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  1. @ELY_397 The virus news is really worrying but at least I saw some news saying there are some cases recovered and discharged so hopefully things will get better. I did see that she did take her post down and guessed what could be the reason but I didn't read comments since I don't actually care about that anymore so I don't know exactly what is the criticism is but what matters for me that I know she cares more than many out there some of which have just been racist in their thinking and commenting on the virus. In all cases, I think it is not about how lovely image or if you are that great of an actor but more on power and connections. So we know she has none of that now and that what I think actually the biggest hurdle in doing her comeback specially if she is not taking anything less than what she like to have.
  2. Happy Lunar new year to our girl and everyone celebrating ^^ Dahae updated her Weibo with a congratulation message that also mention the Corona Virus wishing everyone taking care of their health https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Ir8SwBdFa?fid=1042200:4464689686708246
  3. Thanks @ELY_397 for the info. Although she is acting a bit silly but looks like she really having fun And seems she was in Shanghai a few days ago, not sure but seems she visited a bank or something. Not sure if she is still in China now but hope she and everyone takes care and stay healthy since the status with Coronavirus is quite worrying https://weibo.com/1002229881/IqnPzbvag Also here is her latest IG update
  4. Thanks @ELY_397 for the info. She is really getting more and more close to Nana and her husband (FN CEO)and they have been travelling together a lot recently Here are more photos of the signing event from one of the companies were sponsoring the event and few articles about the event. http://www.press9.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=41195 http://www.thefirstmedia.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=53109
  5. Dahae first event for the year. Really like her look here and that dress is gorgeous Also other updates ^^
  6. Happy new year everyone A message and updates from our girl ^^
  7. Happy holidays for our girl and all fans who are celebrating Still can't believe we are heading to a new year and new decade in a few days !!! Some updates of our girl celebrating Christmas ^^
  8. @Annya In addition to the difficulty to find a good suitable project for an actress of her category (I hate that but it exists) and age, I am not putting hope on her agency because yeah we know they are just a name in the end. So I guess it all depends on her personal manager who I am not sure how much he can do for her!! I am still waiting for her comeback but can't really find a hint that we are going to have that anytime soon. Till then, just have to rely on her fun updates ^^
  9. @ELY_397 yes, me too. Love to see her eating and showing her favorite places or trips the most. No fan of makeup or beauty routines since I don't actually do any of that, lol It has been sometime since she posted selfies on her IG, so it is good to see ^^
  10. More videos and pictures from the event, it is weird that I actually don't know what was that event for, lol
  11. @ELY_397 Really happy to see you posting again. Hope things get better on your side *praying* @Annya Thanks for all the updates ^^ Here are some pictures our girl posted recently on her IG
  12. Although it wasn't mentioned in the news but seems our girl headed today to Guangzhou to attend the event I have mentioned before Dahae and her stylist are cute together And I see Nana and her husband as well ^^
  13. @Annya Haha, she really did a new version of that scene. This is funny and cute And here are some pictures from her IG today ^^
  14. I saw this on Weibo. Not sure what event is it exactly but seems our girl might go to Guangzhou on 7/12 https://weibo.com/3158021140/Ig4Avjx4g Another video from our girl ^^ https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5dd21f93000000000100a221
  15. @Annya Yeah, I saw many videos around but I didn't signup there to follow her. I personally don't like those kind of videos but you know I am weak to everything about Dahae Here are her latest XHS videos https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5dc92dcc0000000001000f2c https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5dbff7fc0000000001005e7d Dahae latest IG update, this place is cute ^^
  16. @Annya Sorry dear, I didn't see your post. Seems we did post at the same time I edited my post so you don't have to edit yours About XHS, it is my home Wifi network that has problem but the app is working fine for me at least ^^ Honestly, I don't follow K-Ent news much for quite sometime now only some news for some of my favs. I still hope everyday that I can see our girl acting again, miss her so much but nothing in our hands to do but to look over her and wish her the best in all the activities she is doing these days and in her life in general ~~ Some more videos from the latest event BTW, did she cut her hair?
  17. @Annya Thanks dear for posting those pictures here. Guess it is a problem on my own network and internet provider that I can't access XHS now although I didn't have a problem before She looks so amazing at the new event, LOVE that dress
  18. @Annya It is my mistake that I didn't specify, haha BTW, I can't open Xiaohongshu website anymore, is it just me or a general issue? Now, More pictures from Dahae visit to The Tint shop, how I wish we could have got HD versions of those
  19. Seems Dahae's on screen MIL in "The Good Witch" has joined FN Entertainment as well http://www.mydaily.co.kr/new_yk/html/read.php?newsid=201910250805676139&ext=na Also seems our girl visited "The Tint" store and tried some outfits, the designer can't stop praising her in the captions, happy to see them still have such good relationship for 2 years
  20. @Annya Thanks dear for the song, she is always fun Also she updated some videos from the Live she participated in few days ago. Despite not understanding a word but I love to hear her laugh ^^
  21. Our girl playful in Golf Attire is always great although she is very furious here, lol
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