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[C-Drama 2012] Love Actually (爱的蜜方)

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More news abt Interview LA cast and HD pic too :wub: Credit to yes entertainment.

"Love the honey side crew visit the set (Source: Yes Entertainment)

Yes Entertainment May 6 reported by Zheng Yuan Chang , Lee Da Hae , Lee Yi-feng Fang Anna starring idol love honey side shooting is nearing completion. Today (6), the media was invited to visit the set of the honey side of love , "the crew, Zheng Yuan Chang and Li Yi-feng is the studio shooting the scenes of a cooking PK.

Shoot the gap, Zheng Yuan Chang , Lee Da Hae , Lee Yi-feng Fang Anna four starring accept a grateful media interviews to the media report the shooting process, and also shared a lot of interesting in a lot of shooting, the interview process laughter again and again, which shows four starring private.

Honey side of the idol drama " Love "is about is the snack bar and the background of successful chefs dream story starring in the play several show cooking scenes. Boot the ceremony, Zheng Yuan Chang has said he was not good at cooking, shooting and now coming to an end, when the media asked about Zheng Yuan Chang 's cooking whether it be to grow, Zheng Yuan Chang said: "did not grow."


May 4th birthday, starring Li Yi Feng When asked if the crew is how to spend a birthday, Lee Yi-feng said the crew to help him cut the cake birthday, he was funny, said: "the crew originally put the meal time is fifteen minutes, because the birthday, the director issued welfare more than five minutes turned into 20 minutes. "Li Yi-feng also very grateful to the crew gave a memorable birthday.

Speaking of birthday gifts, Lee Da Hae said the day of the birthday of Li Yi Feng sent him a very special red briefs, and very much hope to be able to see the look of Li Yi-feng put. Asked whether you like Lee Da Hae a birthday gift, Li Yi-feng shy, said: "It is to my liking."



Comes to think of why to buy red underwear as Li Yi Feng's birthday gift, Lee Da Hae said his mother very much like Li Yi-feng, so considering what to buy gifts, mother to the proposal. Lee Da Hae at the scene revealed that Li Yi-feng has promised to be photographed wearing red underwear photo to his mother, brought down the site's staff and reporters.

Talking about Zheng Yuan Chang 's restaurant in Taipei, the shooting of " love the honey side dishes on some new inspiration. Zheng Yuan Chang of this, said: "filming relations have to Shanghai, a Western restaurant with the boss to communicate feeling of great help." At the same time, Zheng Yuan Chang also keen to invite Lee Da Hae , Li Yi Feng and Fang Anna free go their own Taipei restaurant hand food.










Sorry don't know why posting link was not working for me. :( So i posted like this .

I was wondering what would our girl gift joe on his BD ?LOL. I got the answer of this question too :lol: And also why the guys were dressed in chef clothes,they had the cooking competition between LYF and Joe ? That the reason we see them cooking in pic.

i got most of the answer from this article also.I guess red hot underwear has made to headlines of most of the article :lol:

credit to ent.qq.com

Love honey take Lee da Hae exposes sent Li Yi feng Hu hot red panties

Oh we can see full dress of our girl .


Tencent entertainment (Teletext/Hu Mengying) by Shanghai good plays, film and television issuance company-produced by the city of romantic and inspirational play and love the honey is hot in Shanghai. On May 6, the play opened media analysis class, Director Lin he long cast Lee da Hae, Li Yi feng, Zheng Yuan Chang, carrying the full debut. The scene, Lee da Hae exposes sent a red triangular underwear, to Li Yi feng as a birthday gift, hand-picked by the underwear was mother.

Love honey describes with snack bars in the background stories of successful chefs dream. Filming on that day was a Li Yi feng Zheng Yuan Chang and participate in the cooking competition, carving snacks play the game, their gestures are mold-like, even in the audience watching Lee da Hae also praised "good looking". However, they all agreed that Cook has not has any progress due to filming. Li Yi feng said they just rub a lot of flour. Zheng Yuan Chang said, although the crew hired a cooking teacher for their school, but due to the medium of time is too short, in fact, have learned nothing.

Li Yi feng's birthday just past, he said, in order to give yourself a birthday, the cast has extended the midday meal time, we cut the cake together. Lee da Hae claimed, she gave a red triangular underwear as a birthday gift, "my mother love him, we went to buy him a gift, mother said how about buy underwear, red lingerie looks good, MOM was dissatisfied. "She is not willing to complain, Li Yi feng promised LDH mother that he will wear red underwear and will tweet the photo, but so far has not let her see.

Coincidence is that Lee da Hae's birthday last month spent in the cast, revealed Li Yi feng, then deliver a very Chinese characteristics skirt. What if Zheng Yuan Chang's birthday and then sent next, Lee da Hae said: "underwear? I'll think about it ", Zheng Yuan Chang said directly:" just give me the money was good. ”

Ok so LYF gave LDh skirt,DH gave LYF red underwear and Joe is asking for money for his BD :lol: This cast make me laugh so much seriously.So joe should say "Give me some Money Honey " :lol: Money and honey are so rhyming.

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Thanks for the updates, news and pictures Anny :wub:

The cast is really hilarious and so funny and friendly together :lol: and no wonder the red underwear made the headlines :D

Here is a video of the event and the part of Dahae revealing her gift to LYF :lol:



Also more pictures you can find here:


I am posting some of the pictures of our handsome chef:


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Thanks dear for the video and pic .Joe is looking cool while cooking he is so dedicated while making food u can from his face.Happy to see them laughing and enjoy i always love when everyone enjoy eachother's company.

Some BTS pic an Jinjiang amusement park scene .Trio having fun in it.



Credit goes to weibo.

And yes AQ like u mentioned some of the drama which i checked on hunan tv are showed daily that also 2 episode daily .If so i would be more happy,but of they show 2 episode daily then in 16 to 17 days the series will end .

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Oh yes Anny, I was so excited when I knew about that from a Chinese friend. Because I hate waiting for the other episodes but what can I do I can't stop myself from watching live any drama Dahae in it blush.gif So, we won't be suffering a lot during this drama but hope that the videos and subs come out fast.

Also here is another video from yesterday event, may be the only one don't contain the "red underwear" part :lol: but it reveals the scene they filmed that day.


The two brother represents the restaurant in some competition and Xiaoxia and Anna cheer them up but in the middle of this, the old Mr. Chen collapses :o . I love that even with such melodramatic scene we get to see all the cast laughing and smiling so hard :D

Also another BTS picture from today filming and thanks dear for posting those two pictures. I think I am going to fall in love again with all Dahae fashion in this drama as even the pics is not very clear but I love those two dresses in the BTS SOOOO MUCH :wub:


Credit: Weibo

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chinggus you are so great, thanks for all the lastest info, photos, I was LOL reading all of them.

and here our baidu sis just uploaded out happy couple, or married couple-many will come I hope-enjoy


Imagine if they show us a bed scene after the wedding, I don't know if I can handle it, you know how passionate Joe can be when doing the kissing part-just look at his previous drama especially with Aerial Lim. Dahaeshi still a child to me, kkkkk

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Thanks you samzz for the wonderful treat. Our "married" couple is so beautiful :w00t: I want to see this happy ending NOW but surely I want to see first all the steps this couple had to make to get there :wub:

And yes, I think I will I have hard time if there was such a scene. I know exactly what can "Passionate" Joe do and I still can't picture Dahae doing that kind of scenes with such HOT actor. I am still that protective when it comes to her as blush.gif but if our director want to do it I won't stop him ;):D

Another GORGEOUS picture of our couple with the old Mr. Chen:


And another one during the interview and from the scene:




Credit: Weibo

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Guest Golden_ochna

Anny, Samzz and AQ, thank you dear! 23.gif 

I'm over the moon now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Da Hae is so friendly!

She bought chocolates for Love Actually drama crew on White Valentine Day. Returning from Korea, she bought gifts for her co-actors. And then she playfully teased Feng ge with a mischievous birthday present. My poor Feng ge, now you know our Da Hae's really naughty biggrin.gif Feng ge ''miserably'' asked why she did it while he gave her a Chinese national costume on her birthday ( I think it's a cheongsam rolleyes.gif

And here is her friendliness with her ''love rival''biggrin.gif


Oh my babyfaced beauty, Da Hae! 23.gif 


I love her nude makeup. But I don't like her nude woollen dress much, it's rather plain. But I prefer she wears nude or pastel, or any color other than black tongue.gif

I CAN'T TAKE MY EYE OFF HER! 171530pfxffgebejx4zxtz.gif


IS THIS A PICTORIAL? VOGUE? MARIE CLAIRE? biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

Our enchantress in pure bridal gown...No words to express my thoughts contemplating this demure bride in a moment of solitude.

I love her hairstyle most, simply graceful messy updo with a charming flower hair clip. 

I decide when I get married, I'll mimic her hairstyle 58.gif 10 years from now tongue.giftongue.giftongue.giftongue.gif

We once wished a wedding scene, and now our dream comes truewub.gif Mr Lin, U r very kind and very handsome tongue.giftongue.giftongue.giftongue.gif 

From Samzz:

Imagine if they show us a bed scene after the wedding, I don't know if I can handle it, you know how passionate Joe can be when doing the kissing part-just look at his previous drama especially with Aerial Lim. Dahaeshi still a child to me, kkkkk 

Samzz, U r really... biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

I know for sure I wanna see BED SCENE!

Coz I want our girl to exhibit her acting skills. Miss Ripley bed scene...isn't really.... tongue.gif.

U know bed scene is always challenging... Passionate, of course, but not enough. Courageous, definitely! 

But like U, I don't know how to handle it. 

I'm scared if our girl receives any bashing comment or unreasonable criticism. 

I can't forget the stupid things that absurd antifans say abt MR BS and some scene in Chuno.

About bed scenes in C-drama, as far as I know, some TW or Mainland dramas contain some hot scenes ( also some are not really bed scene, not very hot, perhaps 15+ tongue.gif) : Fated to Love U, Drunken to love U, My Lucky Star, In time with U, Sealed with a kiss (Hunan TV)....

And  Mr Lin, what's your strategy? I'm curious. w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif

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First for one second i thought i was in LDH thread :lol: Becz of the pic .AQ and Samzz thank u for the lovely pics and videos :wub: Like u even i want to see eng sub if drama soon and will watch it live.

And i watched the video of BTS i understood what they call red underwear in chinese since they were repeating it again and again.And the other BTS video i was watching it then suddenly i saw Mr.father falling down i thought he really fall down for one second i forgot they were filming the scene :lol: They were having so much fun when he fainted even making ambulance noise :lol: Yes they were having so much fun in this melodramatic scene .Yes AQ even i noticed her dress i love her dress with bow in the middle and the belt one too .

Oh samzz i am sure tomm may sites will have this pic in it and we will see lots of article praising this new married couple :lol:

Thank u for all the pics girls and looking forward to interview video :wub:

Oh and here is handsome brother in law in black.



Credit to weibo.

Video of interview from wedding scene.

Video Interview

Oh Goldmissed you .You are most welcome for updates :wub:

Even i am moon i didn't u see u here LOL And thanks for telling abt cheongsam .I saw the pic of dress it looks really good.I want our girl to wear it someday.The translation told he gave her chinese traditional dress i was wondering what it was .

Neither this IS A PICTORIAL? VOGUE? MARIE CLAIRE its just simply our girls LA photo :wub:

Me too like her flower hair clip with that hairstyle and from top to bottom she is looking amazing .

10years from now LOL Mr.Lin would be happy after reading ur comments LOL.He will join u on moon too .

I don't know what to say when other actress do such scene they don't have problem,but when our girl does it blows up :rolleyes:Gold Fated to love you has bed scene in first episode itself that too so big i was shocked :o when i watched first time but i didn't mind it since script demanded it and if viewer don't mind such scenes too.

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OOOH Gold, missed you here. Thanks to the wedding pictures we get to see your funny and cute posts once again :wub:

The cast is all adorable and so friendly together which makes me so happy and have a smile from ear to ear when I see them in any interview. And LYF gave Dahae Chinese national custom not a skirt :w00t: Thank you for telling us dear. But he should be sad, what gift is more special than "red underwear" :lol:

Let us wait and see what Director. Lin is keeping for us in the drama :)

And thanks Anny for the pictures and video, I think those pictures from an interview. It says on Weibo that it will be revealed next week.

More pictures of our handsome male leads from the interview :wub: :



And also one BTS from yesterday filming:


Credit: Weibo

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WOW, today was the last day in filming the drama. The 2 months have really gone so fast. Hope the coming time before we get to see the drama on screen will also gone fast :)

And as our cast wrap up the filming, they all shared their thoughts and messages with cute pictures on Weibo. So here are some of the pictures they shared, they all look so cute and funny together :wub:





How great to see the cast of any drama this close and friendly together. This surely affect on the drama and so, I am sure we will feel that on screen when the drama airs :wub:

And till we get to seem them together again in more promotion and when the drama airs, here is a special group picture of our incredible cast together at Dahae birthday:


Also official pictures of the interview mentioned before came out :w00t:




And of course we will get more and more news about the drama when it airs, but even now it is all over the news papers and magazines:




Pictures Credit: Weibo and Baidu

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Thanks AQ for all the pic.When u see a pic of whole cast together just see each and every person face they are having so much of fun and good to see smiling faces.Thanks for pic of our handsome male actors.And i am waiting for Red underwear pic :lol:;) Maybe our girl in series by mistake saw him in bathroom so she gifted him :P :P Looking forward for BTS video for that scene .And everyone is mentioning that it will telecast in August :( .Its good to see all many article abt the series .I can see a good publicity is done for the series.

Pic from wrap up party i guess.Credit to weibo as mentioned on picture :)


LYF and director.


New poster of LA.


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Thanks Anny for the new poster, it looks good :wub: And yes, me too looking forward to that scene BTS :D

Koala reported about the drama filming wrap up, here is the article:

Love Actually with Joe Cheng and Lee Da Hae Wraps Filming with a Wedding

More pictures of our cast in kitchen from the interview:




Also another picture from the wedding with XiaoXia walking down the aisle with her nephew, HOW CUTE :wub: And we get to see the full dress, so beautiful


Credit: Weibo

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Thanks for for the link dear i like how the blogger is following the series and reporting abt it :) Offcourse the blogger is going to watch the series for sure.

The kitchen was also sponsored that's why they are taking picture of it. I hope not only they have cooking scene but some romantic scene in kitchen too :wub:

And thanks for pics too.Is our girl sitting on bicycle or joe is sitting ? :lol: wow our girl drives bicycle then bangs with joe and they both fall :wub: on eachother .I read that both there is going to be love hate conflict in between Love triangle.I don't get why is poster made in such way when they have love triangle?

Our Beautiful and Tall bride looking just great in wedding dress with her small nephew walking with her.Summer and sunshine walking together .

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Guest Golden_ochna

Lee Da Hae Suffers From Burn Injury on Face

Actress Lee Da Hae has suffered from a burn injury on her face. 

On May 14, Lee Dae Hae tweeted, “Burn injury I experienced during the filming of a drama. I was worried it would scar, but as the wound is disappearing the filming has concluded too. Please be understanding if you see the wound during the drama [broadcast].”

The pictures revealed a small burn wound that was found between her left eye and ear, near her temple. Though the wound was not too big or serious, the contrast it made against her smooth and white skin was unfortunate. 

Lee Da Hae is currently filming a culinary-themed Chinese drama, Love Recipe in China. The drama is scheduled to hold its premiere episode in China in August. 


By Stewart Ho E&M EnewsWorld,

Photo credit: Lee Da Hae’s Twitter  

Luckily, she's OK. No serious outcome.

Longing for that sacred moment.

Hope that'll be real some daylaugh.gif


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Thanks Gold for the news and for posting this beautiful wedding picture here :wub:

It is sad to know that Dahae had such injury but as the drama is talking about food and cooking, I can see that such incident can surely happen. It is good that it is not that serious.

And it seems that Dahae is not the only one who was injured during filming. In this new video of our two male chefs, you can see that LYF also cut his finger while filming:


Also our leads are gracing the cover of a magazine, the full interview and issue will be released on 17 May:


One more picture from the interview:



Credit: Weibo

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Guest Golden_ochna

Love Actually wrapped up filming and is airing in the summer on Hunan TV.

News abt it:http://slide.ent.sin..._704_37457.html

Our cute bickering scene:


Our OTP in cheft attires can't stand each other biggrin.gif

Our both talented chefs differ in professional knowledge " U can't cook it that way". "U'll spoil it". " I want it that way".  biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

And our little smart boy will be the arbitrator: 

Joe, be sensible! Surrender if U're a man!



I must say I love that feeding scene! Sooooooooo sweet, looking at it, I feel like I'm savoring a candy.w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif


Look into his electric eye.

Believe me, no girl can reject!

Our girl must accept his dumpling. No way, poor U, Xiao Xia.biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

Out of the blue. It's not only a dumpling...

What if there's a hidden ring?

"So...will U marry me, Xiao Xia?"biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Thanks Gold dear for posting those adorable stills here :wub:

The first and last one are my favorites. How funny is your comment on the first one, LOOOOL :lol: I think you really have the mind of a comic writer ;):D

I agree that no body could resist those eyes in the last one, and I also LOVE how Xiaoxia looking at him. So much love in the air :wub: :wub:

One more stills of the small family but more sad I guess:


And one more poster of our second leads:


Also more pictures from the magazine interview:



Credit: Weibo

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AQ and Gold thanks for all the updates and pics .And also more new poster of our lead.

All pic of magazine are looking great also the individual pic .I love the cover pic of them.

Gold u are really funny with ur quote u make me laugh thanks dear.I love joe's expression when he is feeding XX. :wub:

Yes like AQ said u can become comic writer :lol:

Still August is to farrrrrrr.

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Yes Anny, August is indeed so FAAAAAAAAAAAR and it is going to be a hard waiting time for us :tears:

And as the drama already wrapped filming and LDH and Joe left Shanghai already not so much news coming up and I surely miss our almost daily doze of BTS pictures :(

But our cast still exchanging cute messages on Weibo mentioning how they miss each other and looking forward to their reunion in August for the promotions before the drama airs. They say that they will do the promotions in Beijing. I really can't wait till then.

But here is an intimate picture between our beautiful couple :wub:


Also a very cute fan art for our cute LYF in chef attire :w00t: LOVE IT :wub:


Credit: Weibo

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Thanks AQ for both the pics :) Its so quite these days regarding LA .I miss all those happy day when we use to get BTS scenes pic daily .Ah i am waiting for drama promotion events i love watching them together .2 Months are long hope our girl take some other drama too .Hope the drama airs in start of august not in middle or end ? :(

I suddenly remembered joe moving his ear like that in BTS scene i was wondering how many funny BTS we will get when drama airs.Hope they release more BTS video for promtion since there are two long month pending atleast we should get one high quality promo of the drama :wub:

oh LYF is looking so cute in fan art blush.gif And our girl is wearing same flowery necklace she wore in press conference .But i like this necklace .Its very pretty.

I was doing timepass by making sig and poster of LA but i am getting so confused picking better one from it.When i am done u girls help me deciding ;)

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