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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚

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Guest spectators77

Happy 1St Anniversary to the cast of Empress Ki

First episode date: October 28, 2013

Final episode date: April 29, 2014
Network: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Awards: PaekSang Arts Award for Best New Actress in Television

Ha Ji-won → Grand Prize (Daesang)
→ PD Award
→ Popularity Award, Actress 

Joo Jin-mo → Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Project Drama

Ji Chang-wook → Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Project Drama 

Baek Jin-hee   → Best New Actress
→ Best New Actress (TV)

Jang Young-chul and Jung Kyung-soon → Writer of the Year

Empress Ki → Best Series Drama (Golden Bird Prize)

Note: The awards from MBC Drama Awards and 50th Baeksang Arts Awards

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Guest spectators77

class="content-title" style="font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 23px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: 1.4em; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"“Empress Ki” Viewership Rating in Taiwan Reaches Over 5%, Follows the Success of “Dae Jang Geum” in 2004Pao October 29, 2014


The historical drama “Empress Ki,” which stars Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, and Ji Chang Wook, has proven that it has truly captivated the hearts of Taiwanese drama fans as it reached a 5.35% viewership rating in the country.

According to a report by Taiwan’s drama channel ETTV on October 29, “Empress Ki” has ranked as the best foreign program for the year as it reached a 5.35% viewership rating in the country.

This is the second time that a Korean drama has surpassed the 5 percent mark in the ratings, with “Empress Ki” following another hit historical drama, “Dae Jang Geum.” When “Dae Jang Geum” was aired in Taiwan in 2004, the drama garnered a 6.22% viewership rating, the highest rating record for a Korean drama.

Taiwan’s ETTV attributed the secret to the popularity of “Empress Ki” to the enthusiastic and detailed performance of its lead stars Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook as well as the elaborate scenes that showed the heart-wrenching love story of the two.

“While it is a Korean historical drama, Taiwanese viewers found it interesting that the drama was set with a Chinese background in ‘Yuan Dynasty.’ The perfect, high quality translation also contributed to the popularity of its content,” said a department head of a drama channel.

“Empress Ki,” which started airing in Korea in October last year, also enjoyed great popularity in the country during its airing. It garnered over 30% in viewership rating for its final episode which aired in April 2014. It is also the recipient of several awards including “Best Series Drama (Golden Bird Prize)” at the 9th Seoul International Awards.

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hi, my Empress Ki fellows!!
now that Empress Ki is also broadcast in Romania,I returned to my  avatar of  the good timesWhen I commented with you on this thread about what spells have done SeungNyang, Wang Yoo and Tahwanthe delicate and smart Lady Parkis now on my TV screenTaHwan my dear child Emperoris now in my homeWelcome, you and your bittersweet smile , you and your spoiled laughter  you and your sad tears you and your childish way to treat everyone and anyoneL43usFn.jpg

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Guest noonapiu33_bfd3

Hi!!! being big fan about Empress Ki, here Empress Ki’s Faceq :
from top to bottom ( to the left to the right) :

- Empress Ki aka Nyang
- Wang Yoo & Emperor Huizing aka Tae Hwan
- Nyang & Bi Soo
- Nyang & Tanasiri
- Tal Tal & Baek Ahn
- Dang Ki Se & Ja Hae (Tanasiri’s brothers)

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7 months and 13 days after the Finale aired, "Empress Ki" is still gathering awards!   Congratulations to the production for winning a "Highly Commended" (runner-up) award in the Best Drama Series category at the Asian Television Awards held on 11 December 2014 at the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore.


This is the 19th year of the Asian Television Awards, and other nominees in that category included the Doctor Blake Series (Australia), Serangoon Road (Singapore), Galileo 2 (Japan), and Secret Love (Korea) (the KBS2 drama with Ji Sung; not the omnibus series with KARA).

Congratulation again to "Empress Ki"!

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A review of EK on DB:

Empress Ki


Empress Ki will always remain in my memory as the first 50 (or so) episode sageuk I’ve ever watched from start to finish. My previously track record is riddled with lengthy historicals I eventually dropped somewhere by the midway point, mostly due to a show’s long-running broadcast period (Dong Yi) or losing a maliciously evil character I loved to watch onscreen (Queen Seon-deok). So for all of you who watch those 100+ episode daily dramas, I tip my hat to you. That’s serious commitment right there.

So what pulled me into this show was the backdrop of a rich and fantastical world filled with intriguing characters dressed in colorful attire and regalia. My eyes were initially drawn in, and soon I found myself immersed in a story of one Goryeo-born woman (Ha Ji-won) ascending to power and kicking a few butts along the way. Fearless, cunning, and ambitious, Seung-nyang could command the attention of a few good man or the entire court. Oh, and she’d leave a few of your rulers in the dust with her accurate shot.

One quality I was pleasantly surprised by was just how funny this series was; its tiny notes of humor often had me in stitches. What’s more is that the laughs stuck around for a good long while, so when the drama pushed its narrative to the extreme when the young and playful emperor who feared power spiraled into madness (and… still feared power) and we were left to guess what member of court wanted to oust Seung-nyang out of the palace this week, the show fell into the compulsive watch category. I kept pushing that “Play Next” button, because hell if this show was crazy, I needed to know what happened next, goddamnit.

While the romance between our heroine and her two men was prominent, I found myself more invested in the allies she built around her, the loyal men who would do practically anything in the name of their allegiance to her. Furthermore, I enjoyed watching Seung-nyang outsmart her enemies, left impressed by the reveal each and every time. And half the fun was following the behind-the-scenes Instagram posts taken from the drama set. So while Ki could be outlandish and outrageous at times, particularly in the latter course of its run, I can’t deny that it was one helluva ride.

Stocking Stuffer: A quiver of baby arrows to take out any enemy in your path to badassery.

link: http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/12/stocking-stuffers-for-the-drama-addict-year-in-review-part-2

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Well how interesting!  MBC has just announced that "Empress Ki" has been nominated again this year for Best Drama at their 2014 Awards!  Here's the full list:

 "A New Leaf", "Empress Qi", "My Spring Days", "Take My Hand", "Mama - Nothing to Fear", "Everything Kimchi", "Miss Korea", "Mister Baek", "Shining Romance", "Give Love Away", "Make a Wish", "Sly and Single Again", "The Night Watchman's Journal", "Mother's Garden", "Pride and Prejudice", "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!", "Fated to Love You", "Rosy Lovers", "The Legendary Witch", "The Daughter of the Emperor", "Triangle - Drama", "Hotel King", "Golden Rainbow"

Unfortunately, none of the individual cast members are nominated this year, having already captured the prizes at the 2013 MBC Drama Awards.  Regardless, congratulations to the production, cast and crew!!!

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I think the reason EK is nominated this year because it didn't win "Best drama" last year.Last year, only the writers and main cast of EK won, but not the drama itself. I think they will pick the drama that has rating over 20% as the winner. Anyway, does that mean that we can see Ha Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook and other main cast on the red carpet of MBC this year?!

Embedded image permalink

Anyway, I have a feeling that MBC may pick 'Empress Ki' as the winner. :)>-

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Hi all. I've been watching EK but I really don't have time for 50 eps so I was wondering if people can offer me some guidance as to which are key, must watch eps. I've been going through eps 5-19 at breakneck speed so I've got the background stuff out of the way. I'm also wondering whether young Togon grows up at all in the next 30 eps or does he continue to spinelessly bumble his way to his death. The actor who plays him is amazing because a character like that usually gets on my nerves fast but somehow the actor compels you to root for him even if you really want to yank his ears and throttle him. Or kick him hard in the rear end. Whichever will get the message across most effectively.

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I just finished Empress Ki, well sort of... skipped from ep 22 to reading the recaps until the end, all because of my husband - his fault. He wanted to watch it but couldn't stand the suspense and jumped to watch  ep 48 until the end, while i was busily reading recaps trying to catch up.

While I'm glad that Sunyang did actually in the end love the Emperor, however, she only let herself love the Emperor, AFTER she thought Wang Wo betrayed the Emperor, hence after the Emperor took pains to protect her and was hit with an arrow, only then, Sunyang gave herself willingly to the Emperor. (I'm happy, hey, 9 months later, a baby was born!, all the waiting by Emperor paid off! - ep34!!).

I read the interviews after the end of the drama and even Ji Chang Wook didnt think that Sunyang loved him. Although Ha Jinwon said that Sunayng did but didnt show it well, well, Ji Chang Wook as the actor didnt feel it. Ha Jinwon was just too serious in it? The expression she used with her eyes I felt could be improved - or not use it at all -

Anyways, good stuff and off to rewatching Healer's ep 10! :P

To #40somethingahjumma# - personally, the episodes to watch are those involving Emperor and Sunyang

Ep. 21 - First underwater kiss! - but she was unconcious... does that even count??
Ep. 29, 31 - Emperor learns to read and refused to abdicate, shocking El Temur in his ability to read
Ep. 34 - Hunting, ambused, arrow, sick, healed, kissed! +baby!
Ep. 37 - El Temur's death
Ep. 38 - Empress death
Ep 50 - Wang Wo's death
Ep. 51 - Rushed episode, Emperor realized his wrong suspicions of Sunyang, execute his whole traitorous court - he was poisoned, but at least he lived for a few years before dying on Sunyang's arms -  sigh!

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Guest Zashie84th

This discussion helped me got through my Empress Ki obsession when I was watching it. I really enjoyed reading your comments here and the arguments as well. Finally, I can comment here as well!  :-bd :x  I still miss seeing Pae Ha but I stop myself from watching it again. Having Empress Ki withdrawal syndrome  X_X

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Hi everyone,
Although this is my first post on this thread, I feel as though I have been involved in a virtual conversation with all of you lovely posters since I became obsessed with Empress Ki a couple months ago. I have read through pretty much this entire thread while rewatching EK - it made the experience so much more enjoyable to read your hilarious and insightful comments as many of you waited for the next episode. Please note this will be a long post - apologies in advance ^_^;;
I can safely say that Empress Ki is one of my favorite kdramas, if not my favorite. After having watched it three times (in a row *cough*) I absolutely love the epic scale of the story, of Nyang's development and growth, and how the story echoes the overall feeling of many of the entertaining shoujo manga I read in high-school with the amazing and beautiful heroine surrounded by handsome men vying for her attention/love.
I first started watching this drama because of Ji Chang Wook - I am a regular visitor of Dramabeans, and when I saw the craziness that was the Healer comment threads, I thought I really need to check out this Healer drama. As I waited for the next episode of Healer, I thought I would watch Empress Ki since so many fans of Healer had also loved JCW there as well, and I was already a fan of Ha Ji Won from Secret Garden and Damo. I think it took 3 or 4 episodes for me to become absolutely hooked, and I quickly became VERY INVESTED (understatement) in the Tanyang relationship. Episodes 34-35 were like a dream, and it had been awhile that a kdrama had made me feel so vicariously happy.
I had not read spoilers about the novel, so I was completely unprepared for the final third of the story. In my delusional mind, I thought that Ki and Tahwan would become the super power couple and get rid of their remaining enemies together. Hoo boy was I very very wrong. I was so heartbroken when things started going downhill, and I couldn't continue watching. I ended up reading the recaps on Couch-Kimchi and the Talking Cupboard to see what happened to my beautiful imperial couple... I honestly had to psych myself up to watch the last 10 episodes, and as I learned to accept the story the screenwriters wanted to tell, I also enjoyed the final episodes immensely. Reading posts on this thread as well as the hilarious ladies on the Tanyang thread also helped calm my feelings of frustration and disappointment.
I think what I most appreciate about this story is that the screenwriters presented complex characters whose actions can be interpreted in many ways, leaving fans guessing about their 'true' motivations. Did Nyang only begin to love Tahwan after Wang Yoo 'betrayed her' as a previous poster suggested, or did that just seal the deal and give her an 'excuse' for fans who would have been angry with her for giving herself to Tahwan?Did Tahwan go crazy because of low-self worth due to the failing campaign + drinking, or because of political infighting and a lack of moral support from Nyang? 
I tried thinking about what their lives were like in the 5 years the story skipped over, taking whatever hints the drama provided us with in flashbacks or in short 'everyday' scenes. I imagine there were both good times (family bonding and couple moments) as well as bad times (Nyang focusing on gaining political power and Tahwan worrying about the war + Nyang's feelings) I think Tahwan's insecurities slowly built up over that time, leading to the 'explosion' in ep 42. I tried to make myself feel better by rationalizing that he started hallucinating because of Golta drugging him, but the drama never showed us this, so I think it really is the consequence of long-term drinking.
I'm hoping that writing my thoughts out will finally let me move on from this drama that has literally taken over my life for the past many weeks. Watching the BTS clips and interviews showed what a wonderful time everyone had filming this drama, and the fact that it was so popular in other countries as well makes me even happier. Thanks again to all the great posters on this thread for your comments, gifs and pictures - I think it will be awhile before I fall in love again with a drama this hard!

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