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[C-Drama 2012] Love Actually (爱的蜜方)

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Guest Golden_ochna

Anny, I like your comment abt the poster. Men can’t control their own girls!w00t.gif

I love her fashion style. Office inspired fashion, so graceful, so classy! w00t.gif

However, Samzz, Anny, Apqaria, I don’t think I enjoy it much in Love Actually. Simply, this outfit paired with this updo hairstyle completely resembles her look in Miss Ripley. I like her costume but why doesn’t she try other hairstyle? I guess  glossy long straight chestnut colored hair will work well!

Yep, Apqaria, the 1st time we’ve seen our girl wearing high heels. I’m really satisfied that her costar, our cool Joe, has gorgeous body with 188cm height, thus our girl can show off her figure with platform! In Miss Ripley, Micky looks rather short standing next to our girl,which irritated me a bit.  Nevertheless,I firmly reckon Joe & Da Hae’ll create a much better image for couple.  Can’t wait to see!w00t.gif

Anny, our girl is a good crier. She always delivers beautiful emotional crying scenes. No doubt Mr Lin’ll take advantage of it!biggrin.gif

Apqaria, I’m indignant that U didn’t share your fascinating imagination earlier! cool.gif

Your imaginary scenes mark a milestone in the love line development of our couple. The unlucky accident brings Joe the fortune to find our girl's love and to express his love for our girl. They can’t control their feeling anymore! And IT STARTED WITH A KISS n THEY KISS AGAIN the next daybiggrin.gif! You r really funny, Annybiggrin.gif! Love it!   wub.gif          

Be confident, Apqaria!  Relax and then take back your cheerful mood! rolleyes.gif

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OOH Gold, please don't get angry of me :( and I am happy that you liked my imaginary scene and thanks dear for your kind words :wub:

Still not much news, we knew today that LDH is going back to Korea for 4 days and then return to continue filming. And we just get a couple of pictures today in which we can see Joe :)



Credit: Weibo

Also the production company collected many questions from fans on weibo which they want to ask to our stars and they will choose some to make our cast answer them. So, can't wait to read their answers or my wish is that they will do a conference to promote the drama and answer the questions live. I really want to see our cast interacting together in real life so badly :D

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waaaa chinggus, I really enjoyed all the fanfiction, imagination, -the flour thing, the accident, the remote control. Thank you so much for making this thread so interesting.

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Thank you samzz, very happy that you enjoyed our silly thoughts here :lol:

And ooh my friends we have a great treat today to make us more excited about the drama :w00t: (if this is possible :D )

One of the drama staff members uploaded a video of some BTS shooting which highlight our heroine LDH as XiaoXia :wub: Here is the link to the video:

LDH Love actually BTS

It is great to see a clear video of the BTS at last and although I am disappointed that it didn't include our 2 Hot leads as well but I am still happy ;) It seems to be really cute scenes with 2 of them between our heroine and her nephew which is great after all the sad BTS pictures we have seen till now :)

And watching LDH saying all her lines in Chinese and uploader and all the news today praising how she speaks as a native makes me want more that we won't have dubbing for her voice (crossing my fingers) but anyway I don't care that much about that anymore and I will happy with the drama when it airs anyway.

Here are caps from the video:


Also LDH should be already back to Shanghai after her break in Korea for 4 days. And this picture was uploaded of that scene between our leads which we get to see some pictures from it before.


Credit: Weibo

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Guest Golden_ochna

Samzz, we await your own fanfic w00t.gif

Apqaria, I'm elated, too! Speaking ENTIRELY in Madarin! Fluency ! wub.gif

However, I think she'll be dubbed later on. It's a bit weird when Xiao Xia, a Mainlander speaks like that, I mean, with Korean accent sweatingbullets.gif . Thus, IMO, it's likely that dubbing's selected to guarantee the drama quality.

However, to me, what matters most is the praises she's won biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

Professional! Dedicated! 

Da Hae, Chayo! laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif


The vid of our zealous girl acting n FLUENTLY speaking ENTIRELY in Madarin is being extolled by netizens! 

Her seven-year endeavor is paying off wub.gifwub.gifwub.gif








My mom totally agrees with U, Apqaria 

biggrin.gif ''You oughta follow her learning attitude n can-do attitude'', she said laugh.gif

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Yes, Gold we knew from the beginning that the problem not in her fluency in the language but her accent which all of my Chinese friends agreed with you that they still should use dubbing for the sake of the quality and to be more realistic.

But Dahae determination that she speak the language to be able to connect to her character more and also be able to communicate with her co-stars and other characters in better way instead of them speaking in different language will surely have a great effect on the quality of the drama as well even if her voice will be re-dub.

Also with her speaking the language, the dubbing won’t be very bad because of the sync won't be much a problem. So, we will give us better experience even with dubbing. So, I am ok with dubbing if they decided it specially that as a fan I don't want people to focus on her accent instead of her acting or feel strange listening to her which may not be for her favor. But I will surely wait eagerly for any BTS video (which I hope will be a lot) to listen to her real voice while filming :D

We should all learn from her dedication and attitude :lol: And thanks dear for the news links :wub:

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Guest Golden_ochna

Dahae determination that she speak the language to be able to connect to her character more and also be able to communicate with her co-stars and other characters in better way instead of them speaking in different language will surely have a great effect on the quality of the drama as well even if her voice will be re-dub.

... So, I am ok with dubbing if they decided it specially that as a fan I don't want people to focus on her accent instead of her acting or feel strange listening to her which may not be for her favor. 

Yeah! You get me,chinggu! wub.gif

It’s a pleasure to know our stars get on well with each other.

Thank you, my hardworking bee, Apqaria for gathering our “LoveActually” stars’ exchanges via Weibo.

Returning to Shanghai, Lee Da Hae’s mom made Kimbap for Joe.And he posted:

Joe: 多多媽!撒啷嘿優!lovea_org.gif (Duoduo mother, I love you lovea_org.gif)


Delicious w00t.gif

What's Da Hae's reply? So sweet wub.gif:

DaHae: 我们也撒啷嘿優你 lovea_org.gif (We also love you lovea_org.gif

Da Hae also brought colorful gifts 4 her cute ‘nephew’ (just like our sister or brother going on a business trip buy souvenirs 4 siblings)    laugh.gif


Da Hae's cute 'nephew' posted showing admiration n love for his ''aunt'':


(Google translation: DaHae sister came back from Korea, brought me many gifts! Sister said that her mother in person to picklovea_org.giflovea_org.giflovea_org.gif)

And cute Feng ge tongue.gif:

Feng ge:  谢谢你的礼物啊 希望你这次来中国拍戏开心又圆满 @李多海 

(Google Translation: Thank you for the gift I hope you trip to China filming happy consummation @ Lee Da Hae)

(Are U a little shy, Feng ge? Look at Joe, he’s open and speaks “wo ai ni” freely HA HA HA)   tongue.giftongue.giftongue.gif

Yueyue Lisa今天收到多多@李多海 的礼物啦,很开心,谢谢多多!拍摄一个月来合作很愉快,让我们共同将蜜方进行到底吧!加油!

(Google Translation: Duoduo @ Lee Da Hae gift I received today, very happy, thank you a lot! Shooting a month is very pleasant to work with, let us together in the end the honey side! Come on!)


Fang Anna: 谢谢多多o ni送的超可爱姐妹装礼物和贴心卡片,真的好感动,越来越喜欢你,你总是让人心里暖暖的!谢谢超级nice的

(Google Translation: Thank you duoduo oni, lovely sister sent gifts and thoughtful cards was very touched, more and more like you, you always makes my heart warm! Thank you, super nice)


They got the same oversized bow tie headbandlaugh.gif

And Anna called Lee Da Hae ‘’oni” (unnie)tongue.gif

Yep, I guess the set’s got abundant laughter n plentiful support!biggrin.gif

Apqaria, U r longing 4 BTS vid and I’m longing 4 funny selcas of our stars together. w00t.gif

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Hehehe, I am glad to be your bee Gold :lol: Thanks for posting the messages here, sometimes I feel embarresed to repeat myself and my posts here and in LDH thread blush.gif

And yes, it is great to know how our cast are so close and so friendly together :wub:

I am so excited right now, I just saw a wonderful news on weibo. And because of it we will get to see videos and pictures. LYF fan club posted that there will be a conference for the drama on next Tuesday 10/4 w00t.gifw00t.gif And it seems to be true. You know I have been waiting for this and talked about it many times before here and at last my expectations were true and surely they will answer the selected fans questions they collected in it :wub:

Also we get this picture from today's filming:


And also a picture posted by LYF few days ago, he is really working hard to master his chef skills and prepare the best food for us :D




More BTS pictures:



Credit: weibo

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Oh so many news to read and all good things to read :)

Thanks AQ and GOld for the pic and the article link and Video link.

AQ i liked ur scene and imagination :wub: You should have shared the scene earlier.And the twist Evil girl listening to there conversation fury.gif I am sure she has some evil plans for them .I even imagined the scene and scenario.

Gold even i am saying that too why doesn't she try other hairstyle .Till today all the BTS pic we have seen have the same hairstyle .But in Miss Ripley her hairstyle was changing that was good hear i am seeing same hairstyle till now.Hope to see other hairstyle too.

Samzz is giving special appearance in the thread good to see you here i am sure you will become regular visitor soon.

Yes samzz we all are in our imaginary world till we get to see the series.Yes Samzz now its ur turn for FF or any scene will u thought abt it.

So good of them to upload the video so eager to watch it she is speaking so fast i am hardly able to understand anything LOL :unsure: But then also she is speaking so fast proud of our girl .All the scenes which we saw are of his nephew and her. I was wondering if i got joe and LDh video i will faint for sure .Oh i like that white lining top she is wearing .Its cute.

yeah the BTS scene pic which we saw before is from the same scene

I can see all the fans praising our girl its good to read positive response from fans since our girl is working so hard.

oh i love her cute pic with script her hairstyle is super cute .The little pony on her head she should have such cute hairstyle in poster with joe with such cute expression.

If the director wants to keeps her voice either he has to show her mother or father is korean LOL Even if she is speaking with accent but if ppl are able to understand what she speaking then its good.I want to hear her voice :wub:

LDh is back to china so good to see her back.

Bee AQ :wub: First of all so sweet of LDH to get gift for all her staff. And reading and seeing everyone replying to her on weibo make me more happy .Its shows how good offscreen chemistry they have.Specially now when Joe started to reply to our girl :wub:

And i am longing for everything and anything regarding our stars :wub:

Wow AQ such a good news this Tuesday.I am looking forward to it .Lucky fans :wub:

Thanks dear for all the BTS picture oh LYF is working hard as chef what is he making for us? :wub:

Hope to see more and more pics.

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Guest Golden_ochna

If the director wants to keeps her voice either he has to show her mother or father is korean LOL Even if she is speaking with accent but if ppl are able to understand what she speaking then its good.I want to hear her voice :wub:  

Good idea, chinggu! laugh.gif

Anny, I like your idealaugh.gif

Give us the voice of Da Hae in Mandarin and the script oughta Xiao Xia, a half Korean girl or a Chinese one living in Korean for years!

Fine! biggrin.gif Anny, you'd be recruited as Mr Lin's assistant director or the LA screenwriter  laugh.gif

New BTS pics:



Apqaria, you really excites me with the news of the Press Con!

I'm wondering what Da Hae's wearing at the Press Con tongue.gif

Not black again, please! cool.gif

I'm intrigued to know how she's doing her hair wink.gif

Updo phew.gif I've seen it lots of times

Or messy updo, halfup, straight or wavy w00t.gif

And what they gonna talk at the Con? Some contents of LA will be disclosed?

I really wanna know whether Feng ge/ Hao Jie has a crush on Xiao Xia or not?w00t.gif  Until now, I haven't seen any pic Da Hae & Feng ge together sweatingbullets.gif mellow.gif tears.gif 

Ahhhhhhhhhh! I can't wait!biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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OOH Anny, I also want to see that little pony on her head in the drama. SOOOO CUTE :lol:

And about XiaoXia being half Korean, as Gold said this would be a very good explaination for her Korean-Mandarin accent if they want to keep her voice :D

I can't wait for the tomorrow too Gold, The thought of watching our cast all together for the first time and their interact live makes me so excited specially that we already know how close they are from the weibo messages. And as you I am wondering what will they say more about the drama there and of course our cast fashion.

I am praying that Dahae won't wear black again :D and I want her to put her hair down, I always love it the most on her :wub:

And about Dahae and LYF, we have seen some pictures of both of them before and the 2 cute BTS videos (the bike and the Baxia scenes :D ) but it is less now after Joe joined the filming. But don't worry, they will surely have lots of scenes together ^_^

And more about the conference, It will be held tomorrow 10:00 AM (China time) and a good news for us that they will broadcast it live on the internet. Here is the link:


Can't wait for tomorrow :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Also one more BTS picture from the filming today. Joe is there in the shop as well watching closely while Dahae filming :D


Credit: Weibo

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hehehe, Samzz making special appearance, come on chinggus, all of u here are the best, that's why I enjoy lurking. For fan fiction, I'm not creative enough, but I will share it if suddenly juicy ideas coming through.

TOMORROW IS OUR BIG DAY as a fan, let's enjoy together kay.:lol:

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Gold I don't mind assisting LA or trying as a scriptwriter. ;)I have to fix an interview i hope he understand english.

The only condition is that her mandarin should be understood even if she has korean accent.Since she didn't needed a translator in the variety show she appeared i am sure her chinese is really good.I am still keeping my fingers cross for her voice.I am ready for both scenario.

I would love to direct our girls with all the hot oppas available :wub: Haha if she was still a kid then i would have made all her oppas her classroom student LOL :w00t: And she could pick her lover from them or she is playing doctor and all her oppas are working in same hospital .

Thanks For the BTS pics.Looking at ldh it remind me of robber she used to have such hairstyle in it.

Ha me to wondering whether she is going to wear black again ? whether they are going to dressed according to there character then the changes of wearing black is less. I want a diff hairstyle plssssssss.I am waiting to hear all the interesting questions and answers of them.

I hope we get to see promo since it is press conference of the series. Then offcourse i will faint from happiness.I am eager to see them offscreen that too together.

Gold there were pic of feng ge and LDH together like AQ said they even have bicycle video too.

OMG live broadcast so happy.I don't know whether i will be awake or not LOL i am sure we get to see videos for sure .

Thanks AQ for the link and the BTS pic yes even joe is there i guess she comes to meet him or they are going for shopping ? :wub:

Samzz Just kidding dear i know you must be busy otherwise you wouldn't have missed the chance to chat with us and have fun .Yups waiting for your juicy idea ;)

Yipeeeeeee tomorrow is the day .Waiting for tomm morning .

Between i read on some site that the series is going to broadcast in August .I am finding august sooooooooooo far .How i am going to wait don't know.

I have a special demand i just want to see Joe smiling since i didn't get his and LDH smiling photo till now.

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It is THE TIME dears :w00t::w00t:

Here we got the first look of our couple before the conference, YAAAAY. Lots of our wishes already happened :wub:

Joe posted this image on weibo with the message meaning the first exposure of XioaFeng couple :D


Just by this picture, you can see Joe and Dahae smiling together Anny and you have your selca Gold and also Dahae didn't wear black as we all wished (at least not all black ;):lol: )

Also picture of the poster on the entrance of the conference:


And the cake prepared for the conference is soooo cute


Also some pictures of our cast from the conference:











What are you doing Da Hae :lol:


Cutting the cake:




Another wish achieved Anny, from some messages on Weibo, it seems that they played 3 minutes trailer in the conference and they said it is really good, can't wait to see it

More pictures:













Our couple wonderful pose :wub:


OOH the Trailer :w00t:


Credit: weibo

I will try to keep updating here when more pictures are out

That is it for now my friends, let us wait for the HD pictures, videos and news of the interview :wub:

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Thank you dear so much :wub: First thing in the morning to watch our girl and so many pictures of her is just awesome . And Thanks U so much for posting so many picture here and thanks to fans who uploaded them .

The first pic is a treat :wub: Watching them together so near and dear .I love the way our girl has dressed not completely black and like her hairstyle .It has curls which is different from her normal style .I just love the back profile pic of girl it also show the V shape back .Oh the cake is really cute .

The trailer :w00t: Yes i am so happy the trailer.

LOL even i am wondering what is our girl doing in that pic? :lol: I like the way all the reported have surrounded the cast .

We got two posed pic of our couple together.

Just as a helping hand even i am posting some pic.Which is not posted earlier .

All Credit for pic and video goes to :Weibo

I want to know what is joe speaking?


Oh so sweet Feng ge and his fans


I hope we get to see whole video but the video link which i found .

20 Minutes of the video

Love Actually Video Conference

Any chinese translator .




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Yes samzz many wishes has been granted today. :wub:

News coverage abt Love actually in video u can see BTS .All three of them in there chef costume cooking :wub: I am sooooooooooooooooooo Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. We can see our girl enjoying and the actor learning cooking at same time.Our girl making dough :w00t: Cooking classes around two hot oppas.Feng ge is helping our girl.

Video Coverage BTS scenes

And the pic which u posted all the cast holding eachother hand so sweet u can see Anna holding our girl hand.

I am enjoying watching this again and again .What are they talking and laughing abt ?LDh is having her own mic why is joe giving his mic towards our girl :lol: So sweet of him to do that. Hope we get the high quality official trailer of the promo shown.

Really Enjoying reading these article headlines.Mentioning Kiss :wub:

Just posting Google translate.

Source:Yes Entertainment.

Lee Da Hae Zheng Yuan Chang attended the press conference of "love the honey side" generous talk about kiss dubbed "kiss happily ever after" (Photos)

Yes Entertainment April 10 Shanghai reports produced by the Film Distribution Co., Ltd. of Shanghai good drama romantic urban inspirational drama " love honey party in Shanghai, hot shot. Today, the creative staff of " love the honey side Lin He Long, Zheng Yuan Chang , Lee Da Hae , Lee Yi-feng, Fang Anna reporters to attend the Shanghai meeting.

The story recounts a tenacious optimism "summer girl" richard simmons enter a "bachelor" cooking family inherited a hundred years, a windfall of love and chefs dream story, by popular artists of China and South Korea, Lee Da Hae, Zheng Yuan Chang, Li Yi Feng, Fang Anna starring. As one of the few dishes theme urban romantic inspirational drama, "The love honey parties" the whole shooting in Shanghai, and the shooting scene, picture style, have sought fresh and clean, beautiful and romantic the called Guoneishoubu "fresh" cuisine inspirational drama.

In the honey side of love ", the heroine accidentally into Walter Chan Kar-old, began to study the production of traditional Chinese dim sum, such as small cages widespread food. Compared to Western-style cakes, the honey side of love is undoubtedly more "ground air", more intimacy, more local flavor. But for the point of production is issued in Taiwan have a creative restaurant Zheng Yuan Chang said: "open my own business did not help for this movie!" Then Zheng Yuan Chang laugh ...

Lin He Long, said that in order to enhance the quality of " love the honey side of the production, the producers hired as advisers of the Shanghai Grand Hyatt Hotel pastry chef personally teach several characters snacks production methods. Play are cooking "debut" of several stars usually do not have much time to cook, they have said in the interview, "When the chef is not easy!" In the play as chef Zheng Yuan Chang address him, "At first I made out the dim sum very ugly, saw no appetite."

Lee Da Hae said, "In fact, I like cooking, in Korea, but also learn through doing snacks - this time to China to shoot, learned a lot of Chinese traditional snack of practice. take the time to music in which, so do not want to use a substitute, just also exercise under my cooking.

Zheng Yuan Chang small mechanized distance of time shooting drama has happened two years ago a, Zheng Yuan Chang said the shooting love honey side from the film so many years, film kiss film is the most comfortable, Lee more than the sea 's height with their very step, do not bend over too much to accommodate.

While Lee Da Hae is said shoot kissing scenes with Zheng Yuan Chang is very happy, Yubi namely laugh of her gently tapping next to the Zheng Yuan Chang 's shoulder, it seems in these months filming process, Lee Da Hae by themselves to learn Mandarin effort, finished completely full integration into the entire team, and established a deep friendship with the director, the cast!

I loved the promo its really really good :wub: Now i want to see drama :lol: We get to see kissing scene even before the we saw the drama :wub:Gold We have got lots of scenes of LYF and LDH too :wub:

If u want to see promo it comes in the end of conference video in the 20 minutes clipping .Enjoy i already have typed this don't know where it vanished ? :rolleyes:

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samzz and Anny, thank you dears for all the pictures, videos and news :wub:

Yesterday really felt like a dream. I was so happy with all the videos, pictures and news about our cast and drama. Our couple looked SOOO GOOD together and they all were very friendly and close in the conf. I really can't ask for more, it was just perfect. And like you Anny that picture with the cast holding each other hands is my favorite. I will post more captures of this moment:



And I can't resist posting more pictures from the event, so here you go:




And also more videos and news coverage of the conf. I really can't get enough of them :) :




Credit: Weibo

Also some blogs already reporting about the drama conf. with more HD pictures and YT video links:

Love Actually with Lee Da Hae, Joe Cheng, and Li Yi Feng Holds Press Conference

And here of course our dear Ripgal reporting the event today. Thank you so much Ripgal, at least we can understand some of the information.


and also from our Couch Kimchi with lots of high quality pic


And oooh the trailer w00t.gifw00t.gif, poor us how we will wait more 4 months after watching this !!!!!!!!!!!! it had everything, funny, cute, sad and romance with this kiss at the end :wub: I was all gaga over this and keep replaying all the time. So, here is the YT link for easier replaying :D thanks to Couch Kimchi for posting, can't wait to see the HD version:

Love Actually Trailer

And I laughed so hard from Joe comment about the kissing scenes, it is surely good to have tall actress :lol:

And that BTS video, you now got to see our leads playing with flours Anny. They are all so cute together :D

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Also today we got to see some new BTS pictures, and as we all wanted to see Dahae changing her hair style :w00t: And with very elegant dress as well :wub:






And it seems to be another crying scene :tears:


Credit: Weibo

And a new promo poster with LDH and LYF is released :w00t: where are you Gold, this will surely make you happy :D Dahae hair here is really funny :)


Credit: Baidu

Also Japanese media reported about LDH and her Chinese study with a new-old BTS pictures:











More BTS pictures from filming today :wub:




Credit: Baidu

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Thanks U AQ u were the first to post picture so we should thank u first :wub: I am enjoying seeing each and every picture of them.

Thank U for more video .The tuduo video is showing news abt Titanic 3D don't know why ?

Thank U for all the new BTS pics and the poster with LYF and LDH in it. :wub:

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