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  1. Exactly the same sentiment when I commented on sipping the wine show off over the ATM's country disaster. Totally the Parasite vibe. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2020/02/president-moon-jae-in-enjoys-luncheon.html?m=1
  2. Just as reminder to any hooman, or specifically to that celebrities-Who are roaming around with no conscience. Symptoms free also could spread the disease. New finding. https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/south-korea-city-deserted-after-coronavirus-church-superspreader In at least in one case, the virus was present even though the patient had no symptoms, suggesting symptom-free patients could spread the disease, they wrote in preliminary findings published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  3. @dolley, that's why others don't have a right to call us with whatever they want to call bc our case is totally totally different. We interacted with the 2 subjects personally and also the minions. Even now they are reading our post diligently. That MAN non stop showing that "haeven night" with clear name of that hotel in Thailand which was their symbol for that "activities". He was so desperate to inform us at that time, combined with comments section. Then appeared on TV, we don't know anything about the exposure. Classic clan confession. Best karma for DH as of today. Other shippers group don't have the privilege of interacting with their subjects. Thanks to minions, we know about Wookie too.
  4. Yes, the main point, that desperate MAN said it out loud in National TV that both of them laughed at the dating announcement (but his appearance got lowest rating in history for that show). His minions, their pimpri BFF non stop gave awareness program to us before the announcement, but we ignored it. Now seeing them crawling back with Wookie as a bait..so so so sad. Bc of that I still want to know the end of their game for this Donghey real story.
  5. To me why these idols getting hate from their fans, is due to their respective partners love teasing and mocking their boyfriend fans. They played with them year after year with ambiguous post and pictures. Same with DH, in the beginning she was not a main cause for losing Korean fans, but it was her SX partner so desperate to be acknowledged and wanted to be associated with her just for music comeback. The game they play actually killing their careers.
  6. DH takes 4 years to realize she needs her fans and Wookie bc of her career suicide actions, and for believing that the clan could help her career with 10 000 SX partner's fans. Some are a bit smart for acknowledged it fast. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2020/02/chen-opens-up-to-exo-l-after-month.html?m=1
  7. To me, nowadays if the celebrities said they are still single, meaning they are telling the truth..bc it's a career suicide if they are lying. Few years ago maybe ok bc social media is not a reporter, but today everybody is a reporter and can ruin anyone career in a blink of an eye, even how big is your fandom. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/exo-chen-apologizes-exo-l-hurting-sudden-marriage-announcement/
  8. During Hotel King, this is DH favorite game. It's good if they are really BFF in real, but from what I know they are still not talking to each other. But my friends said, since DH non stop using Wookie since last year.. knowing Korean celebrities love keeping secrets.. maybe there are some agreement among them, if not DH and her SX partner will be facing big copyright issue by using him for their videos. Plus DH's bosses are slowly using Wookie's stylist Joheenam. To me I just want Wookie to be extra careful with them and that clan, but I know he knows how to play their game too. He knows her better, that's why he once called her "ping pong".
  9. Straight to the point-Someone just wants sponsor for his career comeback. Seeing the opportunity with the help of the so called BFF, 5 years already. Another 7 years for the same dumping story.
  10. I read this, well to me, up to them as long as none of them mocking their own fans. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/02/hyun-bins-label-again-responds-that-he-and-son-ye-jin-are-not-dating Nothing wrong being close to each other, but colluding with other fans or specifically the real SX partner's fans, and mocking their own fans=mental health issue. I remember DH said..we are in deep friendship when denying the rumors 6 years ago. That kind of deep relationship tho. Deep friendship enable you to use him for your video, directed and filmed by your current public SX partner?.
  11. Waaaa, after hearing his voice yesterday, now today..he is so good at English part. Suitable for that kind of song. Wookie shii there are so many fishes in the ocean. Boa also so good, hard working and very talented.
  12. Yes, bc they are doing it for mocking the fans, that's why I'm asking are they really human. It's not a month old story, they have shown their true characters for more than10 years. And reading all the scandals in K-ENT for the past past years, very rare you can find true love among the celebrities. All just for fun or lover with benefits. THAT's WHY that MINION is back, she is supporting the cameraman hard work.
  13. But how cruel both of them for using Wookie like that especially knowing who the director and cameraman of that video, are they really human? I know the evilness of that man, but DH, is she that heartless to such a degree.
  14. I wonder why don't they use Hyun Bin's voice for that snowy part, bc their MV also has snow theme. Imagine what HB's fans will react to it. Why still Wookie, hahaha. And reviewing a film? Who is going to be the costar-tall and handsome are not allowed, only married guys or guys who are not interested in women are allowed. So hard to find the costars like that. Didn't she remembers about GABI and LEMON movies. The PDs, the investors still remember all that.
  15. A film using Wookie's sexy, sweet voice again.hahaha But please change the cameraman, so untalented. The saddest thing, he also riding on Wookie's success and now Wookie's voice.
  16. @dolley, Mark it as Korean history lol, for a first time Herald Pop didn't write that number next to the DH's name. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/112/0003268659 Well she's already been brainwashed, career is not important at all for a woman, as long as you have a man as a servant.
  17. @dolley so in reality, DH is the biggest hard core Donghey shipper but trying to deny it. Who can forget or resist a man like Lee Dong Wook. Hehehe
  18. I haven't watched MY Girl, I mean a complete DVD for more than 10 years, so I cannot recall when Seol Gong Chan said happy birthday with that sweet voice tone. I remember the birthday scenes but not with that tone. In the drama, the tone is sad tone, but in the Weibo and Tik Tok video, the voice is so cute, unlike Seol Gong Chan. My friends said the same too, but maybe we are wrong bc it has been too long already. Btw, I really really like that voice tone Wookieshii.
  19. Yes, I still remember during her variety show..she mentioned Chuno, and other drama, but when comes to My Girl she just mentioned "that drama" and even mocking her fans during Lie Bar- that 10000 fans statement. She only worships 10 000 fans and will never hurts their feeling, ever, forever. I wonder what kind of food the clan fed her in during these 5 years..bc even 5 years old celebrities will never do that. @dolley how ironic during Valentine, both of them busy selecting Wookie's voice for that video. Maybe that clan's law and order, after 5 years in relationship,..you are allowed to find your old muse back. Seduce him back. Korean entertainers already penetrating the West and Hollywood..but both of them still trying to dig old drama glory aka My Girl. Yes their karma to lick back at the drama glory..but why that cameraman so interested to join the glory..10 000 fans still not enough? EPIC FAILURE of MARKET PENETRATION.
  20. Now voice also included,, but at least Wookie's voice is soooo sexy. http://oasis.video.weibocdn.com/DYmeFl0Zlx07B06EfilG010412007ie50E012.mp4?label=mp4_ld&template=360x640.25.0&trans_finger=a1a009da50b07f95dd75806c08ccb33f&Expires=1581876459&ssig=erVsKPRSdb&KID=unistore,video I'm getting close to you...
  21. Or sharing the expenses, why must one ATMs group only..or someone is tired already and giving the signal. Hahaha
  22. But Wookie loves hard working and responsible women who respect their career and image.
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