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[C-Drama 2012] Love Actually (爱的蜜方)

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Guest cuttlelee

@Annya  In Baidu, all of us call her Ap :))


From Zheng Yuanchang's weibo, he said the drama starts at Aug 13 =))

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cuttlelee said:

@Annya  In Baidu, all of us call her Ap :))


From Zheng Yuanchang's weibo, he said the drama starts at Aug 13 =))

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LOOOL, my short nickname is becoming a hot issue here :)) Every name you call me is very special to me dears so, use whatever you want. LOVE YOU chinggus :x
@cuttlelee, what a news dear \:D/ I am so excited for this but I also think it is weird to not have confirmation news from the broadcast station or production company about the premier date till now !!!!! Hope Joe wasn't mistaken but I think we will be able to get the confirmation in the press conference on 9th August :)
Anny, I think my powers is gone :(  I actually saw about more 4 BTS videos but all were deleted for some reason. May be they found that it is too soon to show all these BTS videos but we are lucky that someone was able to download a couple of them before that and upload them to YT :x
Here is another GIF for our couple second sweet kiss which was surely a pain to watch for LY :(, are we going to start counting kisses now :)
Credit: weibo

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LDH already arrived to China to prepare for "Happy Camp" episode recording and the drama conference. It seems that LDH and LYF are the only cast members who will record this episode of the program


(Google Translate: Hunan TV "Happy Camp # 7 (Tuesday) recording guest - love honey side # #: @ Lee Da Hae, @ Lee Yi peak Sunshine sportsman: _AT_ hi Zhu Zi Xiao, @ Ma Tianyu! Honey side @ @ drama of love Lee Da Hae fans group @ Li Yi Feng Zhu Zi Xiao global, global backup @ backup @ Ma Tianyu official microblogging


Also here is another BTS video from the drama, showing Joe cooking and eating. So funny :))


And caps from the video:


Also our drama is on news papers again :)


And our dear Ockoala did another post for our drama with very useful information and links for downloading and videos for the opening and theme songs. I didn't know that the songs are already released before for the singers and are quite popular. So, we don't need to wait long to listen to the full version :)

Also it is great to know that the actress who will dub LDH voice is popular and has a good voice :)

Download Links for the Fantastic Love Actually Opening and Ending Theme Songs

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Yes AQ i think they deleted some BTS video before we can see i saw caps of the video specially with joe it was so funny.I am sure we will get it later.Oh what happened to you power?I am thankful to fan who uploaded them on youtube so soon.As we can see the drama is getting popular .If videos are uploaded so soon
It really weird non of the cast is speaking about broadcast day neither production people.

And thanks for posting lovely gif.

Yups i saw her airport picture she is arrived good to see her .And happy to know someone is accompanying her from cast in Happy Camp.But wondering where did joe go?Hahah so funny he cooked and eat it so fast .thanks for video.

Oh thanks for songs link i thought we have to wait till drama airs for songs.
Oh god i was so shock to get this summary from ep1 to 30 .how can they release it.:(

Episode 1
East of the just slightly exposed a gray dawn, the entire city never quiet sleep to wake up, everything seemed quiet and peaceful. Burst of alarm sounds, a small summer from sleep to wake up and hurried to the sun sent to school after the summer busy working day. Completed, the brother was not seen for years Xiaodong stole the summer playing. At home, waiting for their own turned out to be a notice of a rose rent, small summer with the landlord to negotiate failed, faced with nowhere to live in crisis.
A huge city, actually do not have a roof over our head, small XIA Ning hardship must not let the sun displaced. Desperately four contact, and finally to the original own house intermediary Chen Haojie called, and it is this phone for small summer to see hope.
Chen Haojie expressed their willingness to help small summer to find a new residence, but in exchange, he asked for a small summer pretend that their girlfriend home to meet with their family, when a day off girlfriend. Small summer desperation, agreed Hao Jie requirements.
Chenhao Jie home is a century-old pastry shop, small summer Walter Chan Kar-old Chen Haojie to introduce her to family, amiable parent Chen, Li Yang, Hao Jie big boys of the third brother, the sun Little summer and warm spring breezes, only Chen the middle child Hao Feng Xiaoxia feel chilly. In Chen Haojie and family dialogue, small summer only to find Hao Jie's purpose is to venture on the grounds, more contrary to the expectations of small summer money to the family, Walter Chan Kar-three men did not how small the summer of identity have too many doubts, This shows that this is not the Chen Haojie the first time at home for money, quite disappointed the Chen parent of the son, father and his sons after a dispute over the pages, Hao Jie angrily doing nothing to leave, leaving the summer lost their sense of Chen Father for the care of the elders on the small summer polite, and asked a small summer if you encounter difficulties, please do not hesitate to Walter Chan, a small summer politely refuse a hurry to leave after.
Out, it began to rain, a small summer hurry to go home the poor sun odd hot drama network has been driven out, sitting on a pile of luggage, such a rainy night, covered in a few silver in the end to go from here? For their own commitment to the hearts of the sun, summer, think of a parent leaving Chen said.
When the small summer and sun on the size of a drowned rat awkward in front of the Walter Chan Kar-old, Chen and his son are stunned. Kind and generous Uncle decided to shelter the "Wives of the two", but Hao peak but then summer suspects from the keep at them, a people have different views on the fate of small summer and sun.
Episode 2
Summer and the sun came to the Chen family, Mr and Mrs very pleased Li Yang naive to think that the more a sister-in-law and nephew, the only cool Hao peak Xiaoxia of unknown origin, everywhere test.
The face of the enthusiasm of the Father Chen and Li Yang, a small summer not take the initiative, do not reject "was secretly wondering quickly to overcome this, to tell us all, no longer deceive the goodness of the Chen family. A shop long Chen Haofeng tightly locked in small summer, he not only doubt the true identity of the small summer sun, more skeptical about their motivation to the Chen, the dinner table, Hao Feng questioned the identity of small summer, but have been interrupted to explain Li Yang defuse Finally, Mr and Mrs could not stand to stop Hao peak.
Summer to conceal the identity is always in my heart sorry, she tried to do things in order to alleviate their own guilt, redoubling. But the accidental intrusion of a girls gave this only a man's home of "bachelor" will bring a lot of small accidents, sudden, a lot of jokes, do a small summer and Hao Feng, Li Yang, the two brothers sometimes awkward and sometimes frustration.
Mr and Mrs because of the arrival of the sun, for the grandson of the store rooms transformed into a small study, so that the the Hao peak increasingly worried about the feelings of Mr and Mrs to be deceived, more hostile points of unknown origin summer and sun. Enjoy by phone. As Hao peak began to secretly collect hair and saliva of the sun, ready to do a DNA test to confirm if the sun and Chen blood.
No freeloader, the odd hot drama summer courage to Hao peak desire to say they want to work in the store, thought Hao peak even a promise, the only condition is that the mistakes three times within three days should the small summer, it is necessary to Walter Chan left with the sun. Summer, has always unyielding in the face of Hao peak of attempting to rally, and without hesitation agreed.
Agreement between the small summer and Hao Feng, Li Yang anxious as ants on a hot pan, he went to Mr and Mrs assistance, Mr and Mrs hinted that it could help the summer only Li Yang. The second day, Hao peak pinch of the three small flour representing three times the error. Summer to face Hao peak off - Kitchen, an easy ride, thanks to the day before Li Yang secretly training. Legitimate small summer proud, it was called a take-away, summer did not wear hand-suit takeout, Hao peak to throw away a face on the spot.
Episode 3
There is no restaurant work experience summer made a mistake, enter the next challenge - the lobby, and the customer without authorization to change the location, a small summer because they do not remember that the customer looks, delays in a single time, committed a second error. Li Yang Oh, anxious, frightened the small Xia, help small Xiaxiang Li Yang, Li Yang Hao peak mitigation, not taking even store anything small summer. At this time, Walter Chan Kar-old ingredients supplier - Lin Xiaoxiao came to the old, she is Li Yang's childhood. See standing motionless in the lobby a small summer from Hao peak say that the new staff, and Li Yang for her maintenance, Xiaoxiao envy Tai Sang.
Summer left an opportunity to small summer through the last hurdle, Li Yang proposed that the small summer to go out to purchase, Hao Feng default. When Li Yang, a small summer stock, Xiaoxiao instinctively start of this strange girl rival defense mechanisms. Small Xia Tiansheng encounter figures on the dizziness, the face of a long list of orders, read four pounds of foie gras into four ten pounds. Xiaoxiao feel the volume of orders may be incorrect, but did not remind the small summer.
Four ten pounds of foie gras was sent to Walter Chan Kar-old kitchen, Ho peak furious, according to the agreement, small summer with the sun to leave Walter Chan. But before leaving, summer decided to take up their mistakes.
The Xiaoxia courage begged Mr and Mrs to give yourself a chance to make up for the error, with the foie gras in dim sum fillings to solve multi-foie gras. Mr and Mrs observation of small summer has been more than one day, this small summer can taste the purposes of foie gras, so that Mr and Mrs decided to give small summer a chance to see this girl is really extraordinary talent. Hao peak small summer this courage to bear their own errors, and serious efforts impressed by the spirit.
With his keen sense of taste, with the help of Li Yang, all night all night, summer to produce a new dim sum, odd hot drama by the encouragement of Mr and Mrs Li Yang. The next day, the small summer production of a new snack summer sun hit a new high of Walter Chan Kar-old sales and survive the foie gras crisis. Thought to resolve the crisis, small summer with the sun will continue to stay in Chen can be but small summer at this time bent to comply with the agreement with the Ho peak with the sun left the Chen. Hao Feng did not speak to retain, quietly pinched little face.
Small summer sun was gone, Walter Chan seems to have lost the angry-like, Mr and Mrs Chafanbusi, Li Yang accused Hao peak too harsh.
Episode 4
Walter Chan Kar-gloom covered Xiaoxiao came to the Chen family, learned that the small summer is the Chen Family's future sister-in-law, he felt depressed, beat yourself up, and to the Father Chen Li Yang said that he would definitely put a small summer sun to find back. After some twists and turns, drizzly finally with a small summer and the sun back to the Chen family, Chen parent face re-filled with a happy smile, Hao peak for the determination of the girl seems to have some recognition.
The Chen Haojie thought Caimixinqiao go Goushi Yun, met high-brother, take the initiative to give him money to invest, but the condition is to borrow Walter Chan Kar-secret, Hao Jie although doubts, but before money, or promised down.
Summer getting familiar with the store, Mr and Mrs see in the eyes, the initiative to find summer, want to give her some money as wages, small summer politely refused. Hao Feng happen to see this scene, and really the hearts of the small summer stay in Chen for the money, began to waver.
Since Xiaoxiao learned that the small summer is the Chen Family sister, two whims and the girl became good sister, Xiaoxiao asked a small summer points. Enjoy by electricity. As a memorial and Li Yang sharing a bed for 23 years, the gifts to he can have in mind, in order to thank Xiaoxiao will be brought back with sunlight Chen, summer ideas to Xiaoxiao, we must allow Xiaoxiao success confession. That Li Yang's favorite fruit cake, stand up Xiaoxiao's repeated plea, summer and decided to help make a cake given to Li Yang. Can be made a worry, but know nothing about the bakery summer.
Small summer midnight, secretly making a cake, the odd hot play network intensive ingredients Hao peak shot did not help, but it does not prohibit.
High-brother repeatedly urged Hao Jie has always evade high-brother by the mysterious person instigating the arrangements for the extended stay of the thugs in the Walter Chan Kar-old door, the result was wrong Hao peak recognized as Hao Jie, do not ask why up is to beat him up, small summer after to come forward out a uniform of the three thugs, Hao peak admiration.
The Hao peak was beaten, Li Yang and the sun would like to speak out for him to stop, Mr and Mrs. Hao peak with a small summer so things that the relationship between subtle changes.
Episode 5
Hao peak in order to express gratitude, shot to help the small summer making a cake. A warm and full of charming night, a small summer not only impressed by the superb skills of the Hao peak, but also to the summer to see Hao peak cold expression, seem to have quietly flowing warm water.
Hao Jie forced to repeatedly return to the old steal three secrets, but conscience does not obliterate, to a high-brother a fake Chen secret, high-brother men brawl.
Small summer to the finished cake showed Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao confident with a cake to go with Li Yang confession, the results of Li Yang hit, cakes destroyed on the spot. The other side, Li Yang learned that Hao Jie hospitalization. Mr and Mrs and Hao peak, rushed to the hospital, Mr and Mrs acute dizziness, Hao peak suggested that Mr and Mrs to be a check, their own home Hao Jie.
Chen Haojie home and recuperate the day, Mr and Mrs was informed that he was suffering from encephalopathy, the disease is very serious, he worried that their support less than their children get married the day so urging Hao Jie and small in summer as soon as possible to get married, expressed their willingness to finance Hao Jie, a sum of money to do business. Chen parent decided to let Hao Jie delighted small summer began to worry, now to do a difficult decision, or braving the risks driven out by the Chen family to disclose their true identity with the sun, or with the Chen Haojie married, of course, the latter is a small summer never likely to agree.
Summer into hesitate, Hao Feng received DNA testing report, that is, the sun and the Chen Haojie DNA test report, as Hao peak had suspected, the sun and the Chen Haojie no slightest kinship. The Hao peak thus conclude that the small summer day from the Chen has been lying.
The Hao peak looking for small Xia confrontation, the purpose of asking her to Chen.
Episode 6
Had my first girlfriend betrayed Hao peak abhorrence of lying, but at the summer and burst into tears, the Hao peak heart extreme struggle, the final summer decided to Mr and Mrs confess everything. The other side, Mr and Mrs find Hao Jie Tan married, small summer came to Mr and Mrs room. In the small summer is about to be frank at the last minute, Hao Feng arrived to prevent small summer to tell the truth, and expressed opposition to the marriage, Mr and Mrs reluctantly agreed. Hao peak side told the small summer, their own from harm to Mr and Mrs only prevent the marriage points to enjoy those TV side to remind Hao Jie, not to get money to deceive Mr and Mrs feelings. The next day, high-brother came into the shop to Chen Haojie debt collection, small summer wit to defuse the crisis. Hao Jie, Li Yang, looking for confrontation, but Hao Jie left a letter has gone, Mr and Mrs depressed and sad.
Xiaoxiao overcome cakes were destroyed shadow, came into the shop to find Li Yang, Li Yang worry about because Mr and Mrs the drizzly ideas outing. Family outing, fishing, BBQ, Mr and Mrs resolve the knot to accept a small summer as part of the Chen, small Xia Haofeng two further. Legitimate small summer slowly into the Chen family, but found Xiaodong came to Walter Chan Kar-old stealing money, small summer Xiaodong caught and reprimanded some. Summer and therefore worry about that strange Hao peak asked Xiaoxia, a small summer did not tell Hao peak reasons.
Episode 7
Sun because the father did not participate in campus activities, was ridiculed by classmates, fighting with classmates, small summer heartache. The Xiaodong dunning brawl, and his small summer send text messages to borrow money. Xiaoxiao to receipt of payment, Xiaodong suddenly broke, snatched the money, summer chase, stopped Xiaodong Xiaodong begged over and over again, summer or let him go, came see Hao peak, this scene.
Summer whether the robbery if he knew all men asked, a small summer has been silent, Hao peak DNA report told the crowd, then the sun home of Mr and Mrs hear this all the shocking exception. Summer again with the sun to leave the Chen family, working odd jobs, live in a very humble little cottage, braving bone-chilling wind, and sunshine each other.
Summer left, Hao peak with the store's camera, Screenshots, Xiaoxiao launch a chain employees to find Xiaodong. The small winter the mouth, Walter Chan Kar-public personnel to know the true identity of the small summer and rough life experience, Hao Feng also understand that he is innocent of the small summer.
Hao peak tracking the sun and found a small summer place to live, he quietly put the address to send text messages to Li Yang. Mr and Mrs with Li Yang, Xiaoxiao would like to take a small summer will be Walter Chan, but the summer declined. Lost Father of Chen and Li Yang, Hao peak all to see with their eyes, started the trouble should end it, Hao Feng himself to the small summer, picking up small summer without any explanation, holding the sun, they returned to Chen.
Small summer sun back to the Chen family, all the life experience to unlock all the warmth of the kind of home. Summer away from home, everyone missed the birthday of Li Yang, a small summer hearts of guilt, in order to make up for the summer decided to find out the dream of Li Yang, to help him complete the desire. The Xiaoxiao this excited and decided to get the signature of Li Yang favorite cartoonist as Li Yang's birthday gift.
Episode 8
Summer asked the crowd, coupled with daily observation, come to Li Yang's dream is to become the Walter Chan Kar-chef, and therefore proposed to Hao peak, Ho peak pleased recognized, and together they transform Li Yang chef service. The Xiaoxiao queuing overnight and eventually get the signature.
Receive a birthday gift given by the small summer Li Yang deeply touched the heart of the small summer goodwill multiplication. Xiaoxiao arrived at Li Yang hi hi add, but look in the the Xiaoxiao eyes, thinking Li Yang was moved secretly preparing to launch a confession action.
The Xiaoxiao consultation with the confession of the way to the small summer and summer with the night, Li Yang to confession location. Night, a small summer as planned with Li Yang, Li Yang hearts misunderstanding deeper. Hao peak supervise the sun doing their homework and found that the sun secretly secretly received notice of the school sports up. The other side, Xiaoxiao is ready to go share by television because of Lin Fu drunk, and had to stay at home to take care of my father. Results Hao peak pick up, drizzly inform Hao peak summer where she called to the small summer. Hao peak came to confession location, the phone to a small summer, small summer to understand the situation, turned to go home, Li Yang confused.
The sun to go to school, small summer hesitantly, or not to tell her the things of the Games, Hao peak see in the eyes, followed by the sun, and learned that the sun is a fear that the other students laugh at him without a father, so it did not want to open the Games told the summer Hao peak commitment to the sun, sports day, his father will appear.
Previous confession of failure, Xiaoxiao to old test stand Yang Xia deliberately create opportunities for Li Yang sent Xiaoxiao home. Li Yang asked the drizzly confession, so she mistakenly thought that Li Yang to take the initiative to pursue their own, so to imply that Li Yang in advance to use the voice recorder ready, Li Yang inspired.
Summer again with the drizzly about Li Yang, small summer witnessed Ho peaks, and Xiaodong Li Yang, eyes closed confession, impatient under the hastily done and fireworks to recover the past. Li Yang clutching the confession is completed, ranging from eyes to seize the eye to kiss it, found Xiaoxiao after despair, drizzly learned that Li Yang likes not feel dejected.
The summer witnessed Hao said many sympathize with their own words, the peak in order to encourage Xiaodong participate in the Games of the sun was deeply touched. Hao peak for Xiaodong acquired a decent head of the line, let him have a good image in the sun, Games, Xiaodong promised certain appointment, small summer at the side to see warm in their hearts.
Episode 9
Summer at the door waiting for Hao peak back, two people ill feelings as early as in addition to, but still verbal Commander contrast, in the words of the summer Hao peak greatly changed. The two men into the store saw the silence Xiaoxiao Li Yang, unknown truth of the summer thought they already confession, but I do not know Xiaoxiao Li Yang into a loss situation.
Summer moved to find a well-intentioned Yu Hao Feng Xiaodong, and succeeded in persuading Xiaodong, must appear the day of the Games, but the creditors thought happened Xiaodong discussion site, not only reprove him also Hao peak bought him new clothes to grab to Xiaodong helpless again "missing".
Playground, Hao Feng looked at the loss of the sun, I feel a sense of heartache, trailing from the small summer hope to see father and son reunion is also felt dejected. Proper sun a long time such as less than a vision of the father, was ridiculed by classmates when, in order to let the sun no longer disappointed, Hao peaks decided to come forward, posing as the father of the sun with the sun to participate in the Games. During the Games, two co-operation, winning several titles, the sun first experience to have a man like a father to lead his compete, never had a sense of pride to let the sun delighted . Hao peak deep in the gentle thoroughly impressed by the small summer, two in addition to the old quarrelsome lovers image, even with each other to open a joke, and finally get to be the "father" of the sun also with the relationship between Hao peak, completely in love with students Antarctic Iceman "uncle. All small summer look in the eyes, deeply impressed by the the Hao peak is actually a very caring man, just not good at is not willing to express.
Xiaoxiao bitter experience, the decision silent guardian Li Yang side, take the initiative to come and Li Yang as saying open as a friend, two people on the surface to restore its former slapstick relationship.
The Chen family accident found a small summer's innate sense of taste, Chen parent deeply small summer is can be made the only decision to teach small summer Walter Chan Kar-craft, small summer has been greatly changed the Hao peaks also agree with this, and promised to small summer to do his master. Summer have the opportunity to greatly Thanksgiving day, training hard the craft into the night. Hao peak reflected in its intentions, in particular to explain Walter Chan snack trick is the heritage of centuries of soup, and great curiosity from the summer and decided to try craft and Hao peak lips collide unexpectedly, as the micro-onset of the disease, worry will be the ingredients knocked in the soup, and Chen parent upstairs disease collapsed.
Episode 10
Chen parent became ill and was admitted to hospital soup destroyed, Chen crisis, the Hao peak in the resort decided to temporarily shut down, summer greatly guilty. An order to the soup, tried everything in the hands of the sun lunch soup, he was the sun quietly drinking. To make up for no fault of their own, small summer want to taste the ingredients in the soup on its own innate sense of taste, try out several, resulting in taste numbness, Hao peak did not blame the small summer, leaving a small summer guilty. The due to Laotang meet old couple want to eat soup ravioli, but it had to be disappointment, Hao peak and small summer determination must repair the soup to let the old customers were disappointed, and set a week about the old couple.
Calm under Hao peak one hand, Li Yang to take good care of Mr and Mrs, on the other hand, their starting to return home to find the missing of several ingredients. Summer secretly hidden in Hao peak car, followed him to go home halfway through Hao peak found, forced to go home only with a small summer.
Chen parent impatient discharged Li Yang stopping, the truth is finally exposed, Chen parent greatly excited. Li Yang Responding to family responsibilities, urged Chen parent allowed to return home to help the parent find Chen Li Yang has grown up, the heart is very relieved, and finally nodded in agreement.
Summer and Hao peak busy looking for food in the help of his aunt accidentally, and finally a small harvest, found wild vegetables in the soup raw materials, the relationship between the two neighbors and aunt mistaken lovers, sudden, not a small joke to share. TV embarrassed, small summer to be mistaken for one called "Hui" girl, so she was greatly confused, Hao peak was noncommittal, evasive. Small summer gustatory help find blindly ingredients, their relationship gradually changed, slowly warm up.
Li Yang night arrived at the station, but did not go home Xitang car, but unfortunately, he allocated a drizzly phone.

Episode 11
Xiaoxiao drove Li Yang, gossip Hao peak summer may be with Li Yang scold. Summer asked a matter of small Hui Hao peak and a small summer drunk. They talk little Xia Tan Cheng did not talked about love, Hao peak in the drunk kiss the small summer. Li Yang arrived at the home, broke into the house to see Hao peak summer hold sleep together, Hao peak wake embarrassing wake summer. The Xiaoxiao ask Xiao Xia, small summer deny. Li Yang asked Hao peak is like a small summer, the Hao peak silent four find soup, small summer to Li Yang, a group of unhappy Xiaoxiao.
Summer worried about the situation at home, standing Yang would like to know the truth last night, a small summer can only be evaded. Four busy day but still can not find the ingredients, coupled with their emotional problems, and the atmosphere is very bad. The provision of accommodation, the aunt come up with a quilt embroidered with Chinese herbal medicine has evoked interest in Hao peak and summer, and she is also a soup of blindly ingredients, so that only a thin last one. The next day, Hao Feng arrangements and Li Yang into the mountains to find the summer and drizzly at home to turn old things. Li Yang told Hao peak like summer, If Hao peak can forget the small Hui, willing to give way. Xiaoxiao also very concerned about the attitude of the two brothers asked small summer.
The Xiaoxiao inadvertently turn to an old photo, aunt to point out that Li Yang's mother, NIV, but the past is no longer any more.
Old, Wang Manli again eyeing the front of Walter Chan Chen parent but then several children with ease.
Suddenly go heavy rain to the Xiaoxiao worry about out to find Hao Feng Li Yang, only to fall off the mountain, thanks to the photos over Li Yang timely rescue, distress neutral Yang for their own stubbornly persists Xiaoxiao deeply moved.
Xiaoxiao fever, aunt to let her drink old rice wine to fend off the cold, Hao peak summer at the same time thought it may be the last blindly. Sure enough, the soup in the efforts of the two men finally returned to Hao peak excited clinging to small summer. Hao peak to the small Xiatan white and Hui, the two finally face up to their emotions come together, Hao peak kiss summer when Li Yang saw had to leave. Two sweet embrace.
The old re-opened, Hao peak with a small summer have an appointment to do the ravioli and other visitors in the house. Guests tell Xiahao Feng wife passed away, tears eat ravioli. Recalls that when couples ravioli met fell in love, moved that the young lovers.
Li Yang, Xiaoxiao aware depressed heart Ku Quan Li Yang, Li Yang hazy, some relieved. Met with Hao Li Yang peak, frankly, like a small summer, warning the Hao peak can not hurt the small summer, Hao peak promised.
Episode 12
Small summer and Hao peak, love others to see, ushered in the life of first love in the eyes of the summer immersed in the feelings of the moisture.
The sun secretly told Chen Hao peak, the parent with small summer love, Hao peak of things to help to win a medal, Chen parent greatly joy. .
Small summer encounter Wang Manli in the streets, go to catch up when hit by small-Hui, the two first met each other a good impression, but do not know who it is.
Wang Manli anonymous meeting with small-Hui, leaving behind a mysterious portfolio, the original which is the peak of Hao and her photographs and Walter Chan Kar-data, small Hui dusty heart turn it on again.
Hao peak summer appointments, both immersed in love, but not next to someone secretly videotaping. Recalled learning of Hao's message of the peak small-Hui was forced to separate, could not hold back the emotions of the heart, she secretly share with their own power, as the food editor of identity to send reporters to Walter Chan requirements adopted
Visit. Although Hao peak refused, but a small summer feeling which helps the old reputation, persuade Hao peak interview Hao peak final nod.
Xiaoxia Hao peak in an interview to the magazine, but out of Hui waiting, they finally meet The Hao peak was furious not only yelled at small Hui interrupt the interview and sped away, the small Hui exception despair.
Face of the unexpected turn of events, and summer and I do not know how to An Weihao peak, more unpredictable Hao peak of mind, Hao peaks that make a small Hui memory wipe, summer still unable to quell the fears
Chen family awaits Hao peak of acceptance of the scenery of the interview is complete back, not expecting to usher in the disappointment of Hao and small summer when Li Yang is still worried about small Hui also followed to gave their Dayton turmoil in the Li Yang, handicap and her conflict and Hao peak reluctant to come forward to meet with them. Small-Hui could do nothing but wait for the rain Hao peak to come forward.
Witnessed all of this, a small summer and could not bear to persuade Hao peak to come forward. Small and medium-sized heavy rain Hui speak out had fled refused to concede defeat, is forced to be parents, while he had been looking for Hao's message of the peak, this is a truth to Hao peak and summer into a loss position.
Episode 13
Small Hui's small summer fire come down, and work problems almost had a car accident, Xiaoxiao look in the eyes, afraid to tell Li Yang, Li Yang comfort summer angrily rushed Hui unit row magazine, Li Yang Chong into small Hui office, not only to scold her, and said Hao peak has been his girlfriend, Hui came as a thunderbolt.
Hao peak that was not small Hui is determined to abandon deeply for so many years of hatred small Hui unfair to her and felt very guilty, his attitude makes the Xiaoxia very tangled, Li Yang Xiaoxia rest assured that the summer is said to believe Hao peak. Li Yang insisted Hao peak to make it clear, and declare their feelings in a small summer summer greatly surprised.
Li Yang tried to small talk Hui Hao peak to make it clear, but the silence Hao peak Li Yang was very angry.
Call about small-Hui Hao peak tangle meet, ready to make it clear that, inadvertently summer hear. Small Hui fear of being the the Hao peak rejection, kept memories of the past trying to recover. The small summer inadvertently revealed that the from Hao peak and Hui meet things, drizzly aware of her fears to go out check it out, pulling a small summer.
Small Hui Hao peak to restore the Western dream, but was rejected, hurt small and medium-sized Hui clinging Hao peak happened to hurry summer and drizzly see. Summer disappointed to leave.
Li Yang and Chen parent is very concerned about the small summer, and the comfort of the crowd has always been intractable to the concerns of small summer, small summer decided to quit, she met with want words, Hao peak summer stubborn Hao peak can not do anything, only saw her tearful leave.
Small Hui and forth to find Hao Feng, anger Li Yang, blocking, and more in pushing the soup burns wrist shot hit Li Yang Hao peak excited, the two brothers quarreling, not satisfied with Li Yang Hao peak with Chef identity pressure presented culinary challenges, the Hao peak readily agreed.
The Hao peak with small Hui to see a doctor, small-Hui think and hope, and kept Western dream to persuade Hao Feng, Hao peak was again silent.
Chen parent announced the game are three secrets winner as Walter Chan Kar-chef. Li Yang told Chen parent self-confidence is better than Hao peak Chen parent decided to start to teach Li Yang three secrets cooking.
Episode 14
Hao peak to small Hui surface took the opportunity to not do Western small Hui but still did not give up. Hao peak tried to explain their intention to small summer, however, little summer deep small-Hui is the most suitable Hao peak everywhere evaded.
Small Hui about summer conversation, frankly own small summer and Hao peak, with small summer express their and Hao peak inappropriate Hao peak love Hui willing to exit the sake of them are very pleased to hear small Hui.
Small Hui to store find Chen parent, succeeded in persuading Walter Chan Chen brothers cooking competition to expand into an open big game.
Kept small Hui to take the initiative, so that the small summer more and more passive, Ho peak to displeasure summer retreat, implored the summer do not push their own. Small summer saying just the wrong impression, let go away.
The cooking competition began, and Chen parent to explain the three secrets. The start of the race, the first game fish big splash two brothers tied legitimate competition should continue to Chen parent accident collapsed, the game also interrupt points. Enjoy by electricity. As coldly Wang Manli very proud.
Chen parent think of the past with his brother, the heart is very guilty. He sent away the family, an old friend of Sarkozy doctors to conceal the truth for themselves, Qi doctor reluctantly agreed.
Hao peak tried to repair the relationship with Li Yang, praise his culinary grow, Li Yang said rudely to recapture the small summer to the winner attitude.
Small summer overhear the conversation of Dr. Chen Fuyu, that the condition of Chen parent, parent begged Chen had agreed to its conceal, which makes her even more careless of their feelings, the mood is very low. More for small Hui and Hao Feng to take evasive attitude, and even those the Hao peak, accompanied by small Hui attended the Western exchange.
Hao peak discharged by Chen parent talk and small summer shows that the small summer to say a word to stay the summer but still adhere to the small Hui for Hao peak, the two sad separate.
Episode 15
Small Hui use various resources in order to restore Hao peak, secret preparations for the Western restaurant, and look forward to a circle and Hao Feng original dream.
Chen parent deeply that their health is difficult to guarantee about Hao Jie and patience to persuade him, happened to investment failure Hao Jie need money badly, but the face of the father uncharacteristically Hao Jie not mind the taste.
The small-Hui Chen parent body the opportunity to borrow concern, Chen parent to help persuade Hao peak to accept food judge. Hao peak refused, but Chen parent persuasion, finally agreed. Summer feel Hao peak toward his original dream, and my heart is happy for him. Hao peak craft a century ago, won the praise of the gourmet, small Hui and his are very pleased. The opportunity to test the small-Hui Hao peak still return to Western to realize their dreams.
Hao peak access to Western-winning news soon seen in the newspapers, Chen parent and summer are aware of the pastry shop, can not be bound Hao peak of the first Western dream.
The sun trying to improve the small summer and Hao peak of relations, a small summer vacation with him to the amusement park, secretly contact the good of the Ho peak want to own sister a surprise, unexpectedly Hao peaks are out to know a small Hui occurrence of a car accident, go to the hospital looking for small Hui busy season appointment.
Sunshine and small summer contact Hao peak unsuccessful until late at night in the pouring rain. Then lost no time in small-Hui Hao peak opened their own preparations for the long-Western restaurant, admits that she's trying to recover in one fell swoop in order to abandon a promising career, and played the plight of the card, and the Hao peak dream Hao peak. Home Hao peak realized with the sun about, hurriedly drove past, the sun finally wait until Hao peak appointment, frail and fainting launched a high fever.
The sun fell ill, the parent blame Chen Hao peak children involved in the emotional world of adults, the emotional swings between the Western free, inspired him like a man to pursue his ideals go. Xiaoxia also secretly look forward to Hao peak to make a decision.
Episode 16
Hao peak found themselves in the face free of the dream caused great harm to the people around, to stay in Walter Chan Kar-only to a small summer and sun damage, about a small-Hui informed willingness to operating the West restaurant with her, excited Hui clinging to the the Hao peak, but was worried about Hao peak and trailing from summer saw, small summer mistakenly thought Hao peak emotionally made his choice and despair.
Hao peak to leave the old, everyone was not the taste, can only wish him well. Small Hui full of thought The Hao peak to return to her life, but Hao peak operating only with her Western, and usually live not conceal his disappointment in the hotel, small Hui.
Xiaoxiao that Hao peak to leave the old fear of Li Yang and small summer to come together to help work on behalf of forced to live in the old, and was admitted to the room of Hao peak, and Li Yang sudden, a lot of joy joke to share between the TV stand Yang Hao peak is not really, and constantly tried to use the sun and store the transaction to close to the small summer, but unfortunately every summer trouble.
Hao peak left old, but he and a small summer both miss each other but did not do so to stop, which makes both very painful. Hao peak opportunity to return to old to visit, in the face of a small summer, but do not know how to speak.
Established the Young Shoubashoujiao Xiaqie dishes Xiaoxiao saw Xiaoxiao misunderstanding small Xiadui Li Yang intends small Xiatan white only like the people on the bottom of my heart, Xiaoxiao feel small summer is still in love with Hao peak, small summer does not recognize.
Western dream Hao peak was full, but let him feel more and more depressed, a drunk is not careful to see the small Hui small Xia Fasheng a close move, when he woke up found beside him asleep small Hui, but also can not remember what was going on, and the hearts of much chagrin. Was drizzly see through the mind of a small summer more and more aware of their own to get rid of the shadow go Hao peak depressed the two men casually meet in the way often dating.
Episode 17
Seeing Western restaurant opening soon, the face of the relationship seems a foregone conclusion, the Hao peak and small summer seems to have done to put down the burden to calm chat, but the care of each other more deeply to tie him down with them. Unaware of the Hui secretly ready for the ring ready to propose to her the tenth anniversary of the day Hao peak Hao peak to marry him, to make up for his past fleeing forced marriages owe.
Xiaoxiao everywhere against Li Yang no good opportunity to close summer, taking advantage of the Western restaurant opened, sent away Xiaoxiao, Li Yang and Chen parent with small summer alone, mistakenly think that the summer has been completely abandon Hao Li Yang constantly test the endless joy of unexpectedly small in summer, as the micro-disease attack down in the arms of Li Yang, Xiaoxiao see slip back, and dealt a heavy blow. The summer began to doubt their own eyes a problem.
Looked at Hao Feng achieve the desired Chen parent greatly relieved, Qi doctors told him that her condition improved. Hao peak business philosophy of the restaurant in the West gradually with small Hui disagreement, contrary to the interests of the Western Restaurant Chen culinary bring guests happy satiety purpose, Hao peak began to doubt his
Xiaoxiao angry confrontation Yang, Li Yang claimed that he would rather do the spare tire of a small summer Xiaoxiao gas at a loss. Li Yang doing everything possible about the summer to go out to play with the sun, watching movies, with more isolated and drizzly.
Hui point immersed in the victory did not feel the changes Hao peak, full of confidence ready to marry him plan. But the poor mother and one pair of dining in the evening to disturb, Hao Feng moved by the commitment of the mother for the son to understand the true meaning of food, insisted on leaving them down steak angered small Hui greatly dissatisfied. The Hao peak show that the intention to leave the small Hui, but Hui made an appointment to celebrate a friend saw two embarrassment.
Leaving the Western Restaurant Hao peak relief, he met with the sun tells him he will want to come back, joy sunshine informed.
Adverse Culinary pause and restaurant business, the magazine told the small Hui to divestment, small Hui into the situation of divorced unemployment can only help the helpless, Hao peak.
Episode 18
Small Hui played the plight of the license seeking Hao peak back, but was refused Hao peak, rage under the small Hui Hao peak hit slap in the face, the face of the plight of the Hao peak ruthless and West restaurant, small-Hui only drinking to forget.
Sunlight to create opportunities for an excuse to travel to the summer and Hao peak, but they ignore the boating convention of Li Yang, Xiaoxiao Forgetting OK to ridicule he accidentally slipped and Li Yang unexpected kiss, the sun and the summer and the opportunity to run away. Exposed their minds in the sun under the auspices of the Ho peak and Xiatan ironed out, the two people together.
The rain, waiting Yang, Li Yang small summer but has never been any people, Xiaoxiao waited at his side persuasion but was he scolded go. Disappointed and angry Li Yang home carved enjoy those TV talking and laughing to see Hao peak Chen parent summer is no longer the irresistible heart anger, disputes, and Hao peak could not help but beat Li Yang, Li Young bloom away from home.
Li Yang, drunk with the local ruffians friction, was beaten unconscious, trailing Wang Manli saw the chance for revenge. Wang Manli shelter Li Yang pretend to be picking up the old woman, with family close to Yang, Mary, concern and love for Li Yang felt a lot of warmth, trust for Li Yang.
Li Yang exodus caused the big bang, the drizzly angry blame a small summer to harm Li Yang, the two sisters relations hit rock bottom. Chen parent can not let go of past mistakes and more afraid of Li Yang, not a biological child is determined to end Chen parent peace of mind, to prevent him from aggravating the condition Hao peak announced the up and down the old shop closed down a search for Li Yang,
Sun guilt own sake hurt Li Yang made a mistake in the school and the teacher to inform parents. Summer school on the road to hit the small Hui Hui kept humiliation divorced unemployed, small summer, small summer fair hearing was Hui beat himself.
The sun finally to Hao peak recognize their own reasons Li Yang mistakenly think and summer appointment only possible misunderstanding.
Episode 19
Li Yang is no news, the whole Walter Chan Kar-in uncertainty in the face of Xiaoxiao's cold, summer very guilty, Hao Feng timely behind the small summer, no matter what two people together carry.
Continuous worry, Chen's father's condition there are repeated, the doctor told Chen parent in poor health, parent Chen decided to make some preparations. Li Yang to look for opportunities to express themselves, to Mary wished to cook, in the face of the care of the son, missing 20 years of affection and regret, Mary, making the firm determination to revenge. Mary is adjusting her eating Li Yang rice in tears, talking about his own story of sorrow, Li Yang was aroused sympathy, the moment to disown her godmother, mother and son cried together.
Chen parent secretly wills to the small summer, and charged in case anything happened to her support Walter Chan. Wang Manli has not arrived yet aware of the opportunity, home stand to persuade Li Yang, Li Yang finally agreed. After the events of the Western Restaurant, Hao Feng finally a profound insight into the true meaning of food, he was determined to change the rules of the Walter Chan Kar-kitchen was originally too Western-oriented, small Xia Xin Ran support.
Li Yang told Xiaoxiao they were going to go home, but also they have a godmother of the things revealed to her, Xiaoxiao feel happy in the hearts of Li Yang's low, Li Yang's home, and summer and good as ever. Li Yang and Hao Feng finally bury the hatchet, Chen parent greatly relieved. But Li Yang has always been not to mention their own and Wang Manli.
Kind of Li Yang misses Wang Manli of fear that they do not have much time to take care of the "godmother" and even offered to let the chef position, the Chen parent does not agree, Li Yang Hao peak, to help convince Chen parent.
Heart to see the small summer back to the the Hao peak around very well aware of Li Yang quit again, but said he would not accept Ho peaks hurt Mary, again.
Li Yang Wang Manli, realizing the "godmother" poor life, proposed to take her to eat in the hotel, not at all found himself earned gradually into Wang Manli of the family stuck with the old shop outside to see.
Episode 20
Wang Manli borrow a little bit of a meal opportunity feelings between the increase and Li Yang, Chen, parent from Xiaoxiao Department that Li Yang considered the godmother was very surprised, inexplicable fear from the
Li Yang Li Yang and Wang Manli say goodbye after the rain, the mentality of "godmother" to make bold decisions, with Mary wished to return to Walter Chan. Old and Chen parent Li Yang Mary wished to meet the outbreak of the two decades of love and hatred, Wang Manli tearful accused Chen parent of depriving their own ruin and death. But despite the Father Chen how heated debate, give way and Wang Manli of the plight of the offensive, Li Yang to go along with Wang Manli Chen parent anger collapsed, unconscious. Learned to their own life experience to share. By TV and Wang Manli real people, Li Yang, a loss, the final choice of the family, and her son to recognize the bittersweet.
Chen parent admission, Chen once again in crisis, Wang Manli continue to lobby past legislation Yang said Chen parent in order to occupy the ancestral unscrupulous, Li Yang, Mary can not be reconciled posing sad, Li Yang had to console the mother refused to believe.
Hao peaks touched by the father's condition and asked Qi doctor, the Qi doctor finally say the condition. Hao Jie calls learned that father was in hospital, vaguely understand why before his father to own a huge sum of money to see his father lying on the bed, Hao Jie rocked beat yourself up.
Hao peak worried that established Jan parents and the Father, that there are hidden, standing Young face of sudden changes into a tangle.
The order to suspend the state of affairs, the old declared out of business, causing customers vibration.
Xiaoxiao came to Wang Manli temporary long talk shack and Li Yang, Li Yang hearts always have questions feel to ask Chen parent, Li Yang came to the old learned that the Father became ill and Chen, Hao peak Li Yang Chen parent better to say. Wang Manli took the opportunity to draw the drizzly let stopped supplying Xiaoxiao embarrassed.
Li Yang, back, Xiaoxiao Li Yang mother and son moved to their own home and gave Li Yang Qian, Li Yang turned down, drizzly optimistic about the old shop.
Hao Jie to know what was going on greatly excited, identified as Wang Manli lying, even noisy home to, the dispute Wang Manli the excitement hit her hand, making the break with Li Yang bloom and Chen.
Li Yang Wang Manli took the opportunity to instill revenge thinking that the circumstances of small summer to find Li Yang to apologize Li Yang parts of action, Hao Jie can not be sure when the grievances, the situation is more complex.
Xiaoxiao Wang Manli said the move to stop the supply, small summer and Hao peak, worse, may not go to farms to purchase, but the outcome is poor.
Li Yang told he would do three secrets in Wang Manli Wang Manli wondering shop defeat Walter Chan and Li Yang doubt how she has the money.

Episode 21
Wang Manli clever, then round the past, kept it from Li Yang true worth, and quietly to the idea of ​​revenge successfully instill in Li Yang's heart.
Chen parent into a severe coma, little hope of awakening, in the face of both internal and external difficulties, small summer and Hao peak, but more fighting, the two of them decided to restructure the old menu adjusted in accordance with reality, sensible sun every day, go to Chen parent storytelling to wish him a speedy awakening the sharer power. depending. Fall seriously ill, his father, Hao Jie, the hearts of the guilty so that he thoroughly confess their past outrageous behavior, Hao peak and a small summer to see his current support of his down to earth entrepreneurial, Hao Jie said he really met good opportunity Hao peak Walter Chan and hold small summer he returned to tide over their difficulties. Before I left, Hao Jie father with a pure heart to say goodbye.
By adjusting the dishes are a series of initiatives, small summer to do so to the appropriate ingredients purchased in the market, the old re-opened, the business does not lose the past, they seem to have returned before the calm days.
Day closing time, suddenly a man collapsed in the doorway, turned out to be Hui. Small Hui to small summer weeping over his misfortune, not only unemployment and restaurants face closure, but also kept vomiting a fragile foster child. Small Hui installed pity successfully touched by the compassion of the summer, small summer succeeded in persuading the the Hao peak leaving small Hui.
Summer with a small Hui to see a doctor, but the accident to inform small-Hui was already pregnant. Small Hui also require a small summer helped kept it from Hao Feng, and deliberately to give birth to children. Summer and I do not know the count, to associate with the sun hard life, to persuade the small Hui left. Xiaoxia not conceal sad, small Hui see the trick reached the proud memories of Mary wished to teach her false pregnancy
Li Yang learned Xiaoxiao supplier to Walter Chan Kar-old, blame Xiaoxiao Li Yang, Mary wished not to involve into unrelated.
Small Hui posturing in Chen rushing to work, to gain sympathy on the table, gradually deepen the misunderstanding of small Xia Duihao peak.
The doctor told Xia Chen parent to wake up the probability is very low, causing a big blow to the sunshine and small summer back to the store, but witnessing the intentional embrace Hao peak again misunderstanding. Legitimate small summer for Chen parent's illness and his feelings of desperation, a small Hui deliberately ran away from home, a last resort, a small summer informed the the Hao peak Hui "pregnant" thing.
22 sets
Xia guess in the restaurant, the small-Hui Hao peak to find the small-Hui, said to be responsible for the child looked at the little Hui again put into the embrace of Opteron peak, small summer only lonely walk away.
Xiaoxia Chen parent letter to Hao Feng, decided by the father of Chen asked to arrange. Original Chen parent in order to compensate for the then owed the right to operate the old shop gave Li Yang, While everyone is puzzled, but still asked by the father of Chen. Li Yang recalled from Chen parent day with mixed feelings outside the ward.
Small summer will deed to the Mary,, Mary mercilessly catch the summer to go small summer and the sun reluctantly leave. Got what they wanted not only proud of Mary, readily shatter the soup, and to change the style of Walter Chan Kar-old Li Yang face of all this not mind the taste.
Dr. Xia Tingcong recommendation of Mr and Mrs discharged to convalesce at home, taking into account the Hao peak Hui Chen parent, take care of his peace of mind according to Gu Xiaohui Hui overjoyed.
Li Yang re-open the old Xiaoxiao has as yet not see him to purchase, fearing an accident to find Li Yang, Mary, the practice of a slight objection, Xiaoxia, who expressed their own concerns, Mary wished on Xiaoxiao very dissatisfaction.
Summer to find a new house, with the sun to take care of the the Chen parent to start a new life, give up, not mind the taste of small Hui saw Hao peak.
Li Yang should be income for Chen parent to see a doctor, and Mary turned down flat, slightly unhappy mother and child. Hui small everywhere beware Hao peak found himself pseudopregnancy Western restaurants continue to try to evoke the the the Hao peak nostalgic dream of the past, to Wang Manli help.
Li Yang Chen and Mary wished to operate old, old Bo and other customer reviews as before warm, Bo soup ravioli with different with the customers. Fortunately, Wang Manli clever to resolve.
Episode 23
Wang Manli to one million small-Hui, the only condition should be tied Hao peak in the restaurant
Summer in order to maintain the medical expenses and home of the father of Chen to come up with the flow magnanimous to sell Chen snacks, and everywhere to get a supply. Seeing the dining car have been implemented long-suppressed appearance Xiaodong again appeared, and met Xiaodong asked a little summer to borrow money, small summer denouncing not give. Xiaodong was the rogue TV summer could not bear to go back and catch up with the sharer to help, not only to be knocked out, the money has also been taken away. Looked at his sister suffer for their own involvement, the Xiaodong conscience, agreed to a small summer repentance.
In order to retain the Hao peak, small Hui agreed Hao peak won the Samsung signs, and obey his business philosophy.
Money, summer request to do the dining car farms people installments, have been rejected, seeing deep crisis desperation, only to Chen in the coma parent complained.
The old shop was full, Wang Manli very satisfied, standing Yang was depressed, could not find any past excited and happy. Wang Manli asked Li Yang, why unhappy, do not worry about old customers to persuade Li Yang
Their craft in the summer of suppliers greatly increased their confidence, and finally persuaded them to give yourself an exception installment, mobile stalls finally succeeded in opening
Shut out, said no longer to purchase Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao boring to look for Li Yang was Wang Manli. Li Yang to know to apologize to Xiaoxiao, drizzly said Mary wished to quirky, Li Yang heart feeling, but I do not know how to deal with.
Small Hui tried every way to group Hao peak with their early married Hao peak was always an excuse to shake, small-Hui Hao peak to a small summer home, Hao peak to pick up a small summer. Small name to the dining car in the summer of happy times. Xinyousuogan Hao peak with small summer work together also bite a small summer one, in the face of lost love, only small summer in tears.
The sun told Hui Chen parent, small Xia Haofeng back. Small Hui deliberately small summer when the bridesmaids and Hao peak to see the wedding.
Xia sad, small Hui worry about. Summer business started, get the new and old customers to join in the old store because the soup was destroyed, Li Yang worried that their business worse, Wang Manli relieved. Even if the guests do not taste the same, Wang Manli attitude is also extremely arrogant.
Xiaoxiao and Li Yang, chat, the drizzly said guests less Li Yang told the redo soup Xiaoxiao point out is less humane. In order to expand its operations and Wang Manli organization chef training, it is necessary to Walter Chan Kar-old chain.
Small Hui worries Hao peak and a small summer to come together to re-mention marriage again Hao peak refused. Seeing Hao peak summer care for each other business, only heart Gan worry.
Bo and old customer to a small summer dining car snack, big boast a small summer craft, "Happy Hour" is more famous. Forced Wang Manli of pressure, the Xiaoxiao can not find Li Yang, and only to the father candidly reveal their opposition to Yang's feelings. Xiaoxiao decided to take advantage of the free, repair, and small summer feelings and help her business.
Episode 24
Hao peak body in West restaurant, but still can not put down the concerns of small summer and father, small Hui seen his heart, urging Hao peak and with her father defected in the United States, Hao peak refused.
The drizzly initiative to credit the supplier to the summer, the summer "Happy Hour" Jiang Yuan, a small summer more confident.
Small Hui Hao peak back to the United States, and the Hao peak embarrassed delay.
Forced repeated unsuccessful small-Hui decided to change tactics, from small start summer. She met with a small summer Pretending to take their children and feelings to persuade summer leave Hao peak and deliberate show of affection in front of the small summer. Good summer do not know the intentions of small Hui, once again into sad. Summer with a variety of reasons to shirk avoid Hao Feng, Hao peak is very puzzling, summer Bierbuxian Hao Feng, Hao peak finally found a summer share. TV asked why the small summer to escape their own, small summer evade frustration and asked him as soon as possible and little Hui marriage.
Hao peak drunken wake, promised little Hui married. The small Hui recalled Hao peak drunk, shouting the name of the summer, and not mind the taste. Small Hui decided to strengthen the means to deliberately show off in front of small summer and allowed to accompany the selection of the wedding, want small Xiache to the end refused to give up. Xiaoxiao Mary wished not to see Li Yang, completely lost the audio of Li Yang complained to the small summer. Bo did not see the summer stall out stalls, we have discussions, aroused the attention of Li Yang, he found the address Xiaoxiao inquire about a small summer although drizzly tight-lipped, but he orders the address.
Hao peak asked Hui Think of how to find a small summer, small Hui admits that he put the happiness and summer share, Hao peak silence.
Li Yang to find small summer meets the sun, know Hao peak did not live with a small summer I had some hope. Li Yang from sunlight mouth that Hao peak together with the small-Hui, the about Hao peak, the two brothers had a big quarrel, blame Li Yang Hao peak not keep their promise to take good care of the small summer to announce once again the pursuit of small summer.
25 episodes
Li Yang began to open and aboveboard pursuit of small summer, regardless of Wang Manli of the opposition, he came to the small summer send home daily nutritious breakfast, but also for taking the time to help from the store ran out of the dining car came to a small summer at Walter Chan Kar-old shop signs to attract customers. Anxious Mary wished to find that Li Yang, small Xia Duili Yang hospitality at a loss, suddenly, as the micro-onset of the disease by Li Yang into his arms, happened to come Xiaoxiao see. Li Yang announced outside the pursuit of small summer and helpless, and made a small summer. Know the the Xiaoxia mind Xiaoxiao persuade Li Yang, not only do not appreciate also Li Yang curse go. The Xiaoxiao bloom does not take a small summer phone, one hundred small summer fair hearing.
Li Yang Xiaoxia that this absolutely will not give up, will she handed it over, the drizzly recall the past, Li Yang small summer feelings alone sad. Mary wished to survey really to Li Yang and small summer together, very unhappy, just as Li Yang to send a small summer back, she saw. Mary wished to find a summer on the surface try to be brave, in fact, weakness, and summer and a good performance can be moved back to Walter Chan Kar-old to live, summer politely refuse Mary,.
While Mary is adjusting her dissatisfaction with Li Yang Xiaoxia pay Li Yang adhere; the face of small summer decline, Li Yang still go its own way, Mary wished so to find people to deal with small summer deliberately disruptive, thwarted by the small summer the dining car, only to a small summer disease hair, Li Yang also were injured, the critical time Hao peak to save people.
Mary could out to smother, from drizzly to start the trick as long as she cut off the supply of small summer to support her exchanges with Li Yang, Xiaoxiao moment could hold promise Charade. Summer suddenly drizzly out of stock, I do not know the reason, but also to find people, and sometimes caught off guard. Mary could play a psychological card, the only success to get a woman's heart consoled Li Yang, Li Yang believed, with excellent ability to get the small summer favor.
The Hao peak concerned about the small summer stock of things, looking for her to think of ways to unexpectedly small Hui again forced the small summer broke Hao peak,. Summer alone, think of ways to defuse purchase crisis, but unfortunately can only go to the markets luck unexpectedly on his way home depending on the micro-disease attack, collapsed on the road, according to over Li Yang to the hospital.
Small Hui remind the Hao peak you want to register, the Hao peak received a phone of the doctor's students, I think the state of small Hui pregnant, can not help but suspect that since the small-Hui.
By the fall of small Hui Hao peaks found the truth of the small the Hui false pregnancy, and lie to her angrily, small Hui crying repentance, Ho peaks ignore.
Li Yang from the doctors at the small summer suffering from serious, as the micro-disease, blindness may, Li Yang was determined according to Gu Liyang, and cut off the the Hao peak calls.
26 episodes
The Hao peak Kushou small summer residence, until finally the Li Yang to send a small summer to come back. He told the two small Hui pregnant, was Li Yang rhetoric accused. Hao peak points to the small-Hui's pregnancy hoax, and frankly he would not and she would not marry. Li Yang, angry, accused the Hao peak did not take good care of the summer, non-stop summer injured, almost a fight, and let the small summer to select. Childhood summer attitude, Li Yang felt that the small summer has always been unable to abandon Hao Feng, my fury threatened and Hao peak enemies. Hao peak clearly explain everything to the small summer, they finally cleared away all the emotional obstacles.
The Xiaoxiao delivery to the store, and happened to encounter Li Yang and stormed back to the shop. Wang Manli, but did not honor the promise is still obstacles to not let her close Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao opposing Young's emotional heart hesitation. Wang Manli stimulate the points. Enjoy by phone, as Li Yang as long as more than Hao Feng will naturally will get small summer, Li Yang Hao peak as heart archenemy.
Hao peak and Hui back to a Western restaurant, Hao peak completely frank and her own feelings after all these years have laid down before, only small summer is their own favorite, small-Hui finally accept the reality.
Li Yang bloom drinking to blame are the Mary wished to drive away the small summer, resulting in a decline in business, Wang Manli gas, but beat Li Yang, the mother and cracks. Wang Manli complained with Li Yang Shangfen the use of family makes Li Yang ashamed and vowed to overcome the brainwashing again Li Yang Hao peak.
The Xiaoxiao not receive payment for home bombarded, Wang Manli happened to lose money by the directors to force. But Wang Manli still pretending to be strong, even with Xiaoxiao contract termination. "Xiaoxiao think of Wang Manli's actions have been finally come to realize I had always been her use. Sad crying to apologize to the small summer to inform the use by Wang Manli. Small summer comfort Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao to rescue Li Yang.
Wang Manli met with a small Hui, Hui denounced but was disillusioned. Hao peak summer and Hui with dinner, a small Hui West restaurant closed. Sense Xiehao Feng Xia let himself sober. Re small summer and summer to repair the relationship Xiaoxiao to take care of stalls, all regression in situ, stalls business is getting better and better, small summer and Hao peak, finally cleared of all obstacles, but faced with their own possible risk of blindness.
27 sets
The men said to Wang Manli guests much dissatisfaction, Wang Manli opinionated, do not listen to any advice, business continuity of the old shop.
Sun, ready to give the small summer to do a house model, Lu Yu Xiaodong crashing, sun and Xiaodong quarreled, Xiaodong crush the house to have left. Sun, Hao peak complain to Xiaodong chase, see Hao peak apology. The sun Hao peak own lessons Xiaodong
Hao peak told Xiaodong that the sun, the Xiaodong excited and nervous but also odd. Xiaodong admits that she has to find decent work is about to sea.
The sun is angry not forgive Xiaodong Xiaodong, but unfortunately do not intend to recognize with his son. Hao peak inform Xiaodong summer is about to blindness, Xiaodong sad. Hao peak emotionally moving Xiaodong and his son recognize that will help him. Hao peak and small fishing opportunities in the summer want to recognize the sun and his son. Sun fish halfway through the toilet, experiencing the the hoodlum provocation and beat Hao peak, Xiaodong fight off a rogue. Hao Feng said Xiaodong sun father, the sun do not believe. Poor impression of the sun on Xiaodong, cried and ran away, helpless Xiaodong apologize to the sun. Hao peak persuade the sun with their own examples to understand his father, and do not regret, the sun is still unmoved. Xiaodong repentance to the small summer, brothers and sisters the two sentimental. Xiaodong commissioned Hao peak to transmit something to the sun, the original is to Xiaodong I was doing a house model and left letters to the sun. The sun has finally admitted Xiaodong, in time before sailing, and Xiaodong met one last time, and one cried together.
The Hao peak heard the old business is getting worse, very worried, Mary, Li Yang opened the press conference and announced not do soup wonton.
Small Hui recognize Mary, expose Mary wished her all the the drizzly tell soup destroyed Hao peak decided to make soup ravioli, to revitalize Walter Chan Kar-revered.
28 sets
While Mary is adjusting her business, the customer is increasingly dissatisfied with the menu now, but she is still bent, the business continues to decline.
Xiaoxiao worried about Li Yang, tend to get old looking for Li Yang, the earnestness comfort Li Yang do not believe that Mary, do not listen to Li Yang.
Li Yang has long been under the spell of Mary wished the all the resentment comes down to the peak body, Hao Li Yang questioned the the Hao peak soup wonton away business, they beat up and said to use the soup wonton and Hao peak game, while adjusting the price But the old is still no improvement.
The Hao peak did not want to Li Yang misunderstanding between deeper, but not do anything. Li Yang, renewed fighting, and Mary said that in any case to support Li Yang and Li Pai shareholders question the commitment to improve the operating conditions. Li Yang, a small summer trying to missing the original soup recipe to Li Yang, Xiaoxiao remind her to pay attention to Li Yang's self-esteem and feel very helpless, small summer.
The hedge tour bucket of Mary, to borrow money to Kuige, this quell own shareholders crisis. Li Yang, Hao Feng struggled to network score, backward score of old network, and Mary encouraged Li Yang beat Hao peak to prove himself.
The operation of the old is still no improvement, Mary could Kuige dun, and Mary raised the game, an attempt to beat the summer "Happy Hour" snatch away the old reputation Li Yang and Hao Feng. Li Yang to call the game, Hao peak summer to encourage Hao peak which is completely Li Yang a clear opportunity.
The morning of the race, a small summer depending on the micro-disease hair Hao peak to save summer burns. Hao Feng, Li Yang game, the two again tied. Mary wished to shareholders expressed confidence in winning. Sharer TV summer to encourage peak, Hao, Li Yang received telephone and asked the little summer won the game, the summer whether to accept his feelings. The other side of the little still regrets giving, Li Yang asked Xiaoxiao Why do you like, drizzly, then still can not change the mind of Li Yang.
Summer, as the micro-disease is more serious, a small summer began to worry about where to go after their own blindness, Hao peak comfort her no matter what happens will never betray.
29 sets
Affectionately call the sun, Chen parent miraculously wake up the news like a shot in the arm the same exciting Hao peak summer. Chen parent when I wake up very concerned about the status of the old, small summer and look forward to the the Chen parent to clear. The original was Mary wished fleeing forced marriages defected Chen, and Li Yang's father, Chen Gong slowly feelings. Chan parent think, always wary of Mary is adjusting her unsolicited, did not expect Wang Manli secretly took out a marriage and Chen Gong, and persuades Gong Chen to win the Walter Chan Kar-chef. In fact, Chen Gong, without the knowledge of Mary is adjusting itself Yin Ji can not lift the flour, resulting in Mary, misunderstanding, a husband and wife so sudden, contradictory, Chen Gong, then infected with the alcohol habit last car accident killed. Wang Manli learned that Chen culinary pass male-to reluctantly leave the small Li Yang away all the hatred on Chen's parent body.
The truth, Hao Feng Li Yang before the game to lift misunderstanding, unexpectedly small summer diseases of the eye disease, while only 50% success rate of surgery. The small summer Ninja pain to try out Li Yang soup inside a small home of the wild, Hao Feng decision as the opportunity to Li Yang sum. But Wang Manli deep financial crisis, the cuisine competition as a desperate stand up opportunities. Li Yang Hao peak persuaded, but the pressure from Mary, so that he can not let go.
Legitimate competition is extremely stalemate small summer surgery sepsis, need families of signature, and Chen, the parent decided to the Hao peak to make a decision, that the message Hao peak abstain ran out of the stadium. Li Yang automatically won the championship, but the spirit of of Hao peak body old Li Yang powerfully affected, declared himself unworthy champion, Mary wished attracted immediate crisis.
Non-stop comfort Xiaoxiao followed by Li Yang, Li Yang discouraged to face her tenderness did not give a response, Xiaoxiao had to leave, Li Yang This despair felt Xiaoxiao is to her most cherished people.
30 episodes
Xiaoxiao Li Yang rush Xiaoxiao family learned has been to the airport, leaving only a letter, Li Yang felt the drizzly own truth finally arrived at the airport stopped Xiaoxiao two quarrelsome lovers finally come together. Li Yang's throw in the towel completely to Mary wished to promote the abyss, not only the shareholders who requested the audit also owed large sums of money, suffered a crushing defeat of Wang Manli despair, Xiaoxiao Li Yang with his mother and talk about facing a difficult situation with him, only to Wang Manli Li Yang angry Li Yang Ku Quan was also unable to play. Li Yang asked Mary and with an apology to Chen parent, Mary wished flatly refused.
Small Hui moved in Hao peak and small summer predicament would never betray the spirit of the Chen family, and finally lay down their hearts in the comfort of Hao peak burden, departed back to the United States. Xiaoxiao patient persuasion, Li Yang finally gathered the courage to face Hao Feng, small summer one end of another reunion, Hao peak and Li Yang explained the misunderstanding of the previous generation, and told his father suffers from Yin Ji is not the chef's secret hope Man Korea can be relieved. Wang Manli missing, Xiaoxiao and Li Yang searched sharer TV finally find him in the cemetery, the tomb of the Chen Gong, Li Yang, the spirit of Walter Chan Ku Quan Wang Manli, the hopeless situation of Mary, and finally realized that the family, revenge-minded to be lifted.
Walter Chan Kar-up and down and Mary wished to finally unlock the misunderstanding, have purse to help solve the problem of Mary, the financial crisis, but unfortunately the face of large sums of money can do nothing when their desperation to make the most money from abroad Hao Jie heaven, miraculously resolve this crisis, and everyone a sense of almost Hao Jie really succeed.
Summer eyes smoothly stitches, Hao peak also committed to their own promise to promise, the two lovers get married, written for the Young and Mary wished to stay in the old help, Walter Chan Kar-old once again glow with new life!


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I think my obsession and waiting for this drama affected my negatively and made me powerless, LOOOL :))
Yes, it is indeed weird to be confused about airing date till now. But I think it is confirmed now to be airing in 13th August as Joe mentioned and Production company replied and forwarded his message. 
May be Joe is busy with something else in this time as he already has started earlier to take his parts in the drama promotion and appeared in some programs and interviews so, it is now the turn for other actors.
And OOH what a spoiler @-) how this was released !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not so happy with this :(

I tried not to read but couldn't stop myself :) As I always thought from the start of announcing this drama, the story is so predictable and traditional. And to be honest, it wasn't the thing which keeps me excited about this drama or waiting for it.It is my love for the leads and the will to see their chemistry and interaction on screen that keep me interested in this. Which is actually SO ENOUGH for me to be eagerly waiting and counting days till the drama premier, hehe :)

Also we get to see our leads taking some shoots together :x may be some promotion pictures? They all look lovely. I Like LDH look in here, soooo beautiful and LYF is cute as always :) but Joe wasn't there with them but had his shot earlier :(

a806d6cajw1dvo18q4upjj.jpg51acc247jw1dvnzshzyqdj.jpgCredit: Weibo

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Hahaha AQ u are so funny waiting for the drama made u powerless LOL..

At first it was 1 to 5 episode then suddenly until 30 episodes i was shocked too.I always believe the script and video of the drama should not be released to much ,the curiosity to watch the drama become little less if all things gets reveled. But as u said even we know the story but we are watching it for how actor portray there character in drama.Your and my reason my matches .

Oh i so wished that joe was there too.As we can see the photoshoot is taken with green screen so sure it will be photoshop .Hope it's done nicely please i can't see one more bad poster. And love the look of our girl is looking nice in white dress with her sweet smile and LYF giving that cute expression and anna loking bubbly.Looking forward to new posters.

I thought chinese also have the original track for drama but didn't knew they use old tracks .When read about it in Ockoala blog then i came to know the track are from solo albums of artists that too in 2010.Even the songs are old i am first time listening it and liked it.

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A new teaser has been released given us some actual dialogue between characters and longer version of our couple sweet kiss. Here is the link for it:
And here is caps of the kiss from this new teaser :x
And yes Anny, It is sad not to see Joe with the rest of the cast in this photo shoot and in the filming of "Happy Camp" episode but I think his father birthday is today (as he posted picture on his weibo) so, may be that is the reason missing this but at least he made appearance in a video while our cast filming the episode. Is he playing in the video and they will play on stage? I think so, hehehe :))
Here are some pictures of our cast enjoying their time filming the episode, it seems so funny. Can't wait to watch it airing :)
And while we have this pictures and new teaser we also get something else. Which is for me not good to see. I will put it in spoiler tag so I don't get mad each time I come here and see it :(

This still from the kiss between HF and his ex-girlfriend and I am angry to see it as I think it is not flash back and may be also not the only kiss we will have between them but anyway here it is:


Credit: Weibo

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oh thanks for the caps of kissing scene yes this is bigger scene then promo one.
Yes its sad that we don't get to see joe but like samzz i read that Happy camp people told that he can't come to show due to his military training and also that he can't leave Taiwan.Don't know whether he will be present or not in conference.But i will definitely miss him if he is not there .Ah why why can't we see joe and Dh together.

I love each and every pic posted here .I can see they had so much fun while filming it.I hope we get subbed video of it.

Thanks for new promo link i can see some cute moment but also see HF hitting LY:(

The picture in spoiler i saw already didn't wanted to post it :( Thanks for using spoiler tag for it.

@natsumicess: Like AQ said it going to premiere on 13th august.There is 1 day difference if we didn't get it on 13th then 15th for sure.

Yupiee tommorrow conference more picture and video too .Thanks for the video.Yes our girl have some fighting skill even hitting her director LOL .

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Anny, I also not sure but really hope Joe will make it to the conference. It will be a pity not to see him there with all the cast 

Here is a picture of LDH and LYF traveling to Bejin for the Conference, don't they look so beautiful? :x


And we now know the time of the broadcast of "Happy Camp" episode. The drama production company mentioned that it will be airing on 18th August. I am sure too that we will really enjoy it 
A new promo posted with only Joe, I think it represents HF confessing his love. So lovely :x
And also a new poster was just posted by the production company. SOOO ELEGANT and our cast look so FANTASTIC in it  And it mentions the date and time of airing so, I think our confusion now is over :)
Credit: Weibo

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Yes AQ finally a poster with date on it.So no more confusion but since joe mentioned on weibo the date i was not that confused now i know why he left msg with kiss he was entering military service .He has already entered the service.So no chance of seeing him in conference.Although he left msg.I am feeling really bad i wanted to see joe too .Why does it always happen to us? :( I see all joe fans crying.Even i am sad.

Yes the video is looking really nice the picture which u posted earlier as joe sitting near the same tree .I want to know what he is saying as u are saying telling abt love i want to hear it.

Our girl is looking beautiful and LYF is looking handsome.

Happy to see HC soon too .

One more promo.Although its not HQ promo .Then also it has some new scenes in it.


Also some pic from conference our girl in black again.



We can see Joe in pic i think it his msg .Between why is this poster used in background the new one should be used.I don't like that one.

At first i thought she feeding him with mic.Haha.




everyone cooking.




credit:weibo since its already watermark no need to tell:)

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Guest natsumi1430287076

@apqria @annya ok thanks to the both of you :)

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@natsumicess you are most welcome and hope you will join us here in the discussion about the drama when it starts airing  ;)
Anny, it is indeed so sad not to see Joe with the other cast members in the conference :(( it seems that we won't be able to see our couple reunite off screen. So, let us enjoy them together in the drama and I wish Joe will come back from army healthy and give us more successful work :)
And thanks dear for all the pictures from conference and the stills. It seems that someone enjoyed his time and tried to get some happy time with the lover he won't be able to get on screen in the absence of the real lover :)
LDH and LYF looks so cute and intimate together :x Actually all the cast is looking so friendly and lovely together which makes me wish more that this drama don't disappoint and become a hit just for their sake :)
I like the new promo although they really reveal so much but anyway I don't care and we have already talked about this before :)
Here are 2 videos from the conference and interview with LDH and LYF:
And also some fan videos shot in the conference that you can find it in this baidu thread:
Also I will surely post more pictures from the Press conference but here is first some more Stills:

Credit: Weibo

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Guest cuttlelee

I am so busy at baidu.....and have no time to come to here TT

@apqaria  ap, I have uploaded so many new vedio in vedio area  :))

dahae said she is "白富美" (how to translate this word ??);)  white,wealth and beautiful??=))


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@cuttlelee, thanks dear for all your efforts in Baidu. I saw the videos and I post here the thread of the videos from the conference :)
I am not sure about the meaning of the word as well but I think may be what you wrote is right :)
Hope that if you have sometime you can summarize to us what our leads said in the conference. I know there must be some funny moments and I wish I can understand them. But you know we don't know Chinese :)
They have released today the full version video of the end theme song "It's Fine to be Lonely" by Hebe. The MV is so emotional :((

Some caps here:
Also another BTS video:
Drama BTS Video
Some Caps here:
Credit: weibo

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Yes i missed Joe too muc why does it happen to us? Although agree the other lover got some time with her since joe was not present;) but no matter if joe was not there he left and gave special video as we saw already the one in which he is telling abt his love and also in conference he left some message too.Although i don't understand chinese but i want to knoe what he said?

We can see one more kissing scene in video song.:x AQ and the bigger poster which u posted i read it is Deluxe edition calender from drama picture.I think they are going to give it to some fans.I was wondering how all the other picture in calender are?

Thankyou AQ dear for the link of the video and unseen LA pic and post more pic too when u get time looking forward to it.I was missing u yesterday.
Saw some picture of excouple which i didn't post that also in wedding attire.Now can u imagine i felt watching that pic of HF and ExGF in wedding ceremony.
If i find pic again i will post in spoiler.

I so want to know what joe said that made our girl blush.:x
Credit to fan.

Although i am not member in baidu but i do visit there and thanks to all of u that u post so may videos and picture i saw all the videos of conference there only:)

There are so many BTS videos that i feel i have seen 20% of the serial already .Hope like u said i want series to be good.I can just say that Joe is the most funniest in all the BTS video i have seen.There are so many BTS video i can't even say some are not even opening i am watching one after the other.The mirror one is so funny joe and DH and the mirror.The director of the series is also funny sometime he become fighter,doctor and many other role LOL.Look the way he was stabbing our girl in that hospital scene.Just watch the way he stand in some scenes spreading his legs so much i was wondering our girl is tall then also is he has to band so much ,was wondering how much he manage with other actress.

BTS videos.So many are there enjoy everyone.I need to download all these BTS videos .



We can see DH and Anna enjoying also LYF and DH cycling.Love our girl hitting like that and joe is so funny.



Found Joe message video someone tell me what is he saying?pls.

The rain so heavy everything is flying away LOL.Just watch everyone enjoying rain.Rofl just look have LYF is driving  bicycle that fast so funny.Why were joe and DH jumping like that after scene LOL.

I am loving seeing joe and Dh together that's why i am missing Joe more.Although i don't understand anything but then also the way joe is speaking its so funny.

The good point in all the BTS is we can hear our girl's original  voice :) Wow 10 minutes of BTS video that too so may LOL.But no NG of kissing till now.

Haha Joe is speaking korean "kanchanayo" so sweet with LDH i think he is learning some words with our girl.I can see the small nephew and LDH learning chinese together.I can't stop laughing seeing joe a fly sitting on his head LOL then the fly land on our girl's head.The funny was the bed scene haha just see what they are doing LOL Won't disclose too much about this  scene .Our girl can't hardly control her laugh i don't blame her if joe does all this things offscreen even i won't be able to control.

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