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[C-Drama 2012] Love Actually (爱的蜜方)

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Yes, another rainy scene :D And I think LDH is the first tall girl in the last part of that picture :)

And thanks for that picture, one of the staff posted it along with message telling that LDH gave the staff Chocolate today celebrating the white day and Anna Feng and LYF wasn't there so, they will cry because they missed LDH love wishes :D

White day is an extension of February 14 Valentine’s Day. As on 14 Feb females present chocolate gifts, to a male as an expression of love but on White Day, the converse happens the male who received a chocolate of love on Valentine’s day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts back to the girl they love.

And this is really funny because LDH posted on Feb 14 that she received a chocolate from her stylist and now she is give the drama staff the chocolate, so she is surely playing the male in here :lol:

Also more picture, although not very clear, from today and yesterday filming:



About the video, I don't think it is LDH. I think it is a fan showing her love for LYF :D

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Guest Golden_ochna

Yes Anny, the name Hae-Feng seems rather confusing. phew.gif I created that name by combining the last words in each name: Hae in LDH, Feng in LYF, assuming that Hae-Feng means "Sea Breeze"  coz Hae in Chinese means sea, ocean; Feng means wind, breeze (however, Hae- feng I'm not sure) tongue.gif Just like Shige couple (Hu Ge & Liu Shi Shi), Minmin couple... laugh.gif

Frankly, now I can't find any other name for that couplelaugh.gif Maybe, when the drama airs, we'll be able to produce oodles of adorable names embracing enjoyable things of our couple, just like Mukgu Couple, Hoy Hoy Couple biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

Ah, Anny, U&I, don't forget reality laugh.gif Xiao Xia has only one heart and Mr Lin definitely bestows this golden gift upon Joe ge , I mean Hao Fengbiggrin.gif laugh.gifbiggrin.gif

I don't know what's this video abt but from voice i feel its LDH .Can someone confirm it too and if u feel its not her then tell i will delete the video for post .But somehow i am sure its her. Between what is she speaking ,if its her?

IMO, it's not our girl. I don't think that cute girl bears any resemblance to our girl, from figure to hair  laugh.gif I'm with Apqaria.  She might be a lovely fan of Feng ge wub.gif

Yes Apqaria, our girl's quite humorous, taking on the role of a guy. 

And she's really a lovable colleague, giving out the gift of love to her co-workers! I remember she once regaled the drama crew of My Girl with chocolate. biggrin.gif   

A nice gesture of a big star  171530pfxffgebejx4zxtz.gif

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Between what are the two girls doing outside "Two hours cafe"? .Does this cafe just serve coffee for 2 hours so its called 2 hours cafe :lol:

AQ and Gold Thanks for telling me its not LDH i guess i was in delusion i have gone crazy :wacko: Why is the fan not showing her face even if she is showing her love for LYF ?

Thanks for telling me abt white day i didn't knew abt it .wow u also have extension of V day :wub: Seriously LDH is playing the guy part and staff are girls .

In the picture i first thought that the guy is giving something to our girl but when i looked again i saw,he is holding heater i guess and LDH is talking warm from it .

LOL Gold u created name like that i assumed it something else only thanku for clearing it .Haha i thought why are u mentioning Joe chengs onscreen name for couple :w00t: "Hao Feng" instead of reading as "Hae-Feng" :lol: I didn't thought that u made it Hae+feng of LDH &LYF.My mistake while reading i didn't read spelling properly.By the way its nice name and even its meaning is nice .Haha i am ok with first 10 episode with "Hae-Feng" and remaning with Hao Feng and our girl :wub: Since she would be having both the handsome chef near her :wub:

What does "Xiao Xia" mean any idea?

Gold u changed ur avatar to "my Girl" :wub: And that also the pic of that special moment.

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LOOOL Gold, those couple names are really fun. We really need to create one like those :lol:

And Anny, for me I think the cafe name means to drink your coffee in 2 hours. It will surely won't take less than that if I got to stay and watch our leads there :lol: :lol:

And about White Day, I didn't know about it too but I searched to know what it meant ;) I think they celebrate it only in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China.

About XiaoXia name, from Google translation it says summer but as usual I am not sure :D

Also we got some pictures today from filming :wub:

our poor girl XiaoXia mopping the floor:


And here it seems that she may be in trouble again:


And also lucky fans got also to take pictures with XiaoXia, the wind is surely so powerful:


And it seems that it was raining again today, so no need to artificial rain. But I think this may be the reason as if they filmed part in rain so, related scenes must be filmed in rains too:


Credit: Weibo

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Guest Golden_ochna

Official Stills! wub.gif 

Da Hae & Joe, a well-matched couple! laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif



Our Da Hae looks soooooo elegant, soooooo young in this outfit! Joe oppa strikes me as a confident good-looking man!

and Feng ge with Anna ( not with our Xiao Xia sweatingbullets.gif It's OK).  They're so cute!


I've changed my mind again!

I ship Da Hae - Joe Cheng 58.gif NOW I CAN PERCEIVE THEIR CHEMISTRY!

Anny, as mentioned in Da Hae's thread, to me, it's the most unique funny kiss of Da Hae. Using it as my avatar brings me My Girl's memory. Recalling some sweet moments of My Girl, the most popular romcom of our girl to date, enhances my confidence in this idol drama! wub.gif 

Oh I can't wait to see Joe n Da Hae's kissing  w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif

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Yes AQ i am ready to sit whole day in cafe if i get to see them there .

Yeah BTS pictures :D Happy Thanks AQ for the pics.

In Miss Ripley we saw her washing car and now mopping and if she is going to get fired after this work i am surely going to feel bad.

oh i see that's why they are using artificial rain it good we we get to see some rainy scene in drama for sure :wub: Let see whether we will able to distinguish real rain scene and fake rain scene or not and which looks better.But shooting in real rain is really hard due to wind.

Thanks Gold for official stills.I was asking for them and we got it so soon :wub:

What is joe's height ? He is so tall although our girl is tall then also he is so tall .The small nephew is also standing on toe.We got happy family photo even before series started :wub: Haha Gold i am sure ur heart must be little broken after seeing LYF and Anna pic even though they are looking cute :rolleyes: . Its ok as we already knew she is paired with Joe but offcourse we with get to see LYF & LDH together too :D although not like couple but then also as a friends or i shall i say brother in law :P

As i told u before when i saw Joe & LDH more picture it will be automatically shift my heart :wub: As i can see there picture together now i feel really good.

My Girl drama doesn't go out of mind for sure :wub: Yeah even me too waiting for kissing scene.Imagine if we get BTS pic of kissing our heartbeat is going to get triple fast :wub:

Most of the time in most of the article i see Fang anna picture for love actually rather then our girl ,its good now that new picture are there i hope they use this one.

Gold u didn't post this single picture of our girl.


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OOH thank you Gold and Anny, isn't it just the best to see those beautiful stills the first thing after waken up today :wub: . I am so happy too and I am becoming more confident with my original shipping :lol:

I already knew that Anna will be the one for LYF, they surely want to give him a happy ending and not left aside :D and I approve it already as they indeed look so cute together but I still hope for some love triangle between Joe-LDH-LYF, as you said Anny may be it is just a friendship between XiaoXia and Hao Jie but may be because she will be first mistaken as his girlfriend so, Hao Feng will feel a little jealous and suspicious at first :D

Joe is indeed VERY TALL as he is 188 cm and LOL about the little kid standing on his toe to match those very tall leads :lol: but it seems from his cloths that it is the same we saw in the picture I posted before which he posted on 4 March, so I think this shooting was actually the first official meeting between all our cast together and I really like the result as we can see they really got along together well very fast :wub: :wub:

Here are also more characters still, I can now update the first post with the new pictures ;):wub:




Credit: Sina

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couchkimchi reported about the drama and the new stills :wub:


I read on Weibo that LDH and Joe have a rest from filming for couple of days. I think Joe won't take it as vacation as he is so busy toggling between filming the drama and filming his movie :(

Till we get something new, here are some BTS pictures from previous days :) :






And our drama is in the Chinese newspapers:


Credit: Weibo

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There is 42 replies and 5000 views :lol: for the thread.

Its ok whether Anna gets LYF or Anny :lol: But then also we will get some kind of situation and scenes which makes other think that they are GF-BF and offcourse it will make Joe jealous seeing his little brother and his Future GF together.Is there anyone who doesn't like jealousy scenes i love it ,it always show how much other person loves you or likes you :wub:

188cm :o Yups the kid is wearing the same cloth in picture you posted.I don't know abt there meeting but u say so it can be possible .

Thanks for the individual photos :)Funny thing i notice Anna's eyes are hardly open in both pictures :lol:

Still i am wondering why google transaction show three sons in summary of drama either it is mixing it with some other word.And there is also a cousin brothers role too .Now wondering who is going to do that role ?

Thanks for article and BTS picture .

I hope joe take care of his health hence he is juggling between drama and movie .

Finally 2 hours cafe picture hmm joe is meeting LDH in cafe . :wub:

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Yes, Anny. Great achievement so far. thanks to all who you and all posters and all who are interested about the drama and view the drama thread. Hope more people join our discussion here as well :D

Of Course can't wait to those jealous scenes :wub:

And we get one picture from yesterday shooting featuring the cute XiaoXia and her cute nephew :):wub:


Credit: Weibo

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Guest Golden_ochna

I love those character posters

TQ Anny n Apqaria wub.gif

Da Hae wears YELLOW! I love this color biggrin.gif


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Gold we have 35 episode i hope she wears all the colors tshirt or dress :)

Thanks AQ for the pic .Hope to see more pictures .

I thought since the series is based on food there picture will be shoot in kitchen with some veg or holding frying pan LOL. Or LDH cutely applying floor on Joe's cheek :wub: And joe holding her hand while she apply :wub:

Credit to baidu and fan who recorded it .We can see our girl in side and i guess both the guys are running somewhere.

My link

BTS of today i guess shooting somewhere in food mall .Credit to weibo.I feel its LYF .What do u girls think?


Again a article in newspaper this time our girl and joe in pic.


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Thanks Anny for the picture, video and news. Yes, I think it is LYF and Anna Feng in that mall :)

And ooh you are really activating my wild thoughts now with your imaginary scenes :lol: I hope we get to see that scene in the drama ;):D

Still no much new pictures :( but it seems that not only Chinese and Korean news is reporting about the drama. Also Japanese media reported about it :w00t:


Credit: Weibo

also I knew from Weibo that Joe wrapped up the filming of his movie so, he will be now full dedicated to the drama. He is surely a very busy man :)

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Haha AQ i was just just sharing my thought abt posters which i imagined after reading summary of the drama and before seeing new original posters.Everyone has some thoughts when they come to know abt there fav actors doing drama .I am sure even u must have imagined sometime. Do share with us your thoughts too :wub: I have more thought i will share later :wub:

Its good even japanese fan must be anticipating the more the merrier.Its good to read fan review from all countries .

Thanks for the info on joe now he can fully concentrate on drama .But actor have such busy schedule i don't know how they manage,if i was in there place i would have got tired and felt asleep.

Lol i wrote floor instead of" flour" :w00t:

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Guest Golden_ochna

Anny, I share your viewbiggrin.gif 

I imagine our girl wallowing in making dumplings, not caring that she looks so cute with flour on her lovely face & of course, not noticing that someone's gazing at her fondly wub.gif And our cool Joe moves towards, then gallantly wipes the sweat and flour from her face, what a tender gesture! laugh.gif In return, our girl invites him to try her dumpling, an adorable heart-shaped one!laugh.gif  

Here is the new poster wub.gif

Look at Da hae's arm! So close! Joe & Da hae, I really feel your chemistry!


IMO, the official posters should include foodstuffs. I like Da Hae wearing chef jacket, chef apron n a cute hat on her head w00t.gif

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HAha Gold I posted the same picture in LDH thread :wub: Thanks for the pic.

Oh such a sweet and romantic scene you imagined .I can visually imagine it with your screenplay and my direction :wub:

Do post more thought its good to read about it .

One sofa and four people on it.Is joe holding remote to our heart or our computer :lol: He is watching us.Yups me to the more close they are the more attraction is to them

Even i thought if its food based show they should shoot photo in chef attire .Don't know its urban romantic inspirational drama.Lets Hope in future we get some poster like that too.

One more pic of her BTS.Credit to baidu.


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OOH Gold and Anny, I really can't compete with your beautiful thoughts of yours. Really thank you for sharing it here :wub:

And that new promo poster, I must say that this one has some of the weirdest expressions and poses I ever see in a poster :lol: the most normal is Anna but yes, our leads are surely too close already ^_^

And yes that remote Anny, hehehe. I know he will surely control our hearts :D

More BTS pictures from the same scene today:



Credit: Weibo

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No much news for couple of days but then a bomb dropped w00t.gifw00t.gif

One of the staff posted that our leads (DH and Joe) shared their first kiss scene yesterday and may be also they have extension to the scene today :wub: :wub:

OOOH how the only mention or rumor of such scene give me chills and make me unable to wait anymore for this drama to air :tears: I am surely going crazy because of this drama and its HOT cast :lol:

Unfortunatly we don't have a picture as an evidence for such scene but do we need it? Our imagination can surely picture it but I still can't wait to see it on my screen, hehehe ^_^:D

Here are couple of BTS pictures today:

Some bloggers said that this coffee shop scene between our leads includes crying scene. It seems that our XiaoXia will surely have lots of crying scenes in this serious :tears:


And this is LYF and Anna


Credit: Weibo

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What is there to compete i am sure even you are having such thoughts but you are not telling us :P

In new poster just imagine Joe saying I can't control my Girl even with remote control :lol: I can say both the girl are smiling in poster and both the guys have weird expression but they are looking cute :wub:

The outfit which LDH is wearing in BTS picture is same pattern which she is wearing in poster .Is that her dressing style in drama.

Yups no news in few days.

Thanks AQ for BTS pics.

First kiss so romantic :wub: Extension to the scene heart1.gif

Like you even me goes crazy thinking and wondering abt scene and that also continuation of scene next day .How can kiss scene shoot takes 2 days?Its not that i am complaining .I am sure we will get to see BTS video when drama comes keeping my fingures cross.

Don't even ask abt my imagination .Me and my naughty thoughts.Our girls is specialized in crying scene so director won't let this chance go to make our girl cry. :tears:

Lets hope we get more picture .

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About the kiss scene, actually we won't know for sure. It may be another scene not in the same scene, it is all speculations. So, unfortunately we have to wait and see :(

And about XiaoXia style, actually I think this black white outfit is the first one I see from all the BTS that is that elegant and feminine also it is the first time to see her wearing high heals.

About my thoughts of the drama, actually all my imaginary scenes are kind of sad. I don't know why but may be I am affected by all the sad and crying BTS pictures we have seen or may be it is because of my mood these days. But that is why I am not confident to share them blush.gif

But let me share one with you now (I don't want you to get angry and say I am hiding from you again ;) ). This scene is the first scene between our two leads to express their feelings for each other :)

- Hao Feng had an accident.

- When Xiao Xia knows, she rushes to the hospital crying hardly.

- Enters the room to see him sleeping but in a good condition, so she relaxes a bit.

- Start looking to him with passionate eyes and hesitates to touch his face but she finally does.

- He feels her touch and wakes up, she is taken aback and feels shy of the situation.

- Before she removes her hand he holds it, moves her hand slowly to his mouth to kiss then move it to put on his heart.

- The two of them can't control their feelings anymore.

- XiaoXia get on her knees and puts her head on his chest and closes her eyes with a smile and happy tear on her face.

- Then we discover that all this is observed by the evil ex-girlfriend who looks to them with angry eyes.

------ THE END --------

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