by Park Wan-kyu ( ) Official MV: coming soon! OST Part.6 "The Day" by ZIA (김준수) Official MV: coming soon! OST Part.7 "To The Butterfly" by Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) Official MV: 'Empress Ki' Official OST CD (released on 19 March 2014): Soompi Code of Conduct KDramas & Movies Rules DO NOT post requests for subs. DO NOT post illegal streaming links (gooddrama, baidu, koreandrama, etc.). Due to the crackdown by the DMCA and broadcast networks, no illegal streaming links will be posted on this forum. Any complaints about the lack of streaming links will be counted as spam and reported to the moderators. DO NOT post anything unrelated to the drama characters or plot. There are already individual actor/actress forums set up, so personal items/works of the drama stars should go into their respective forms instead. DO NOT quote images or videos already posted. DO NOT post complaints about problems with video streaming companies such as Dramafever, Viki, YouTube, Crunchyroll, etc. All complaints should be reported directly to their respective companies instead. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. KAMSAHAMNIDA!
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