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  1. That is a distinct possibility so as to not compete with other blockbuster movies being released in SoKor at the beginning of July. We're awaiting the official word from our contact at CGV Korea - should know more by the end of this week!
  2. No worries. If Wook had a major role in the film I would have been all over opening a thread months ago. But with him only being a 'special appearance,' my interest in doing one went from 60-to-0 quickly. And with more and more other social media accounts taking over the world these days, spin-off threads seem to get less traction in Soompi. In fact, Soompi traffic is down a whopping 25% from the beginning of 2020. It looks like fans think the platform is not as relevant as it was in the early 2010s. If one is opened after all, we can convene in there to discuss movie stuffs
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