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  1. Sorry for the snip. I wish my life calmed down enough to join in the conversation. Between working on back-to-back trials, barely keeping The Kitchen going, and getting ready for Wook's 11th Debut Anniversary events (it's today!), I've had barely enough time to breathe or sleep. Hopefully things will calm down by this weekend's Eps 9 and 10. We're over half-way now, and I gots some things to say. Big time. Na do. Granted, Wook is not one to give a rat's hinder about the ratings. He joins projects based on the premise, not on the promise of it being a ratings phenomenon. (Case in point: "Bachelor's Vegetable Store." Ugh.) But it does break my heart to see Wook's comeback drama be such a clusterf*ck of epic proportions. The absurd outweighs the sublime. I just pray this production finds its right path ASAP and gets to at least a decent percentage so we can see what the cast decided as their Ratings Promise. Note: I made the mistake of having the Viki timed comments on while watching Dong-chan and Ha-young's hotel room scene in Episode 7. I have NEVER seen such misogeny, hate speech and personal attacks on an actress before in all my decades of watching Korean dramas. Those commenters should be ashamed of themselves. I hope karma bites them hard for their vitriol.
  2. [Ratings] "Melting Me Softly" 20 October Episode 8 Broadcast: Nielsen Korea: 2.419% National (+.31%); 2.511% Seoul (+.41%) TNMS: 2.4% (+.60%) YEAAAAAAAAAH BABY!!! We're on our way back!!!
  3. Hmmm, too bad. Several of my Korean friends said that MMS could totally turn around for the better if more noona romance was featured. They must be really thirsty over there!
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