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  1. DH biggest competitor right now, an entrepreneur Wook Dong. Who said he is not good in marketing? He is the best so far combined with his top notch fan serving.
  2. Even the unregistered married woman such as DH still choosing Wook Dong. Don't blame you JDY. Wook Dong is still free and single, most women or girls still going crazy about him. At last Wook Dong in Harbin.
  3. Wow As of today, full collection in here. https://m.dcinside.com/board/dongwook/44085
  4. Wow, I'm sure more photos will come. DH too, oversea outstation.
  5. Wonderful collection of Wook Dong. I want people to remember him more as Wook Dong, because the reverse name gives a cringe due to drug and cult connection. Only DH so proud with the connection.
  6. Same as what he did in Hotel King and TONT. In Hotel King And in TONT, his first love is Lotus Flower whereby before My Girl, DH was well known as Lotus Flower Fairy due to the success of her drama Lotus Flower Fairy/Heaven Fate
  7. DH seems jealous at Wook Dong oversea travelling especially to France. Btw, blogger talking about DH and her cult Moon, marry of their own members. Moonies. One of the reasons why she didn't register her marriage.
  8. After posted the toy stories on the same day, DH posted pictures of herself on the flight yesterday, whereby she already went to Shanghai last week. Someone going to France today.
  9. They are officially a very happy couple in Kdrama lalala land.
  10. What's going on, same day they posted it, DH in Xiahongshu, Wook Dong in his IG. They posted 2 hours apart, whereby DH posted it first. Same marketing lol.
  11. Wook Dong has many properties but busy all the time. 2006- bought his parents an apartment/condo. 2010- bought/invest veterinary hospital for his brother in law. 2015-maybe bought a condo at Vivaldi Cheongna 2017- Pacific Mansion at Itaewon 2018-one of big shareholders for Blow Cheongnam 2022-a mansion at Pyeonchang-dong. 2024-Wook Dong business lines. So he is actually on par with DH entrepreneurship skills, just he doesn't show off. He is a very very rich actor in real.
  12. Here the video about Wook Dong's house at Itaewon. Maybe he wants to sell it before moving to his big villa. https://youtu.be/YILActXMEqk?si=x_z7iAhrMPgqodqc
  13. So the op said he bought the house in year 2018 Throwback when people used to see him at Vivaldi Cheongna in year 2015.
  14. This cultist group. Not really a cafe, but combined with bar and prayer room. According to this account, so this is Wook Dong current residence at Itaewon. https://m.dcinside.com/board/drama_new3/15588318 As we know, his new house is still under construction at Pyeonchang Seoul. Previously or, 10 years ago, right after Hotel King he stayed at Cheongna.
  15. DH's cafe Wook Dong's cafe. Officially competitors of each other. Their cafe just 9km apart.
  16. DH and Wook Dong pop up store/cafe color coded, pink and emerald green. Wook Dong is also an entrepreneur.
  17. Wow, now a very clear connection. 18th Feb 2021, DH threw her tantrum in Xiahongshu saying she was getting married with a man resembles Wook Dong. Well year 2021 was when she broke up with then plant boyfriend now husband. She was no.1 in Weibo at that time but not even one news appeared in Naver. How her clan able to control the Korean media, especially on her holy plant husband connection with an adult place Madam Kim last year. https://www.pannchoa.com/2024/07/teens-stories-im-so-envious-of-naver.html?m=1 Throwback Then 4 days later, Wook Dong's team retaliated by teasing Wook Dong in his IG- "are you getting married". More juicy, 2 months later, on her birthday DH flashing Dyson hair dryer when Wook Dong endorsing the brand. Well known, Wook Dong loves giving his costars a gift. To cool her head maybe.
  18. So far so good. Lee Da Heeeeee, hehehehe Well just miss the Alphabet "a". Lonely soul in Seoul.
  19. Saw her name in DC few days ago, but deleted, same with Kim Min Ha. Now LJB is in Naver's news, TBC.
  20. The red string, the doggo resemblance, and the undisputed similarities- their pop up stores are having similar pink, green emerald color coded and even similar prop baskets. Wook Dong only has one female costar who is an entrepreneur right now, and the answer is of course DH.
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