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[C-Drama 2012] Love Actually (爱的蜜方)

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Guest Golden_ochna

A lot of pics n news, TQ Anny & AQ wub.gif

Feng ge is loney. Feng ge can't find his own happiness...I can't like it...I can't get it... But I get over it rolleyes.gif

Feng ge loves Xiao Xia & I love Feng ge... Enough biggrin.gif


Thanks, Samzz, your Feng ge's pic is really adorable. You've got a crush on him, right?biggrin.gif

I like the posters of characters with balloons. Each character has their own color

Our Da Hae's got the pink balloons, displaying sweetness, tenderness, optimism and a kind heart. In My Girl, our girl often wore pink, pink coat, pink sweater, pink hair accessories... really an amiable girl who always looks on the bright side of thingslaugh.gif

Our cutie Feng ge 's holding the blue, the color of sincerity, the color of faithfulness. This is a calming color, similarly, our girl'll find peace alongside him tongue.gif

Our handsome Joe's got the silvery, reflecting his cool, calm and a little 'conservative' character ( I guess tongue.gif) Really an Ice-man. I find him with his mysterious smile as well as his silvery balloons somewhat enigmatic. So complicated man, perhaps, the outside and the inside are really two different thingscool.gif 

His ex is even more enigmatic. No colorful balloons. Confident and shrewd lookcool.gif Her queen updo hairstyle shows something like power and ambition ( I guess tongue.gif)

Our lovely Fang Anna brings us the radiant yellow balloons, denoting the happiness and joy. Her character's personality is like that, perky, cheery and rather adventurous ( I guess laugh.gif Because I think she'll be proactive and determined to chase HJ who's already in love with XX... and because people favoring yellow often tend to have can-do attitude like thattongue.gif)


 AQ, Anny, Da Hae's brand is LOVCAT

Nice bag






Han Hyo Joo, IU, Lee Shi Young... also have some bags of this brand.wub.gif If I'm not wrong, Shin Se Kyung is the model of this brand.

By the way, I love your cosy poem for Da Hae's birthday, Anny. I love the inviting cake even more tongue.gif

Congratulation! AQ, U r promoted. Don't worry, we'll help U. laugh.gif

LOL, Samzz, I'll send your cute mes to my brother, trust me, he's a fan of any cute girl laugh.gif

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Even i love Feng ge so we all are there for him :wub:

Oh Gold u describe each character and their respective balloon so well.I thought joe was holding light blue balloon :unsure: I like how to wrote abt them .Even her Ex-gf she left his BF for her career so she is posing right in pic.

LOVCAT brand hm i can see ditto matching bag.Oh i love that pic of our girl with that cute pony tail on her head .Are all the bags in pix of same brand?

Oh thank u dear even i love ur sig which u made for her BD specially the pic which u used is one of my fav :wub: i love her wearing white and that flower on her head :wub:

haha this is fun to read abt ur brother and samzz ,samzz like handsome man ur brother like cute girl :wub::lol:

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OOH thanks Gold for the endorsement pictures and I also like your description of the characters :wub:

And me too Anny really waiting eagerly for subs and praying that when the drama airs we can get fast English subs for it :)

And although not new pictures or news about the drama for the past few days but I heard that some fans knew from the drama staff that the drama will wrap its filming on 9th May :w00t: it is surely faster that I was expecting or even from what was announced earlier but that will surely mean that they will have more time for post production which means better quality.

Also the magazines and news papers still reporting about the drama and its press conference, really great to see it getting much attention:




Credit: Weibo

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time really running so fast, in just 2 weeks time, Dahae will finish shooting. TQ AQ for the news.

must be sad for all of them when the time comes, but so far we can enjoy all the BTS pic. Love all of you here also for the funny comments.

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OMG AQ the drama is going to wrap so soon 9th May :o I don't know how i will wait till august till drama air.Yups even i want the drama to be sub soon. yeh there is no recent news abt drama or any BTS pic :( We will get to see them celebrating LYF Birthday before wrap up :D Hope we get more pix with all the stars.Oh i like the second pix both joe and DH smiling .

Yup still we get to see Conference pix in the article.But still i love that remote control pic of joe and LYF pic on that sofa.I like guys more in that pix then girls :wub:

Samzz surely time is running so fast it feel like it was yesterday that of our came to china and started shooting for drama and now in few days its going to end.I hope they have the wrap up party to enjoy and i am sure they will miss eachother and we will get to see them chatting on weibo in future.

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Yes indeed dears, time flies and those 2 months have gone really fast but as you said Anny we will have tough waiting time ahead of us.

Even if this news is true and DH and Joe leave China short after 9th May but I am sure the will surely reunite again for more promotions of the drama in future when the drama will be about to start airing. May be not only in China but in other countries as well (really hope so :) )

Even though we still don't have any new BTS picture but at least the reports about the drama is not stopping yet. Here more reports:



Credit: Weibo

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Thanks AQ for BTS video and various articles.I hope like u are saying we will get to see lots of promotion before the series.Hope they travel to different countries to for promoting drama. But i read that Joe is enlisted for army this year,will he be present till drama airs ? Hope he enters after the drama airs.

I am happy watching the video,its good to see BTS video.I don't know why Joe & Anna were running i think they were looking for our girl like u said AQ.I can see our girl is doing crying scene again :tears: Is our girl's mom also present there or i am assuming someone else her mother again but this time i don't think i am wrong .What was our girl doing with that plant :lol: Was joe giving NG while searching :lol: What was director instructing them when they were sitting and having dinner or lunch.

What was that bottle which director took from our girl .The bridge scene which we saw BTS pic of ,actually we saw BTS pics of scenes in this video earlier :D But watching video is different.

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Yes Anny, Joe is going to enlisted this year. I think he will still be around when the drama airs and do all the promotions for it and his other movie project which he just finished also. But I am still not sure if he will stay till the end of the drama airing as it is a kind of long one and we still not sure when it will finish. But I hope that it will be a hit and he will be there to enjoy the success :)

About the BTS video, yes as you said it is very different when you see the video from the pictures but did you notice how they captured when Joe moved his ear, LOOOOOOL :lol:

And yes, I saw Dahae mother too. You are not imagining that :D

And as our heroine is going back to Korea for short break, she gave space for the ex-girlfriend to have her time with her love :( . It seems that Hao Feng and ex-girlfriend will have kiss scene as well based on this news. How should I feel about that? :tears:


Also we get to see them filming together :unsure:





Xiaoxia, come back quickly to China and stop this, hehehehehe :D



Also the drama released some stills of Fang Anna in the drama, when we will get to see stills of our leads?


Till we have our leads stills here is a picture of them along with the director very seriously preparing a cake :w00t:


Photos Credit: Weibo

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Yeah AQ me too hope that he enlist after the drama ends .Haha thank U for telling me that i am not imagining things.yeah i was wondering why were they showing joe's ear.LOL.

Thanks For BTS pics and new pic of Anna.

This is not fair Ex-GF and Hao feng always meet when XX is out of country LOL. He is cheating on our girl :tears: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shouting alouddddddddddddd Kiss scene :unsure: Our girl didn't want to see this paintfull scene that's why she left. Lets hope that it would be flashback scene .And this is not fair why does guy get kiss from ExGF and current GF both,while girl always gets it from her lover.I don't know how u are feeling but definitely i am not going to like it .I hope Hao Jie will give his strong shoulders to our girl.so many BTS of ex gf scenes.

LOL from start only we always got our leads pic little late.I like her cute style and her hairstyle.Hope to see our couples pixs in some new clothes and style :wub:

Oh the pix is cute u can see fish hanging in background remind me of new poster they also have fish in it.And yes some students are missing in this pic but its good to see team work in making cake.Even director is having classes.

A new pic i like this red color and some more new BTS pic .

Credit to weibo.



I like this one since joe is alone LOL.


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OOH yes dear, it seems that Xiaoxia runaway to Korea so, she don't suffer seeing ex-girlfriend enjoying her time with her lover. But I know that she will surely get him back once she step her foot in China again, hehehehe :lol:

And I like that red colored one too, thanks a lot for the pictures :wub:

Also more pictures of Joe filming today, I like his outfit here too. He looks great :)





Credit: Weibo

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hehehe cool down chinggus, yes we are at the jealousy stage right now. I can't bear looking at the kissing scene btwn Joe and the ex. I think my reaction is even worse after seeing the real one.

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Yes, I think we are all in that jealousy stage and here we see BTS pictures from another hug scene :angry:



Credit: Weibo

But at least we see Hao Feng is not responsive as he was in the other 2 hug scenes we see in the drama trailer. I hope he is like this too in the kiss scene or else I will be very mad at him -_-

And our Xiaoxia is back to China, hope we see some BTS pictures of her with Hao Feng to help us forget about this kiss and hug scene, hehehehe :D

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Samzz i am too much jealous after reading abt it don't know what will happen after i watch it. That why i was hoping let it be flashback scene so atleast i will be calm.But i can see in pic it not flashback scenes i guess .

In our girls earlier dramas when there is Ex Gf we don't get to see Ex GF having too many hug scene with lead so it was Ok for me or the lead doesn't even have Exgf in some of her series.Haha she can hit him as she slaps Rain Bi in fugitive scene :lol: when rain Bi was seeing other girls legs.Just joking :P We will all go to Third Hospital after watching the scene to calm overself down :lol:

Thanks AQ for more new pics of BTS that also hug scene -_- Kiss is kiss whether its one sided or two sided we have to watch it.Most of the time i see her hugging Joe and our girl crying watching this i hope this time she is not watching it .

One more pic of our handsome chef.


I just posted this pix for joe sake.


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Why is so quite in this thread?

Found 2 BTS pics of the drama.

Oh our girl in opened hair and Joe is holding our girls hand.So sweet


Are they going on night walk together walking hand in hand.



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I am back blush.gif thanks Anny for all the BTS pictures and updates :wub:

And OOOH, you are really not helping me by these words, hehehe :D . I know that kiss is a kiss and we will have to bear it but I was trying to relieve myself by that thought :tears: But when I see those cute pictures of our couple, I surely forget all about Ex. Girlfriend :D



And from this capture, I think the kiss a flashback as you thought. You can notice the first still at the upper right corner:


Also I saw some comment on weibo that the drama will start airing on 12 August although it is surely not confirmed date.

Also Hunan TV have posted a quiz asking fans to guess the drama and gave few hints. And fans should answer with drawings, I find some cute drawings and I would like to share here:






Pictures Credit: Weibo

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oh, how I wish the holding hand is real,kkkkkkk

and today another new happy family, minus the Ice man


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Oh good to see u AQ .I just wrote what i see in the BTS pic LOL .What can be more romantic then walking with ur BF that also with holding hand .I hope she is not as shy as yoorin was in MyGirl :lol:

Oh lets deal with kiss later when it comes .Lets have fun before that we will get many other scenes to with our couple. :wub: Our couple are having fun .Joe's is laughing so aloud or eating our girls ear since he is thinking as devil :lol: Just look at his expression.

Just one Wall in room gave u so many pic of one couple.we even get to see kiss pic lets hope its flashback.Thank u for the pic dear i was peeping through glass window in that earlier pic i could see pic hanging on wall but didn't know who was in pic.

12th August OMG :o is so far dear .Ah all the drawings are so super cute :D Specially the honey bee on the bread :wub: Honey pouring in cup from heart so sweet .

Samzz thanks for the pic i guess iceman has gone to Antarctica just joking :P may be he was not shooting at that time or may be he was cooking something for our girl to eat to make her healthy.Our girl in open hair again good.

Our Red Hot chef pics.


I am posting some pic from LYF fan celebrating his BD.Its from the same day samzz which u posted pic.

I love this pic so i am posting it first ,I fainted seeing it :wub: How can he do this to me?


LYF cutting cake i can see nephew where did our girl and anna vanished in pic. I want full pic :D


I just love that he is wearing white and his hairstyle is great too :wub



Hope to see more pic on 4th May on his BD.

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Yes, dear let us deal with that kiss when it comes across our screen. Or may be I will use my powers to erase it totally from the episode tape :lol:

And yes, it is too far I know but I also heard couple of days ago that they may make it air earlier in July. But I hope even if they do that, the ratings won't be affected by the Olympics. But I also knew another info which made me so happy. It seems that Chinese drama airs 2 episodes a day for 6 or 7 days a week w00t.gifw00t.gif So, we won't suffer much I guess waiting for the next episodes, YAY :)

And happy birthday to LYF and here is the picture we saw for the small family from another angle, I like all their outfit. So cute :wub:


Also we got to see couple of BTS pictures today for Joe and LYF:



Credit: Weibo

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AQ offcourse if u can then why not delete the scene ;) I am sure after the scene deletion the breaking new will come were did the scene go :lol:

July really :w00t: I hope its true but i want series to be hit ,like u said i don't want it to be affected by Olympic .And i don't think chinese drama shows 2 episode per day :unsure: Most of the series i have seen they show one episode weekly.But if we get 2 episode per day then i would be more then happy :wub:

Yups Happy Birthday to LYF :wub: Yes in this pic we can see full view of them .I like our girl black and white skirt :wub: She is looking cute and also everyone else too.

Thanks for all the pics dear :D Oh both the brother looking lovely in the scene but i think its the serious scene.

Some more pix from interview with LA cast. :wub:

@ Easy_Magazine : "Love the honey side four main characters in an interview, the site broke the news to Lee Da Hae gave Li Yi Feng's birthday gift --- red briefs Red River Delta underwear [laughing] [laughing]






I want to know what they are laughing abt ?

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