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  1. Our girl attending new store opening event of MGM Some videos from event credit to uploader.
  2. @vin lin It's okay no need to be sorry .You are always free to ask? He was punished by Ministry of Defense for breaking military rules that's it,since he was in military.I forgot to answer ur main question.He served his punishment and he is free from any kind of charges.So he is very much innocent. I was same as you when i become fan of her so no issue i joined soompi just for her Hope she can have some new project so we can enjoy it. @apqaria I like all her new pic she is enjoying so much good that she is sharing with us.
  3. Our girl has updated her IG. Today's lesson: “I can't play like my house that no one is in the public place.” # I'm sorry.
  4. 85% of Kcelebrity are in some kind of scandal.Even our girl got in some kind of scandal since i am a ldh fan i know it was not true, but for other people and other fan group even they will judge on LDH based on those article.Nobody is perfect is in this world.Agency try to keeps actor or actress image perfect.Being a celebrity is not easy even if celebrity is telling truth nobody want to believe them specially in korea. I don't know the definition of what is good and bad maybe a person who is good according to you can commit something bad in future then does he become bad.Everybody has right to make choice of their life, whether its celebrity or a common person. Relationship works on basis of understanding between 2 people not on basis of public eyes and their opinion and what they things.From where i see her i can see that she is happy that is more enough for me. Since its ldh thread i don't want to discuss it any more.
  5. Its not that i have access to her personal life but any info shared by her in public can be answered by us if we know it
  6. @vin lin Having foreign nationality 6. Ieedahae-Australia Ieedahae, who made her debut in 2002 drama, is a Korean-Australian immigrant to Australia. I was born in Seoul, like Jung Ryeo Won, but when I was in fifth grade, I immigrated to Sydney, Australia with my family, and naturally my nationality was lost. In 2001, Ieedahae returned to Korea for a grandfather's funeral, and participated in the 71st National Chunhyang Exhibition, invited by her close relatives, and entered the entertainment industry by being elected as Miss Chunhyang Jin. The name Ieedahae is called in Australia is known as 'Cherry Byeon', but the official name of her passport is unknown. She update her IG account.
  7. Does our girl has foreign nationality? I thought you were Korean, but you were surprised because you are a foreigner.
  8. HI @vin lin welcome Even we miss her Hope to see her soon in new project
  9. @apqaria TQ for updating dear. I wish DH had a role in drama in which we can see her dressing like this i love her recent dress and style of her All those dresses she was trying in XHS videos
  10. Our girl attending or present in Grand blue festival. Off topic
  11. @apqaria Good to see her enjoying her time with new friends.Comparing these days with old days, i can't complain much now.Hope we get some good news abt her project.The script of recent kdrama are not upto par comparing to old drama.
  12. LDH updated her XHS.These girls are funny Travel case big public + clothes + cosmetics + I love Dongdong Baby, here is Hangzhou, so happy, do you want to know what is in our suitcase? Now show it to everyone~ https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5d23e976000000002600fc27
  13. LDH insta update I went to Hangzhou to eat without stopping. I had dinner tonight.
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