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  1. @apqaria Every new drama has new face and actor introduced don't know when will we see DH again in project but happy that we can see her daily update.Also agree with Ely that nowadays lots of new faces and modern drama is been made in china too so don't know what scope is left there?
  2. Is that her chinese teacher or other friends dancing in background while she was shooting haha in XH video And she uploaded IG too diff version,we can see other room of her house which we didn't get to see in Guesthouse.She can have her own "I live alone" show
  3. Our Girl is looking so cute in her pony hair style in this new video updated by her Between i was wondering were the water from plant is dripping.DH's small garden. https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5cd4d3b6000000000f01e46e @ELY_397 and @apqaria The way some people speaks makes it feel like only her face keeps on changing there are so many actress whose faces have changed too.Yes i do agree for certain angle her face do look different but that doesn't mean she did PS.There is nothing else to criticize abt her so they target her face and makeup in drama nothing new.
  4. Looks like our girl is busy with her cooking and outing good to see her uploading lots of videos nowadays Hope we also get some good news abt her doing project.
  5. @apqaria I love her pic in pink and i wish DH was as active few years back too.Although i am not complaining.I was checking my speaker since the video didn't have sound
  6. our girl update her IG reading book first time watching DH in book store and candles from japan.
  7. It would have been better if they shoot opening song rather then showing those scene they were almost spoiler even if they want to use scene they should choose it wisely..And happy that Best couple and Love actually didn't give away too much in opening.Like LA had this specially shot scenes in end song they should do the same for start too. Missing DH in drama
  8. Thanks @ELY_397 for info and link i thought its same as weibo didn't knew it was ecommerce so its basically both. We use to ask for one pic update but now we get so many good to see her more active.Hope to see her in drama soon. Between a off topic question ? why does chinese drama shows so many scene in opening song itself,its like showing half drama there itself. This pic was uploaded in XHS.
  9. DH playing golf and cherry got gift from anonymous fan DH teaching him to say thankyou.
  10. Leedahey new agency posted some more new pictures from her photoshoot. Also the new agency gave those pretty flowers and cake for her BD.That heart shape bouquet
  11. @apqaria Cherry is male, i thought its femaleMy wrong Yupss happy that he has DH and her mom. @ELY_397 I feel some good news is on its way.But even if she does get chinese drama they are not airing then how come it is beneficial for her career. Our girl is quite active nowadays. Reading those comments lol
  12. First paris and now venice the city of love Oh so cute cherry snoring and DH laughing but i am sad reading abt cherry eyesight
  13. This is so cute Dahey uploading video of her dog cherry snoring and her celebrating her BD and pic from paris.
  14. I rechecked the calendar for date since's everyone is wishing her happy birthday. Lee da hey thanking her chinese fans for visiting her and having advance BD party.
  15. I am not sure why my IG and youtube post is not getting embedded ? Thanks @apqaria for posting all those pic and updating.
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