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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚


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Title: Empress Ki (기황후 / Kiwanghoo ) (formerly known as "Warring Flowers" and "Hwatu")


Channel:   MBC
Han Hee / 한희 ("Super Rookie" "Personal Taste" "Dr. Jin")
Scriptwriter:  Jang Young-chul
/ 장영철 and Jung Kyung-soon / 정경순 ("Giant" "History of the Salaryman" "Incarnation of Money")
Broadcast Period:    28 October 2013 to 29 April 2014  (barring pre-emptions)

Episodes:   51
Air Time:   MBC Monday & Tuesdays 10:00 PM KST / 6:00 AM PST
                   MBC Rebroadcasts Sundays 1:15 PM KST and 2:30 PM KST

Prayer Service:   27 September 2013; MBC Broadcast Studios, Yeouido, Seoul

Press Conference:   24 October 2013; Grand Hyatt Seoul, Hannan-dong - Grande Ballroom
Filming Begins:    20 August 2013
Official Website:   EMPRESS via MBC | Posters and Wallpapers | Field Photos

Empress Ki (Hangul: 기황후; RR: Gi Hwang-hu) is an upcoming South Korean historical television series starring Ha Ji-won as the titular Qi Empress, who was born in Goryeo but later married Emperor Ta Hwan to become an empress of the Yuan Dynasty.  The series depicts her loves and political ambitions as she is torn between two countries:  the one of her birth, and the one of her love.


Ha Ji-won as Ki Seung-nyang / Consort Ki / Empress Ki (Born during Goryeo times, Seung-nyang is forced to live like a boy in order to live like a human.  She becomes a confidant to Wang Yoo, and eventually sold into slavery to the Yuan Empire.)

Joo Jin-mo as Crown Prince Yoo / Wang Yoo of Goryeo (A fiercely intelligent ruler, Wang Yoo is determined to free Goryeo from Chinese rule. Not only does he come up against the Emperor of Yuan as a political foe, but becomes a romantic rival in the fight to win the heart of Seung-nyang.)

Ji Chang-wook as Ta Hwan, Emperor of Yuan (Ta Hwan is exiled to Goryeo after a coup puts his younger brother on the Yuan Throne.  There he meets Seung-nyang, and a blossoming friendship begins.  Returning to Yuan, Ta Hwan is appointed Emperor and defies the Royal Court and his Cabinet in order to elevate Seung-nyang to the throne as Empress Ki.)

Baek Jin-hee as Princess Dana-shiri (Arranged to marry Emperor Ta Hwan by his family, but not accepted by him preferring the company of the Empress, Dana-shiri ends up fighting Ki for the affections of her husband.)
Kim Seo-hyeong as the Dowager Empress Bayan Khutugh (de facto Stepmother to Emperor Ta Hwan)

Jin Yi-han as Tal-Tal (An intellectual scholar who from an early age respects and follows his uncle (Bayan), who was like a father to him. However, he falls for Empress Ki’s tricks and betrays Bayan to then become prime minister.)

Jung Woong-in as Yeom Byung-soo (Born a Goryeo man, his ambition to advance his status compels him to work for the oppressors instead, carrying out evil deeds and eventually defying both Wang Yoo and Empress Ki.)

Choi Moo-sung as Park Bool-hwa (Palace Guard at Goryeo / Leader of the Yuan Eunuch Guards)

Lee Won-jong as Dok-man (Palace Lead Eunuch serving the Yuan Inner Court)

Kwon Oh-joong as Choi Min-soong (Goryeo Palace Guard serving Wang Yoo)


Kim Yeong-ho as Baek Ahn-won (Head of the Goryeo Royal Guards and uncle to Tal-tal)

Kim Jung-hyun as Dang Ki-se (first-born son of El Temur / Yeon-chul)

Cha Do-jin as Tap Jae-hae (second-born son of El Temur / Yeon-chul)

Jeong Guk-hwan as El Temur / Yeon-chul (Prime Minister of Yuan)

Cha Gwang-soo as Go Young-bo

Lee Jae-yong as Wang Go (King of Goryeo and uncle to Wang Yoo)

Lim Moon-sik as Eunuch Bang (serving under Wang Yoo)

Yun Yong-hyeon as Jeom Bak-yi (Goryeo Palace Guard serving Wang Yoo)

Yun Ah-jeong as Yeon-hwa (maid frienemy of Ki Seung-nyang)


Kim Myeong-guk as Jang Sun-yong (Vice Prime Minister and confidant to the Empress Dowager)       


Teaser 1           Teaser 1 (English Subs by JiWonderland)
Teaser 2           Teaser 2 (English Subs by JiWonderland)
Teaser 3           Teaser 3 (English Subs by JiWonderland)

Episode 1 Preview
Episode 2 Preview
Episode 3 Preview

STREAMING LINKS (will be updated when available)

MBC Drama 'Empress Ki' VOD (enter your own log-in information here)
MBC Drama 'Empress Ki' Previews
MBC Drama YouTube
MBC America (via Hulu) - English Subbed



OST Part.1:  "Thorn Love" ("가시사랑") by 4MEN

Official MV:

OST Part.2 "Love Wind" ("사랑 바람") by Wax (왁스)

Official MV:

OST Part.3 "I Love You" ("사랑합니다") by XIA/Kim Jun-su (김준수)

Official MV:
coming soon!

OST Part.4 "Only One" ("     " ) by Soyou of SISTAR

Official MV:
coming soon!

OST Part.5 "Love Wind" ("사랑합니다") by Park Wan-kyu (    )

Official MV:
coming soon!

OST Part.6 "The Day" by ZIA (김준수)

Official MV:
coming soon!

OST Part.7 "To The Butterfly" by Ji Chang Wook (

Official MV:

'Empress Ki' Official OST CD (released on 19 March 2014):









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Added by @partyon :

Rules for the re-watch party (autumn 2020)

  1. The re-watch party starts on Monday August 17th 2020
  2. We will watch 2 episodes every week
  3. You can post your thoughts about the week's episodes no earlier than on Wednesday each week
  4. Posts about episodes 1 and 2 can be added to the thread no earlier than on Wed August 19th 2020
  5. You have time to post until Tuesday the following week
  6. The same rules apply as on normal drama threads; there will be staff available on each re-watch party thread
  7. It doesn't matter if you are a first time watcher or if you have watched the drama before - everyone is welcome to join the party!
  8. Please be aware that there will be chingus who have not watched the drama before, so no spoilers, please!
  9. The most important thing is to have fun!



The re-watch drama schedule:


Aug 19-Aug 25 -- ep 1 & 2

Aug 26-Sept 1 -- ep 3, 4, 5

Sept 2 - Sept 8 -- ep 6, 7, 8

Sept 9 - Sept 15 -- ep 9, 10, 11, 12

Sept 16 - Sept 22 -- ep 13, 14, 15, 16

Sept 23 - Sept 29 - ep 17, 18, 19, 20

Sept 30 - Oct 6 - ep 21, 22, 23, 24

Oct 7 - Oct 13 - ep 25, 26, 27, 28

Oct 14 - Oct 20 - ep 29, 30, 31, 32

Oct 21 - Oct 27 - ep 33, 34, 35, 36

Oct 28 - Nov 3 - ep 37, 38, 39, 40

Nov 4 - Nov 10 - ep 41, 42, 43, 44

Nov 11 - Nov 17 - ep 45, 46, 47, 48

Nov 18 -  Nov 24 - ep 49, 50, 51



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class="headline"Ha Ji Won to play Empress Qi in new historical dramaKpopFighting.comBy Korea Star Daily | KpopFighting.com – 14 hours ago

Ha Ji WonView Photo

Ha Ji Won

Actress Ha Ji Won is set to make a comeback on the small screen through upcoming MBC TV Mon-Tue drama ‘Battle of Flowers’, where she will play the historical figure Empress Qi.

The drama revolves around the life and tribulations of Empress Qi who was born in Goryeo and later becoming an empress of the Yuan Dynasty. Empress Qi is known for being a wise ruler and wields great influence despite living in a foreign nation. Empress Qi always looks out for the honour of Goryeo even from afar, and is able to handle her fated romance and political ambitions.

The drama will seek to draw from Ha Ji Won’s unique charms, and portray a side of Empress Ki that is rarely known to viewers, through a beautiful and painful love story arc.

Ha Ji Won is famed for creating many classic characters through varying drama genres like ‘The King 2 Hearts’, ‘Damo’, ‘Secret Garden’, ‘Something Happened in Bali’, ‘Hwang Jin Yi, and others. Many viewers will be keen to see what sort of charms Ha Ji Won will bring in her new drama.

The script for ‘Battle of Flowers’ will be jointly written by Jang Young Chul who is known for the his historical flair through dramas like ‘Dae Jo Young’, ‘GIANT’, ‘History of the Salaryman’, and Jung Kyung Soon. The drama will be directed by Han Hee who previously did ‘Dr. Jin’ and ‘Over the Rainbow’, and is known for his ability to project vivid video images.

The drama will succeed ‘The Goddess of Fire, Jeongi’, scheduled for broadcast in the latter half of the year through MBC TV.

By: Park Jin Yong



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Guest 7rfei

I was seriously so excited when I saw that Ha Ji won was going to be a new drama too and a sageuk too  :x Then I saw the director....PLEASE LET THIS BE GOOD!! If he screws up a drama with ha ji won and a writer of that caliber...:-O

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I can't waiiiiiit. I love ha ji won in sageuks! I hope the male lead is someone who is older than hjw. So the best choice I think is cha seung won. Regardless of who is the male lead or even the craptastic PD of Dr. JIN, I'm eagerly anticipating this one. Yaay. HJW fighting!

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Guest yawzers

I'm so happy about this news. I can finally see HJW on the small screen again. Hmm for the leading man I vote for Oh Ji-Ho.

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Guest imud

I am so happy for Ha Ji Won is going to play a sageuk again..

About the Director, hmmm, i am not a movie buff nor an expert about film making,
but for me the MOST important part of the movie IS its story
No matter how beautiful a director shot a lousy story, it is a big no no for me
On the other hand, I love lots of simple-directed drama with GREAT story
For me, some daily dramas are mostly shot in simple ways, but I DO love them because the story is really working on me

And considering the writers for Hwatu are well known as another GREAT scriptwriters, the combo behind The History of Salaryman and Giant, I am definitely happy and keep a high level of my excitement :D

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: http://koreajoongangdaily.joinsmsn.com/news/article/Article.aspx?aid=2971475

Ha Ji-won lands leading MBC role

May 14, 2013

Ha Ji-won

Ha Ji-won of SBS drama “Secret Garden” has been selected to take a leading role in the upcoming MBC drama tentatively named “Flower Cards.”

She will play Qi Empress, a lady from the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) who becomes the empress of the Yuan Dynasty of China.

The empress is known to have kept her self-esteem as a Goryeo descendant abroad while showing love and political ambition at the same time.

“Through [recreating] the little-known love story of Qi Empress, we can present a different kind of charisma from Ha Ji-won,” said a member of the production staff, according to local media reports.

Earlier this month, she went on SBS talk show “Thank You” and shared the struggles she encountered while shooting “Secret Garden.” She said she often felt lost and couldn’t focus on reading the script.

Before her upcoming TV appearance was announced, she released photos last month that were taken during filming for a Northcape advertisement in Thailand.

By Lee Sun-min


Source: http://star.mt.co.kr/stviewEng.php?type=3&no=2013051308540846749

Ha Ji Won accepts the role of Empress Ki in Hwatu

Kim Mihwa |입력 : 2013.05.13 08:00


According to a May 13 report by MBC, actress Ha Ji Won has accepted the role of Empress Ki, a real historical person, in Hwatu, which is going to air in the second half of this year. Hwatu will be the sequel to The Goddess Of Fire, Jung-Yi, which will take over the time slot of The Gu Family Book when it ends. Hwatu is a historical drama that describes loves and conflicts in the life of the real Empress Ki.

In the drama, Ha Ji Won play the attractive, wise empress of Goryeo, who has a powerful influence over the Yuan Dynasty of Genghis Khan. Empress Ki fulfilled political ideals and predestined love with pride in Goryeo as part of an unfamiliar foreign imperial family. The story of Empress Ki is not popularly known and will fascinate viewers with its tale of beautiful yet sorrowful predestined love.

It has been a year since Ha Ji Won appeared in The King, Two Hearts, which ended in May 2012. Viewers will be looking forward to seeing how Ha Ji Won will do. SHe has shown acting skill in a variety of genres playing very different characters in MBC’s Damo, SBS’s Secret Garden and Something Happened in Bali.

Hwatu is written by Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon, who has been credited for outstanding historical research and powerful writing skills for KBS 1TV’s Dae Jo Young and SBS’s Giant and Salaryman. Producer/director Han Hee, who directed MBC’s Dr. JIN and Over the Rainbow, will direct the series.

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Ha Ji Won To Star In Historical Drama As Qi Empress


The MBC drama will be Hanafuda (working title) and is scheduled for the second half of the year. It will be directed by Han Hee who directed Dr. Jin and Over The Rainbow and will be written by Jang Young Chul who wrote Giant and The History Of The Salaryman. And it will feature a beautiful love story.

Hanafuda are Japanese playing cards. The Korean name for hanafuda is hwatu.

Source: JKSTARS.com

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Guest bearbarbiie1023

hope that everyhing is working well ^^
and the full list cast will released soon ^^

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Guest OreoVampire

Wow, ... amazing Ha Ji Won is ready to set up for her new saeguk drama.. Hey ! you go girl! I think I will follow this thread until the last 60 episodes weehhoo! awesome!  Can't wait to see her in Korean Saeguk costume ...Fighting !

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@pandora460 Cha Seung Won, in my opinion is the perfect choice (acting wise, age wise, looks wise). And besides, he naturally looks like a hot ajusshi emperor. He'll look awesome with Empress Qi. Won Bin would be so so nice as well! I want to rediscover him through a sageuk role. The last thing I watched with him in it is Autumn in My Heart, he's so handsome there. I can already see the chemistry through their names keke. Ha Ji Won Bin :D :x

yeah! I'm so excited to spazz here for the 60 episodes of my hjw awesomeness. See you by then, @Kyorean!

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