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  1. Hi everyone. Sorry for the hit-and-runs over the past few weeks, but trial work has been hell and there is no time for frivolities like posting here. But our jury is finally out and deliberating, so I have a few hours to myself to catch up. That's a good question. Back in the day, Soompi was *the place* to share Korean entertainment news and views. With the explosion of the Internet and now tons of other sites providing the same content (sometimes much more quickly), this business model is becoming a dinosaur. Unless you're following several of the K-pop or K-drama threads on here, the actor/actress forums are merely collecting dust. It's just not the same as when I first joined up in 2008. Everyone and their dog considers themselves an "expert," and therefore, end up posting fake crap instead just for the clicks. Because of the plethora of Korean entertainment content, and more fans learning Korean on their own, Soompi is not a required visit anymore. The only reason I keep this thread alive is that I believe Ji Chang Wook should continue to have a presence on Soompi. As one of the definitive Korean stars responsible for the international explosion of the Hallyu movement, he deserves to have one. And I will keep posting news and translations as long as humanely possible because it is a true labour of love for me. This thread may not have many physical posters these days, but we still have many readers. And to those anonymous faces, hello and welcome. Questions are always appreciated and I will do my best to answer.
  2. @Paengbo, one of the show's PAs (production assistants) posted this on their IG account today. Looks like they're keeping with the original webtoon title for the drama. EDIT: Paengbo apparently will be the lead scriptwriter for CSSB. Her IG was edited between its original posting and this morning, which had stated its broadcast may be as early as June or July. So many freakin' rumors!!
  3. Lifetime Korea is the Korean version of the Lifetime Channel in the USA, mostly catering to women's programming. They're making a jump into the entertainment market by distributing Kim Jaejoong's new "Travel Buddies" program and having "Backstreet Rookie" being its first airing drama. Not Wook's first rodeo, as he starred in "Bachelor's Vegetable Store" as Channel A's first-ever drama program. Channel A is still not quite the force that the Big 3 are, but it has now come into its own rights as a major player. MBN was started as one of those 24/7 total-news networks, but it is also now broadcasting dramas with good publicity about them. One good thing about Lifetime taking on Wook's new project is that the channel is broadcast across many smaller channels throughout the country and also streams their shows via YouTube. Since Korea has yet to come around to reality where viewer numbers are STILL based on the antiquated Nielsen and TnMS numbers - even though the facts are that most viewers are watching through mobile devices now - Lifetime having the ability to broadcast across several channels throughout Korea *and* have English subs available within 12 hours of airing is going to help quite a bit with international viewers who cannot access Viki or other streaming platforms. Granted, I'm also a bit hesitant regarding the decision to use Lifetime Korea for BR's broadcasts. But the PD-nim is a solid choice, and Studio Dragon (who Wook has worked with before on other dramas) is well-known and well-respected in the industry. We just have to pray that the writer-nim tasked with the adaptation does not making a clusterf*ck out of the script like what happened with MMS. I'm going to be bitter about that until the end of my days. Here's a link to Lifetime Korea YouTube Channel: Lifetime Korea. Bookmark for future use!
  4. @siddo and @TGMS49, you both make some valid points. But it's not about who is the 'most loyal fan.' Wook has always said in many interviews that he does not want to be pigeonholed into one type of genre, and will 'take chances' whenever he can. This new project definitely falls into that category. It's perfectly normal to be disappointed with his choices, but it's the same old song I've heard sung about his script choices ever since I started following him in 2008. Not all of them were duds, right? What honks me off the most is that everyone has already deemed his new project an ABSOLUTE FAILURE because it is not another Healer/The K2/Suspicious Partner, etc. It's insane to even make such a determination even before the drama's premiere. Patience is a virtue; maybe they should wait and see if their fears are validated. *sheesh* Netizens who are already acting like judge and jury combined need to pull their heads our of their collective hinders and come to the obvious realization that there will never be Season 2 of any of Wook's previous works, no matter how much certain groups yell and scream and moan through social media. It doesn't help any that "The K2" is currently being broadcast on Netflix, bringing Wook a whole new group of fans who were not around when the drama originally aired. The comparisons with his prior works are not surprising, and it's good to see some positive reactions to the K2 rebroadcast. But folks, any potential reboots are never gonna happen. Nothing to see here; move along... Also, even though "Punishment" is being marketed as an action film, there is no indication of how much "action" Wook's character will be subjected to. It's too early to state "Yay he's back to action again yay!" Table those thoughts until more of the script is revealed. Personally, I hope his character is totally a villain/bad guy who dies in the end, if anything to prove that he's not "just a pretty face," as Wook's acting prowess is been vilified lately. As an aside and no offense, but screw that whole 'age difference' kerfuffle. Both actors are cast for exactly their characters' real-life ages. I do realize that the content is a little racy for broadcast television, but there have been statements made by the manhwa author that the drama will be BASED on the manhwa, not directly taken word-for-word and scene-for-scene. I am a subscriber to the manhwa and am actually quite excited to see how "Backstreet Rookie" will be adapted for a drama script. So let's agree to disagree. There are always going to be fans who are disappointed with Wook's choices in scripts no matter what he chooses. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. As Oscar Wilde once said, "It's better to be talked about, than not being talked about at all." BTW, a Soompi thread has been opened for the new show. Link is here, so bookmark it and join us! Convenience Store Saet Byeol/Backstreet Rookie
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